Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

The sight wont let me copy the video but you can go to YouTube and  pull  it up on your computer GOLDEN RATIO  https://youtu.be/86JzfN3wW_c

  I started to listen to Golden Ratio again… this was my 4th go… the first time made me feel very happy, really keyed out and I as I listened I have understood the reason why this frequency is working. AND IT IS affective, VERY POWERFULL!

  Listening the 2nd time the affect was very little, the 3rd time was nothing, I did not notice changes of any kind and I was understatedly disappointed and the 4th time I stopped the video, I did not wanted to listen anymore because I haven’t understood how these frequencies work.

  That was few days back and last night I decided I will listen to it again and after listening [25 minutes] first time there was no change, and I put it back to the starting point after it finished running and this time I started to see lots pictures from different incidents from the Track and a WORD come to me  ” programed”’ that I was programmed and with this understanding I felt on immense blowdown, it was huge.

 I went into session and the ‘’program’’ I found self in turned out to be THE HEAVIEST PROGRAM I EVER BEEN IN WHICH IS THE HUMAN PROGRAM and LRH named this Program: BANK.

As the session went on I have seen –understood many different things which I haven’t seen before about this Program and the cognitions come rapidly.

 The session continued through the end the 3rd 25 minutes and restarted the 4rd time but I ended the session after 9 minutes into the audio with VGIs, great cognitions.

 I still have after this huge session the same understanding as I had before that here is no way out of this Program unless every thought-consideration=concepts this Program-Bank contains is confronted individually in the same order as it was received – experienced and this is the only way out.

This Program is so well constructed that every avenue which the person believes will lead out in fact takes the person right back into the Program-Bank and I call these avenues dead end roads =Traps.

The prof of this is the fact that those individuals and not only those who have been audited but regular persons recalled that they lived here had many other lives on this Planet, this means they were pulled back into the Bank and death of the body has not let the Entity out of the Programs grip.

 I believe this The Golden Ratio and in this case has nothing to do with numbers but it have pure sounds-vibrations on the lightest-highest level which do reprogram the human brainwaves which is set on the very low-heavy level frequency AND THIS LOW LEVEL IS THE LEVEL ON WHICH THE BANK=PROGRAM IS BASED ON, BEING HELD IN PLACE!!!!

The frequency is like glue hold the entity in place.

 The frequency of the brain which supplies the Entity with constant vibration and this is the sensation of being alive and this low vibrating mass of energy is what holds the Bank in place.

 The brains frequency is the major block which keeps the person in the Program.

 By listening to the Golden Ratios frequency, not only once or twice but on regular intervals bring changes into any persons life because the low heavy frequency of anyone’s personal space will slowly or fast [depends how solidly the person is being stuck in the low-heavy vibration ] will dissolve: or will be affected to some extent and with that the awareness will open up the negative stimuluses-impacts of the Bank-Program will loosen some of its grip and more positive outlook will come.

The Golden ratio’s frequency is a happy –happy frequency, full of life it is the OT level, it is the Life-force  on everything is based on and not on the human level and please believe me not one of you in reality is a Human, that term: being a human just describes the condition the Entity is gotten into and can’t get out.

This frequency can be seen but not with the ”Eyes”, it looks like crushed diamonds swirling in the light.

We are Entities, intangible and Infinite.


By the way the reason why after listening to the video brings noticeable change because the listeners level of awareness is moved –changed-affected by the different vibrations.

BUT THIS IS WHAT I BECOME AWARE OF and PLEASE DO UNDERSTAND THIS: by listening to the same sound from the Golden Ratio over and over do not bring the same keyed out sensation as it did the first time that do not mean the sounds haven’t been reaching- changing your own vibration level BUT IT MEANS THAT YOU HAVE already MOVED INTO THIS NEW LEVEL OF FREQUENCY!!!

But to remain on this level the person must continue, and the changes will be noticeable in your life.

I do not recommend any other form of Golden Ratio vides-sounds because I haven’t listened to others and please don’t listen to anything with subliminal messages because those videos not only contain the so called ‘’positive messages’’ what that person put onto those videos but listening to them you are implanted with that persons reality- personality in other words you get the whole package!!!!

And we already have plenty on our plate –we don’t need to increase our load.

PS: keep it in mind this Universe we operate in is nothing more than pure energy and our own space has its very own frequency and this frequency is like a the markings on the thumb, which is totally unique there isn’t one like it.

The bodies thump print can’t be altered but we can alter our own field of energy with that our awareness and our way of thinking by having sessions and would help when we listen to this frequency regularly. Will not bring overnight changes but will help a lot.

PS..PS..PS… By listening to these frequency can only cause KEYED OUT STATE and nothing more, only sessions-erasers can cause permanent state.!



Report on me listening to OM-ing and other related videos.

About week back the wind blown into my space some videos, someone sent them and at first I totally rejected these but soon as I realized I was ‘’rejecting’’ that meant I had a ‘’re-stimulation’’ objections because being in the church once upon the time and then it would have been a NO-NO!

So I started to listen in order to confront my own reasons for resisting and why not since I have so far looked at everything else I could dig up!

It seems these videos come to me because they needed to be understood by me how they work and why they work.

This was the first: https://youtu.be/zx0TLEs0wMs

Soon as the sounds started so have the mental images pictures in vivid full colors and dimensions WOW, the first few were showing body in holographic image and the repair to the body parts was done by holographic image of a hand. Very interesting to watch a holographic hand doing repair to a holographic image of the body, and it was done in on instant and so was my understanding what was happening.

I have written before that everything ever created was made first in holographic image, including planet Earth and these images which can’t be seen by the eyes are the blueprints and this of course makes lot of sense.

Can’t build something without a having a plan first example the Meridian lines on the body is part of the design but that was not the first creation, the basic but added later by us in different times-different part of the track and  because we kept every experience we ever had over the eons these myriad collected junk still in use! We are totally in the dark about the facts what we have done to ourselves by not able to let go.

By now the body contains great variety of body part collected from different places over the eons. Our bodies is like an old car which has been repaired many occasions and the old original parts were replaced by cheaper not so good parts which don’t work so well as the original.

Hehehe.. in other words our bodies are made from parts which were collected from junk yards of our own making.

Back to the videos.

As I listened and the pictures poured in from the Track and I started to have session and from then on I listened to more tapes and I realized these frequencies from the taped awoke different times on the track when these frequencies were used, were the incidents originated.

First I only listened the above kind which were made by musicians and contained no suggestions—words or pictures from the people who created these videos.


Then I went and to listen Dr Nipun Aggarwal’s videos which are very pleasant to listen to and the visual effects are nice but I realized there is a problem arising to listen to the chants Om’s of those videos which were made by humans… human sounds because these videos created by Aggarwal contain the track which IS HIDEN but nerveless still there of those Monks who are doing the chants and of course every word these videos by the good Doctor has meanings and these meanings too are originated not by the listener but again from the Monks past Trak.

So, by listening to videos made by chanting of Monks with that the listener ACCEPTS THE REALITIES, THE BELIEFS OF THESE MONKS and WITH THAT GIVES UP ‘’SELF” AND BECOMES THOSE MONKs..=Cluster of Entities!


The person accepts the Valances those Monk are in and that is heavy duty shit, because we have enough already on our own, never mind getting a new implant, we don’t need more!

I also realized that there is definitely a benefit to listen to these tapes but they are, the results they bring is not the answer to find ‘’spirituality’’ that never will happen but the listener is moved from the unwanted picture- which the person is experiencing to a different level: into a different frequencies which contain less bothersome emotions-aches-pains… disturbing thoughts etc.

If one believes we are experiencing only a moment than just think what OM-ing –meditation has to do with spirituality? Not a bloody thing, OM-ing, Meditation is just that a different way of life, Example: A person stand by the stove in a restaurant and cooks, a gardener gardens tends the plants, the manicurist do nails, hair etc.. I have sessions… SOOOOOO…..OM-ing is what that person do , how he passes the his time…. And that is not better than the gambles life or police mans life, just simply different. WHAT IS OR IS NOT BETTER IS PURELY A BELIEF AND NOTHING MORE!

Also noticed that the tape from Doctor, created by the sounds chanting from the Monks did not turn on mental image pictures and by noticing this I realized to listening to Chanting –OM-ing by humans the results were not for my benefit because by now I definitely don’t want or need a valance and definitely not from those Monks who walk in ignorance of what is the Universe about and how we created this universe for ourself!

On the other hand listening to the pure sounds made by instruments brought changes which were very noticeable… LOL… so much so that I got blown out.

My personal ‘’space’’ is very clean.. minus of heavy frequencies, in fact so clean and that is the reason I am aware of the smallest vibrations-experiences enters and by listening to these tapes well, blown-moved me out of my regular space where the activity of ‘’sleep’’ till existed [ not much]  suddenly I found myself without the slightest desire of ‘’sleep’’ altogether since ‘’sleep’’ that is needed, wanted and can’t live without is purely a human belief. The Videos frequencies replaced my own!

