Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I have written here many realizations I have had about the IMPLANTS –SYSTEM which were labeled by LRH as ‘’Bank’’.

Because I too confronted this complex collections of beliefs from very different side from LRH’s realities which is normal since I haven’t walked in LRH’s shoes, did not experienced what he has therefor what I seen – how I understand MEST is unique to me and what I have experienced are my realities –beliefs considerations and nothing more.

I don’t see the so called Bank as all bad aberration or see those Entities who are not connected to bodies are evil hehehe, not at all.

What I believe that my finding about the Banks gives greater understandings because I spent more session times exploring-confronting these subjects than LRH had since our reasons for doing so were poles apart.

I as well have found lots of undesirable so called ‘’negative incidents’’ but negative beliefs can’t exist, can’t be real if its matching part –belief, the positive isn’t present.

So those of you who believe in all good, want everything good-perfect hehehe, weeeell, that can’t be if still want to be in the game=MEST.

In order to have LIFE to LIVE we need the awareness and the ability to evaluate and accept all what happens in any moment as on experience.

I unquestionably explored every side- facet of the BANK-SYSTEM-IMPLANTS and found many fantastic reasons why the BANK-System is still standing.

Interestingly they give on illusion of continuum but in fact each Entities life is put together by millions of experiences and not one has originated from the same location!!!! Mind boggling discovery.


These Systems or parallel systems as the one we live now of course were put together bit by bit improved slowly by trial and they contained the elements: space, time=continuum, being-ness, personalities as =valances etc..

If any Entity want life-live as a being than best is to be in one of these systems and play along =be part of. But has to accept agree to the rules which hold the group together because those rules ensure the continuum of the game.

Personally I prefer at the present not to be anything-anyone because ‘’this state of no state’’ has it all. 🙂






Reading –understanding thoughts what others have.

Occasionally I had sessions on this subject but I never really gotten into it because I bumped into a belief my own of course that reading-understanding the thoughts other have is not Ethical. NOT OK AT ALL!

So since I agreed to this in my present state I was in I did not pursued this subject any further.

But I figured this morning I should have another go on this topic because I have nothing better to confront hehehe… not a bad place to be and I love searching so I started the session.

Let me tell you I wasn’t getting anywhere again outside of the same thought: NOT ETHICAL to read-understand-pry into other person’s universe.

But I don’t give up easily!! And session continued.

I become aware of Block –wall or barrier I have put up in order not to see –understand what others were thinking and this was a solid-solid wall!

I confronted this solid obstacle –eliminated it and went on with the session.

Realized that I have the ability- knack – the gift to read thoughts so I wondered: why I cant..???

Best to open up any subject is to look for Overts hehehe and bingo! I hit the jackpot!

The transgressions I committed because I could read mind were torrential-pouring in and here is only a few:

Killed persons because what they were thinking of me, found out were they hid their valuables and I simply removed them, I blackmailed people because I knew their secrets, when gambling: playing card games I knew the opponents cards and I won every time, I have scandalized others by airing their secrets in newspapers.

And the list continues: evil intentions in abundance!

But here is something in connection which I did not know when I went into todays session: over the past year or so in session the subject of god come up… not so much the god but my connection, my beliefs in that valance: that it has power over me and that was the reason me in kneeling position and praying!!!!

Well, I know praying, being anything-anybody is a valance and part of the System-implanted material.

But this valance me praying has come back in many sessions and each incident confronted I have had understanding why I was praying yet the picture has come back over and over.

So Here I was in session up to my chin confronting Overts-committing sins – crimes and being wicked to the core and suddenly I found self again in kneeling position praying… and soon as that happened there was a blowdown and understanding has come: I PRAYED TO god TO take away the gift – ability so I no longer could commit the crimes I have done. F/N!

By the way the above incidents were not on this planet but similar because by the time I was imprisoned here I no longer had abilities which could be called extraordinary in any ways.

To me what was not ‘’ordinary’’ that suddenly I found self-having a body, being totally helpless, could not communicate, plus had to eat, forced to walk, go unconscious which is called sleep etc.. etc, but most bothersome thing was I knew I did not belong and forgotten what I was

I am positive that I will be finding more stuff to confront on the above subject because not every deed we do or done have started out as evil, on the contrary: the basic to everything we ever done were good.

Evil exist because evaluation, and evaluation exist because it is a belief and beliefs of any kind is part of-belong into the System=implant.

The System could not exist without evaluation: the negative beliefs holds in place the positive and that makes solidity: which is the Standing Wave and this opposing energy fields interwoven  gives the impression of being solid… not moving.

PS  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Keep it in mind that understanding being able to read others private thoughts takes huge courage, that person has to be brave beyond comprehension because how many persons would be willing to know: what their dearest friends think of them, what their spouses think when they see that young beautiful thing going by, or what their bosses think of them, or when the wife say: you look fantastic but thinks: wish you  would drop dead!

You see, your thoughts too would be exposed to others… so the behavior, the common courtesies which are given out and in most instances are lies would be useless and honesty would return and with that trusting others also.

In other words: simple life, uncomplicated, worry free: OT’s at play.

But there is more, much more to be contemplated on, but I will explore all the reasons 🙂

here is one: the fear alone that you will not be liked if others knew how you really are and what you think, believe in stops any one to read minds and their own private thought to be known!       fear is a major factor which purpose is to stop and definitely works.

good thing that I already have erased that major block, therefore i haven’t any and if I still would have than I would not be the Golden Vibration.

PS: picking up-knowing what others thought were source of great problems: when vital information was picked up, which no one was to know than that caused problems: what to do about it, just ignore it or not. Because by than few had the ability and these people had to keep their ability a secret or face elimination. So missed withholds galore was created, hiding, holding back, becoming introvert, none communicative.


Another PS!!!! also become problematic when the person picked up thoughts which h/s haven’t had any reality-understanding of,  or disturbing thoughts which to the person was toooooo stimulating,  therefore caused unwanted reactions, great upsets and could drive that person mad… thinking that they must be going insane.

Also if they talked about it to others who did not had any reality on the subject than again this could cause ARCB’s of every kind for all parties involved because the person would be labeled, insane, hallucinating, have wild imaginations and people after awhile would cut communication with this person.

I know LRH really wanted to regain this ability but I believe he really haven’t explored  this item at all.

more to come!


prisoner and minus power

When on a Prison Planet and being a prisoner we do not have the power of our own INTENTION to take place, materialize and change circumstances- condition we are in and of course we are in what we are in because we do believe that we are!

I been looking for creative power, how intention works, and why, what reasons I am not able to change somethings but most of all I wanted to change able to move objects without use of the hands: the Body.

So far I have found thousands of different reasons why I can’t and every one of these – considerations I have had so far have been very legitimate explanations why I can’t have my own intentions materials.

Yet I know it can be done but what baffled confused me how we-I am influenced by having the body and why only this chunk meet thing allowed to do things and even that doing-ness creativity is very limited.

The point being a prisoner is the body… presence a body, connected to the body, and to identify with the body as self and because of these beliefs + agreements on the same: all creative activity is only acceptable to happen has to be fashioned –built- made –prepared by hand =body.

Please note: ACCEBTABLE way of doing things, this here on this Planets happens because it is on agreed upon reality by all occupants.

Hehehe even pleasure is only permitted –allowed through the ‘’ SENSES ’’ =touch, perceive –taste etc: by the use of the body! and believed that none of these exists if we don’t have a body. Collective agreements  are very -very powerful, hehehe and they are the reasons you believe you need to walk to get someplace and cant float ; small example.

Are we the victims to some incredible evil deed… OF COURSE WE ARE AND THAT evil-nasty-suppressive wonderful –brilliant-perfect in every way that creative Entity is no other than OURSELF!

Because whatever we are in, that state that being-ness is our own creation.

This morning’s session was about ‘’allowing to have or not to have’’ of course O/W’s finding them brought realization how demanding, controlling I have been, Oh… this is not news but  I still love to confront Overts, my favorite part of sessions; because I know what I have done to others first and foremost I have done to myself.

About power, personal power, intention etc.. we all have it but our own beliefs have nulled  that power and remains nulled till all the reasons are erased.

By now I am doing really good: regained immense but i know I still have lot to confront.. learn.

PS!!!!! OT at Play while having a human body!! You need to look at this video, she is at the end part with the puppet





Over the years I had many sessions on items for reasons wanting to ‘’improve’’ my memory and the retention of materials I read, or just simply not to forget what I needed to do in the near future.

As the so called ‘’my life wound down’’ because of the aging of body and that caused of me stepping out of the  usual, normal  activities and moved into retirement; that means stepping out of the mainstream of the implanted activities.

This  life I haven’t had ‘’good memory’’ in fact I never could recall more than one line from a poem, a song, no matter how much I wanted to know and to memorize them I could not.

and I definitely had problems recalling faces, and names, dates and spelling well forget that subject.. Even as a Hungarian where we did not had to spell words because we pronounced everything the same way as had to be written  Yet  in school, in my class I was the worst when it comes to write because of misspelling words, and the teacher  could not figure out why a Hungarian could not write Hungarian properly?

[ yet all the way through in school I was top student!]

Well, I think a bit of brain damage at birth caused that problem, being born with the cord around the neck, plus the backside come out first, blue in the face, half dead already.

Keep it in mind while we are attached to the mothers body at her pregnancy at that period we are that body, we have become mothers body and we know-record every word, thought, belief, consideration she has, than after birth of our ‘’body’’ when we are introduced educated about life by our parents, teachers etc, we get wider range- more of the implanted material.

The important fact is when WE ARE OUR MOTHERS BODY her believes-reality is the basic and her beliefs will become the very foundation for us, how we will live our life, where we heading.

I am getting long winded here.

My mother had Alzheimer’s and we, my two sisters and I of course ‘’inherited ‘’ the condition. [ the older sister is in the nursing home and cant remember my name, only knows that I am her sister she is 80 and the younger is 74 but her state of dementia is where she really don’t know she has forgotten things already]

By in my mid 50’s I have noticed remembering was getting worst so I started sessions on those items and  that was 20 years back and since than ‘’my memory’’ has improved incredibly because of elimination all the counter intentions. I know auditing works.

