Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

means knowingly causing harm..

Well, my Track is well balanced if that would not be the case I would not have a past=Track. The good is in place because the bad intentions keep them alive.

I don’t like snakes, I really don’t and when I see one in video-movies I cringe .. I even have after that nightmares.

I had sessions on this topic but again last night I watched a movie about cooking and this was about how on the orient they eat snakes, I fast forwarded that part, I just could not watch all those snakes on display , given me the shiver and this was late in the evening so I knew I be having bad dreams being chased -bitten by these critters. So in bed I started the session and of course I found the many reasons I hated snakes.. their bite what I recalled was so poisones that in most cases I was ”dead” in few seconds but I not only  felt the incredible pain but seen from outside the body how the body reacted, were affected by these poisons: not a pretty sight. Simply horrid way to go, but the ”death’s” were swift. Here in these recalls I was the victim! OHHHH POOR ME! LOL.

So I looked for O/W’s on my part and as usual we are not always on effect a victim but of course we have caused not nice things.. having evil intention to eliminate. But this too is a normal thing to be and nothing wrong with it in a long run. After all we are playing a game, same as the snakes do, we are just having a different part in the play.

Suddenly I was in a different recall where  I was a Poison maker from snake venom! I was good at it, and I clearly seen the snakes to, also seen the village, mud houses built on the hillside the dry sunny terrain where I looked for them and I kept them in small cages and taken their poisons.  I seen inside the room,, the table by the window which was just on opening on the wall and the light poured through left bright path on the table top.

My recalls are colorful, in minute detail and there is a reason for this.

What is my point here? What I have learned about self and the Valances I played out: what abilities I have and these are from Overt -being bad, having evil intentions to harm and learning from Overts I have gained insight I could not gain from being just good.

Good is good, and being good is a consideration to which we arrive by evaluation same as being evil. Do I feel guilty when I recall I done some horrendous crime.. no , not at all, not by now,  now I look at these recall, regardless what ever they are: just on experience I have had.

By recalling events-experiences like the above I truly understood the diversity what I am able to do. Great learning experiences and of course the cognitions from these recalls are the true value… hehehe and knowing I just fallen over anther log which was holding me back.

So, the snakes are gone and I am richer by the understanding just how good I have been doing what it taken handle those incredibly venomous snakes with their deadly gift- poisons.. After all that is not run of the mill occupation!

For me finding Overts in sessions is something special, and I have realised their value from the beginning on and that was the reason after doing all OT levels and Nots, I bought 36 hours of Integrity Rundown which was geared to handle only Overts. That was  the best auditing I got at St Hill.



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