Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

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of those persons who claim to  have the answers for you, claim : if you fallow their teachings than you will attain freedom.

No one can find your answers : since no one knows your questions therefore: no one have the answers, no one knows but you what freedom means to you.

The answers you get from others is their reality- their beliefs-how they view their  own creation-their own universe. and these answers has nothing to do with yours.

No one  knows what freedom means being out of this Universe: how could anyone possibly  know?

















Hello my friends.

I haven’t been writing much of late, not because I am not having sessions, that is not the reasons. I have reached the state now  I thought way back when I was doing the OT levels I would reach-attain. But of course that did not happen than and I know now -and for the past few decades that would have been impossible with few hundred hours in sessions.

We have infinite experiences and that cant be confronted with few hundred-or even few thousand hours in sessions.

The gains in knowledge-understanding is phenomenal and of course nothing to do with  what I have know before as a Mortal , realities -awareness now are on very different level.

This is a fabulous universe  and of course it is my creation and  I do not wish to write about it because I believe each person should discover for them selves the same and reading about something is not the same as walking the Path.

I look at each sessions as a learning experience because the ”cognitions”, the truth it brings and these cognitions are the knowledge which sets one free.

These daily sessions bring realizations so new so fabulous that  I am in awe, in wonder.

I wish you all the same as I am having: a fabulous adventure.

PS: if  some one care to ask questions regarding anything at all, please don’t hesitate to do so… even if the question is written in Hungarian that too is just fine. I know you are there in Budapest and I believe I met few of you when I visited about 5 years back. You were there at a small closed stadium where Hungarians met who have come from different countries  at the Vilag Latogatas. One of you wanted me to become interested in scientology 🙂

Nepal –recall.

I just seen on interesting image: I was  to think put my attention on something and soon as I have done it or just wanted to do it I heard a huge noise and seen bright-bright light plus trembling of energy.. which of course pulled my attention away what I wanted to do-think and gotten the full blast from that GONG!
 I still can hear it clearly – boing-boing -boing! I get a vogue image of on temple gong. Nepal.
 everything trembles in my head, it  feels like my head is being hit with that mallet,
 and my head feels it will explode.
 I would hear this sound for days on end… even when working on the field. There is on older monk who is watching me, but I act if I would not noticed his attention.
Back at the temple the same routine is repeated, and I cant sleep afterward because all I hear is the sounds in my head-boing-boing-boing!
 I am totally overwhelmed,
   But the sounds from the gong has eliminated the thoughts I had.. but I did not dared to put my attention or even think because I felt pain and would hear the sounds from the gong sooo I put my attention on my feet!
Slowly as the days passed I trained self to feel the feet, the ground  than after who know how many days passed finally little by little I could put  my attention on the ground away from the body from the head.
 I become the terrain! I felt everything what went on under my feet!
 Through the years of practice my attention fallen away from the body and went  where I stepped and on what I picked up-sensed through the soles; how the Earth felt when this was  achieved in totality: thoughts have stopped and there was harmony: being one with Nature.  

reflection on the water by Australian artist, fish can be seen swimming !



simply beautiful