Last night a thought come to me concerning doing laundry and why would I forget something so normal as doing a load of laundry?

Into session with that concept I went and within a few seconds I had a huge realization why it is so incredibly important to have a great memory- recall: because that knowledge retained – kept- preserved – with that information intact we hang on to the implanted crap we are made to believe that is ‘’life’’ itself.

‘’’’’’’’’’’’It is the demand, enforced, imposed implanted belief and that safeguards the implants existence, will remain and will continue and hold the Entities in its Prison= subdued unresponsive passive. ‘’’’’’’

Every time we remember, want to remember with that we are returning to MAMA: the implant.

Please understand that I know what is life and what remembering means to those who are in the state of being ‘’human’’, so I am not putting down anyone, not my intention at all. After all this blog is a Diary a Journal of my adventures!.

What I write here is only my reality I don’t say it is the truth and nothing but the truth… that kind of truth one has to find for them selfs.

Those who are in the State of dementia  or Alzheimer are struggling, and are in total panic because they cant recall, cant remember their experiences., and the problem is because that experience  was the only thing believed … made to believe was real.

Drugs, treatments will never work because drugs cant bring back experiences which were in the first place ”illusions” and nothing more.

Unfortunately the implant material do not contain information about after life, how we live-operate and the reason for not having this information: after all the information would free the Entity and the only purpose the implant is for to keep the entity imprisoned for eternity.

by not having information outside what the implant contains the Entity needs to remember, to retain identity, beingness, the valance it self and to have life get a new body again and again and again !!!!!


PS; I am not in the Facebook… that Elizabeth Hamre is not me and no relation.


Thank you very much for sharing, I am most interested to hear your experiences -recalls.

As I said I did not know this Golden Vibration was in connection with magic: OT ability, normal way of living as Entities.

First time I recalled in session doing magic and that session was about 26-27 years back and it was on the Magical planet which has been exploded in the Crab Nebula.

My recall that time went on for days and I recalled in minute detail everything about this magnificent garden planet and its occupants. I must add this planet existed because there was no ‘’negative’’ opposing realities and when negative –opposing reality entered into the space of Golden vibration that negative was burned off automatically by the Golden Vibration.

: which I did not realized than in those recalls but now I know the increase –rise  in the ‘’instant cognitions’’  happens when something=altered realities –falsehoods  comes into my space… of course this phenomenon has increased as the knowledge from cognitions have been accumulating hence the name Burn off= as-ising.

Than I did not have body but wispy floating vapor But occasionally I acted if I would have one: Example: I floated in the most magnificent garden and I ”wanted” something.. hehehe.. it was a drink  and in that moment in my invisible hand a tall green glass appeared and in it was my favorite juice: nectar of peaches I really love the taste-experience of that fruit!

I even recalled in session what I even though than, “it will be the death of me’’ being addicted to have the experience of drinking nectar. [Peaches fragrance of peaches till this days cause immense pleasure]

I drank the juice of course I only experienced the taste, the fragrance and nothing more and as I ”drank it” it the liquid  vanished back into where it has been conjured from but the empty glass was hanging-levitating in the air..

I wondered what to do with the glass and had on idea in that moment I turned the green glass into it a beautiful little colorful bird, which was love bird, and I thought it will be my wedding present to someone named Saniffar … as the bird hovered I pick up its though, he asked me for a mate did, he not wanted to be alone.

I apologized to the bird for being so thoughtless not thinking of this myself and I picked up a shiny flat pebble from the ground I hoovered over and turned that pebble into its another little bird who in comparison was a bit plain in color , they happily side by side flown off together.

I recalled many similar things and one of them was I turned a person’s tears into the flower Forget -me -Not.[ tears were from negative and flowers grown from golden vibration]

My recalls about that part of existence what I would like to call being OT.

Once I recalled vegetation on some planet has grown and I was the cause, this Golden energy made it happen.

In this Life as Elizabeth I created beautiful gardens out of empty yards, 300 roses, plus dozens of other variety of flowers I could bring home from the nurseries they were not only growing from the ground but climbed on fences, gates, trellises and covered the gazebo and  the rambler was growing to cover the bungalows roof and people from all over come to see this wondrous garden.

I knew the garden flowed golden energy which was I called a Beacon which went into -out of the Earth’s atmosphere and I knew the gardens were my ”body”.

The Beacon was a homing device for entities. J

But till few days back I haven’t associated this vibration with so called enlightenment.

Over the years of course I had immense amount of sessions in order to understand what magic is and I wanted to know how I lost it.

I simply wanted to regain the state I was in as Wu-Y, that was the name I had on that planet.

About this golden energy: I know it draws Entities.. and I never had ”fear” about the so called BTs -Clusters, to me reading about their existence in the OT material brought incredible blowdown and I knew knowing their existence, our co-existence with that understanding; have arrived; I was back home.

I love the reality knowing I share or they share= we are in one reality and because of it I left the church in 82 on Flag’s C/S ordered me to stop my adventures of me having sessions on my own after OT 7.. I said good bye and I never looked back.

Whatever I have done so far was and will be the very reason to understand how we operate-live as Entities.

Oh, I almost forgot I recalled once being on a planet  its surface was barren so were the cottages -huts  but soon after me being there plants, flowering trees appeared, the cottages were covered with  flowering vines, water bubbled up from the grounds and this spread the greenery flowed into the barren land and become lush-beautiful.

Another time I was a Monk, working in the garden and plants not only what were cultivated but different unknown -never seen before started to grow and they were growing matured very fast.

I also have other recalls about gardens growing around me and things appearing out of nothing and I want that to happen again.

Please share your experiences to me that would be very helpful, on ”opening” into a different reality-universe.

PS: i believe the gardens  were replaced by the Blog… and now the blog is that golden energy.


[i don’t have a heart!]

The session started out by realizing that something valuable has been taken away from me something missing, something has been lost.

I located few items but not one I believed held value because to me life—having life has no value outside of being able to have sessions.

Then I located a Golden mass of energy-  light gold in color and I instantly recognized this Golden vibrating energy because I have seen this before in different sessions over the years  in about twenty incident. But not once I understood the meaning what this Golden Light-Vibration meant.

I felt bad in this session, felt empty but soon as I seen this Golden Energy I knew I felt bad because I was not inside but outside of it and where I was the space was empty, void and colorless,  and I KNEW THAT THE Golden Vibration was happiness, total contentment.

Soon as I realized this I was, I have become this Golden Energy—and I also realized from this Energy everything is created, that this is the basic creative energy also called Golden Ratio.

Then I started to recall different occasions when I used this to create as one would  like  doing magic.

I also seen other life times and when I have last achieved-returned back to this State my original form while having a human form.[ the body is not me, or my form, never have been.]

I have mentioned in this blog before I have been a well-known so called’’ teacher-healer’’ in the past few thousand years earlier, but then I haven’t gained the knowledge and for this I had to return.

Now for the first time I really understand what Enlightenment means and I am.

Now folks this do not means I am holy, saintly,  divine, and I will be sitting on cloud strumming some imaginary golden harp… hell no…  Enlightenment is  not for the likes of me , not for resting  on my skinny  backside but trotting on full speed   because this reality is just a reality same as any other.

Hehehe but the  banners are flying high above the mountains  in  Nepal in celebration and of course the Rockies too 🙂 I clearly can see them. 🙂 and so many said that auditing don’t work!!!

PS::::: nothing enlightening about just knowing the words, even if the knowledge is from realizations but the  ”enlightenment” is when the entities space is pure in this case light gold in coloration than the knowledge too unaltered.. pure, it seems both components are needed to have this State in place. 🙂

by the way mentioning gaining new ”states” simply means new understanding  has been gained on a matter  which till now was unknown, has been mystery,  cognitions do sort out misunderstandings, clear away lies.. etc..




Maurice is a solo auditor and has been for the past 50 years and Maurice is my beloved friend which is a bonus for both of us.. we share our experiences gained while exploring the Universe.

here is his session-win:

 “””””Had an unusual session the last few days.  I was feeling massy so I ran down my list and came to the end with nothing reading.  I went ahead and started as-ising the mass anyway, just looking at it repeatedly and blowing the mass bit by bit.  Even though I didn’t know what it was all about.  A few hours later, same thing – still felt massy and went through the list again and nothing read.  Just resumed blowing the mass for about an hour.  Later still same thing again – mass shows up  – went through the list but this time got a whopping read on “implant”.  Turns out it was an implant where I was told how “important” and “vital” and “wonderful” it was to “have a body” or better yet, “to be a body”.  That I am “nothing” without a body. Spent a bunch of hours blowing this stuff.   A very very basic implant that was so insidious it was trying to hide itself from me.  This was never supposed to be discovered.  Too bad, it was discovered anyway :-).””””””

PS from me: great win because something invisible and well-hidden was discovered which still had its affect and this result come about showing that the Tech. works no matter how well hidden, forgotten the incident has become.

 new awareness and becoming aware  how the ”implant” made the entity believe the importance of having a body is really -incredibly important realization.

The Track is full with hidden forgotten items, well, everything is if the person can’t recall, go back into earlier life’s but there are some incidents as above which were intended to never be found.

These incidents are truly suppressive mechanism and were designed to control, with that enslave, BUT here is my favorite “”BUT’’ when being controlled we are of course defeated and become powerless.

The only reason ‘’control’’ is exercised over someone is to eliminate the power which the person has.

Great win my friend!! Much love to you as always!


After that major realization for a few days I floated about in total nothingness-emptiness feeling not much, no thoughts were present what so ever but from experience I knew  there is no such a thing as total bliss, emptiness, nothingness because I have encountered these experiences which felt like ‘’emptiness-nothingness-total void’’ and I know from experiences that these beliefs are in fact are items incidents and have been experienced in past-lifes which were used: as example: the shell of on egg, a house which protects the body, or simple clothing which is used as covering.

These concepts thoughts are used for walls, barriers, to separate things from whatever, and also used to ‘’trap’’ others to eliminate them from game of life, they are very useful concepts.

Every key-out state or permanent state gained by eraser only means now being keyed into or fallen into different experience, after all long as any one has sensations, feelings, thoughts still remained in the Universe haven’t gone anywhere just having different experience.

