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A bit on control…

Here is a bit of different reality for those of you who are looking for different viewpoints.

Over the years in many sessions I have learned  that there are many’’ why’’ the being goes back to the body over and over and over again: What are these attractions, what is so great to have a body, being in the body, acting out game and believing in “ having a life”.

Well, all that is good and dandy… but not good enough…. I realize that the energies are stimulative… fun to have while one has the body… But there is more.

 When one is without the body that state do not feels like one is in control… But being in the body one do believes one is in control because the body can move things… objects.. You see we were made to believe that the only way one can control objects is by having the body.

Because we went into agreement, we have given up our other abilities long way back…. very long way back.

 So now, when without the body we think we are nothing…powerless… can’t even move a toothpick… never mind other objects….

 This beliefs has come about because once upon the time this reality was new, was fun to believe to carry out, to pretend that we can’t do it… and we got stuck in those considerations: that without the body we are nothing but a ghost: Powerless, incapable, ineffective and unsuccessful, nonentities unknown to the universe.  Hell. That is not so…

So  all you control freaks, you control enthusiasts,  you control fanatics, control aficionados, in other words: addicts, now you know one of the main reason why you fight  combat other spirits, duke it out in order to gain possession of the new body: to be able to control once more!!!    

Bloody Hell… we are all nuts…

If you don’t believe this, OK by me… go find out for self and with that you be better off anyway.