Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe


There is a good reason for this.

I been actively working-having sessions to improve the abilities to recall. In other word I am eliminating all the blocks reasons why I have forgotten, cant recall, cant remember, have put things behind me, don’t want to think about, etc… etc.. etc..

Most people what they do all their life? They do everything in their power, to put their experiences behind them, to be free of them: for these purposes they use daily alcohol, Oh a glass or two of wine helps to ease the daily heavies, or take drugs, medication, they eat comfort foods to move away and into something more pleasant, go for runs, meditate, pray, have sex and more sex, eat chocolate, have coffee, beat their spouses or their children, go kill some one, or have a good sleep on their experiences:  people do million other things to get away, in order to forget what ever they are in.

People in general constantly look for solutions  by  finding one with that the troublesome experience is gone-partly forgotten, become buried in the unconsciousness.

By  the time the persons reach middle age than old age, well, their awareness is eliminated, slowly sinks into oblivion, because their ability recalling-remembering is pushed away.

Then comes the time on experience when these persons cant even recall from one minute to the next what has happened to them, what have they experienced.

The new experience they have is: NOT HAVING ANY=Blank-Empty Void because that too is on experience.

What we wish for, work toward to achieve, we make it happen.

As for self I daily exercise my ability to recall, therefore Dementia, Alzheimer =moving into nothingness while still have connection to the body is not on the future track.

Few days back I had a realization just how occluded I am,  and this  understanding hit me with full force because having the Flue virus, by having sessions being the virus eliminated some barriers and new  realities, I haven’t seen before given on opportunity to explore. I just love this.





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