Even if the person feels total bliss, happiness and floats about and believing that now has achieved Enlightenment: reached the ultimate- final state there is and thinking this is IT!!!

Well, that person is stuck in a mass of energy which he-she calls ‘’bliss-happiness, this is it, I am on the top of the heap, I have attained TOTAL FREEDOM, I know it all, there is no more to know, to experience’’. !!!!

And this is going on for thousands of years for those who practice some sort of thing which moves them out of the so called heavy human practices.

But that bliss-happy state has on earlier origin someplace back on their track and now being keyed out of one experience they are just gotten into a totally different situation which in comparison to their earlier  heavy thing feels like absolute heaven but it is not the end just a different experience which has different deposit of thoughts-beliefs etc.

There is no such a thing as Everlasting Bliss, and anyone who claims such a thing is a liar, or don’t have understanding what actually is happening to them.

When the person who believes has attained Everlasting Bliss, happiness, have reached the peak, the freedom, well, hit that person on the head with a hammer, do not have to be a big blow but that blow will be felt and in that moment the happiness, that eternal bliss is gone through the window, like that happiness never existed and now what is there is pure pain.

That person would justify having that pain IS A BODY REACTION!!!

Again: there is no such a thing is separate body pain, that pain from the blow exists because the person believes it was created therefore it is. We cant say, Oh there are body reactions, body pains, etc… if we know about something, when we feel something than we have it, it is ours.

The person is in denial… because if h/s denies or blames having that pain than has to accept the fact that they are not in total bliss.. but floating about like ‘’goja or golya foss a levegoben.’’

One of the most difficult item –experience to confront is ‘’nothingness- void-emptiness” because what these considerations meant to any person: they contains no pictures thoughts, actions therefore it is a blank unmoving mass of energy and to go from this blank, to find the way out if is challenging but can be done because I have done it.

Interestingly when I had that huge win which pushed me into this ‘’happy=empty state’’ and it has taken me days many hours of probing until I finally found my way out of this invisible shit which I want to call now SENCTUARY…. LOL.. and let me tell you I have found in this ‘’sanctuary’’ many many other beings who  have been stuck in there for eons including those who  mediate and believed that now this empty state is the only existing truth which is void of creativity-life.

After all what is a Sanctuary: an refuge where one feels safe, protected from those terrible happening’s which is called life experiences…a hiding place from the stormy masses of beliefs of our own.

So here I am back on track and doing what comes naturally for me and this do not means I haven’t gained the state I have attested to, of course I have.

What we know is ours and that is our private Universe and that knowledge, understanding can’t be taken away by anyone, but only our own different believes, our different way of understanding can overshadow our beliefs and can makes  us think that we haven’t gained that state=understanding.

This of course no longer applies where I am at I am happy to say this.

My point here is, how could anyone belief they have finished, ended auditing because some realizations and having that they have attained that peak of whatever maybe is for them at that moment when the experiences which have made the universe what is … these experiences are infinite in number?

Do I feel –believe the sessions can go on endlessly?

Long as there are realizations after each confrontation than there is gain-eraser of mass and so far never had the exact same realization which makes sense because once we erase –as-is — get separated from that stimulating mass of energy that stimulation is gone for good.

Endless sessions means endless gains in understanding and that knowledge is power.

ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT REALIZATION I HAD Is: realizations-cognitions are not the indicators for the ending; THIS IS IT!  BUT they are the indicators for new beginnings, different ways to look at the Universe  which means continuum, learning, gaining further insight, hehehe..  just moving on with the adventure.





why relationships go sour?

When at the beginning the love was so strong that it could move mountains?

Over the years I wondered why relationships go sour, go downhill, what are the reasons relationships regardless in marriage or friendships do dissolve most of the time.

I am not talking about when two persons stay in marriage just because: the kids, the property or their religion wont allows or their fears of being alone or just hanging in there tooth and claw because they don’t want shame, don’t want to rock the boat period.

Well, I been there myself and for those reasons I have had lots of sessions on those condition.

But the question still remained why relationships can’t last?


Because all relationships start out at the ‘’summit’’ and from that moment on when each party feels that incredible affinity, total love; from that moment on it is downhill all the way.

They get keyed back into ‘’life’s’’ daily routine and that is that because that life is not  made from the same light energy vibrations love is connected into. 🙂


I have been fascinated about ’’Valances’’ how they come about, how they were created, I had more than few sessions on them and me now being on a very different level of Awareness’’’ now I taken up old –confronted subject and I see them in different realities, how they were used in the track and how are they used now.

How I see Valances and have been in the past as they are Masks, Façades, Disguises, Smokescreens hehehe, I love the description because “Smokescreens’’ it is a perfect portrayal what being-ness-as are representing.

Not one Valance regardless what these valances represent are the real, the Entity itself: example: that homeless person who sleeps under some bridge, or the queen who lives in style clad in silks and satins, or a cute little baby you love so much because it is so tiny-innocent-helpless, needs protection, nurturing, LOL. That baby could have eaten your liver in different life or vice-versa!

Keep it in perspective all Valances can only represent matter! [accept one, which is not really a valance-only on idea without pictures.]

What I am working on is looking wanting to see beyond these valances because they are confusing, these ‘’fronts’’ never ever represent the ‘’real’’ being.

Example how many occasion we have heard this ‘’lamentation’’: he is not what I believed he was, under that nice-nice he is brutal, mean, nasty or she is a total bitch and not that sweet thing I have married, she is a dragon etc..etc..

Well, the Valance the person buys into when seeing that handsome lad, or cute assed girl, well, these valances are nice – sweet- gentle—kind.. But that is just a very –very small part of the package because that Entity who is now hiding behind that nice valance is and was everything, every personality and these in number and in different identities are unimaginable by human understanding.

I am reposting below earlier thing I have written but REVISED which still very much remains as FACT what valances are and used for.

Hehehe you are in one too because you believe that you are somebody, and being ‘’ somebody’’ is a valance.

Implants. I will tell you what I know of implants. This of course is my reality, and understanding how they work since I have stumbled on them in sessions in many occasions and seen implant stations too.

Waaaays back, I have no idea where I have been before but I see self-have arrived into a new place a huge city, full of Beings every kind -every make, here I found something new; I found that one could buy personality. One could change into different role whatever one desired.

It was very simple thing to do, one just went into the store, the outlet and looked over their list of personalities what was available to BE.

But first one had to buy a ‘’basic personality a platform’’ on which one could build on.  Makes lot of sense to me if you would ask.

Sure lets go for broke, the whole hog. Why not, what we have to lose?

Also you could see the results of those wonderful personalities in the city itself walking about on the streets and each being was the great advertisement of those wonderful enticing products.

One could see a new novelty: a beautiful created woman and one clearly notice just how much admiration she has collected, everyone who has seen her loved its energy flows because they were very simulative as she was sashaying down on the street.

Wow one would think: That can be fun to cause such a big effect, just got to buy it too, a must have!

Plus one finds out in the store yes, that item the “beautiful woman” is on the bestselling list. But one more thing if one pays a little extra than can get different versions of that “beautiful woman”. Example, classy lady, cocotte, gipsy girl, good person, bad person, old and wise lady etc… etc.. etc.

Gets down -loaded and now you are a beautiful woman you too can emanate those lovely energy flows-vibrations and get admiration.  You are now being that loveliness. You buy clothes for it you dress it, show it off everywhere. You are in the middle of everything, you are wooed. Courted by the “Male” personalities and handsome they are too. WOW!!!

After a while one can become bored with that personality, that game so you become a warrior, huge game, it has many complicated sides, variety, complexities like  winning and losing, conquering, going to places, demolishing others. Great game to experience and all that power, much better than being a woman since her personality does not have that complexity as the warriors has.

And being the woman one learned how beauty can pull in admiration and how one can manipulate others by having wanting to own that admired person, personality. Sticky stuff to lure others in with that magnetic beauty than you can kill the beggars off one by one but love am to death first. Naturally!


But just how long one can be a soldier even if one plays the role from the lowest foot soldier to the highest, and have the control by being a commander. So in this game new learning new understanding are included and we learn we can be controlled or be the controller and being controller is better since it has the winning personality.

Of course in each game had rules which had to be followed in order to reach that end part of that game than you got some rewards and the acknowledgement you have ‘WON”. Than meant: You are good, capable, better than others you have not lost that personality [died, eliminated in the middle of that game].

Let’s say next game one buys is a” professor” who has great knowledge, combination of items in that personality on many different subjects. One can dress accordingly and one would be instantly recognize what role one plays from ones dress mode and behavior. And knowing that rumpled looking being who has that ruffled hair, carelessly dressed person but under that exterior is great, formidable knowledge is hidden. So don’t mess with that person.  He knows that he knows!! 🙂

Next could be on “architect”, what a wonderful down load what a brilliant knowledge could be attained: fashioning matter from matter, creating illusions for illusion’s.!

Let’s look at a personality of the “Doctor” who has downloaded all the knowledge how to cure, fix up bodies of those who’s abusing of different personalities caused to the basic personality disharmony, was breaking down and caused confusion, aberration.

Because of the program he the “doctor” could now coordinate, harmonize that Being, that personality-valance’s program that basic personality to which one could add again new personalities.  So after all the good Doctor cured nothing, maybe the saying-indicator being a “quack” originated from there.:)

The massed up valance-personality has become cured by having the basic personality re-installed once more, great stuff, but good grief, what a mess that faulty basic program has created since every programs were still there but now was covered up-over by the good doctor, same as now!

Nothing ever was erased, just overridden so the shit pile just gotten bigger and bigger.

The games have become very popular since they were very-very simulative, electrifying and had lots of diversity,  just look around you now, you see the roles-valances still are in use representing every being-ness –doing-ness of what is called ‘’life’’ itself and by now truly believed being real, being that personality.

Of course in each game-valance had rules which had to be followed in order to reach that end part of that game than you got some rewards and the knowledge you have ‘WON”.

