Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

here is the reason this is not a teaching blog and I do not teach in fact I would object greatly to be called teacher or guru.

I have learned from my own mistakes I made when I was teaching and I have as Gautama and because I believed I was on the right path and I found the truth there was nothing more to be known!!! I believed I have attained enlightenment because I gotten keyed out and  keyed into on image which did not contain the same images as I have been in before therefore I believed I attained the highest level, the ultimatum!   WOW!!! that is the most idiotic or uneducated belief and really was and  because I spread my beliefs as the truth nothing but the truth I caused -mislead many into the same trap as I have fallen.

In that life I haven’t had  clue about responsibility and I did not realized the information I  given out was totally wrong and that path doing meditation only takes a person to keyed out state into the so called emptiness-void  but nerveless still part of the big picture, very much so  and it is a deadly trap. So I miss lead many and  there are many who still fallow that teaching walking into the same trap as I did than.

I had many recalls on that life-cycle and taken lots of confrontation to get me out of that crap I put self into by doing meditation etc.

I Do not teach, I cant take responsibility for others when even after so many years in session I consider self a learner, stumbling on and still continue learning from my own mistakes- altered realities which I have a accumulated over the eons.

How could I tell others what is right, what is true when I am still finding it out for my self?

And as for ””’knowing it all””’ Hell!!! those words-concept are not in my dictionary simply because if I would than I could not go into session daily  with a newly found altered concept and confront it-find out why it was said and for what purpose and just how much confusion  has caused and how it has affected my very existence.

First of all : Knowing it all is impossible because we, or I should say I haven’t the clue just how much and what is there to know.

And soon as someone believes they know it all that shows their limitation and that they have stopped -stranded some place frozen in some belief which wont allow them to know more. The very concept: knowing it all is a trap which hold the person in place: in the very beliefs-thoughts they have now=  and that ”now” was eons back, on implant.

LOL… after finishing HQS Course I believed I knew it all, WOW !!! I sure did and those poor suckers out there I just knew they did not know a thing, Than I continued and I found out I was really a superior person who knew more than any one than more sessions thousands of hour in fact cure me of my superior attitude and I realized just how little I know. And if any one things after all these years in session I don’t fall on my face, get bloody nose, or feel totally stupid when I recall and I don’t get the understanding how utterly wrong I have been, well than you are mistaken.

Bloody nose, falling and picking self up, dusting self off by confrontation is the game when living the life of solo auditing.

I know and  very aware: That stupid wrong altered reality which now I take into sessions was once the truth I lived by in other time-other place! AND BECAUSE I BELIEVED IT WAS THE TRUTH I AM  WHERE I AM NOW: looking for the truth! 🙂

Have a grand day!






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  1. Hi Elizabeth !!!
    Here in Italy on social networks there are many teachers who offer meditation courses and also paid.

    What is your point of view on the works of Carlos Castaneda and his teacher don juan?
    I hug you

    • I don’t have one because I haven’t read his books>
      I looked up who he is Wikipedia but Not much is written about him. And from what I read this man talks of personal experiences-recalls. I know only one person who read his books and this person is on ex scientologist Silvia Kusada.

      • I have read almost all of his books, and in the first he talks about his experience with this shaman who uses drugs to alter his mind or to look at the invisible, which he then slowly ceases to use when he no longer needs, his experiences are the level of energy bodies, then talk about the predators the voladores energetic entities that enter human minds and dictate our lives, then the shamans use a technique called the recapitulation that is look at the past and release the energy remained trapped or crystallized by personal history and from socialization to make it available again to our energetic body. My point of view is: It does not treat the real reality, everything is based on the altered reality energy.
        This is just my point of view: if these books really worked, they would have made them out right away, because the controllers would not allow it. The fact that they are readily available makes me realize that this is not a simple way to go and lastly, a month ago a person who had started shamanism through a teacher with exercises on dance sounds and songs, he felt bad and the teacher did not know how to help him, he ran away and no longer wanted to know anything.
        I conclude this technique for me is part of another trap well designed a well-built belief.

        • Most interesting… and sounds right… if something is held in place by beliefs than it is an altered reality, simply because only altered reality can remain intact.
          Any ” belief” is trap, it is because it is believed in…. thought-considerations-beliefs exists because we keep them -hold onto them… and by now because I don’t see any value holding into them for this reason I have sessions and they vanish when being confronted. The Best description I can give you is: these are ghost from the past. 🙂

        • PS: very-very misleading ghost! 🙂

        • You are talking about the Controller who do not allow any one to get out. Yes there are hundreds of special traps in the belief system which makes the person who is on the Path looking for the ”out” is trapped into a belief that they have made it out – reached freedom but they just have the belief which in it self is not the freedom But they are directed back again where they were before.
          The first I found about 30 years back and for a short while I really believed I made it out. HELL, NO!!! If that would have been true than I would be teaching others as many ”gurus” do that I FOUND THE WAY!!! LISTEN TO ME –I FOUND THE WAY! hehehe..
          So here I am after 45 years I am still confronting Ghost = concepts=beliefs from the past. 🙂
          I like add: having fun at it.

