Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe


of those persons who claim to  have the answers for you, claim : if you fallow their teachings than you will attain freedom.

No one can find your answers : since no one knows your questions therefore: no one have the answers, no one knows but you what freedom means to you.

The answers you get from others is their reality- their beliefs-how they view their  own creation-their own universe. and these answers has nothing to do with yours.

No one  knows what freedom means being out of this Universe: how could anyone possibly  know?

















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  1. Nobody knows what freedom is, it means being out of this universe: how could someone know?

    Hello elizabeth I’m sorry if I intrude, from this last statement if I understood well this would be a well-designed trap?

    I make you believe that freedom is out of this
    universe to enter into that of them so I can manipulate you better?

    Spiritual masters guru, lie of lies, control here has reached its highest levels !!!

    a hug Elizabeth!!!

  2. Hi there! Guru is the same place as any other person who has ”beliefs” to too belongs to this great big group of humans and he too thinks he ”knows” the best therefore he teaches that what he knows :is the Path to out but the guru too is in the trap same as any other person who is walking around- dragging a body.
    Just because the Gurus beliefs and teaches the concepts of ”freedom” hehehe the trap is right there: freedom from what?
    All those who teach freedom they teach because them self are trapped and no one can tell another being what spirituality and freedom is.
    keep cool, it is a hot summer! Best to you! Elizabeth.

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