And the acknowledgement you got that you are good, capable, better than others because you have not lost that personality [died off, eliminated in the middle of that game]

Again just look around you: People killing each other with full zests, enjoy every minute of it, if not than they would not be doing it,  beauty queens sashaying on stages and receiving admiration, attentions, they are being imitated, copied etc., always have been a good selling item.

There is a doctor in every bush and we have millions of variety of dwellings created by architects and actors are highly paid to play out, dramatize their own and the valances of others.

But that was not the end of the making of implants. There were many created and have become more complex.

I could go on for hours writing of complexities, days in fact.

Let’s skip the development. Finally a game was created where everybody could buy into and have different roles to play in.

Huge item instantly went on the bestselling list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here in this game were hundreds of different personalities were created and were included from every imaginable variety of doing-ness, art, science, religion, murderers, healing, wars, winning, farming, heaven, hell, rubbery, family games, learning,[ know and not know] rulers, high ranks, and low ranked players.. what on incredibly exciting new game WOW!!!!

One could buy the role in this new game, with that it has become a co-op, the jointly owned game. And that way the player could partake and see how others were fairing, doing, winning losing and could be there too cheering them on or feel glee and throw few stones at the buggers who were the loser or poison the whole lot off. What a lark!!!

To be a king one could become, but that role was very expensive. So only few were sold it was cheaper to be a foot soldier, for the middle fee one could buy the role of a Dr.[ you got your middle class established]

Role of on artist was very expansive to buy since to be on artist needed lots of creative ability, and different energy flows which were very different from the lower=heavier stimulation level personalities. They, the artist have become eccentric rare birds, nutty as a fruit cake, “free in spirits”.

In this new co-op game contained stops to, if one was doing something wrong one would have to go back to the beginning because the Valance was eliminated=died and the player if wanted to get back to the game had to start all over again with a different valance and learn everything again =new body valance] being born in order to continue the game.

Look around you that is still Is all about; getting back to the game by reborn into a new valance!

Now there were interesting items featured in the game if you did something wrong as a penalty you could be out of the game or become a lessor player, lost your position and become a servant in a lesser role  “below” less valuable and had to serve others.

If you were good you could win a higher role and continue with that new role in the next game [lifetime].

This was the greatest program ever created, since it also contained boundaries, punishment if one fouled up the order; it had laws to go by, rules and regulations.

There were critics, judges in the game too! Hehehe.

Many rewards were given out, like going to Heaven if one had no penalties going through the Game and be with god and his servants, the angels OR if one did lots of wrong not followed the rules could end up as punishment in HELL.

One could always work self out of each role and better self in the game and then the reward would bring better more valued role which was more costly but one did not had to pay for that personality one could simply win it if one was a good player.

Also one could be punished, being totally cut out of the group and isolated because broken the rules of the game. You got your “prison” here established; the “solitary confinement” where one loses self=valance were one was in, gotten that fatal acknowledgement that valance no longer exists; in other word: you were nothing but ghost, a free floater in the universe!

One could be forced out of the game for a “period of time” as a punishment for not being the good player not fallowing the rules.

You can see every aspect played, dramatized around you. It is called the “Human life”.

One of the millions of problems the Entities have now because the programs were never erased just over ridden because the person become bored and just bought a new one.

And there was no technology created to reverse the effects of the implants.

I hope by reading this you no longer wonder why is so much confusion the humans have in life, by playing the game.

Only the tech of LRH’s can reverse the conditions, the effects of the implants galore by confrontation; erasing them in sessions.

The name of the game the most complicated well designed implant ever made is the “Human life”.

Which is the most valuable role?

There is no value in any personality all of them need to be confronted, as-ised in session by each individual and have cognitions on what was the reason one went into such a game.

There is no waving with the magic wand which could erase all that or find that button that ONE REALIZATION or follow some imaginary map which would lead the entity out that would work or erase the effects of one’s activity, the entities very own created history=universe.

If there would be such a things than again only =Entity would be the loser because we need understanding the knowledge why we have done what we have and by understanding only than the entity can walk out from this MEST= Universe, the grip from the Implants.

PS:  I nearly forgot the most interesting personality which was outlawed but was sold in the black market, under the table.

Naturally it has sold most in number, huge profits were made.  Every person who had the means bought or had a copy made: “Counterfeit’’ originated from here.

The personality was: get ready!!!!! “INVISIBLE”. LOL…what a fun was and still is most of all very useful personality-valance: ‘’now see me, now you don’t! ‘’ or ‘’catch me if you can!”

PS: i haven’t seen any gurus in this recall… hehehe they  must be a later addition in which this valance was made and called: False Prophets and these charlatans  only can lead others into myriad of confusing significances and not one indicates the follower has really gained freedom from MEST.




[This realization was last year.]

Four DAYS BACK I STEPPED INTO A VERY DIFFERENT UNIVERSE, at first by having a ‘’cognition’’ I did not know this happened, all I knew what I felt and the understanding something was happening but I haven’t had a clue what was going on.

Than Symbols – Significances –pictures started and the realizations flowed like Ganges.

This Universe don’t contain evaluation, because here doesn’t have negative or positive side, here it simply IS.

This is the State as would be in Fairy Tales: ‘’ one lives happily ever after’’.

This is the State when someone dreams of being free from all the worldly miseries; this would be the place where that harmony exists.

This is the State when one falls in love believes thinks will last forever and it will be.

This is the State when those who live in condition being poor-in poverty dream what riches-wealth would be like to live in and l

This is the State the drug users believe when they shooting up or snort chemicals- whatever will transport them into, but never happens. Here drugs or any other form of whatever not needed to enhance, not even comfort foods to make one feel happy-contented, because here simply that IS.

This Is the State those who meditate hope to enter into and gain lastingness but that will never happen because what wasn’t confronted erased will pull the person back.

This is the State we all thought will be attained by doing the OT Levels and we be in this magical realm, finally I am.

This Is the State I thought if I would have a Magic Wand than I could transport self to, but than that would not have worked because I would not understood what I would be in because I would not understood what I have been in what it means: what has created the beliefs-illusions of solidity in the first place! So Magic wands are useless.

This is the State when those who belong to those fanatic groups and they believe if those persons who are outside of their belief would be eliminated than they would be sitting pretty strumming their hand harps and live happily forever. HEHEHE…the bad, unwanted has to be eliminated-erased from within and blaming others for the state we are in just don’t cut it, don’t get any one out of the crap they believe they are in.

This is the State where none of the human realities exist, no values, no evaluations, nothing has importance, there are no contradictory elements-beliefs pulling the entity toward different experiences.

This is the State nothing visible to the eyes yet still having it all.

This is the State which cannot be described by words, significances but only can be explained ‘’what is not’’.

If could be described than could not be what is because only things- matter can be described Example; on apple can be described but the energy, that unseen vibration of the apple cannot be seen by the eyes, that vibration cannot be described to those who only see with their eyes. But of course can be felt-sensed. That is the reason apples are so loved, and cats- dogs too!

Same is with this Vibration which is not in connection with the Earths vibration, but totally separated and same goes for the level of awareness on understanding what the Universe is about.

Some of you who are reading this and wisely nod your head and think that you know exactly what I am talking about than I am disappointing you because before anyone can experience such a vibration-state and understand what is and before that can happen that person has to experience and understand what  MEST is about to a smallest factor.

This state has nothing to do with reality: this means: whatever has been learned from the moment on person entered into ‘’life’’ by having a body, because this state cannot be learned but has to be earned by confrontation and eraser what was believed was real and solid= life as it is known.

And don’t anyone believe that this is god state…. NO! Definitely not, this is not on implanted state.

What next? Will see.



Where is our power?  Read the lost few sentences ”with great care!”

It is exactly there where we have placed it, it is in the form of belief we have, our realities about the world around us, the way of thinking, considering, agreeing to something: when we declared it, confirmed it, stated it, professed it, acknowledged it, agreed to whatever we have it or we don’t have it!”

This means: when we repeatedly announce to self, with that to the Universe: can’t be done, I am not capable; I am too small, too weak, not my field, never learnt it, I don’t know ETC….ETC… ETC.

When we declare when we announce that we can’t do something in that moment we assign to Self: WE DELARE SELF TO BE ‘’’’’POWERLESS!!’’’’’

And wonder where your power is and why failure exists? Why haven’t got what you want? Why you are poor, why you are in the state you are in?

That State is blaming others and everything for the condition experienced regardless that state is good or bad.

Blame is assigned power and that means believing not having something because: being more, by being different from what you want to be because what other have done to you, and blame others for those condition experienced and not liking it, yet can’t change a bloody thing about it and that blame accusation is lower on the Tone Scale than the frogs back side in sitting position and that is low.

LRH talks about assigned power I can’t recall his definition but I am writing here what I realized because confrontation.

First step to help Self to move out of that low-low negative state is taking responsible for Self in all matters: that we are the cause of it.

After all no one have caused that state but Self by believing, Example: a small demonstration: bite into on apple, and whatever you taste is your understanding what you just experienced:  No one can give you that sensation, same goes for any other experiences,  so why bother to blame others for any condition? Hehehe.. Blaming is assigning power the that other person or thing.

I love this ‘’realizations’’ I got regarding assigned power, and made me realize that EVALUATION is nothing more than giving power to that subject: Example: apple is sour, apple is sweet, hehehe here is a good one “By marrying me You made me the happiest man on this Earth!”

WOW… now that is placing a Hell of a Lot of responsibility on that woman’s universe!!!! Poor thing, how could she live up to something like that: keeping that man in happy state? Divorce is inevitable, and of course that is her fault!

The Country is going to Hell because Trump… wow… with this negative consideration+ millions of agreements people make it sure that Trump fails….but at the end they will be the winner because they knew it all along and can say : I told you so! Such a pitiful having-ness!

I have had many sessions on the subject of power because I really wanted to understand how it works and what it is and by now I know.

You wonder but don’t ask just how much power I have by now?

Power is knowledge and by now I am into trillions!

Power of knowledge is not just when the Entity is in the State of Enlightenment about self and the Universe.

Knowledge is what we know, any person believes in and that is all we have but what we do, how we use this knowledge and live by it is up to us.

EVALUATION on any subject IS NOTHING MORE THAN GIVING–ASSIGNING POWER TO THAT WHATEVER and from that moment on that ”whatever” has power over you.