        • Hi Dom li… the subject -concept of ”’invisible”’ its meanings -how it was used it has been to me a very interesting subject. Invisible its meaning to me almost the same as emptiness- nothing-ness. Had many sessions on these and related subjects and yes I too used them as wall- screens- barriers- dividers- hiding places
          not only for self but for things I no longer wanted- wanted to forget, or something which was valuable and i did not want others to see. The words invisible– emptiness implies nothing there, so when a person hears this words automatically sees nothing.. because the intention is there to see nothing… but this do not means nothing is there.
          A bit confusing but when the beliefs are in place, the person than beliefs that nothing is there.
          Example: when the person say i cant remember- i forgotten, these are the concept which are the walls-barriers-the divider the person placed between him self and what he know but now don’t want to know.
          When the person who meditates and hits this invisible thing which has no concepts-pictures believes that now he-she is out of the universe -has reached freedom, and there is no more… well they just hit a field of energy without pictures-concepts. And of course they feel better -feel very different because of these empty energy fields don’t have the same heavy stimulating affects as the ”bank” has. This is how I see it.

          • Hi Elizabeh
            This is one of the many gurus who mention on social networks
            Data taken from wikipedia, very brief summary of his profile
            Robert Adams (spiritual teacher)
            At the age of 16, Adams’ first spiritual teacher was Joel S. Goldsmith, a Christian mystic from New York,
            Goldsmith helped Adams better understand his enlightenment and advised him to go and see Paramahansa Yogananda.
            Adams did it and visited Yogananda at the Self-Realization Fellowship in Encinitas, California, where he intended to be initiated as a monk, however, after speaking
            with him, Yogananda felt that Adams had his way and had to go to India, told him that his real guru was, Sri Ramana Maharshi and that he had to go to him the most
            soon possible because the body of Ramana Maharshi was old and sick.
            Adams remained in India for three years, during which time he had many conversations with Sri Ramana Maharshi, and in his presence he was able to confirm and further understand his own
            experience of awakening to the non-dual Self.
            After Sri Ramana Maharshi left the body in 1950, Adams spent another seventeen years traveling through India and remained with known gurus such as Nisargadatta Maharaj, Anandamayi Ma, Neem Karoli Baba and Swami Ramdasper to name
            only a few. In the 60s Adams returned to the United States and lived in Hawaii and Los Angeles before moving permanently to Sedona, Arizona in the mid-1990s, he was married
            with Nicole Adams and father of two daughters. In the 80s Adams developed Parkinson’s disease, which forced him
            to settle in a place and receive appropriate care.
            A small group of devotees soon grew up around him and in the early 1990s gave weekly group meetings in the San Fernando Valley, along with other surrounding areas of Los Angeles. These group meetings
            they were both registered and transcribed. After several years of deteriorating health, Adams died on March 2, 1997 in Sedona, Arizona, where he was surrounded by family members and
            devotees. He died at the age of 69 for liver cancer.

            Something is not clear, he said that he had a spiritual awakening as a young man, and then he fell ill. But these master gurus get sick all dying prematurely.
            The words that are sung are always the same: (exit the movie and return home), the point is, which house? That of them?

            I hug you

            • Hello my dear…. to tell the truth I haven’t the ”clue” what to these person ”’spiritual awakening”’ means. If it is the realization that we are ”infinite” we never die than hurray! but every person realize the same right after they drop the body or in some other happening while they were with the body.
              All I know they will get back into some form of body sooner or later because not so easy to get rid of the belief which are ” i m something-somebody and order to live- have a life i must have a body”.
              Meditation is not the ”way out” that I can guarantee.. but again each ”Infinite” has to discover the truth for them self. 🙂

              • My point of view is: The house is none other than my creation my purpose, that I can get along more or less with other beings co creating a game with which we agree, this can also be inhabiting bodies with which
                pretend to play fooling around, initially very light very low density, then gradually more and more heavy density very high
                like that of the Earth, also called third dimension with consequent increase of physical pain. for which initially the bodies were of conscience, and then slowly they became unconscious through the continuous use of technology.
                In conclusion we have accumulated too much energy to play, the machines or the minds have taken control and this has become a very dangerous game. Then, play alone
                what sense would it have, I have another idea, I divide myself into infinite fragments so I enjoy it more.

                I repeat this is only my point of view !!

                love You so much!!! Elizabeth

  2. have fun fragmenting … 🙂 I just stay with one experience at any one time.
    take care… I hear Europe is really HOT in Spain on news not only they were showing egg frying on the sidewalk but bacon too!

    • Yes Spain is very hot but Italy is not joking, however the body is a little underweight almost transparent, I do not eat bacon nor fried eggs, I prefer fruits and vegetables!!!!
      Hi Elizabeth!!!

      • eggs are full of nutrients.. and body to function well has to have some fat… eggs have that too…. balanced what ever is needed for the bodies upkeep.
        we had a heat wave for 2 weeks and for few days the weather was normal for these part of the country but the heath is coming back will be 32-34.
        don’t drink cold anything that makes the body feel hotter, hot tea or soup or even hot coffee have cooling affects have extra salt.
        and have a good day!

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