Here I was without warning on very different vibration level where activity of ‘‘sleep’’ did not existed and I haven’t had the slightest desire or need to go to bed and being wide awake at 3-4 am but when I gotten into this state immediately had to have sessions because I felt suddenly deeply depressed, felt panic because I could not go to sleep and had to handle my strongly imbedded beliefs that I need to sleep, I must sleep because if I can’t go back to sleep I will get ill, or even die!!

LOL… now that was a heavy re-stimulation because to me death- to die that concept no longer in affect-exists. The sessions brought good results and the depression vanished and I continued listening to more tapes without sleep. By now I sleep few hours and that is enough.

I also watched a short tape on chakras, the explanation for their function and I also watched a video on Kundalini and as I knew from understanding this information what these images do that I was right because I knew from the realizations I have had from sessions that we do not need those believes to function  because those frequencies strictly part of the bodies vibration.

I am not the body and let say the chakra which pose to control communication is closed  than the person has problem with communication, THAT IS TOTALLY WRONG ASSUMPTION because I as on Entity can communicate and my communication is not depending on the body how it work or don’t but on me as on Entity and I can really can communicate on any level!

And the Entity don’t need the heart chakra to be open to love and in fact the Entity don’t need chakras to associate self with abilities.

AS I SEE IT THESE SUGGESTION FROM VIDEOS actually are the MUST that we need to get those chakras aligned and the kundalini to move in the right direction etc.. is in fact PUSHING THE PERSON NOT INTO SPIRITUALITY BUT  BACK TO THE BODY,  TO BE THE BODY AGAIN. Traps within traps.

In these videos there are packed-contain nothing more than ‘’symbols’’ which are not better than laws-regulations on average person have in their daily life and have to follow, these symbols in these videos are not better, they are just different.

The OM-ing monks, persons who finally trough meditation removed them self from level which they believed is not theirs-don’t want it, cant have it etc.. as –‘’living a life of a human’’ well, they have moved into a different part of the implanted crap which suggests freedom, wellbeing and spiritual attainment.

All those beliefs ‘’’ freedom, wellbeing and spiritual attainment’’

are just well thought out traps which keeps the Entity within the power of the human implants.

The ‘’human implant in whole’’ contains every reality- beliefs on all levels which exist in the ‘’mind’’ in thought form. The ‘’mind’’ is the implant station itself which continually supplies the ‘’thoughts’’.

Please keep it in mind this is after all a prison planet, and if those who believe they can chant themselves to a spiritual level-freedom IF THAT WOULD BE THE CASE than those guys would not have to chant-meditate 30-40-50-60-70 years till the body stops working but their chanting would transport them out of this prison fast.

Ohhh.. You say: they are transported mentally!! Really? They are still with that body and still in this prison they are just having different experiences within the walls of the prison.

By the way there are many form of prisons and the ‘’body’’ is one of those forms.

I will listen to few more videos which are not done by monks but have pure musical frequencies because I want to know what will I experience, what kind of incidents will they bring in, which they will of course.

We don’t operate on these high level of vibration here on Earth, the reason for because the human vibration has contain low-heavy slow frequencies’ that is the must have in order to keep us here hehehe as prisoners.

Of course I will have sessions on these newly unearthed experiences knowing all I need is a session to get me out of this universe and by confronting the OM-Meditation I am one step closer.

In sessions all rules, laws, symbols fall away and by having allows the Entity to experience freedom!

Love this stuff!

PS: i know someone who has been practicing this eastern stuff for many years, by their considerations he has reached ”high level” but the problem is this person don’t have the clue where he is, what he is experiencing because the text which he studies don’t contain information more than that person who has written those books he is reading -have studied has experienced. That is not enough information for understanding what is outside of being a human.

He knows what past life means but in essence  don’t know what that experience is, and by now i am positive he has experienced many earlier life incidents therefore much confusion in his space and this person feels  his own words ”being fucked up” because knowledge, the meanings of those realizations which we get at the end of the sessions are missing for him.

He is truly confused and at the same time he is brilliant, and brilliantly massed up and  his behavior some occasion is on the borderline of madness till he finds his footing again-reconnects to old values-beliefs.

Some thinks scientology massed up people… far from it, by being on this planet that alone is enough.

I cannot possible recall just how many times I have changed the ‘’diet’’ what I have consumed over these 43 years.

All I can say has to be dozens of times because as I erased items in session I was no longer stimulated by those things which were connected to those items or were in those items and I no longer desired to have that taste or energy vibration. LOL and by now I have erase hell of a lot of reasons for living-eating and in general the need to experience!

Example, I used to love chocolate and now I never crave it or eat it of course, few occasion I bought it as a ‘’treat’’ but I simply did not like the taste any more. Same goes for meat of course, and I used to love fish but now these days that too is off the menu… or just rarely eaten.

I had many sessions on different foods: eggs, wheat, potato, sugar, etc..etc.. and in these sessions I learned what affects I had from those energies these food stuff contained and how these energy-vibrations have affected me as on Entity.

Every ‘’item’’ has its own vibration and when 2 items are combined and eaten that has again a different vibration.

Just imagine what masses of different vibration any Entity is hit-bombarded, experiencing when eaten a normal sandwich which contains: wheat, salt, sugar, oils of some kind, yeast, preservatives than again different oils in the mayonnaise, eggs, vinegar, more preservatives, than the ‘’meat’’.

The meat-salami =cold cuts=ham is loaded with antibiotics, preservatives, more sugar +++++ different chemicals and I have feeling I left out a few items.

My point is as I progressed I become more and more sensitive=become aware of  these kinds of vibrations and I had to confront them or simply I no longer desired to have those experiences. Even after confronting them I did not like them any more; the reasons vanished why I desired- wanted them in the first place!

I had to give up wheat and dairy products altogether, because they caused inflammations to the whole system,  the product are tasty poisons.

Fine Arabic coffee or tea made with good quality lose leafed tea which I use to love lost its flavor altogether. Now I drink sliced ginger in hot water sweetened with a bit of buckwheat honey and a touch of berry sugar, taste wonderful so is the morning porridge made from gluten free oath with milk made from almonds or cashews. Fruit –veggies I eat as main course and there are other alternatives to wheat I use to make muffins, pancakes, buckwheat pancakes are heavenly!

The ‘’food’’ experience, the regular ways to eat in my reality causes lots of heavy experiences since their frequencies are too heavy-slow and these low vibrations do pull in-similar frequencies which manifest them self in different form of illnesses.

I found in session the reasons why we eat food, they were introduced to change from one way to ‘’feel’’ into have different feel, be different and that still stands.

But by now ‘’eating’’ has taken a totally different level and this level cause overwhelm: so much so Example: falling asleep after eating a meal, have migraines eating pizza=cheese, passing out from too much sugar-alcohol etc.. etc… etc..

I do not say I am the heathiest and I don’t believe there is such a person on this planet who is ‘’healthy’’ that is impossible because the inherited scrambled DNA and its results each Entity experiences by being connected to the body and feeding of the bodies vibrations.

But this is my reality.

PS: being ill, feeling sick from some foods is NOT A NONCONFRONT as LRH said.. simply those vibrations causes that affect…. not everything which we experience and cant stand or like is because we cant confront or we can,   no…  the problem is WE HAVE CONFRONTED WITH THAT WE EXPERIENCED and that experience was bad! There are millions of additives in every form of realities-beliefs which were created when experienced to make the experiencer feel bad.. after all  who wants to make a prisoner to feel good? hehehe this is a prison planet.

Evil no matter how sugar coated is still remains evil.

By the way having more sessions =cognitions bring–cause different level in awareness, example: some years back coffee with sugar cream tasted heavenly, than as time passed i noticed the buttery taste so I left out the cream or meal.. than sugar was omitted i have replaced it with maple syrup than I become aware of the burnt taste to the beans and I wondered why I am having this experience? The fragrances was the only thing I still enjoyed but that did not give me reason to continue drinking that liquid. I almost forget to mention that I have noticed the burnt unpleasant taste in my mouth at waking, the coffee has affected- penetrated every cell of the body.





I just found a most remarkable reason for getting old.

By now I had hundreds of session related to aging –being old etc… and found hundreds of different incidents in different times when becoming old-looking wrinkled was on optimum achievement. This of course has puzzled me greatly, why anyone wants to look old?

The attain the aged long lived LOOK was very important and we forced our self [ body] to look aged-timeworn.

I went back to this subject over and over because I was really curious: ‘’why we wanted so frantically to look old?’’ [hehehe and in this society here on Earth the opposite what is wanted!] yet we =our body get old wrinkled like prune, and in fact slowly falls apart.

Today’s session yielded the answer which to me means the truth, the basic-basic reason we invented aging of the body and associated our-self with age=having time.

The cognition is: being longer in body brought steady stable stimulation, and these stimulations stabilized us, kept us in place given on illusion being permanent!!! Plus we were continually acknowledged by others: yes you are here, you are living and we all agree to this fact!