Example: it is too heavy  i cant pick it up, I love you tooo much, god is great ???

Onu i am picking on your god, hehehe my evaluation is that implant idea= god is nothing more than  just that… useless crap.  GOD: My Way or Hell you end up if you don’t do what I command and from Hell there is no return and you suffer for eternity but if you play by my rules than you be granted resurrection ===== hehehe ”new life”” new body and you can play the game again.

That is a trap to remain in the implanted game in fact that is your return ticket: believing in god and of course putting ”fear” into any one space in order to get control weeeell, that is also blackmail.

Your god or any one who demands, who lays down rules and frighten  others into his game is nothing more than control freak aberrated  SOB.

Ohhhhh Evaluation … love the stuff, that too is evaluation. 🙂

PS:: I must throw this sentence which is of course on Evaluation, not mine but some so called wise ass uttered it eons back  as his evaluation of his /her condition and gotten millions of agreements and I haven’t figured it out why people believe in this stupendous lie,  have they seen poof  a new manual to learn from in order to eliminate the mistakes? aren’t all sins committed every day centuries after centuries?

and here is the jewel of all lies, top notch, cherry on the top:  “” we have to return, reborn in order to learn from our mistakes!”’

But that lie is not the problem, the problem is the large percent of people cant recall that they lived before and they are positive that death exists and just ask any senior citizens: what have you learned this life which you can take with you and which will improve your next life?

The only manual I have found so far which when used do give understanding and eliminates mistakes forever so they never will be repeated and that is the A. Tech.

Hehehe … I wonder why god not given -spread this Tech???? 🙂 I know the answer to that of course, I don’t have to wonder.





plus i included on earlier post a true reality what is our universe is a big fat “0”.hehehe.

Just seen on alien robot and what was interesting that the robot was moving about back and forth its arms hands moved but in fact was not doing anything I could see because there was nothing there to be seen there were no images scenery the robot was just moving in empty space.

Looking at this picture and at first I could not understand what was happening, than I seen the robot from above, than from the front: it had those huge black eyes, than I was inside the head looking through the eyes and what I seen made me understood what was happening: I was stunned! Totally stunned!

The robot was moving automatically and the Being the Entity inside was ”seeing” pictures- items: example: if we are let say we move about in our kitchen and cooking.. that is what the robot was doing.. believing it was ”doing” something yet that was just on illusion just pictures the entity was looking at because in fact there was nothing outside the robot.

The Entity was acting the same way as we do while being connected to the meat body ..believing that there is something: the world around us because the ‘’eyes’’ see the projected images but there is nothing but our beliefs that there is life and we are ‘’somebody’’ doing something-living.


Guide-direction on: How to go Exterior.As I have explained in my earlier post ‘’ in space ‘’ the body being in the bath tub where the water temperature was warmer than the body and the body was free floating with this I eliminated the sensations I usually felt, and the weight too of course were gone. So I only felt warmth, the body was gone.

Blocking out all the light in total darkness, with that I have eliminated the automatic use of the ‘’eye’’ also seeing- looking at things and with that went the all considerations that I am someplace: the very belief I am on location.

Now, by eliminating all sensations including having weight and no I longer were on location that means I was not on Earth, Earth no longer existed, I did not have a body –shape, therefore the only place I could experience is Space- Universe!

This is experience I had is the evidence the very proof:  only our own believes makes things appear real and soon as we get rid of what we believe in than those conditions change instantly.

This is the reason why cognitions are so powerful.

When we ‘’see- look’’ with the ‘’eyes’’ this action holds the Entity to that picture-location and with that the Entity is accepting what the ‘’eyes see’’ is existing PLUS adds all the considerations has about that picture than add sensations-feelings and that makes that picture real. Sounds like cooking, adding ingredients: in this case the outcome is the belief we ‘’live-have a life!

But in fact what the Entity sees-looking at a Movie and the same times the Entity identifies- believes the movie is seen with the ‘’eyes’’ is real because all that added stuff  is a simple illusion: all of it and here is a BOMB: the reason intention, postulating don’t work because when viewing a movie we the observer –looker can’t change the outcome of that movie no matter how we would like to do!

We can postulate –pray, intend, use a magic wand, do spells, do sacrifices by burning carcasses on the barbeques, offer the first born to the gods, curse the Satan, whatever: but we can’t change the outcome of that movie we are watching. HEHEHE.

At so called ‘’death of the body’’ for the Entity that movie has ended and that is the reason Entity feels lost- misplaced no longer connected, cant communicate etc.. because the connection to the illusion-movie is no longer there, NOW THE ENTITY IS EXTERIOR, disconnected because no longer perceives with the ‘’eyes’’ and no pictures with that the thoughts to drop away consideration Entity had about those pictures : I see this or that, yes its true, has value, bad evil etc.  NO pictures… no bank with that the reason for their existence too vanished.

When all that is gone the Entity becomes free and definitely that is life and not death!

LET ME GIVE YOU ON EXAMPLE ABOUT PICTURES: when are given by someone a photograph of which they so highly think of, represents something really precious –valuable to them: happy moment etc… we all see a flat picture, images holding up glass of something, but we do not know anything, about that event we haven’t added our own beliefs to this picture so the picture don’t have much meaning.

I am really gotten off the original topic! But this is how things are.

SO back to subject ‘’movie’’ and how that working in connection why intention-postulates don’t work:


But the 6000 hours in session were not wasted, on the contrary: Wins –cognitions –understanding poured and since the ‘’true power is knowledge’’ with those extra thousands of cognitions I have gained become a much richer=powerful Entity.

I hardly ever mention Power but I should since I have had hundreds of sessions in order to discover its true nature.

We can only go exterior, get away from , having different by eliminations of the very illusions that we are in: we are something, feel this or that.

PS: please keep in mind when I have done the bath room thing I already have eliminated every beliefs I ever had about Earth and most of my beliefs what the body is with that I am no longer stuck in the belief that I am a body or I am here on Earth.

I do not have a body therefore I don’t have a location. 🙂

PS PS PS PS:  if 42 years back i would read the above of course I would have totally understood the whole thing BUT ”NOT”” ON THE SAME REALITY LEVEL AS I AM NOW, but on the level that I am human, i have a body therefore i was born and will die.

each cognition brings awareness which never existed before and awareness is the change, the new way of looking at… experiencing our own belief.






And the way I go!

I have that thingy the crown charka open and blazing for years and the energy which is pouring out is hot, one could almost fry on egg  by the use of this power… hehehe. Fun!

But that is not news to me, BUT the understanding WHAT IS THE THIRD EYE MEAN!! Now that is new and I like how this understanding fits in and makes lot of sense of course.

I  wondered occasionally, rarely -seldom 🙂 how anyone could see with the Third Eye and what they see but these thought were sooo fleeting and they did not meant much to me outside of some vogue reality that the Third Eye is some kind of symbol to do with spirituality and that was that on the matter: totally forgotten.

As you know I don’t read articles about enlightenment or spirituality because to me those material only means that they were altered many –many times and I am only interested knowing what other know but what I know.

[[[[[ By the way i know those material have value and their value is THAT THEY CAN BE TAKEN INTO SESSIONS AND CONFRONTED and that way to be find out the real base where they originated from and what they really means.]]]]]

And to get that understanding all we have to do is look into our own universe and find our own answer: it all there because we put it there!

I am getting to the point: few days back in session suddenly I understood what it means seeing with the Third Eye.. hehehe and I been doing that for years- decades, it means having viewpoint not as a human but as a spiritual –entity a ghostly form, not being a body and seeing with the bodies eyes But seeing in very different manner and that means totally understanding what the real meaning is whatever is viewed: and that understanding is brought on by confrontation as in session and the end result are ‘’realizations-cognitions’.’

My whole blog here what I write is nothing more that Realizations, which are not based on human viewpoint.

Realization-cognitions are what in eastern philosophy called enlightenment hehehe… but those who believe that they are enlightened they believe that they are above others,[ the ego is still intact] and better than other, because they know more than others, and I don’t believe in such a crap and that is the reason I am not into guru ‘’thingy’’ because the gurus separate self from others [ again this means they believe they are somebody] and that too is part of the valance: mock –up they are in: I am somebody! That is not enlightenment at all, not in my book.

Guru, being a guru means doing something, and all gurus over the years been doing the same and no matter what they have teaches so far their teachings haven’t freed mankind because we can only do that for self, no one can free others. We have to find our own answers own reality what freedom , infinite, being intangible means to us.

But going back to the subject of Third eye… cool cognition this has been, haven’t changed my universe much but one more puzzle was found: what is: seeing without use of the bodies eyes.

I have mentioned more than once I see thing around me in holography, I can see through thing, and am I enlightened??? Hehehe, that would be a label of a condition and I haven’t got a condition, I am not something, or somebody therefore I can’t hang a label on something which do not exists so that settles of my understanding what enlightenment means to me.

Lately all my sessions are about ‘’ghostly state’’, and by elimination of beliefs-considerations that we are helpless, powerless, when we are not anchored to objects like body of some kind., and that State is called by human terms as ‘’ being dead’’ and we are far from that.

I am finished with the beliefs that we need bodies for survival that in fact is a joke, because bodies are made of matter and matter never survives-endure.

So I am concentrating on the real stuff which is the Ghostly State and there is where things are happening.


[The cognition is at the bottom of the page.]

We assigned power to god at the beginning when games were created, this god valance among other valances-personalities was in the game the most powerful figure who had all the control, could grant or take away whatever he wished to deem to do.

To win the game and we all wanted to win and become that god too so we also would have the same power as he had.

Hehehe therefore the belief  the saying have originated from this computer game that we are gods, because if we are than we have power!! [example: we are all Buddha … hehehe they wish they were, but there is only one and the rest just ”want to be”, but never will be.]

So far today I had been in session for 5 hours and I am exploring the State being a Ghost and what this means.[ truly enlightening insight i have gained so far.]

And of course importance and values too come up and a most profound realization hit me like a ton of brick, the cognition is: to whom or in this case to what we have assigned –given – allocated  POWER EQUAL AMOUNT as we assigned power to” god”!!!

