Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe


desiring, wishing  …

i seen on incident where a young man incredibly handsome-beautiful being delight to be hold: perfect in every ways contacted a disease in which his body swelled become covered with inflamed pus filled sores, his agony was sheer hell as he lived-experienced  this decaying-rutting mass. The old self-beauty which he identified with was gone so was the light he believed he was and  now unrecognisable and as he way laying on his death bed he realized all was in vain… the life he had was worthless because it was not real and this what he experienced was his punishment for wanting desiring to have!

After leaving his body he returned to be on angel– to his earlier mock-up and he just knew: wanting to be a human, want to be a body brought him nothing more than suffering, agony, fears, because ”wanting” leads to have and while being a human that is having: loses and sorrow.

As listened to his realization I too seen for me what many of my ”wanting’s” has brought and from this we both learned and seen all the dangers what  lurks  under the surface of the so innocent concept of ”wanting”.



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  1. Love it! The Stoics had a primary datum I find helpful: To ONLY allow emotional attachment to what is in my power right now.

    My circle of control can expand or contract. Doesn’t matter. Because a circle of any size …


    Hope you are well!

    • just thinking…. if we don’t have past or future because they are just considerations, than present being in one too has to be a consideration: on illusion or real as can be: like sharp pain in the what ever!
      Now a moment could feel like eternity, or vanish like never happened.
      No matter which side I look at, whos writing-beliefs I read: I got what I believe in.

    • When any one agrees with some ancient sage- philosopher or disagrees is because all ready knows the same: had the same beliefs or haven’t got the same information stashed away and for this reason these is the disagreement.
      It seems to me reading studying what others had to say is in fact recovering ones own knowledge.
      We cant possibly agree to something if we would not know the meanings.
      The difference between you and I William is I look inside my own circle: question self and recover what I have forgotten and you my dear by reading-searching through the vast pile of what has been said and find your truth!

  2. Delighted to share few moments with you.
    First I had to read what Stoics means, as you know what I write in this blog is from my own understanding and to these I arrive by looking at- examining what I feel-see in that moment.
    I like what I read sort of on the same lines how I see things and I wonder if you recall well known sage Flip Wilson comedian who said : what you see is what you get. 🙂 that’s it my dear!

    And yes a circle is a circle and what a circle is just what we believe is.
    Doing well, very well in fact I would not know how to do better and what that would mean?

    Just thinking here: you write: ”My circle of control can expand or contract.”
    Now since there is no past or future since these words too are just considerations and therefore we only have the momentary experience, the split second and there is no more than why the belief -the need for control?
    As I see it, that split second cant be controlled. But again these are just words. 🙂

  3. The reason I posted that is because the handsome boy lost all control of key elements of his self-story – leaving him feeling poor.

    A “Circle of Control” is the immediate things one can control in the present time story. So, if one just chooses to ONL Y concern oneself with what choices are currently available in one’s story, one is free and unhindered in one’s story.

    If one loses control of his/her ability to drive a car, then one SHIFTS one’s emotional focus ONLY to what one can still control and try to expand that.

    Time is an illusion. But a very persistent one. This practice helps us deal with that pesky persistent illusion with its pesky, persistently, pesky persistence of peskiness!

    • Right you are, no self control at all and I am not a story teller, and I don’t even try to be one. 🙂 elements are missing : first and first and first: grammar, and first good command of the language. and I do not wish to be one. Recall is not the same as making up stories… recalls have happened. Thanks for explaining what ”Circle of control” means. I consider inflowing information a gift.
      By the way how I practice is by recalling the so called ‘illusions” and by doing so I confront it once and for all and in that moment that illusion vanishes-dissolves like never have been. And it is replaced by ”understanding” why they were there in the first place. you have read enough about how auditing works, so I don’t need to explain this to you. I do not sweep illusions under the carpet, but I call them to me with the purpose to confront in order to eliminate. This is my way of control by confrontation.
      thank You and have a lovely afternoon.

    • PS: by the way the readers of this blog and there are many have all been in scientology and the reason they are coming to read the post because they want to know how I am progressing and what I am confronting and gaining by confrontation. They all know how auditing works and what is its end product [ realization] they all have reality on past life and they all believe -know we lived before. So they look at-read these post on very different reality level from yours.
      By now I know the difference between so called realities are just considerations born out of evaluation, and for this reason neither is better or worst but just different: they are all illusions.

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