Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

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desiring, wishing  …

i seen on incident where a young man incredibly handsome-beautiful being delight to be hold: perfect in every ways contacted a disease in which his body swelled become covered with inflamed pus filled sores, his agony was sheer hell as he lived-experienced  this decaying-rutting mass. The old self-beauty which he identified with was gone so was the light he believed he was and  now unrecognisable and as he way laying on his death bed he realized all was in vain… the life he had was worthless because it was not real and this what he experienced was his punishment for wanting desiring to have!

After leaving his body he returned to be on angel– to his earlier mock-up and he just knew: wanting to be a human, want to be a body brought him nothing more than suffering, agony, fears, because ”wanting” leads to have and while being a human that is having: loses and sorrow.

As listened to his realization I too seen for me what many of my ”wanting’s” has brought and from this we both learned and seen all the dangers what  lurks  under the surface of the so innocent concept of ”wanting”.



LOL…LOL..LOL.. you are looking for the truth? want to know who you really are?

realization: the thing is  we have learned, we been told:  WE  WILL FIND OURSELF IF WE  LOOK ””’examine””” what is inside us and when we do: we find who we really are! “””” This is the biggest lie ever created and believed in, because what we find inside is not who we are, what we are but we find implanted thoughts-considerations which tells us who we are! ”’  and tells us what are our limitations! and that is that!

the thing is: inside- outside …. having it describes matter.. 🙂

this is the beginning the staring point in discovering the true self: the Infinite.

On the battle field

When going into battle persons -soldiers are hyped up  knowing they must win or die this gives them heavier-stronger simmer- and this means they are now ”energised”!
They feel more solid and can withstand incoming heavy energies and  can face it.. confront it easier..
HEAVY sounds, cannon fire, bomb exploding machines guns rattling screaming from low flying planes from overhead also helps to erase any personal feeling-sensations the persons own energy: which contain smallness-being little, alone=singular:  in fact the personal energy field is eliminated by that much heavier-denser field : the battle field and the soldiers become one : and now the soldiers having this NEW BODY and this power the soldiers can accomplish incredible things.. which humanly not possible in ordinary circumstance! 
This means experiencing different fields of energies we act differently.
 Same happens for players in any other game, they are given pep talks, big incentives , cheering of the crowd, girls strutting their stuff.. has to be pretty.. sex to is in incentive for the players. All is been done to change the persons energy field to make it more vibrating-stronger so they can win that way. The stronger -heavier energy who has it is always becomes the winner! But of course this only happens when being a human and when some one wants to be a real magician, be the usual self this heavy field will not let that happen.
I must mention even in marriages the heavy duty person.. the heavy fisted one, the domineering party is the leader. MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY! [my younger sisters favorite belief and we no longer talk because  am on the road! hehehe]