WE HAVE ASSIGNED…GIVEN THE POWER TO BODIES- ROBOTS THAT THEY ARE THE ONE WHO CAN DO THINGS as in MOVE.. COMMUNICATE..SEE..TALK..HEAR…have or have not and the most important incredible valuable belief we given assigned to these machines that we do live or die accordingly how they operate or go into motionless mode.

When we have given, assigned life to machines, that they are the ones who live, WE IN THAT MOMENT HAVE STOPPED FUNCTIONING KNOWINGLY THAT WE ARE INFINITE AND WE HAVE THE POWER OR SHOULD SAY “WE ARE THE POWER”.

So my friend, you are looking for your lost abilities? You don’t have to look any further, we all can go and bang the head against the wall and point the figure toward the only person who is responsible: SELF.

🙂 Mind you that will not help much. 🙂 have a fun day! 🙂




maybe next time i write what solid really means.

Well… I  still read David ST Lawrence’s posts since I am connected and I get it automatically same as many readers get mine.

His latest post is interesting, also he included map for better understanding the post, but the whole thing what he writes is so unreal to me and for that reason I write: how I see this Spiritual World!!!

Because his beliefs still indicates how he expresses self : that I am the body and there is a different Realm where we are as Spirits!!!!! PLEASEEEE!

We are at all times operate as spiritual beings, there is no such a thing as separate spiritual realm… there are no separate Universes: one for the body and another for the Spirit! We only have awareness of reality what we happen to believe in in any moment.

Just because people believe that they are bodies and when the body stops functioning  they are dead too= in other word ”kicked the bucket”’ hehehe I like that expression so I am throwing it in, that do not mean some one has  died, we cant die but after the body tops functioning because now it is in state of death=not living, those who were in connection to that body now they still operate, act, live  in ghostly state! They Are continuing but not on the same level but on a much freer mode!  Is this so difficult to understand?



On auditor like David who has been audited well over 40 years and now has done that Spiritual research thing, and gives classes, teaches, YET he still at the level when he still sees the wall, the divider- barrier between where and what?

walls -berries, dividing lines can only exist if we talk- describe solid matter,  but we as Spirits we don’t have location, because only matter have location, so I ask here a question:  When some one who teaches Spirituality, and believes in that than why still sees and teaches that there are dividers- walls between Realms?

Hard to understand when on experienced auditor, solo auditor cant comprehend  that we are only dealing with thought-beliefs which are intangible and cant be touched, are not solid ‘ and we have proved this in sessions: when a concept is confronted  that concept gets erased   — as-ised  and it vanishes.. we still can recall the words but the meaning which cause the reaction is gone out of our universe. hehehe so my words are just hot air …

What Is my point?  Hehehe, well, who cares, but I am really puzzled why people  =experienced auditors cant see — understand we are at all time operating as Spirits– Entities and we don’t go  anywhere, we just change ideas, beliefs that we are here now and or we are moving=going. By the way this is the reason we don’t go – exterior either… we don’t move, matter moves.

Bodies don’t do a thing by them self,  it don’t move thing, a muscle unless you as the Entity-spirit decide to use the hand or feet and walk, pick up things, lay the body down, wipe that nose, give a shower to that body, comb its hair, and feed it or lick that ice cream. So, who is doing that if not the Entity?

I have written more than once: ever since I have realized that I lived before, my first recalls of past life’s was in Life Repair, ever since than I knew I am operating as Spirit, OH, I admit that I had to confront tens of thousands of incidents from the track where I believed I was a body, but never ever the reality left me that i am not Spirit.

We cant blame any one for our condition, we just cant, long as we are blaming others we cant erase anything because we can only erase when we confront and confronting is taking responsibility for whatever. AND WHAT WE KNOW -WE BELIEVE IN IS OUR REALITIES AND NO ONE CANT BE BLAMED FOR HAVING THESE REALITIES and this is the reason no one can erase— as-is these realities for us.

What I have to say about David’s beliefs is how I see the universe and nothing wrong with his, he just see the Universe from the viewpoint of a human and I don’t believe we are humans, we never were humans, being a ”human” means is a bunch of concepts and soon as these beliefs are confronted-as-ised the Entity wonders ”what ever given me the idea i was human?”

Here is something really nice happened today.

Occasionally i take naps in the afternoon otherwise the day would be way tooooo long since I go to bed after 1 in the morning. Today was a cool day here at the Lower Mainland in BC. so I figured I better cover the body with the light blanket, and as I picked up the blanket spread it over the body as I was doing that I have seen two hand beside mine who were holding the blanket at the same time  and were covering the body!

I instantly felt incredibly happy seeing those hand, I just felt totally at peace knowing I am surrounded by friends. [ I haven’t been alone since had been given sessions by D. auditor because in those sessions I recalled I was surrounded by spirits.]

I been working on the subject to remove beliefs-considerations which are the invisible barriers- reasons I blocked out seeing my friends in ghostly : puff of some light see through wisp and it seems  the sessions are bringing results-working, because i seen those hands today!

I want to ”see” ghostly shapes moving about, i really believe that will be fun, by the way my communication with Entities is totally open, well, it should be by now since I have worked on that topic, put in thousands of hours so far but I wont say I reached the end on that topic either.

Living as Entities in infinite universe, because of this we cant say we reached the end and we know all there is to know and there is no more!

By the way while the Entity-Spirit has connection to the body, believes that s/h is a body therefor being this reason superior to those who are in Ghostly State:  the entity-person gained this notion- delusion -belief because by living in a artificial universe=electronically created game in which the value-importance of SOLIDITY IS ESTABLISHED and ACCEPTED AS TRUTH.   [todays cognition]  HEHEHEHEHE… really funny implanted belief and this has been a great implanted crap that being solid has value and importance, Well, just think!!!! no one can control a Ghost, but a body is easily can be affected and controlled.

Living -operating   where I am at now I can say :  there is no such a singular thing, being  as ”me or I,”  those expressions- words are only used because I write, I no longer exist as singular anything or even group because all that is gone  and I have returned -melted back into the fibers of the universe.






So far I have seen –come to understand why it is so difficult is to transform from one ‘’state’’ into another as is : being poor=live in conditions which offers simple things: food, roof over the head, clothing and of course some extras which is really not needed but pleasurable to have: minimal.

Into a state=level of living wealth, riches.

Being poor.. poverty have different levels which depends of course what we consider poor—poverty level means to us.

Example: I have a lovely apartment, nicely furnished, have some beautiful art work, expansive jewelry, fine china, sterling cutlery etc yet if I look at ‘’having-ness’’ what is I consider when it comes to possessions here on this Planet than I am being “poor’’ on poverty level.

Because to me riches –wealth means here is ‘’’’unlimited havingness’’’’, whatever is desired and at that level the body is operating under.

But as an Entity I am the richest Wheaties Entity in this whole Universe and I don’t doubt this for one second and my wealth and power is in the form of knowledge.

Riches or experiencing poverty these concepts are nothing more than HAVING-ness and that is the fact!!! They are on equal level.

And I am here writing about ‘’having’’-ness.

So all my posts here about Lotto, winning or losing, why we do or we can’t is simply depends on ‘’having’’-ness.

Below is my most recent realization from today’s session:

‘’’Given up riches because life was easier without.. being rich bought complications… continual entanglements dangers= unaccepted dangers were always present.. but hidden behind things I owned. What I owned had their own lifecycles and by owning things I had to deal with what they presented: what they were in connection with!So giving up was the answer to eliminate constant troubles because simple life offered fewer complications.’’’’

Hehehe… of course this is a big fat lie a bloody lie I have swallowed -went into agreement with,  accepted some clever suppressive persons reality in order to belong:  which I really call well thought out propaganda because when we move into =accepted poverty with that we have assigned power-control and we placed ourselves into level of being total affect.

But on the other hand being rich- have wealth is on the same level but viewing that level from where we don’t own much looks so desirable nerveless it is still Bank.

Having billions or millions owning is not the problem, and not the problem not owning being poor either, but the problem is what we believe these conditions means to us, and that is what causes our ARCB’s problems.. ETC..

Things are just things; they are totally meaningless until we consider that they have value, importance: meanings.

Far as I know, and truly believe that Knowledge is the only valuable thing exist in this Universe and I am talking of knowledge which is from ‘’cognitions’’ because cognitions are unaltered and regardless how many any person had so far these cognitions are powerful and they become the foundation to future activities in this universe.

If those persons who have had sessions-auditing but they have discontinued IF these persons would have realized, truly understood how valuable the realizations are which come from sessions, these persons would never ever given up having them, including LRH – and those thousands of auditors out there and plus many many who have done the Solo Course to become a solo auditor!

But would be doing the same as I have and few others I know who have put aside the so called life-living in order free self from altered realities than there would be Thousands of Blogs same as mine where solo auditors would be sharing their adventures!

I know why it is so tough to understand what ‘’cognitions’’ are and what is their value –power.. because till persons are sitting in altered reality from that viewpoint no one can understand anything more outside of those deceptions.

I was told by those persons who search the Internet for Ex scientology sights… I was told that there is no other Blogs on the Internet like mine where the solo auditor in this case Elizabeth=me shares her adventures- cognitions from sessions ….how very sad! only one blog!

When I started out I could never imagine not even in my wildest where the adventure will take me, I would not understood it anyways even if would seen the whole Path I covered so far.

PS; how I see it, scientology haven’t failed, LRH  haven’t failed.. failure is when on individual gives up… don’t follow through  and they justify their own failure and go into blame , that they failed because!!!!!! hehehe no one can makes us fail  only self can do that.





When we started to believe, when we went into agreement that there is a superior being who created all and oversees all and most powerful: and  we too were created by this superior being: In that moment we have given up all our abilities, which means to create freely, our Free Will: no more postulating for self, no more intending and definitely that handy Magic Wand which was sooooo useful to conjure up whatever we desired had to be burned!

In other words: we nailed down our own coffin while being inside it hehehe that act was our last Free Will!