Hehehe until of course your death certificate is signed than you are out: no more!

You see, our problem was early on the track that we were not

‘’ grounded ’’ therefore our attention pulled us all over the Universe and because of not having stability we did not have continuum =established lifestyle.

By forcing the ‘’body’’ remain in place and by adding the illusions that is old and with that illusion in place we made ourselves believe we were stable permanent in other word=we lived, we existed, we were real!

Now that is the biggest most humongous lie we ever fabricated with that in place trapped plastered ourselves into the body and of course we do everything in our power to make that body live longer.

Just look around you and do some assessment-evaluation, no matter what you do is for the body, in order to keep the body.

No one really wants to be very young because youth that state is not stable, this means haven’t piled up enough heavy masses to hold them in place permanently, crib death happens often because the Entity have not been grounded and the Entities attention is pulled away by something more interesting than the ‘’mothers’’ energy level-vibration.


I have my daily sessions…. Please note ‘’sessions’’ based on whatever comes up, hits me=stimulates.

So this way always everything handled-confronted and I have to admit I could not imagine the days-time to pass here and not devote that ‘’time’’ being in sessions.

Few days back I stumbled on an incident which was on ‘’implant’’ and this was my first implant and the content of this thing made me introverted- reclusive solitary person and this has affected my existence as a ‘’Being’’ ever since and that is a very very long time-existence in this universe.

This implant was the foundation of my personality and by blowing- erasing this mass of energy has completely dislodged- freed me from that basic and since than I am still greatly disoriented.

So much so, that I have to stop and look at things and sort of search for the reason what I wanted to do, example: opening up the computer I look at it and for a few second I wonder what I am to do next, in the kitchen, I pick up the glass and wonder what is the reason for I have it in my hand. That questioning is about a second or so but it is there with everything I want to do.

Waking up in the morning and trying to connect to the location where  I am by collecting the meanings of the objects-furniture around me-and the body of course.

This morning was something else, the first thought I had: looking around: where am I ?

The interesting part is me standing front of the closed door and wondering what is happening and why it don’t open since it pose to and with the lights.. turning them off I am surprised that my ”intention” haven’t been working and I have to use the body-hand to turn the switch off!.

Soon as I had that realization I have known by the eraser of that basic implant which was the main mass has opened the door to on unknown universe LOL… is it ever, like a rung being pulled from underneath me, I even have on impression I wobble when I walk don’t feel the legs touching the ground.

I am disoriented, at loss but I am continuing with the sessions and will handle all the new things-sensations-considerations. 🙂

PS: I believe I moved into a state where everything was caused by intention… I just opened the door and getting the taste but the intention still not working… that means I still have lot of confronting to do:  and I will dig with full speed… hehehe I should have a steam shovel… 🙂




On understanding hit home about ‘’havingness’’ because if in my belief everything has equal value than having something that concept has equal value as ‘’not having’’ … this sounds a bit puzzling but it is not.

Let me explain how I see this… by not having something and this is just an example and nothing more: a race horse that means I don’t want to have that race horse and that is the reason I don’t have it, and BY NOT HAVING IT IS MY HAVINGNESS..

Another example: let’s say: by not having pimple on tip of the nose IS HAVINGNESS IT SELF.

The ‘’having’’ is not always owning something, being in possession of, but not having means we don’t want it, therefore we don’t own it, have it in our possession and that is the value we cherish: not having, by not having what ever that maybe is more to our survival than having that stuff.

LOL… what a cognitions this is: it nearly spin me in realizing ” by not having’’ is part of my having-ness.

So I be working a lot on why I  don’t want things, why I have made it so difficult for self  having-owing things and that it seems by not having is easy  way out: hehehe nothing to confront, no re-stimulation and that seems is my ”great havingness”.

I never claimed I am smart, brilliant yes, but on occasional dense as a bamboo forest. Good to know that being brilliant 🙂 and being ignorant has equal value 🙂 !




welcoming Entities into my space.

There are many new visitors and I haven’t the clue who they are but identity, valances has no importance and I welcome you into my universe. This blog is a dairy but if you care to comment you are welcome, if not that too is totally fine.

I have daily sessions and what I write is the realizations from these sessions.

I write what I see how I see self and my own universe, what I write here is not the truth for everyone, far from it, please keep it in mind that I am not teaching, definitely not a guru.. They are in my belief ‘’low-lives’’ bottom on the T.S. full of shit, self-importance and they are pushing their own illusions on others as the truth! Which is nothing more than implanted crap and never have freed any one yet, including them self. I bet they are in that same mode for countless lifetimes spreading manure.

Why I am so hard on gurus ??? because I been there and I know from reality – from recalled incidents how wrong I was and juts how much damage my so called ”spreading the words of truth about spirituality has mislead others.!

I don’t advertise this blog because I believe those who need something from reading these cognitions will find their way here.

But of course silent form of communication is very affective 🙂 spreads faster than speed of light!

here is why i write today.

AGE-TIME… having this belief, what their purpose is.

Having age, having long time, being in one place for long period, become old, ancient like ruins, people over 100.

Giving labeling things like plants example Rose that it has been here on this planet for 35 million years, cats haven’t change 9 million years, that beaten up tree on the side of the cliff is hanging in there for 1000 years, that a plastic bag will be still that piece of plastic in 1000 years from now on, diamonds last forever etc… I could go on and on

Here is a funny one, when I bought a fine handmade Indian wool rug the sales man said about this carpet as a selling point “ madam this carpet will last for 50 years’’

Age, having time, being on location for ages, living in the same location, same house for one life time these: age, having time were dreamed up-created to have the feeling being stable established in one place, to give permanency longevity prolonged existence and solidity.

But all these concepts are just belief illusions created a make-believe part of the game, havingness, because there is no solidity nothing is solid and this was proved by scientists here hehehe I bet they needed diaper change when they realized this!

It is hard to believe, to get whatever we know, believe in, see with the eyes, touch with hand is on illusion and just this shows how brilliant we are: we out of nothing conjured an incredible Universe filled of magical things and if that is magic than what is?

We are good, very very good and here I am daily confronting concepts-incidents which I thought were real hehehe the joke  my own joke is on me, I have fooled self but I have to admit whatever I have conjured up was fun to have.

So here I am in this lovely room, its large windows are overlooking the forest, through them rays from the sun pours in and over the objects brilliantly emphasize their coloring, I am having coffee and health muffins, the coffee has fabulous aroma which don’t equal the taste hehehe and the muffins well, I have tasted better but what all is here are my short-lived illusions.

I have to admit after confrontation the illusions they vanish and I feel better and the realization I get is not on illusion and which I find very interesting because: the cognitions they don’t hold pictures, they don’t have shapes, or coloring, they are not time related, they don’t have locations and don’t indicate in the direction of personality, yet I know what I gained having them is real, truly real yet are totally unrelated to anything I ever known before. Not to mention their power, that is mindboggling because cognitions since they don’t have mass go through mass, penetrate realities-illusions of the mind.

Hehehe it is easy to penetrate something which wasn’t there in the first place!!!

Now… we see, touch things, feel their weight, sense their temperature therefore we know they are real, but proven fact they are illusions, and here I have something which can’t be seen, can’t be heard or touched, detected in any ways is very real.

About twenty years back a session brought a realization=understanding which really sank in: what seemed real was on illusion and the illusion was real and this proved to be true.




🙂  how I see it.

There are many new visitors and I haven’t the clue who they are but identity, valances has no importance and I welcome you into my universe. This blog is a dairy but if you care to comment you are welcome, if not that too is totally fine.

I have daily sessions and what I write is the realizations from these sessions.

I write what I see how I see self and my own universe, what I write here is not the truth for everyone, far from it, please keep it in mind that I am not teaching, definitely not a guru.. They are in my belief ‘’low-lives’’ bottom of the T.S. full of shit, self-importance and they are pushing their own illusions on others as the truth! Which is nothing more than implanted crap and never have freed any one yet, including them self. I bet they are in that same mode for countless lifetimes!

I don’t advertise this blog because I believe those who need something from reading these cognitions will find their way here.

But of course silent form of communication is very affective J

AGE-TIME… having this belief, what their purpose is.

Having age, having long time, being in one place for long period, become old, ancient like ruins, people over 100.

Giving labeling things like plants example Rose that it has been here on this planet for 35 million years, cats haven’t change 9 million years, that beaten up tree on the side of the cliff is hanging in there for 1000 years, that a plastic bag will be still that piece of plastic in 1000 years from now on, diamonds last forever etc… I could go on and on

Here is a funny one, when I bought a fine handmade Indian wool rug the sales man said about this carpet as a selling point “ madam this carpet will last for 50 years’’

Age, having time, being on location for ages, living in the same location, same house for one life time these: age, having time were dreamed up-created to have the feeling being stable established in one place, to give permanency longevity prolonged existence and solidity.

But all these concepts are just belief illusions created a make-believe part of the game, havingness, because there is no solidity nothing is solid and this was proved by scientists here hehehe I bet they needed diaper change when they realized this!

