Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I waken today feeling incredible happy, knowing something good will happen, it is a magical sensation.. total key out what ever … and this is the way I felt before I was hit by the Flue-Influenza  and that was the most powerful illness I had the pleasure to experience this life!

So by having this ”’powerful” sensation again put me on my guard: waken my awareness to the fact what just happened little over 3 weeks back…From total happiness to Hell!

So I decided to have a session on this ”total happiness thingy” hehehe..

I haven’t written down all the commands or answers I got, therefore this is just part of the session.


THIS SENSATION IS SO POWERFUL!!!! what has this sensation done to me?
made me believe something will happen something good will happen, so other occasions i bought tickets, went played lotto, in my youth gotten involved with a man, because i just ”’knew”’ it was good wow… none of it ever worked as i seen it would!

i feel this sensation front of the chest, big strong VERY POWERFUL SENSATION….!!!
i just seen self throwing a javelin when i felt this sensation.. the javelin went incredible distance! sort of vanished… sand was all-around and the javelin vanished among the distant rock-hills. i don’t see any other person, but sand and more sand….

[ session continues]’

oh this sensation is also very deep… had it too when i believed in god! shit, god again! no wonder people believe god is everywhere, they believe it because the implants are infused with this idea. crap.


made me believe that it has something to do with magic.. winning, something good will happen, made me wait for that something good, but never has come!

BLOWDOWN!!!! TRUST!!! IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH TOTAL TRUST! when we are totally out of the implanted crap of course we have total trust, trust in self, in our ability that we can do-have what ever we want——- here at this level trust is normal, we never ever can lose…wow… no wonder when doing the OT levels had those huge cogs.. we believed we have reached total freedom from the Bank and we reached the END…and we never ever  will return to that negative state!!! wow!!!  because in that incredible state there isn’t any negative ..  while being-experiencing this fantastic state nothing ever can harm one and because the negative is the implanted crap.

Not understanding how all this put together cause great disappointments-great losses! and i too have my share.. ohhhh so many of them!

WOW…. TRUST!!!!!!  back to trust unwavering- total trust… knowing that nothing negative will happen again, in fact those  negative; ideas are not present in that magnificent state which exist outside  because that State is outside of the implanted thingy=Bank.

Here in this State JUST BLID TRUST exist: the knowing we can do anything!  and that leads to loss.. to negative happening.. totally opposite, wow…. totally opposite will happen! wow…
yawn… new thought come in LOL… from the Bible wow, that too is crap…
yield … not to yield to temptation.. that is a warning! betting… buying tickets.. playing slut machine is yielding to temptation..

NOT TO WISH, NOT TO INTEND FOR SELF BUT BLIND ACCEPTANCE OF WHAT WE ARE GIVEN, WHAT WE ALREADY HAVE…hehehe.. so the bastards rigged it.. if we wished, wanted we gotten the opposite what we wanted so after awhile no one dared to wish knowing that leads to bad experiences… LOL.. these implants are brilliantly thought out!

””””so when feeling incredibly happy, top of the universe, outside of all shit, where we can have it all, where we are at cause.. and that knowingness is the key  sensation-word which leads back triggers the door open into Hell again.”””’

examples: two people getting married, they are totally keyed into this incredible sensation: they just know they have it, their union will be nothing but good-happiness… than comes the total disaster: fight hate, they  end up bitter, loathing, in total loss, even murder can be.
Some one invest large some.. their life savings because they just know-feel, trust totally that they make it…wow… they lose everything. they not gaining anything in fact they go into deep debt… might even commit suicide ! lose friends, self respect…wow.. from hope…..from total key out from the implant where they know-feel nothing can stop them they can do –achieve anything they fall back to death.. despair, loss, lowest level any one can feel be at.

This incredible sensation of being keyed out brings on disasters: heavy incidents… this what has happened to those who done the OT levels too and to LRH himself… he gotten keyed out sooooo many times over the years and more he gotten keyed out more he were hit with heavy stuff and at the end he no longer could get out of that heavy thing … So people judged him heavily.. but judgement was wrong === their evaluation was not from knowing.. but their evaluation was just assumption.
I too pulled in this Flue experience when in the ”haapiness level=outside of it all”’ which would have caused ”death” but since i no longer can ”die”’ i did not kicked the bucket.. hehehe..

Reaching the state of the Native State, being out, that state will not last cant last because it is fixed … soon as one reaches it, gains that level is hit by some heavy experience which places that person to the lowest level on the Tone Scale..

Than the fight-struggle begins again: looking for the way out. it is like the hamster running in the wheel.

This is how the Bank is set up. And till all the traps are in place  and there are thousands of them, no Entity can stay on that top level of the Tone Scale for too long before the brick outhouse comes and buries the Entity again.

So, many blames LRH for their own failure, and in fact their failure has nothing to do with LRH and the Tech because the Tech works and LRH+ his friends done well, better than well!

I have heard from a very reliable source that LRH is in a new body and auditor and I am greatly pleased by this news!

PS  PS   PS  PS   I love  writing because as I write and after writing – having new realization since awareness expanded and I get new different views.

So  I just got back from the favorite green grocer and it is raining here, nothing new to us this is winter after all.

And I still feel absolutely fantastic and knowing that I am after all in the Universe which is made up from energy and of course the considerations what these masses of energy means, I could not help but wonder what my next experience will be.. sooooo looking forward to it regardless its content.. that don’t make much difference but what will be the outcome after the confrontation weeeell, that will be the reward for having that experience.

Another PS…. the happiness what I feel is ”not caused– do not depends on any happenings in connection to something or some one”.

in fact that is the reason because there isn’t in connection, not depends on anything, I am not happy ”because”!

By the way, those persons who get keyed out because they are reading my posts=experiencing my space and feel suddenly ”steering energies which effects their sex glands and because having these sensations they believe they have fallen in love with Elizabeth!!! Hold it right there!!!!! What happens is not falling in love but feeling better and man usually associate sexual sensations with love.

So those who write to me that they have fallen in love.. please.. sort your sensations out in sessions.









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