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Intention=magic… assigned power

assigned power…

”Intention” use of magical power has been one of  my favorite subject to have a session on: to look for reasons: the counter intentions, to find those negative thoughts-considerations  which blocks off, wont let the intention to happen, to materialize and with that have conditions changed.

The sessions: had ”hundreds” of them over the years and they were not fruitless, cognitions poured in and my awareness expanded in the form of understanding how the universe I created  were held in place by the opposing forces, which are of course too were just considerations-beliefs and nothing more: illusions of my own making.

But of course all ”opposing forces” are nothing more than different beliefs-thought on the same subjects in these I include the subject of Magic..  by the way when some one wants to levitate something that to is ”intending”.

So… I taken off thousands of layers and found many-many thousands of reasons in form of cognitions why that ”intention” can not, will not materialize  no matter how strongly is wished-intended: I have mocked up repeatedly and were held in place with that power of intention: yet did not work, nothing has happened in the physical universe. [ BUT THERE IS A REASON WHY INTENTION DO NOT WORK IN THE PHISICAL UNIVERSE!!!!!!]

Long ways back at the beginning  ”we wanted to create a stable universe” for our self and for this reason we done much to eliminate our ”intention” which caused instant ”having” and by having everything instantly we did not have  the past or could not have future… we did not have continuum but only had Now= the instant experience. Therefore we could not have game conditions, we could not have others in our universe, we could only have self and our own creation in the form of that instant experience.

When we still had our intention materialize instantly that Universe was the Spiritual Universe=Theta Universe, that Universe was created what we would call now BY MAGIC. Having Magical Power means: working intention which is not blocked by opposing intention.

It was very difficult, almost impossible to eliminate our natural  the ”intention to cause” but of course the answer was finally found in the form of ”IMPLANTS”. While we are ”living” the life, being in that valance: believing we are a body etc.. we do not have ”freewill” we cant change the content of the implant. The implants are mock-ups.. same as the movies you have seen and as we cant change the outcome of the movies, same goes for the so called life we live.

In todays session I found one the most powerful ”counter intention” which totally to the last remaining sparkle eliminated our ability to Intend: the use of Magic and that was ”””’ WHEN WE HAVE ASSIGNED POWER TO OTHERS”””’: that other, or others were more powerful than we: self : with that assigned power-consideration in place we stopped self from having our  intentions to materialize and we now totally become dependent on others for our existence. We have given away our power to create, that ”intention- freewill” we longer were the cause, but an effect.

The main, most powerful person who is of course just on illusion to this imaginary person we assigned the most power!!!

To Gods: that they were the power  who could create, who could make miracles, who were the cause over us and who granted life or taken life away from us! with that in place: we fallen, taken place at the lowest level on the Tone Scale.

With power of intention assigned to others we also created a lie and that is altered reality and that altered reality is the cause of solidity and our belief in ”solidity” as that assigned power: works this way: we cant lift up anything with intention, we cant move thing by intention, we cant alter shapes-forms by intention… we are helpless unless we have the body, move things with the use of hands, be in different location but that only can be if the body is moved. Hear, see, communicate can only be done by the use of the body. We have assigned our ability to the body.

The truth vanishes in on instant, but lies hunts us, stay with us forever.



Intention… what is… yes, in fact it is power, The Personal Power…


Intention… what is… yes, in fact it is power, The Personal Power…

which should not be confused with any form of energy…. Personal power or Intention has no mass- bulk or quantity yet causes change on matter.

The regular energy which can be expressed example: as in the punch of the boxer: that energy which is landing on the body, that is energy… it can be gauged, can be measured just what it can do and alter that another physical object. Puts the indentation on the rib cage. Etc….

But it is that invisible intention what makes the gloved fist move and land that devastating blow the first place.. Since the body itself does not think… don’t have will power and can’t move without the connection from the spiritual being… The Static=intention… Static is the being itself, so far I have not experienced gained understanding if there is separation in  “what is intention or what is static”…it just is=the intangible-infinite.

Intention is the highest form of communication, postulate is one notch bellow intention, therefore contains light vibration-energy.

The postulate is pictures: hold pictures so it has matter already.. Movements are series of pictures… postulates in motion…Example I will hit him here than next blow will land there the next will break the nose, causes the temporarily disconnection in the in his thought pattern In fact that is the blow which will causes the opponents  temporally disconnection from his own ”intention”, by losing his INTENTION to knock out even for a second has caused the other persons to win since the winners intention to knock out was not interrupted.. With his next punch he slides his “intention-postulate into place, he wins!!!!

Also he has less counter intentions on winning therefore his intention has less- fewer barriers walls…will be knocked out less. His intentions will  happen more frequently. Winners  those who are more successful  in ”life”  than others have less barriers-wall- in place in the from of counter-negative intentions.