It is hard to believe, to get whatever we know, believe in, see with the eyes, touch with hand is on illusion and just this shows how brilliant we are: we out of nothing conjured an incredible Universe filled of magical things and if that is magic than what is?

We are good, very very good and here I am daily confronting concepts-incidents which I thought were real hehehe the joke  my own joke is on me, I have fooled self but I have to admit whatever I have conjured up was fun to have.

So here I am in this lovely room, its large windows are overlooking the forest, through them rays from the sun pours in and over the objects brilliantly emphasize their coloring, I am having coffee and health muffins, the coffee has fabulous aroma which don’t equal the taste hehehe and the muffins well, I have tasted better but what all is here are my short-lived illusions.

I have to admit after confrontation of illusions they vanish and I feel better and the realization I get is not on illusion and which I find very interesting: cognitions they don’t hold pictures, they don’t have shapes, or coloring, they are not time related, they don’t have locations and don’t indicate in the direction of personality, yet I know what I gained having them is real, truly real yet  are totally unrelated to anything I ever known before. Not to mention their power, that is mindboggling because cognitions since they don’t have mass go through mass, penetrate realities-illusions of the mind.

Now… we see, touch things, feel their weight, sense their temperature therefore we know they are real, but proven fact they are illusions, and here I have something which can’t be seen, can’t be heard or touched, sensed in any ways is very real.

About twenty years back a session brought a realization in which I seen what seemed real was on illusion and the illusion was real this proved to be true.



run out of ”time”

Huge win which brought immense changes in awareness.

When in 73 I bought the Tech. Dic. and I read the word ‘’Time’’ I cognited that we don’t have time, time don’t exists at all and ever since to me knowing –quoting years-dates in session was not needed, the ‘’when’’ did not matter.

Today as I was pottering in the kitchen a concept come to me which stopped me in my track, if I would have been on the e-meter the needle would have knocked the pin out.

Huge blowdown nearly stopped the heart and I stood in the kitchen stunned.

The concept was “I RUN OUT OF TIME”.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and what happens when we run out of time?

This realization had such on affect that I was sort of paralyzed and did not have other thoughts.

Finally I got into session and pictures, incidents rolled by with great speed and cognitions poured, fantastic realizations which I know again will give me totally different views on the Universe.

Major realization at the end of the session was when WE RUN OUT OF TIME WE STEP OUT OF THE BANK. [ only the bank contains the concept of ‘’time’’ having timre.]

We move into totally different level: Realm into infinite, where we experience  the moment what ever that maybe.

This can be called getting ‘’keyed’’ out state from the implant, go totally exterior from the implant because the implant for us ended, that means we are outside of the implant… no longer in its grip, we can call this: we have expired, death, going vapor [my favorite expression] left the body, kicked the bucket, no longer in the game etc..etc…etc…

When the Entity has ‘’time’’ lives with time, needs time, counts years-hours, this means the Entity is in the LIFE MODE-living and is in the implanted belief therefore in very prison of those beliefs.

But outside of time we as Entities are Infinite!

To me this consideration ‘’I have run out of time’’ has put me into a very different dimension and because I have erased major part of all the concepts-thought agreements=considerations I ever known, this new reality changes totally what I been experiencing of late [ exterior to this planet]  and I have difficulty how to describe what I know, feel: free?

when the entity believes having, experiencing -being on location than that entity has that location, always -and everything boils down to one thing: we have what we believe in, there is no more.



I been greatly interested about magic, how it was done and because of this deep interest I had lots of sessions: confronted every thought, belief, considerations I could think of and of course I had sessions on all the positive and negative reasons we have, we can’t, we won’t make things happen.

Under the heading of Magic of course ‘’intending- postulating- visualization –positive thinking’’ is included.

I been working on this on and off ever since I have solos sessions  [76] and I must say by exploring this topics have taken me places where solidity did not exist and I am happy to say this Realm is my home, where I know I belong and I am now.

Last night some understanding has come again because even when I put the body in bed I have sessions, totally fantastic place to have one and I been doing these least 35 years.

I have found thousands of reasons why doing practicing ‘’magic -postulating’’ etc.. was outlawed, punished, forbidden, labeled evil, was eliminated-rejected by all means available and these ‘’available’’ means were very severe: like annihilating the entity by total eraser of all personal knowledge, that means erased valance= being-ness.

Was done by given a huge electric clap and that certainly erased- overwhelmed that entity: has captured, was held in that mass of energy which did not contain any form of pictures-life-understanding and was a hell of a fast way of eraser hehehe but in fact was not on eraser but Overwhelm: Out of the society- group and no longer a fret.

No matter how many occasion we were punished, have been not-ised- eliminated we continued using this ability which we are real to us, but we as aged flown by we have modified this and by now not called magic at all and not recognized as magical spell, postulating

When we have stopped using our intention to have what we wanted to appear because of the many dangers and we rightfully fear them all, therefore we invented different means to accomplish: robots were created and they become the means to make thing what we wanted.

But we were very uneducated and we did not realized what we created we have become, so we identified our-self’s with robots and on this planet this still in practice, and what we want, intend to have is made manually by robots= bodies of different kind and most of these bodies are what is called human.

So magic lives, never been given up.

Unfortunately because of many contradicting realities we have here and we also assigned our abilities to others that other can do better than us, example: Dr, lawyer, gardener, teachers, we by assigning our abilities we really have eliminated what we can do manually… and what manually we do is the perfect reflection of our remaining capability.

Such sad  understanding,  by looking around in our personal space, belongings we all can asses just how much or little we have left from that mighty state we once new we were.

PS: keep it in mind that this planet has truly brutal gravity force and  intentions are not formed into so called solid forms they just sucked away by the force of gravity, intentions are flimsy pictures and to keep them stable form is impossible, we get keyed into stronger masses of energy and puff there goes our intention.  The other problem we face here as Entities that after all this planet is a prison and prisoners are not allowed to have personal power-abilities…. have to go with the laws of the planet which are nothing more than compiled agreements.

The best way to describe the power of the gravities is: ”from dust to dust”  everything we know is fashioned-made out of what this planet contains and will be sucked back and that is the end to that item.




It was nothing like we see in movies, far from it, distant traveling outside of the established atmospheric condition held more problems than most cared to challenge.

In recent session I found myself in the company of others in travel mode we were in some space vehicle.

What I noticed at one point and this is the point which is the interest that there was definite change inside the ship, could not be seen but was felt.

I waited transfixed focusing on the space inside because I haven’t had the clue what could have caused the change because these ships were made from extraordinary alloys which could stand immense pressures and battering from flying atmospheric debris.

Also the ship had six different hulls: Example like those Russian doll boxes, each box opened contain another doll box, this ship was built the same way and when the outer layer was damaged still had no effect on the ships instrument.

The ship was built that between layers of the hulls were pressurized corridors in which the pressure was increased or decreased according to the condition of the space around the ship so we could not be crushed and only the innermost chambers were occupied for safety reasons.

As I said I was transfixed on what I felt because my ‘’Eyes’’ could not detect alterations but that soon changed, I noticed  what I was seeing, the walls, the furnishing everything around me were vibrating and become less visible… the colors melted away so were the sensations of solidity… The members of the crew come into this center room and by than we all knew-understood what was happening and what the future held for us.

There are huge Black Holes in space and there are millions of smaller Holes which are like Tornadoes here on Earth and even they are relatively smaller in size but these spinning Black Holes are powerful and we have go into one of them and no matter how powerful our ship was once we gotten sucked in and we knew we had no chance of escaping because we did not have enough power push through its force.

But we also knew our personal space has unique vibration but if we huddle- formed a tight group we have better chance of survival and not get scattered in space and never be found.  This is how it worked:  each individual being-entity had different vibration to their space which are like fingerprints to a human [ we still have it] and we also had technology on our home planet which could detect and  analyzed  space around the planet  and pick up different vibration, and simply identify to whom the energy prints belonged  originally when still was connected to a body.

If the vibration was not identified than was considered as alien and was properly disposed. Sneaking about was not allowed.

So we huddled together in hope that we will be located by the scanners from the Planet… but we haven’t realized the speed which this Black Hole moved and we were taken far away from home out of the reach of those scanners and we were never found.

Well.. I just FOUND US in this session and by having this session I understood what really happened to us as a group and we are now free from this Incident. And I am certainly far home!

I have posted about Black Hole before because I run one incident some years back and in different incident I have seen self and others inside the ship where we did not used legs, we had them but we floated.


never really bought anything better but only different.

In today’s session again I hit the subject of ‘’communication’’ because it seems we never can have enough sessions on this topic which is understandable because we been here experiencing this electrifying-stimulating universe for eons.

