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The Truth about OT8:

By Maurice Green: The following was posted on a private facebook group a few weeks ago.

There has been much discussion over the years about the relative merits of the various versions of OT8 as delivered by the CoS.  (There have been at least 5 that I know of).   Some were happy with the results, some weren’t, and some were sorry they did the level at all.  So what’s the truth about OT8?   Did LRH ever fulfill the promise made in Ron’s Journal 39 (1985) where he said:
“You will enjoy New OT VIII when you do it. It is uniquely addressed to you.
I don’t want to mention too much at this time, but I will tell you that it addresses a vital necessity for a thetan’s total freedom: I have discovered the primary reason for amnesia on the whole track, and believe me, this you need to handle.”
Fortunately, the answer is “Yes”.  It was the original version that was being done on the Freewinds for about 6 months in 1988.  Unfortunately, it was never properly delivered and the result for many was disastrous.  I spoke at length with someone who did the level in July 1988.  The data I got from him was as follows:   The pre-OT was instructed to look into their own life and find some area they were unhappy with or wanted to handle. There was no requirement to limit one’s attention in any way – anything that was of interest could be addressed.   ARC breaks, O/Ws, implants, engrams, anything at all.  Once found, they were directed to find an appropriate piece of tech that would handle that area.  (At this point, the person was supposedly done with NOTs but if any of that was to come up, of course they would take it up).  There was no requirement to use any particular piece of tech.  Any valid Scn/Dian process was ok to use.  The important thing was to get a result.  There were a few suggestions.  To find a charged area,  one could do an Assessment by Dynamics, or read History of Man (with a meter).  But these were suggestions only.
So what went wrong?  Once a person had completed his/her item and had a “big win” that was it – they were encouraged to attest.  After all there was a “time limitation” – 2 or 3 weeks on the Freewinds and “you’re done”.   What a joke!   That’s it?  One big win and you’re done?   OT8 as envisioned by LRH was supposed to be a long level.  In the “Student Briefing” HCOB of May 1980, he calls it “the third and final wall of fire” and says “the rundown is long and can be arduous”.    There are many, many big wins to be had here and spending a year or more on it makes total sense to me.  (I’ve been on it for 5 1/2 years already and still not done).
   I was solo auditing for many years, mostly in the area of NOTs.  There was a big change mid-2012 when my sessions started to go much deeper, mostly handling my own track.
Elizabeth: the above is from Maurice and I am in total agreement with how one has to audit, have sessions on and without knowing that this kind of sessions in which we handle anything as it comes in was  called by LRH OT8 I find have it on my own and have been doing just that since 1976 when I started to solo in order to handle the ARCB’s I had after the OT Levels when I too naturally  gotten heavily keyed in when got back from ST Hill. and returned to ”reality”= no job, no money etc.
Here I am and still have daily sessions, and in fact I live, I stay with the body in order to be able to continue just that.

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