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Porthole in the sky–take a look at this picture.

Year and a half back I was having session on ”atmospheric” conditions and this is what I seen in session A large rip through which  extreme heat from the Sun or in winter very-very cold comes in.

I seen this rip and I written about it to Maurice Green but of course unless one sees this image  with their own eyes and in ”session” cant be really explained how it looks like.

Today I  was looking at you-tube’s news on weather and I found this picture which was taken in Australia.

I read year back that above the Artic circle there was the rip in the atmosphere [ which I have seen in session, and it is the proof we can see without the ”eyes”.] but the weather news said this rip separated and one part of it moved toward Europa and the second half moved over north America, and by the looks of it this was photographed.

Because of  what I learned in this session is not available in the ”News” and all I will say the ”extreme-ness” of temperatures ; hot will soar and the cold-ness will drop drastically  and this is what can be experienced picked up through the body BUT the dangerous part which cant be seen are  the RAYS here called UV,  But can be felt for example I feel dizzied-spin in and close to passing out-blacking out when I go outside. To me this experience is new and nothing to do with heath  since I walk when it is cool in the morning or late in the evening,  I am just experiencing a very different condition which was not here before. I wear a cap while I am out but that is not good enough, keep out of the sun.

This Ray burns off the greenery,  but what it do to the body   I only can tell my experience -being affected by it.



here is a load-down on responsibility

Far as I am concerned matter can be taken care of-looked after, handled, but not the Intangible-Infinite.
Taking responsibility for others is just a implanted belief-consideration to make self look important, better equipped, more knowledgeable  therefore more important -superior than others are whom we are ”helping out”.

So if you cant wipe your nose I can wipe it for you, ohh please! I am nor a responsible person?? This I cant say because I believed I knew the answer but that too was erased-vanished with some other flimsy altered realities and definitely I don’t feel superior-important. One thing remain true and is a stable datum: knowledge sets one free but knowledge has to be from realizations.

Have a grand day!

PS: I should mention that ”responsibility” what is, has more to it than what I have written above: each Entity has their own beliefs on the subject which become altered over the eons, because in each life-cycle had different had different meaning. The bottom line- the basic is: as Infinite who are intangible don’t have responsibility – don’t need one either because there is nothing there needs to be helped- looked after.

But here where having life means : having bodies, well!! we have to cut nails occasionally or take a bath etc… etc… look after what we believe is ours.

but being human  playing the role as human, than has to fallow rules-regulations of the game, that is the must.

guru-teacher? to be one needs heavy duty responsibility or ignorance: huge amount of it!

here is the reason this is not a teaching blog and I do not teach in fact I would object greatly to be called teacher or guru.

I have learned from my own mistakes I made when I was teaching and I have as Gautama and because I believed I was on the right path and I found the truth there was nothing more to be known!!! I believed I have attained enlightenment because I gotten keyed out and  keyed into on image which did not contain the same images as I have been in before therefore I believed I attained the highest level, the ultimatum!   WOW!!! that is the most idiotic or uneducated belief and really was and  because I spread my beliefs as the truth nothing but the truth I caused -mislead many into the same trap as I have fallen.

In that life I haven’t had  clue about responsibility and I did not realized the information I  given out was totally wrong and that path doing meditation only takes a person to keyed out state into the so called emptiness-void  but nerveless still part of the big picture, very much so  and it is a deadly trap. So I miss lead many and  there are many who still fallow that teaching walking into the same trap as I did than.

I had many recalls on that life-cycle and taken lots of confrontation to get me out of that crap I put self into by doing meditation etc.

I Do not teach, I cant take responsibility for others when even after so many years in session I consider self a learner, stumbling on and still continue learning from my own mistakes- altered realities which I have a accumulated over the eons.

How could I tell others what is right, what is true when I am still finding it out for my self?

And as for ””’knowing it all””’ Hell!!! those words-concept are not in my dictionary simply because if I would than I could not go into session daily  with a newly found altered concept and confront it-find out why it was said and for what purpose and just how much confusion  has caused and how it has affected my very existence.

First of all : Knowing it all is impossible because we, or I should say I haven’t the clue just how much and what is there to know.

And soon as someone believes they know it all that shows their limitation and that they have stopped -stranded some place frozen in some belief which wont allow them to know more. The very concept: knowing it all is a trap which hold the person in place: in the very beliefs-thoughts they have now=  and that ”now” was eons back, on implant.

LOL… after finishing HQS Course I believed I knew it all, WOW !!! I sure did and those poor suckers out there I just knew they did not know a thing, Than I continued and I found out I was really a superior person who knew more than any one than more sessions thousands of hour in fact cure me of my superior attitude and I realized just how little I know. And if any one things after all these years in session I don’t fall on my face, get bloody nose, or feel totally stupid when I recall and I don’t get the understanding how utterly wrong I have been, well than you are mistaken.

Bloody nose, falling and picking self up, dusting self off by confrontation is the game when living the life of solo auditing.

I know and  very aware: That stupid wrong altered reality which now I take into sessions was once the truth I lived by in other time-other place! AND BECAUSE I BELIEVED IT WAS THE TRUTH I AM  WHERE I AM NOW: looking for the truth! 🙂

Have a grand day!





I would like to emphasise once more

this blog is a journal a diary — and I do not say here in any of my posts-cognitions that this is IT!!!  this is the truth and no other exist.  The realizations are mine, therefore my truth and no one else’s!

I am emphasising the opposite: that the truth exist for each person: is what they believe in and if by chance they don’t like what they got than only they can change that belief; Example:  this apple is sweet no, not really it is on the sour side!.

Any man who claims they know it all is a fool because they still walk this planet, they still use the body-solidly anchored into it therefore they are still in the prison of their own belief.

beware of teachers -gurus who claim they have all the answers… idiots they are! they haven’t the clue what are your questions! but they already know the answers!

this blog is ””not a teaching blog”” now this said, I am doing really well and I hope you all  have the same!

when you find something interesting-give it a try see if it works and go from there.

PS: there are over 400 cogs in this blog.