What we have now on any situation: how we act-do respond-live is a solution [ this is the reason we can recall earlier-similar incidents] the way out from something which we no longer wanted because we believed that the new idea, the new solution we brought in will serve us better. But every one of this solution sooner or later become a problem, burden, because the ‘’new solution’’ has brought unforeseen changes which again needed to be dealt with… and the chain of events become longer and longer hehehe by now they lead back to the very beginning when we first encountered matter in this confusing universe and we become trilled having this experience.

LRH has written about problems and solutions too.

In today’s session I hit the subject again on ‘’communication’’ because it seems we never can gave enough sessions on this topic which is understandable because we been here for infinite.

I had sessions on the use of sounds-voices too of course and on ‘’hearing’’ and just how far sound-voice can carry and to be heard -received. [So had to confront distances to]

Of course when communicating with voice-sound has limitation because of the distance and I have realized in earlier sessions on these same subjects that we pick up thoughts from others but we totally block them out and we only pay attention to voice related communication, to us that is accepted, it is real and rest is hehehe well belongs to some gaga land, dream world, the realm of imagined.

So today’s session brought valuable realization why we use: ‘’sound-voice=verbal communication and the devise on the body which are the ears: was a solution to block out all the thoughts what others had, to separate communication cycles, to protect our own space-beliefs.

Well, to hear what other are saying is good, but I desired to hear those silent thought and those thought are real, express where the Entity is, in what state is in, and how that Entity views me, those hidden thoughts are real, but not thought from humans, but other beings.

So verbal communication and the hearing-aid which are the ‘’ears’’ were solutions but in my belief not a good solution because first of all we all have different understanding on words-on their meaning, so we can’t duplicate what others really saying, but ‘’reading thoughts’’ of others we can totally duplicate, and not just assume- guess ‘’ he-she thinks this or that.

I know I will have more sessions on this subject and not because I am really interested to know more about the content of the bank, no I am not, but my interest is in the very reasons why the walls, obstructions, barriers were created because these beliefs have their own power.

Long as they have power that is as LRH said assigned power and not mine, therefore I want that back what I have given away.

Hehehe… we can call this ‘’Indian giver or in Hungarian: Ad visza a baba ruhamat. J

Picking up thoughts.

Example: my sister once told me: I have these incredible cognitions and she repeated verbatim the cognitions I have had in earlier sessions. Ava too went up to Full OT 7 but after that she went back to yoga and Eckhart Tolle is her god and because of that I am in her understanding a ‘’total idiot’’ who knows nothing, who’s understanding of the great realm is lower than the backside of the frog.. zilch. Hehehe..we don’t even communicate verbally but I pick her up occasionally poking around in my space.

I restaurant, me reading the menu and made up my mind what I will order, the waitress taken the order from other but me, she was called back and asked why she haven’t taken my order, she was surprised at that question and she said she had, than she repeated what I wanted.

She was correct, she has read my picture.

I could give hundreds of examples, but I bet every reader here has their own example. Fun we are having.





fun stuff.

I would like to share some unusual things which are happening because my ‘’space’’, my personal vibration has changed so incredibly over the past six-seven years since I have started to post my cognitions in this blog.[ and of course since 73 when I started to have sessions, that too counts.]

Fact is no matter how beautiful my ’’body and face ‘’ has been when the body was young when ‘’age sets in’’ : gray hair, wrinkles take over change the appearance, when this happens no one looks into the  direction of the ‘’old person’’ and definitely not young man.

As I changed, my energy level-vibration become clean I have noticed that Dogs picked up my space and stared at me from far as 200 feet, some of them was so tuned into my space that they were pulling at their leash and wanted to run and be with me.

Then I started to notice people too were noticing my presence and they would look into my face and searched for recognition. There are some who simply smile at me, say hello, or wave- act like they know me.

About 6 weeks back I totally lost the body and I knew I reached a major level or whatever; I haven’t the clue what state I am in but this change brought visible reaction from people.

To have a better picture: I have to mention that when we are ‘’young’’ the body is young we have a totally different energy level-vibration and this vibration attracts attention from man as we go ‘’old-aged’’ the vibration changes because our thinking-beliefs changes too and because of this becomes quiet, soft therefor the reason no one looks at on old woman or man, the gender don’t matter.

BUT since the change has occurred, WOW… it is on incredible reaction from not only dogs but young man and woman too, they simply stare at me, babies react by focusing looking into my eyes and giving a wide toothless smile, and people who I speak to they ‘’laugh’’ just giggle, get keyed out.

All this reaction is used as measurement, on indication how far I have come, what I have accomplished.

One of the funny thing is when I am asked ‘’how old I am’’ and I say 77, that person looks into my face, in fact leans into me and they say, ‘’, No, you are not, you are young’’ than they ‘’look with the eyes’’ they reassess by looking at the body and not the Entity and then say Oh, you look in your early 60’s.

On the other day on my regular walk I walked through on old orchard where the fruit trees are over 100 and the walnut tree is 125 year old: Huge, magnificent tree.

The was a family walking and I we greeted each other and we started to talk about the walnut tree and the man had knowledge of fruit trees same as I, than without any reason he has changed the subject, so totally out of the content and stated to ask me about a person, he named that person who I was in my earlier life and lived in England and asked information: What do you think …….. was thinking when etc…. I was so taken back for a moment I was speechless… obviously he has known me than but of course I could not let on.

He too scrutinized my face and looked into the eyes… when people doing this I feel they are searching for something but of course they don’t have understanding what is happening.

But dogs do!!… WOW, they are so aware!

I am aware that my way of expressing self –writing is not very fluent, and I repeat things but this is it… I don’t have machinery left which is usually doing the writing, so I am on manual and to compose and write is not on easy activity and it is becoming increasingly more difficult.

I would love to share all what I see in sessions because it is now where I am at I have reached the unusual, the very different realities which we all wanted to know when we started out.

If you have questions please don’t be reluctant to ask and I be very happy to answer.

I had countless sessions on age for the body and what made me believe that age-being old and have ‘’time’’ why these concepts existed in the first place.

Over the time span since we are experiencing the physical universe we have accumulated myriad of reasons why we want to be old, reach old age.

I even seen on incident in which we had stayed with the same body for very long time and we have become bored with being there so fashion was invented to change our appearance and that was aging of the body, we added character to the face by rearranging our face by adding wrinkles by use of makeup and surgery, by reforming the facial appearance by remolding it by pressure. So face lifts are not new on this planet in fact here people are still in the dark ages on this topic same as with technology of any kind.

But of course having the considerations that we age-grow old [body] changes the appearance of the body, the facial look-wrinkles, sagging skin etc.

Wanting to become and reaching ”old age’’ has great value, means: staying power, solidity, permanency on one location: by remaining in the valance, having identity, having ‘’life’’.

In session I seen self-begging for something to make me old; have time, that something was a permit to stay with the body therefore ‘’have the privilege of living-having continuum-life’’.

Than I felt incredibly bad because I did not get the authorization and because of that my ‘’time’’ has expired being with the body, being on location and then I have seen the body slumped over dead on the side walk because I did not get that permit for extended period of living time!

By not given extended time with the body, I was ‘’Eliminated’’ from the group, I no longer existed, I become dead… none identity therefore worthless, not good enough to ‘’live’’!!!

I WAS MADE TO BELIEVE THIS AND I BOUGHT THIS LOAD OF SHIT which has profound effect on me over the eons!

Seen self in other location when I was allowed to ”stay”, I got the permit and I was so happy; I nearly jumped out of my skin… I literarily walked on air =went out of the body. Here I was made to believe I was valuable enough to remain with the group.

Old age, reaching old age that guarantees for the Entity to remain on location, to keep that valance regardless what condition the body is in even if it is falling apart.

Seen self-evaporating in the instant when the permit expired… I believe I was hit by on energy field.

So age –aging for the body is a solidifier, I mean by this that ‘’by aging’’ we believe that we are solidly in place, on illusion that we have presence have permanency –location.

The concept of aging, growing old and the concept that we have ‘’time’’, that time is passing us was intentional design and was made for one purpose only to create the belief than we are in place, that we have a location –permanency: that means solidity.

PS…. if any of you believe that sessions, erasers of negative beliefs makes any one here a super person, with super abilities, great power to conjure up things… well, having that belief would leave the person greatly disappointed because the elimination of negative which is the bank and the opposite side is the positive believes which to are part of the bank are all eliminated.

IN OTHER WORD ALL BANK IS AS-ISED because the negative is held in place by the positive… one cant exist without the other.

Elimination of the Bank allows the Entity to become that ”super thing” which we all want to be and we are without the bank of course.

have I become a super entity? you can bet on that… the abilities and power can not be described by words because  abilities here are expressed by words and accomplishments can only be seen by ”eyes” which really cant see anything outside of the implanted bank crap.

As I written, this is a prison planet and  in this reality for a human to have super abilities are not included but only can have that in imaginations  and expressed as in movies.








Total recall

Yes  by now I know we have kept the image of everything we ever seen and not just in this life and we have all that stored away.

I have seen pages -pictures and writing front of me and they can be read.

