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This is most interesting: some one just signed up into my blog under the name of

”Interdimensional refugee”, and I followed his track because the word in the title ”refugee ” got my attention since  once upon a time in 1956 I to become refugee escaping from Hungary across the Austrian border.  But the interdimensional word too I find interesting because I never once thought of this universe as having borders, being divided some ways. I just cant see it at the present.

What he writes i find interesting too because  I am wondering what this simple blog — what I write could be interest to persons who writes which I quote below.

This blog is a simple  blog, no complications here, no big things happening beside Elizabeth have a sessions regularly-daily but once in awhile she writes her realizations in this blog and  she has been doing this for over 8 years. That is all.

Now: here is another word ”linguist” good sounding word has a nice flow to it but to a person who is linguist my English… lol on that, grammar could be very very irritating..  But please don’t think for a moment that I think of self what ever this self is in negative manner…. totally opposite. I just don’t know what i could  offer ”intellectually”’ since i do not consider self or what i write is intellectual.

For example, yesterday’s session brought  understanding why people lose their hair- in other words balding or becoming bald, this was a most interesting realization because in January this year having flue-high fever i lost most of my hair, first i thought because the thyroid not functioned fully   but after yesterdays realization I know losing all that hair had nothing to do with thyroid glands. [ hair has grown back- all of it].

In todays session I found the reason in form of cognition why people sunbathe… is this intellectual… no… not for a second but beside  understanding why people are frying  roasting under hot rays of sun and getting nice browned skin basted with tanning oils I clearly see what we are doing here on the planet earth is not happening here, because ”here” in fact don’t exist in the first place and what each person is doing is their own thing in their own time in totally different place–reality which has nothing but nothing to do with planet Earth. This realization is not new to me…. but I  still don’t see this  as intellectual… by the way few days earlier i seen the cause of poverty.. I believe I have mentioned this in earlier post and I have also written that I have had many-many sessions on being poor-poverty — looking for the cause why we need it, why we want the experience and i have spent thousands of hours in session plus of course the opposite reasons -considerations too ”wealth-riches-abundance- plenty” etc.. etc..too were examined and I finally found the basic -basic , so now the books is closed on this subject.. I still cant see me being on intellectual.  by the way I ended up knowing that I am rich beyond  imagination. I like that.

I always feel honored when some one  signs up. As You all know I don’t advertise this blog. I believe those who need to find it will find it…and for this reason I believe all who reads here: we have a special connection -special reason for reconnecting while having ”bodies”. We All live in different dimensions yet we are connected through computer… and to this compute+ words- concepts  we have ”assigned” the power that this are the  tools through which we communicate.. now that is not true, we, once we become aware of  each others presence we have reconnected.  Not really reconnected, since the connection simply IS, but what is happening we are just becoming aware of the connection.

Interdimensional Refugee

Let’s get the cliches out of the way: writing engages my intellect, all the while sharing my views with the world. Ok. I’m a teacher, a linguist. Entrepreneurial spirit. I wrote a short novel, which centers on escaping the ultimate evil plaguing our world: the psychopath – by finding your way to an alternate reality. Faced with the daunting prospect of losing the essence that defines us, my alter ego has suceeded in taking a leap of faith – and landing in an alternate reality with nooney, no connections, no family. A refugee in another world.

PS: I cant find the meaning of the word ”nooney”, now if some one could enlighten me I would be happy to receive this information!  and about ‘family’  we are family… just because not recalling when and how… well that do not mean a thing… only bodies die… and again what family really means? You need to recall that yourself…

This has been great day…


abilities never been lost-taken away…

we never lost our abilities….  we still have them, we still have power,  to get them back is to find-locate the reasons why we have become inactive, what are the reasons we have become bystanders and while doing nothing more than  experiencing-being affected: we are believing that we are the ”cause”. Having this belief alone stops any person to look- to search for different.

poverty is simply being total affect.. assigned power to all to everything around self, totally succumbed- overwhelmed.

This I know from my own experiences and therefor the realizations why these things happen.

I have become rich beyond imagination… and riches is not in the so called solid form but much-much different: riches is in knowledge and by understanding this  all considerations what poverty is and its affects vanish.

But please don’t believe to attain this understanding has come out of one session- one realization… to reach basic-basic  on any concept taken  lot of digging, confronting- discarding ancient useless beliefs- agreements.