Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

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Home, among the stars. [ sleep or not to sleep that is the question]

Wandering among the Stars

Torch your curtains and  open  the windows wide.

And look far, look far beyond the darkness of the Earthly Night.

I am here, You have found me in the shimmering Light

In the endless star studded Indigo Night.

Now that you are here in safety now you can wonder,

Wander  forever among the stars.

This is You  and it is yours

These endless space this wondrous star studded Indigo Light.


Sleep or not to sleep that is a question. Sleep as a spiritual beings who do not have a body, considerations or agreements on that item?

So sleep, what is?

Big question.

These concepts just do not feet into my reality.

They, never have, never will and the same goes with the habit of eating.

Over the years I have solo audited on the subject of sleep, and all the related items connected with that concept in many different sessions and peeled off many different considerations as my  my reality  have changed and I could dig into even deeper levels.

“Sleep” the subject is on elusive consideration, not only a consideration but on agreement to which every being on planet Earth agrees to therefore it is a collective and we have a total heavy group agreement.

To the action of Sleep since it is a action, we tend succumb to; we do that action after the dark.

We get ready for it we wash we dress the body in night dress, or in buff whatever.

Slide the thing into, under covers, we create very comfortable, safe warm place a nest.

The body tucked away safely, the doors are locked the curtains drawn, the house alarm activated, the alarm clock [heavy anchor point, it ticks [clock] like the heart and is set at the same rate in proximity with the bodies main organ, great connection, on implant in good working order] is set to call the person back if happen to wonder off in the dark [not too many beings have the OT ability left, to do that] the body is surrounded, protected by solid walls etc…the need of safety has great importance, in the MEST U.

My next view point, my reality is written as I seen it in recall, a cognition about sleep.

Here, where I am home, in the spiritual Universe, here where the so called “sleeping”, the item was born, originated from, is very simple.

All pictures which exits are and can only be mocked up in light to be existing to be seen, who could see them otherwise? One can mock up pictures in color which the eyes can see but it has to be in light.

But what when darkness comes and arrives.

Sobs echoes, vibrates from stars to stars.

Where is my body, it is stolen, it is lost!

Or have I gone blind? How could that be? I don’t have eyes!

New day arrives in a form of the light but I don’t see my body, it is gone vanished in the darkness, dissolved by the cruel hand of dark.

The light particles which the body was mocked up from have dissolved scattered melted away they went back to the original, the space where they were gathered from when it was light.

Another fact, I was not really anchored to it, the body was just a mock up and now here I was, which was

[We need little more depth here.]

Let say my body’s mock up just sort of vogue, not solid mock up, it has all the features, colors it is a body. But comes the darkness which is when the light is covered [do forgive the explanation, we all know what is darkness as is in “considerations”.] from the so called sun or the planets moves out of the path of light whichever.

When that happens there is no light what happens to the body?

What happens to that beautiful mock- up?

No longer there, can’t be seen.

The mock-up is no longer visible in the darkness the light particles can’t be seen since the light do not reflect on the particles.

The spirits having-ness is gone, can’t perceive, there is nothing to be seen! Let’s blame somebody, who has stolen it! Again!

We need to establish laws and have the culprits punished!

Off with their head!

Oh, how I miss it! It was mine!

Oh Lord, I cry, my having-ness is gone! No more trill nothing at all!

Of course I had no location myself and who knows where I was [ no location in space] so I could be billion light years away from the point where the body was mocked up in the first place, when it was light.

Just how many body mock ups I had to do and loose before the tough have come let’s make the thing solid, and let’s put it into a safe place before the darkness comes?

So no one can steal it away from me again as it has been done so many times before.

If it is solid than the darkness when takes over floods my universe it won’t be able to destroy my fragile universe,

My creations will not vanish in the thin space.

So let’s make a strong box, a vault where no one can touch it.

And when the light comes it will be there again for me to have.

The continuum of time created. The birth of timeout of need to have thing permanent So here we are in the MEST universe we have created solidity, time, space.

What a having-ness, we have  very own identity tag, on the body, registered the name, that I am the proper owner too, a name which becomes solid, mine to prove that body belongs to me and in the morning “light” no others could claim that thing.

But there is more.

The eyes too can see the items. In very different way as the free being[ with out body] would see, who has no eyes but a perception seeing the mock- up from every direction as it would be a holograph.

In the daylight the bodiless being can see in colors, since the colors are tiny particles of light.

The mock- ups are put together from them but in the so called darkness we see only the vogue, misty outlines or a fluff of light, this see through misty things which can be seen are the tiny light particles which were the part of the mock up before it dissolve.

Life-force which is like crushed diamonds they can’t be destroyed they do remain as the misty form in the dark.[ like a ghostly shape] The cognation given me a great amount of information on sleep, why the dreams etc…

The nightmares: fear related item, horrid, scary stuff [while is the so called sleep state] were given [in the implants and in other type of games one played]to each being so they would not be moving away, wondering off from the body and quietly sneak away in the dark un-noticed un-detected. Also thought were implanted that staying with the body were safe, one must remain.

Fear was implanted with scary monsters in invisible forms, many different varieties, if you dare to move out into the dark, if you dare to leave your body the incredible monsters will get you. Very understandable the beings would not dare to go off from the body

Bogy man will get you, no wonder we are afraid of the dark.

There are other reasons one dares not to leave the body at night. Perhaps I will write about them in other place, in other time.

I welcome you

To walk by my side

And explore the wanders the magnificence of endless space,

The star studded blue Indigo Night.

I am here, I am home,

Here, I will remain forever among the stars.

Here, I create, from dust of stars

I weave the darkness into light,

They are the wonders, the magic in the Indigo Night.