Also I just seen a gotten a glimpse of different  place in this universe where I lived and still have connection to where light as from the Sun is not needed because every object created glows  as a lamp would not bright – bright but[ like light from oil lamp ] and when everything glows who needs the Sun?

We have this too on Earth but the light from the Sun is tooo strong and don’t allow the brightness of the objects show and the second problem is the use of the ”eyes”, they hinder the Entities ability because they can only take photograph of the surface.

Even at ”night” when we ”look” we still use the eyes and we miss seeing the glowing objects. We are trained to use ”eyes” and we are made to believe that without their use we are ”blind” hehehe nice trap…. very affective and every prisoner on this planet were given a set, plus the belief that these instruments are needed.

All objects are composed of energy and energy glows but cant be seen with the eyes, example: the aura, or your own body  its basically handful of crap but the image, the real thing is energy.

This aura is seen by those who still have the ability to see the real body which  could live and lives forever. Aura has all the energy we have collected  and some Entities aura is dark and murky  but even the brightest auras are in bad shape.

When scientist are looking for some things to extend the ”life” of the body or when people were looking for the source some kind of magical cup and  water to drink from, they are looking for this body the original mock-up  and that lives for ever.

We all know unconsciously we live for ever. 🙂

By the way, the Grand Masters in chess have total recall on the chess pieces on all their movements and I am working on my own total recall and not doing too bad but there is room for improvements, lots of it … which means I have to as-is the items -incidents which I use as blocks-barriers.


poverty-being poor- struggling to meet the daily needs,  these things are included, in fact is the major part of the Implant on this Planet: and the majority of the population on this planet lives in poverty.

But think of the Implant is on instrument, same as: ”brainwashing”.

You all know what that brainwashing do to the person: by force changes  how the person thinks-believes  with that the behavior also changes.

Now by believing that we are being poor this sort of gives on impressions – not only impression but belief and billions of agreement from others which is the attestation that we are poor,  because they too struggle, suffer, their lives are nothing but worry.

And by knowing this believing it makes the feel-know the Entity  helpless, powerless, defenseless, ineffective, immobilized because cant change the conditions, this the Entity believes about self  and that ”intentions” don’t work either.

Brainwashing works….that is forcing-tricking Entities believing what they are experiencing is real, and makes them forget other places-and knowledge of the past and to do that to any one  is the most evil deed- inventions ever dreamed up in this Universe.

So the cog.is:  experiencing poverty brainwashes the Entity: total loss of power, but knowing that is a state of mind. Always -everything boils down to what we believe  in: that is what we have.

This includes of course the compiled considerations what being ”poor” means and how that is seen by each individuals who experience this state is personal– and each individuals reality on this topic in line how they see what life is.




what that do to us.

I just recalled the reason why this planet is a Prison planet: because being here, by becoming – accepting as truth all the beliefs what makes the Entity into a Human causes the Entity to forget everything about the past: earlier practices-skills-abilities-understanding.

And by believing to be a Human, having and needing a body for survival in order to have a life and without the body there is no life but only death-nothing-ness exists and these belief will hold that Entity on this planet for indefinite time which contains infinite ‘’life-cycles’’.

The Entity is implanted with all the beliefs which is what life and death means and spirituality… all those belief gives a full complete cycle of the implant and outside of this ’’body of meanings-considerations ‘’ nothing exists.

Before the Entity receives the Implant which contains what means to be a human, the Entity is hit by a different Implant which is blankness-emptiness-void like energy mass: it is void like because don’t contain any concepts-pictures and by being hit by this covers over- blocks out all earlier experiences which were in different parts of the Universe.. this blankness causes the loss of remembering who we were, and what have been doing, what we know etc… etc… etc..

After when the ‘’ blankness- emptiness-void’’ is in place than the Entity is hit with the Human Implant.

Those who meditate do fall into this ‘’void’’ implant and they believe when that happens they hit the jackpot and they are out of the MEST, no way, they just gotten plastered to a blank wall.

We who had sessions we have hit this implanted void-emptiness when we were submerged in unconsciousness –dead-space.

If anyone has questions, please ask.




If we believe that we are ”spirit-soul-entity-ghost- apparition ”=Entity and therefore we don’t have a location than why the belief-consideration exist that ”I AM HERE”?: THAN WHERE THE HELL THAT BELIEF-IDEA-CONSIDERATION IS FROM?

Yesterday’s session was about ”location” and the final cognition totally stumped me and given me the understanding that all those hundreds and thousands of sessions which were about me being someplace, held, captured= imprisoned, locked up, and could not get out and forgotten forever, like I never existed really was on ILLUSION.

By now of course I know that the MEST U. is on deception-illusion -artifice – lie, but when a new cognition really drives home that reality, well that sort of realization has a huge effect and again realigns all what I understand.

BUT HAVING THAT NEWLY GAINED UNDERSTANDING THAT I DON’T HAVE A LOCATION , I AM NOT ON LOCATION lives me with the understanding that I never been capture, imprisoned, restrained, held, detained in any ways because I DON’T HAVE A LOCATION, I never had one but what I have is beliefs-considerations that I had locations—been places which are the illusions but than they were real because I HAVE BELIEVED.

So those who still working on going exterior, wanting to be on different locations, ask your-self: who or what wants to be on different location?

How could anyone go exterior when not being something..a body, therefore don’t have location?

We simply have experiences, we can say we view -experience the inside of the room, the outside of the house, inside of the oval office, or inside of the Sun.. but us the Entity haven’t moved, cant move because only matter have location and even that is on illusion.

OK hehehe, some years back all this  to me would not been real just science fiction  🙂