From than on downhill we went all the way till we hit bottom : believing that Death is real LOL.. the Entity cant sink lower on the TS. than that !!!!

meanwhile we set in this helpless position  we created implants, Valances etc to be somebody in order to become able, to be creative and powerful again but we never could regain our  Free Will, because the true power was assigned already and we never could regain  what we have given away because we have not realized by being servant, believing in that created image  we have also given away responsibility BUT WE GAINED BLAME!!!!! hehehe  and what a poor exchange we made….

🙂 God almighty????? 🙂 🙂 🙂  Please lets be serious here! hehehe, thank god for auditing which works !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 and we all can confront our mistakes and regain our abilities PLUS the understanding the reasons why we have done what we done in the first place.


Sexual act to create bodies and to have pleasure?

That was not the reason why bodies were created and have become so popular But the main reason for their creation was and still is to keep and hold the Entity in steady –stable condition — to have location!

While the body is in good working order, functioning provides frequency –vibration which is the Glue itself holding the Entity to that body=its vibration.

Below is part of todays session which started out as ‘’looking at walking’’ moving… I had so far many sessions for the same reasons and each session’s realization brings further understanding why the hell we are so attached to such a poorly designed robot: which constantly needs our attention, almost 24 hours a day! What a piece of junk!

moving slowly… measured movements ….coordinated group movements…as in walking… running… being kept at relatively same spacing.

become ”normal” accepted and anything out of the accepted range is called extraordinary as with athletes who have accomplished through long hard practice to move the body at faster space than regular.

it would cause confusion if we would be moving the body at different speed!!!

only machinery like autos, bikes, airplanes are allowed -built to me move bodies at faster speed… that is acceptable by all. it is normal way to do things.!WE REFUSE TO MOVE FASTER   we keep in place with others.. WOW   old folks move slow therefore all old folk pose to move behave -walk the same way!

Difficult almost impossible to break out of the established system,

we are holding onto ”weight” masses of energy which we have established for self as anchors long ways back to stabilize self into present location.. this means we still identify  with these masses of energy.. of course we have deceived self and these lies have become our stable universe and these same lies are our stops…our boundaries.. our prison walls.IT HAS BECOME VERY IMPORTANT TO REMAIN IN SAME LOCATION ”at all times” in the vicinity of the body, since bodies are the most valuable thing we ever had and have… hehehe… 🙂 we just cant live without the bloody things! 🙂

PS: I have a post in this blog about sex… creation of bodies which were used as food. LOL.. for the same reasons, same way as ”people here eat meat”’ cows-pigs sheep etc, in other times meat bodies [human] were processed  and transported  to be consumed as delicacy!  sexual feelings were given as to stimulate the desire to capsulate  — to reproduce! Here you go you studs… who believe that sex is on the top of the TS. and the cows do everything in their power to attract that stud! sexy clothing, make-up, perfume hairdo,  and into the male valance the sex -act the thought of it enters every few second!





true story.


The myth has it and it has been told, has been repeated many times by those Entities who are still part of the ever flowing starlight indigo universe.

There was an evil Witch whose jealous nature was the foundation of misery- wretchedness that darkness was needed in order to balance out the creative forces in the Universe: and this Witch was evil as evil can be, wicked to the core and of course powerful beyond understanding….

Hate, jealousy, greed, destruction distrust was her manner, her ways and what she hated most of all when creations of other beings were better and more beautiful than hers: jealous rage ruled her universe and all she wanted to do to destroy everything in the universe which was created by others.

She wanted to be the best and wanted to be the most important: the paramount creator: So she decided to do something incredibly spectacular, something which never had been seen before in the whole Universe.

She believed if she can do something spectacular with that she will demonstrate that she is the supreme powerful being and having her creation admired by everyone she will be the victor and with that will win everybody over to her side than everyone will be her slave forever: with this thoughts she created a new side to her personality: must control.

So time flowed and over the eons the Witch ranted and raged in her frustration because she have designed countless traps, deceptions to catch every body’s attention but not one of those trickeries were beautiful enough to hold those admirers- followers spellbound fascinated forever and that is she really wanted more than anything, that was her sole aim.

As she beheld on as those astounding creations appeared all-around her and not one of them were hers and in her fury the Witch filled with jealous hate burning hot, she snatched two stars out of the Heavens and crushed them with her mighty hands [which were invisible of course] and hurled those kaleidoscopic shimmering lights: the sparkles sailed across the velvety indigo space, up in great arch and fell toward into the infinite distance.

The universe become still, hushed as all looked at this great wonder as the shimmering light bridged glowing in myriad of colors now arched over the Universe from one end to the other.

The Rainbow was born.

The legend has it that one end of the Rainbow ended an Earth and the other end still is in the Spiritual Universe. All the unsuspecting Entities who were looking for new adventures have stepped on and walked fallowing the brilliant trails the magical stardust of the Great Rainbow Bridge are all captured by the evil Witch when they reach Earth and with that they all have become under her spell and her slave forever.

By now over the eons there are many innocent beings walked across the Rainbow Bridge, including Fairy folk, the Gnomes: all the Souls who are now live in in different variety of forms here on Earth many

The evil spell “is” as the legend say: when one crosses over and steps off the Rainbow and touches the ground of the Earth with that one forgets the past, forgets it forever because the evil Witch gives a body for that Soul and that shape-valance becomes the prison forever and a day for that being.

There is gold at the end of the Rainbow an Earth, but looking for gold also the part of the evil Witches spell, since the gold is the “importance and values” and having believing in those considerations holds that person in prison on Earth.

But also whispered by the Ones who still live among the stars, that one day the spell will be broken by the one who dared to step back on that Rainbow Bridge and walk back into the Spiritual Universe and by doing that “WALK” of enlightenment gained by confrontation the evil Witches spell will be broken forever.

The stars glimmer brightly they beckon and they light that Rainbow Bridge all the way home…………….. to walk back into the Infinite is the greatest adventure surpasses all previous adventures any Entity ever had and I am here waiting for you, urging you on to step on the bridge and walk!
There are many views what the Universe is about, what is the Bank and the above is a one of the many views I have about the Universe.

PS: the wicked witch is alive and well, she lives in Coquitlam, has a body but she is still evil have the great need to control, to be the only one. Our track has been intertwined and I had to have lots of sessions in order to free self from all the spell I was under.

Hehehe of course there isn’t any blame for reasons who has done what and why  because what we find at the end is nothing more than the understanding that we are playing  a game of illusions.



Without the aid of hands.

My very first recall while being in sessions when I moved on object from distance while having a body and this incident was 2600 years back and that body was my first human body  on this planet.

I moved on object by intention and the object was distant from the body, few hundred feet away. The fun part was I did not know where the item went, and at the moment I can’t recall either.

To me this is an important gain in understanding because now I have my own evidence that it can be done.

if you care to read more details go to comment.


I have seen the top of the head which was open and where the brain usually is in a human body had on most intricate element which could be called in our language as: computer.

This ‘’control center’’ contained many different systems which were in rows and rows and each system was covered separately, had shinny alloy housing which was steel blue in color.

I had a very clear picture of this control system.

Also understood its working and experienced when it was shut off in order to disconnect the robot – to stop it functioning and I also experienced when this system was short-circuited ‘’fried’’ with strong electricity which has fried all connection and the robot become dead.

So was the belief for the Entity!!!= WAS ELIMINATED FROM THE GAME!

When the System was ‘’fried’’’ become dead— no longer supplied information the Entity=Me believed that I have lost all knowledge which is in fact not true but what I have known before was covered over, suppressed by that strong mass of electric-shock.

What happens when the Entity is looking for information which was housed in that computer now can’t recall it because now blocked off with that electric-shock.

I believe when a human have massive brain damage, that happens when something triggers off that incident on the Track when the Robots computer was short-circuited: the robot no longer functioned –was dead.

Information on which the robot was operating on was just implanted info. and nothing more, the robot had no Free Will, same goes for humans.

Nothing new ever happens on this planet, everything originates from some other place long ways back.

I been working on to have better ‘’recall’’ and have gained grounds but I know there is much to be learned but each realization brings new understanding.

By the way, I almost forgotten to mention when one is operating mostly with information which is from the Robotic-mind that person is inclined to be computer— machinery know-how and these persons are not much into art.

By having a MIND… Thinking with brain has eliminated most of our abilities, like: free will. Period.

I recalled in this session that ‘’singing’’ that act was not included when I was controlled by that system.

Before I started sessions, way back in early 70’s my so called ‘’singing voice’’ can be best described as none existent, a crow has better voice than I had then BUT I had many sessions on sounds, voices, communications  and by now I do have beautiful singing voice,  the most remarkable that the voice is on wide range: deep trembling sounds to high notes. Of course the understanding also is that we do not sing but we become the sound itself.

The tech. works on every level, on any subject!



Do not mean what everybody believes in: I am levitating because the body is off the ground, unattached and floating freely.

IT SIMPLY MEAN: we can levitate on object!

We are Entities who are not made of something and because of this condition=no condition we are intangible and this intangibility which makes us Infinite and as infinite we do not have a location.

So when we are talking of levitation we are talking of on ability which can move objects at will in this case the body of some kind we are so heavily attached self to.

The Entity who can levitate the body he believes that body is self than in fact should be able to levitate- move- floats any other objects.

When on the Track the Entity-person only could levitate the body by than the Entity lost too most abilities:

I believe the ‘’idea’’ the belief that we can levitate comes from the Track when the bodies we attached self to were not pulled down and held to a solid ground by gravity but still could freely float.

I have recalled more than one incident where that is what I experienced: but than in those recalls the bodies did not have legs either!  Why have legs when we don’t really need them?

Also levitation of the body, the belief it can be done is certainly heavily suppressed –blocked off because the fear that we might drift away and can’t get back to our usual game-life.

In previous sessions I have located hundreds of incidents in which we made it certain that we as a body were solidly anchored this given us the belief that we are permanent!

I also posted about levitation more than one write-up in the blog.

My problem is that by now I know all these beliefs are not real, just illusions but I have sessions because I want to understand why I assumed in the first place what I known and seen is real: The real part is the lie.

PS: ownership to items- possessions is ferociously protected, there are laws established for that purpose! Laws say ‘’don’t touch-move that item because if you do you will be severely punished!’’