Read the ”PS”  which is not really related to Marks post, but to my earlier cognitions on agreements.
 This was sent to me and what I think of it: if all the thoughts-belief, concepts in this article when and if would be individually separated EXAMPLE: distance, separateness, self me, us, agreement, disagreement, superior, important, not important, time, timelessness, etc.. etc… take your pick, than have a sessions with these items.. than the outcome of those sessions would have ”importance and value ” because of the realizations on what had happen when…..
What Mark has written-compiled  is nothing more than his own history: the HISTORY of HOW HE SEES  HIS OWN SELF CREATED LIFE, Bank, what he has believed was and still is his life which until confronted in session has no value or importance and what Mark or any one sees in recall those incidents only will remain real for that person.
He has not written one cognition, not one!
If you get a cognition when reading Marks article, now, that realization will be valuable, will change your reality forever by realigning your beliefs.
LRH made the same mistake same as what Mark doing and what David ST. L. doing, they believe what has happened to them is real for everyone.
No way, that can not be, because what real to me or Mark  or any one else can not be seen therefore duplicated  by other person.  Example: not one who seen this flower  seen it as I have when it opened up in my garden:Image Queen's Circleit is magnificent, Iris petals  are dusted with silver and dust sparkles in the light, pure magic.
Back to the article:
Here I have taken out a sentence:””Very early in one’s existence, not too long after we decided to continue to exist and to experience occurrences”’.
BIG BOBOO RIGHT IN THIS SENTENCE: we never decided to exist… we from the very beginning we have identified with matter regardless what that was, we thought we were that thing!
 example: first light we experienced we become that light and that light was our very first body therefore the belief  still exist that “I am the light”, we never decided to continue.. just helplessly rolled with the tide, when that light which we believed we were was hit by a stronger energy force than we become that force.
LRH was right when he said we were not educated and for that reason we have gotten into such a big mass , education is coming from the realizations: these are answers to the whys! .
MARKs post:  This is an important project I have been working on for the last few months.  Anyone doing whole track research should be urged to investigate this long and important era.
                              Playing catch
    Very early in one’s existence, not too long after we decided to continue to exist and to experience occurrences, one after the other (time), there was a particular stretch of learning and creative thought and experience that has affected us (you, me, we, same thing really) to a great extent.  In fact, it set our thoughts, intentions, actions, and most everything else for the countless eons to follow.
    I know, this is a big bold claim and I don’t make it lightly.  I have spoken with several who have glanced at this period but none who have covered it in detail and realized it’s length and breadth.
    It is very simple, yet became very complex as the experience built.  It was the era of throwing a ball, or rock, or particle back and forth with another individual and later individuals.  Keep in mind that before this, there was no thought or idea of objects or energy or anything transferring or passing or traveling from one individual to another in any physical manner.  Communication was the only exchange imaginable or ever even thought of and it was non physical, instant, and perfect.  There was not even a transfer of thoughts, only sameness of thought, a oneness of beings.  Separateness was novel and a new thing to be explored and invented.  The idea of distance, separateness, was just being created.  It was completely new.
    Now, the first thought of individualism and separateness wasn’t conceived at this moment, but it was expanded and solidified during this long, and elaborate game.  First, there was the novel idea that anything other than yourself was actually other than yourself, since at the beginning, you were the only thing that actually existed, and you came up with the idea that something you thought of was something separate from you.  This was necessary for randomity and interaction.  Without separateness there can be no interaction or any purpose for activity.  Without distance there can be no separation.  MEST had to be invented.
    Now what?  How do we experience distance?  Make something travel that distance.  Impelling imagined points across that distance was borne.  It was wonderful, beautiful.  A completely new idea experienced.  Not only was it a new creation, it was an accomplishment.  Fun.  You created something, sent it to another, and they received it.  Coooool.  Then the real fun began.  They sent it back in a perfect, receivable, duplicatable manner.  Beautiful.  This went on.
    Then, some randomity was added.  Different particles, different types of particles.  Different distances, different motions, all duplicatable and receivable. Separateness, but oneness still. Perfect cooperation with other individuals who you consider separate.
    But there is always that search, striving for additional experience, additional creation of ideas, something that does not yet exist.  But it was still cooperative, together.  Agreements were made on the definition of distance, of speed, of the parameters of what travel is, what the definition of time is between individuals.
    Up until now, all motions were instantly and perfectly agreed, but that became mundane, done before, over and over.  More was wanted, something new.  Unpredictability.  Throw particles at different speeds, different directions.  Force the other to intend to duplicate the particle, to exert effort to “catch” the particle.  Now you and the other had to develop skill, use intention, effort.  And it was wonderful.  Accomplishment.  This prompted an explosion of new ideas.  Different motions, different forces, different speeds.  The entire thought of making something difficult in order to increase skill and accomplishment was invented.  This was getting better and better.
    THIS WAS THE TIME WHEN THE IDEA OF HAVING THE PURPOSE OF ACCOMPLISHING A GOAL WAS BORNE.  At this time, all goals and purposes were aligned, together, all in the same direction.  The knowledge and joy that we were all the same individual was still present, but was being replaced with the pleasure of individuality, occurrence, interaction.  This went on for a near endless amount of time, with endless variables, motions, perfections of agreements, perfections of disagreements.
    THEN THERE WAS A MONUMENTAL CHANGE.  There was a break point, a change in the very direction of thought.  Alignment had been maxed out, additional randomity was needed.  All shapes and masses and motions of duplicatable  communications had been sent and received.  Some unduplicatable particles had been sent to others and by others, purely by error of estimation.  THIS WAS DUE TO AN EFFORT TO INCREASE AND SOLIDIFY THE SEPARATION AND INDIVIDUALITY OF YOURSELF AND OTHERS.  SIMULTANEOUS KNOWINGNESS, COMMUNICATION WAS SUPPRESSED IN ORDER TO HAVE MORE RANDOMITY, TO EXPERIENCE UNKNOWNNESS.  Along with this came the intention and new knowledge that we were different, not of the same skill, not thinking the same thing at the same time.  Some became better at some types of motion than others.  Slight disagreements in speed, time, distance, mass, shape, etc. became interesting.
    BEING BETTER AT SOMETHING THAN SOMEONE ELSE BECAME DESIRABLE.  Of course, everyone was your friend and you wanted to teach others the things you were better at.  AND SUPERIORITY WAS BORNE.  The whole idea of greater and lesser skill, ability, and later, beingness was begun.  The effort to be better than others became in vogue.  Competition.  Throw the ball faster than another can catch.  Spin and curve the rock in a way that the other cannot react to it.  AND THE ENTIRE IDEA OF AN OPPONENT WAS CONCEIVED.  Thousands, billions of ways to impel objects were thought of.  Multiple objects, as confusing as possible.  How to catch anything that was thrown in any direction and manner was practiced.  Overwhelm your opponent, make him appear unable, less than yourself, was the new goal.  Make him appear less in others opinion.  Watching and evaluating others throw objects became an activity.  Making others less, suppressing their ability so that you would be better became popular with some.  Changing the rules in clever ways, unbeknownst to your opponents became a game.
    GAINING CONTROL OVER THE GAME BECAME A PURPOSE.  It was practiced and schemed and solidified in endless ways.  How to trick your opponent.  When was an opponent your friend and to be aligned with, when was someone your enemy and to be overwhelmed, suppressed.  Allies were formed, chosen.  The idea of teams was thought of.  It worked.  Multiple allies meant multiple power and increased strength.  It also meant a lowering of the strength of the individual, which had before, been infinite.  Without a lowering of ability, there could be no higher abilities, no randomity.  SO IT WAS ACCEPTED AND UNDERSTOOD.
    Not every thought, emotion, intention, postulate, opinion, was conceived during this very long and basic area of existence,  but practically every manner of operating that you now use was solidified and made a part of you during this time.  IT WAS DURING THIS PERIOD THAT YOU BECAME WHO YOU ARE, OR RATHER ALL THOSE THAT YOU HAVE BECOME.  IT SET THE MOLD.  It is the Basic Basic for many, many things.  Almost every series of events that have any effect on us will lead back to or through this era.  Earlier considerations will have related events in this era.  As mentioned before, when a true basic is found, it needs to be tracked with later events to fully understand how it affected you and how you used it.  This produces the true ability to change your mind.  The few, most basic considerations which were conceived before this time will need to be related to this time.
    I hope this is an entertaining or at least curious story.  But for those who have had an inkling of this as a reality, I suggest you explore it when it comes.  It solves a very many things.
    Thank you for your attention.
This is just a tiny fraction of the thoughts and events of this era.  Going over it for yourself may produce much insight into the nature of present reality.  Happy hunting.
ELIZABETH to Mark:  what you wrote is a well described  implanted crap because every though, belief, reality-consideration we have is nothing more than implanted illusions what is the universe means to us.
The length of time how long we been  here is totally irrelevant, the only thing matters is how fast we can erase these concepts.
 By now I know something certain: if the concepts- any concept I take into session and it erases and that old concept is replaced by a  cognition [always has been so far] than that confronted concept was a useless -altered reality based -held there by masses of energy.
Bank what is in it is total useless garbage till its content confronted and replaced by cognitions.!!!
 I do not meant” the garbage” description as a  insult, hehehe, I don’t  because that is all we have therefore it is real to us and treasured but this is how I see it and value it knowing this I live by it. 🙂  the only choice I have is to continue with the sessions.
  There are many new readers here and I haven’t the clue who you are, that is OK by me, just let you know what I write is totally my reality based on cognitions from sessions.
I do not preach, teach, I am not a guru and what you read here is the outcome from sessions, describing my adventures.
Teaching, preaching spreading ones own believes is not my desire to do, my blog and  writing is my own sounding board.
PS: agreements are needed and wanted when the Entity has tooooo many conflicting ideas-belief on the same subject and because the Entity do not know which of these ideas-thoughts-concepts are true,  Entity looks for agreement  on these subject more the better Hehehe the Entity believes because if there is lots of agreement on the same subject that that has to be the right answer and true!
LOL… totally the opposite is true..

Totally fascinating cognition: why do we want our daydreams- visualization become reality: appear in solid form?

Because we believe that ‘’self’’ and our surrounding is ‘’solid’’ therefor we believe that our ‘’daydreams, visualizations’’ to should become solid- dense in order to be “real” same as what the eyes see, hands touch etc… and when that do not materializes we believe what we have seen experienced only ‘’daydream-illusions’’ and was real and did not happened, and all that was totally meaningless what we as Entities have perceived –observed without the use of the ‘’eyes’’.

To me this realization is a major-major realization, expanded awareness because when I see things as on Entity to me those manifestations are more real than what I see here with the ‘’eyes’’.

By the way here is something which not likely ever been written about: daydreaming—conjuring illusions and experiencing them as real once upon a time was used as on escape to, into different Universe-reality which we created: where we wanted to be and we could continue from there.

IN FACT WE TRANSPORTED SELF INTO THAT REALITY!! Gotten on identity what ever we wanted to be! We were true OT’s! [in these illusions-daydreams are all on positive creative side where destructions, miss-emotions don’t enter: therefore death-violence evil intentions don’t exist.]

Hehehe, Captain Kirk eat your heart out.. LOL, we can do transportation without your gadgets and this still works.

PS: of course the above cognition greatly helps me to understand the past 2 years work -confrontation on the subjects of wanting to win the lotto…and  the visualization how it works, I am truly having a gargantuan cog.

and that is how it goes when we regularly have sessions: our realities shift daily what was true in the morning can be history after  the next realization.

Major Booboos and I still have a sacksful which I admit and when confronting these booboos gives the vital information in form of cognitions-realizations which changes the Entities outlook –attitude. [[ you all know this]] bigger the mistake after confrontation brings major changes.. so confronting Overts that brings huge change.. major shifts in understanding!

Well I am sharing this because this IS ON IMPORTANT REALIZATION and related to earlier posts.[ there is no such a thing as on unimportant cognition J they are equal in value.]

‘’’I have written when I will win that jackpot than I know I reached –attained –regained on ability’’’: To make something appear, OK, most of you read the posts on Lotto.

The booboo is in the above sentence, its meaning.

Well my reality is now that I was ignorant not understanding, I want to amplify the NOT UNDERSTANDING that my WINS-GAINS are no longer should be measured by the facts: WHAT STANDARDS ARE ON THIS PLANET REGARDLESS CONSIDERED: good or bad… winning or losing.