These Laws  dribbled down from the Track to stop LEVITATION- moving objects because when we still had that ability we were not concerned  who’s property we moved and by doing so we have interrupted games people played  by stealing levitating things away from them, or other from us hehehe… and we did not like that at all.

Those who continued the practice had to do it on the sly same as now the thief work covertly.

So to regain the ability to levitate objects again, we would need to eliminate thousands of negative and their counterpart which holds the negative in place: the positive considerations –belief on the same subjects and related items. Huge undertaking which would bring fantastic results in the form of understanding.

PS: PS:::: recall as now: there were times when we still could levitate objects but we no longer done it consciously… and objects around us would be floating.

The problem was that we believed we were hunted and ghost were doing that to us HEHEHE now this have scared us very badly if we lived in the society where ghost were made to be something scary, monsters, evil etc.

Also when we done the levitation unconsciously… not knowing we were the cause, this could drive us into so called madness, believing  something was wrong with us, that we were possessed  by evil, the demon himself.

There are many very heavy negative beliefs why we stopped this ability.









Hi there!!! Truly great to hear from you!

I had sessions on ‘’brain’’ what its function is and I also have confronted the so called ‘’mind’’ so these two item as I have known them are no longer have effects on anything I do or know.

We operate outside of the body at all times, but I do not say that the connection to the body don’t affects us, the body long as it works supplies with constant energy-frequencies=stimulation.

Yes, These items: emptiness- void- blankness- vacuum can be confronted but keep it in mind their affected every experience we ever had and continue to have.

They are present till all experiences are as-ised because their presence is the very blocks which stops the Entity from having total recall.

Example: Dementia, Alzheimer’s, can’t recall, don’t remember, forgotten etc..happens because the person is in that incident; of nothingness=Standing wave.

We have used these Items thousands of different ways

By giving examples will help to understand how the use of these concepts affects us.

Imagine a curtain and this curtain front of you are made of matter which you can only see as blankness— void—vacuum or empty-ness… this curtain has no pattern, don’t contain pictures -concepts, has no meaning yet same as any other thing it has meanings and it is energy.

This Curtain is a STANDING WAVE!!! Therefore when the Entity-Person see it or gotten stuck to it, held back by it can’t see, experience anything other than ‘’emptiness’’.

Example: when you are told to visualize on apple, in that moment you can see that apple.

Same goes for emptiness –void– blank-ness. When these items because they are that were implanted and not just implanted but we used them as something to hide behind as we would use a curtain, wall, or divider.

When the emptiness was used to protect self, we projected nothingness-void and the enemy or lover: whoever they were we did not wanted them find us could only see what was indented to be seen by us: nothingness, hehehe the curtain –screen, wall was placed between us!

Good magic trick: now you see me and now you don’t, because I don’t want you too!

Radar is used these days to scramble images…

Other occasions where we were captured by on enemy our memories-experiences were erased because that knowledge we had or used were the fret to them and what was erased were replaced with that blank empty energy mass which was looked like void did not have considerations, valances etc.


BUT everything was still there as before! Which we did not realized that time or the enemy was aware of this Fact either!!

I also did something fun in session: I went hunting for items, secrets which were hidden away by being covered up by ‘’nothingness’’ hehehe.. I was totally blown away what I have found-recovered and once upon the time I believed had value….

Brian my dear, now what do happen when the Entity has nothing? Believes that? That places that Entity out to the pasture, into space because has been eliminated from the game!!!!!

But by having sessions on these items which are the same as any other item, by confrontation the realizations come that usually these concepts are nothing more than dust in your eyes, and when this dust, curtain= its meaning why they were used in the first place is erased or understood the person than can continue with sessions and the most important fact that after eraser the awareness is expanded, and not just a little bit!. My so called recall has increased thousands fold by now!

When Gautama hit the so called enlightenment stage when he no longer could advance, he simply hit this curtain and with that he was stopped.

When the person as Gautama is stuck in these kind of items than these person are keyed out of the regular bank and of course their realities-understandings become very different since the rules-regulations of the old no longer affects these persons.

But this State is not the end of the line, but Dead End because the limitlessness of the universe and no one can say: I have attained whatever LOL… I know it all…. This is it; I am on the top of the hip!

At that moment the Entity locked self into a Standing wave, in other words: Up the creek and no paddles.

I call these items major traps because when the Entity is front of this thing is simply stopped and can only remain in that nothingness as Gautama did, or go back to earlier activities.

Also these items are used even these days to block out pain, example drugs can re-stimulate this curtain and the person will not feel that pain.

Also when something dramatic happens to the person and the person zips into Unconscious-ness: means moved into this protective place where nothing can reach him, can cause upsets –pain of etc.. and this person feel safe there till that fret goes away.

This is the reason talking to the person who is in ‘’unconscious state’’ helps because the entity – slowly gets keyed back into consciousness-awareness, reconnects into the familiar bank-life he had before.

Since the first time I had sessions on these Items as I said my so called ‘’memory’’ of things improved, but here is something which you might find interesting: we used the same concepts over the eons thousands and thousands of different ways and because for this reason we just can’t erase all these items in one session but they have to be confronted as they come up.

Most fascinating subject, I have given here more examples since there are lots of new visitors to the blog and not every one has read all my post as you have. 🙂

Are you thinking having sessions on these items?




Manual for Departing- Leaving the Body in other words going exterior!

We were not stupid when we invented the idea of having ‘’bodies’’ objects in order to have stable firm steady permanent location to operate from. With that we invented time-duration, identity etc..

But we also knew these objects- bodies had to have steady supply frequencies because we knew the very vibration of the objects were the cause —-the very glue which kept us attached to that object-body and soon as the vibration has stopped we become free, lose, unattached and that could happen in the most inconvenient moment and cause problems because we lost our place in the game of life: we were out! Free-floating.

SO, we had to invent objects- bodies which were set up so its steady balanced frequencies were maintained and to achieve this had to be fueled: therefore the present time’ eating – putting food into the machines to keep it alive-to have steady supply of frequency.

But of course this method only worked for soft bodies as we have now and before these we had many other variety bodies which were used under different conditions.

Example; the meat body could not survive in 1000 degree cold of heat or in other place where bugs ruled hehehe, there the body was covered with thick layer of secretion to protect from suckers, or other place  the body held so much electricity that anything come close to it got automatically zapped! Self-protection in order to survive.

I been in place where wrinkles were in fashion and more wrinkles the body had that indicated how capable the person was, how beautiful was, and gained importance, here the folds of the heavy doubled over wrinkled skin hanged to the grounds, on the arms the skin hanged like  the sleeves on the Chinese robes of the Emperor. We have grown skin as we grow height here!

Come to think of it old walruses have folded skins, but there on that planet by the time we reached ‘’old age’’ the body looked cone shaped, the so called head on the top of the cone disappeared among the many folds which spread on the ground.

And we wonder why we get wrinkled, look like old crumpled bags? LOL.. Old age – growing old meant that the body’s frequency slowly lessened and the body turned into stone like matter at the end when the vibration stopped, the Entity become free again: this happens here also.

The Entity could not intend to move that heavy mass without the so called life giving energy which is nothing more the electrical energy –power, same as here now.

I had that body and let me tell you it was not easy to confront the so called death because in the first place I haven’t had the clue what was happening: slowly turning into stone! That happened because I have identified myself with matter, I believed I was that thing  till I parted from it, than I knew I was Infinite! Only ignorance, not understanding what is happening can cause the belief that we die. [ same goes for when the person believes that auditing caused the almost death, those who believe such are full of shit because that can’t happen.]

So working –improving the working of the bodies continued and every planet did their own, same as Microsoft, apple, etc computer companies working on their invention: building a better Mouse Trap from which they can’t free self from.

The bodies had to have imbedded control systems which were run automatically so the Entity did not have to think about and by having automatically running system the Entity was free doing whatever.

On the track when the Entity bought gotten a new model usually had a good understanding how that machine worked because those times Manual come with the body, same as now with your computer, or washers and dryers.

So the owners=we have known what to accept and how long the machine we use will work before its stops and then we can move on: be free from those conditions, the very reasons we wanted to be in for that period.

All these information is lost-forgotten by now but the bodies still have automatic system and that system shuts off when it meant to in the first place.

You can ask what is the ‘’first place’’ means?

The strongest, the most powerful incident the Entity-person has on the Track regarding machinery and when this machine was made to stop and of course the Entity believed that time h/s was that machine and because that machine no longer worked the Entity have died.

of course the Manuals contained the information how to stop the machines-body because we knew than if we don’t know how to than we are trapped  in that matter and we were not that stupid those times to let things like that to happen!

So we set the ‘’timer’’, how long we wanted to stay accordingly our game strategy and it was a good system because we could have stable space, time, and we were in control, we could leave and be fee, move on after the game was over.

These days for the meat body a powerful constriction of the muscle called heart do the same trick or head on collision, overdose on any product will do the same.

I have confronted by now countless thousands of different so called ‘’death’’ incidents by doing so I freed self from bodies… More I seen, confronted more certain positive I become: death, to die is impossible; no matter how we want to we can’t kill self-off as Entities.

By the way there is no such on activity is as ‘’dropping dead’’ or ‘’died’’, that is total misconception because if that would not be on false impression and we really could die than NO ONE COULD EVER RECALL THAT THEY LIVED before –HAD A BODY IN DIFFERENT TIME- LOCATIONs: and those recollections are the very proof that death don’t exist and we just move on.

PS: we are always exterior and that is the reason going exterior is impossible: those who are working on this: going exterior thing, in fact just want their ability regained where they can put their attention freely on different locations-subjects and gain understanding what is happening on that location.  That is not going exterior but simply shifting awareness from subject to subject.

To be able to do that the Entity needs to regain freedom from the Bank and have control.

Those who believe and spread the rumors that they have almost died or others have died because of auditing…. well… drama sells, but if that would be true I should not be here and writing should I be? 🙂 but should be dead as a door nail!

No one have recalled more incidents-items than I on this planet and some of them were truly killers hehehe… so i know from experiences what I am writing here and yes these incidents were killer, but always killers of matter! not the Entity, never the Entity.