This was my mistake not understanding that the gains I have in form of cognitions and the abilities I have and power cannot be compared – evaluated by what is known here on this planet and agreed to by the majority what is valuable, or means power.

So, winning the lotto has nothing to do where I am at also charming the lotto or not: will not demonstrate – show that auditing works or not.

Winning that jackpot would bring huge havingness in many different forms: as in activities- traveling, ownership of property, gardening etc… taking care of things and have continuum which would be related to have-havingness hehehe — hehehe and WHERE THE WINNING THAT JACKPOT WOULD TAKE THE PERSON?

BACK TO MEST… becoming totally embroiled in doing stuff related to MEST.

Now I ask here: Winning that jackpot would really be a win for the Entity?

And that pot would be such a valuable-important -can’t do without ‘’havingness?

No… not where I am standing and not on the Path I am walking,  I am walking out and not about to get a huge mass and get entrapped.

I know this yet I still would like to have it.. so what this proves to me? Hehehe, I need sessions to as-is the “want”.

Please note that I am not saying that winning a lotto cannot be done by ‘’intention’’ or it is impossible to intend something and become real-solid,  I can’t say these things because if I would be so positive either way than I would KNOW, simply ‘’KNOW’’ and I can’t say that I have attained that level of understanding because if I would have I could not have any more sessions and I would vanish through that Portal.

We can only have sessions because here we have altered realities, cant have sessions on cognitions.Gypsy LordImage Class Ring

GypImage Berried Treasure Image Berry Fulfilling

Image Berry ScaryImage ConjurationImage Decadence

Image Best BetImage Care to DanceImage Drifting Bubbles

Image Carnival CapersImage Dracula's Kiss
 Image Cascadian RhythmImage Queen's Circle  I used to have these magnificent creations in my gardens beside dozens of other flowers which included 300 roses.





looking through a portal.

I have seen something which might interest you to know: in two different session I have seen a Port Hole and seen through it into a totally different universe and my understanding  –the outcome of the session is that we can only go into that universe when we totally as-is…erase our connection to this universe, because what we know here blocks our understanding of different realities and we simply could not comprehend what we would see -experience and the reason for why we could not comprehend what is happening because we would ”’still evaluate” accordingly what we know.

To me this makes lots of sense of course… what I have seen through the Portal was different coloring,  which was sort of orange-yellow-read and very bright in comparison to the colors here and there were shapes in it and movements but I could not make them out: because I am not ready to step through the portal I still have lot to confront here.

Evaluation comes from that little ‘’black box’’ which is constantly running in the head and we because we are not educated we believe that voice we hear is our voice hehehe.. no, that is on old recordings which have been spliced interwoven, mashed together from thousands of different recorded materials which as what idiots do, we never discarded any of them but kept them for later use!

Just how idiot-stupid we are? Hehehe.

That too we know, just we don’t dare to voice –admit. [but in this blog you can read my idiocies]

No shame in knowing self’s short comings and by knowing that we also know how incredibly brilliant we are!

I have known of this universe beyond the Portal, I have become aware of it when on OT Levels but it is for the first time I have had on image.

Now in your own reality what you might believe that I am depressed because I write about death—going vapor, parting-separating – leaving.

These are just items part of the whole packed and needs to be confronted.

Just because I have sessions daily that do not means that I am REALLY—REALLY ABERRATED as some persons believe who read my posts, !!!

So, don’t believe that..No… far from it, totally opposite and that only means; having lots of sessions=items to confront that I am very aware by now so aware that those who haven’t has session or had limited amount haven’t reached the understanding—awareness that there is more there than what seems to happen to them daily.

Even I, I still feel-know these days that I just had so far a small peeked at what is available, only have a small taste and nothing more.

Vastness of the universe equals the vastness of ones knowledge.

I also taken a whack again ”leaving the body”’ [ to some of you means going exterior] and this item is as complex as the items I run on ”’winning-losing”, and that so far was over 5000 hours in session hehehe and I haven’t accomplished ‘’ snap your fingers’’ and bingo: your wish appeared!

To drop dead [in body only] … to go vapor is not easy as it seems as when hit by the car or keel over from heart attack because that is enforced act done by re-stimulation and of course those incidents happening to people now were established -created long time back on the track.

Hehehe, we just use them again and again.. why not LOL… so far they always worked than why bother to change the formula now?

Wishing to go vapor.. to leave the body: the game itself by the use of willpower -intention-postulating: is equally ineffective as ask for that lotto jackpot to come in.. DONT WORK!!!

[Or I haven’t attained that ability to do so.]

Till I opened this can of worms I really haven’t realized, haven’t had single clue just how hard-solidly we are attached to the mass body and whishing -intending-wanting to get out of it will not accomplish the separation.

So far I have confront hundreds of different beliefs…but each confronted item is replaced by new different reasons just why I stay…want to remain and why I won’t let go etc… etc…etc.. and these reasons just pour in as on overpowering avalanche.

But no problem because I am getting educated and so far what I deducted from cognitions that death-parting-going vapor that act itself is strictly re-stimulation same as the very idea being ‘’born’’.

All ideas, beliefs are illusions.



Enjoy what you have.

Because both these items were very expensive.


The most important, the most valuable position – situation any Entity could be, buy into was once: POVERTY hehehe… because that state was the most stable state could be experienced and this ‘’Poverty Package” guaranteed that will keep you stable –hold you down, keep you constantly stimulated and entertained by the daily up-to-the-minute dramatic events which were designed to grip your attention at all times.

The owner of this valuable state would never need to worry, have anxiety that something or someone will pinch the body: the container itself of this valuable bundle, that would not be possible because the container is  weighted, plus the constant turbulent energy within the body-container is stable at all times.

So this gives the owner double guarantee!

The Manual stated of course that this ampoule needs to be given fuel food] at regularly basis to create and up keep that constant energy level within.


Those of you who in the past wanted to leave, inclined to travel or become tired of the game but could not leave the body –go exterior for thousands of years because the materials of the bodies were well made[similar as for us now plastic, steel, glass etc.]

Or you knew you were enslaved –kept caged inside the container and had enough.

But problems always have solutions

There were new inventions the Catalogue stated: which affected the body, destroyed-brake the materials down from within: as a result no longer functioned –stopped working thus you was free to go!

WOW, what on advertise!

But of course in those days same as now valuable things were expensive and to get you out of that body could be very expensive, the expenses depended on how fast the product worked.

THESE PRODUCTS WERE USED THAN AS HUMANS NOW USE ILLNESSES: to destroy the body and to become free. Nothing like a heart attack for a fast getaway! 🙂

Those products were incredibly valuable than.

I am not jesting here… but what now has no value, in fact has become a burden once the same was coveted by all and Poverty those times, way back was the most valued state off all realities.

and you were willing to give all just to get rid of that body.

Once upon … way back in different place..

When we still knew, when we still were aware that we don’t ‘’ die’’= decease expire when the body stops functioning than we simply thought when leaving the body that ‘’we vaporize’’ this meant for us that the things we were connected to no longer existed and we, the self, we become nothing or we no longer wanted to continue, gotten bored and thought: Hell with all these crap, I will go vapor!   

 It seems even than we associated, identified self with things, but we knew when we ‘’vaporized’’ that we still were, we still existed but without being tied-secured to things.

I like this expression: hehehe, see you guys I am going to vapor! J



The word POSTULATE has very interesting meanings and one of them is ‘’hypnotize’’ HEHEHE… hypnotize what?

I know that ‘’postulating’’ don’t work… cant because its original meaning, how it was used than is from the track…. From our past lives when we were putting ‘’spells’’ on things in order for something to take place, to come about or the opposite not to let things happen.

If you believe that this is wrong what I you reading here now because occasionally you have ‘’postulated’’ something and pronto it happened  I assure you:  you have already ‘’felt it—it was already in your space-life and you have known unconsciously what will happen, you have seen your own future therefore your thoughts were on it.

To really find out if your ‘’postulating—spell’’ works put that intention-spell on something totally different occurrence like walking on the street and finding-spotting a diamond bracelet, or winning that big jackpot as I have, [but so far haven’t happened!] but pick something unusual and see what will happen.

Stupid suggestion…???? No, not really, because spells haven’t been affective for those of us who are on this planet, but other place we have lived before we still had such abilities.

By the way we still have all our abilities regardless how outlandish they might sound like  but they are buried under contradictory beliefs… few millions in number … and that is the reason spells-intentions-postulates-commanding –wanting things to happen and mentally ordering of course don’t bring results.

Sometimes I might write about things which sounds contradicting and the reason for that is because each though –belief has thousands of different meaning that happened in different incidents, example: death of the body, was not a heavy duty ending when we lived outside of this Planet so nothing is black and white and nothing is written in stone till all thoughts-beliefs are erased.

Nothing is solid only beliefs make is so and this universe flows, shifts continually including this planet and here the flows move violently- clashing too violent where the population is heavy.