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dark.. darkness

is the place where all secrets are hidden, where things we want to be forgotten, we don’t want to remember of, where we don’t want others to go and find things which they should not know because than they would no longer think of us as nice-good etc..

Darkness is the same  concept as emptiness or void and do the same job for us: covers up, blocks out everything beautifully   and no one can see them no one can see into our little dark bundle were all our secrets hidden.

LRH had a name for ”dark deeds” he called them OVERTS… well, it is my favorite subjects to have session on but not all will surface under that name ‘overts but ”secrets”, what I have hidden in the dark  … wow ..  than we will  really get things moving.

there are some sayings: lets keep our little secret in the dark , he has a dark past, we don’t want to dig into his /her dark past its better to be forgotten.

Secrets =Overts can only exist when the Entity  believes in singularity – believes there is I-self-me-alone and of course being something-someone. I can sin only for self hehehe.

The real downside of having secrets is that they have stopped us  in that experience therefore they are totally useless and in the long run no one really cares -gives a hoot how bad we were, what have we done and why we are hiding that bit of sin.

If I would ask a question ” who really wants to know my bad deeds ” I don’t believe one person would be interested.. because every entity is totally into imbedded -overwhelmed by their own electric storm which is full of wonderful pictures sooo entertaining that no one really cant take their attention off for a minute in fear they might miss something.

After all life is on interesting movie.

When want to unburden self, when want to get moving again I believe the magic key which opens the door to that darkness, to that well forgotten part of  existence ” What is my darkest secret?” hehehe

PS: I FORGOTTEN TO MENTION: SECRETS HAVE BECOME SOLID AND HAVE WEIGHT TOO BECAUSE THEY ARE UNTOUCHED BY THE PASSING OF OTHER EXPERIENCES,  just remained as when they were when buried-hidden into that darkness. IFFEELING A BIT DARK AFTER READING THE ABOVE LISTEN TO THIS and you can add you favorite, go for it! Long as not Wagner!!!!





Same sex relations: homosexual -lesbian

The reasons for these behaviors is very simple… but of course to come to the same conclusion well….one must have understanding how we become, how we act out… behave accordingly what we believe in and why we believe in what ever that maybe!

When the mother loves being with a man, looking at the form-body  touching-enjoying this form: the male body, and  the Entity who has attached self to this “Entity- mother” will have the same realities: hers and will only want that same kind of enjoyment: Have sex-fun same as she had.

After we gotten into the body: Our life is based- established here on mothers or fathers beliefs, that totally depends who is the dominant out of the two. [there is a post in this blog about how we are in planted through our ”parents.”]

When she will give birth to a male body, the Entity who attached self to this Mother-entity will enjoy want same as mothers has: want sex with male bodies and to him this is normal regardless what the societies reality is on this subject.

Lesbian relationship has a different base: here the father is the dominant Entity in the relationship and his thoughts are picked up and carried on- taken over by the newly arrived Entity and since the father loves -enjoys the female body and the newborn happen to be female well… the Entity who has attached self to this little female baby body when grown up will have the same realities as father and therefore want sexual relationship with female bodies.

By now I have eliminated mothers valance which was my inheritance  hehehe  and with that went sex of course, we need to erase mothers, the valances of the parents’, that is important and unfortunately this important fact was not emphasised.

We all have heard the sayings : you are just like your mother or father!!! hehehe, how true!

And how all these have affected me in this Life???? My mother was the dominant figure and she had definitely liked male bodies hehehe but by now sex as pleasure and the reasons to have has been erased.





Because LIFE  is when something is, when something can be experienced, when has meanings, to be alive, to have a life than that ”life has to be made of something and when that ”something” no longer is- when it melts back into the fiber of universal energies.. than life- the shape-forms and their meaning for that matter seas to exist.

But unfortunately the creator first is that crated form-item, otherwise those subjects cant be separately created-formed.
I know what water is therefor I am the water!

we are what we know, what we believe in.

When we are in a Ghostly State , when we are in our natural ways, we than believe we are not alive, we are not living, we are nothing, we are no one and that is the lie of all lies.

simply wow!

hehehe,  over the years on occasions i wondered what is the reason for some bodies live–operates longer than others but till now i haven’t gotten the understanding, the reasons why.

sometimes the entity  has a long stay  and other occasion something happens to the body suddenly and the entity is out.. lost the body and there is a saying ” his or her time was up!!” How true that is!

well, i just seen it in session where i was ””’renting””’ the body hehehe for a period of time and when that time is up, the function is shut off and you are out regardless we  like it or not and in another incident i was ”shopping” for strong body, i was  looking for durability , a good make, long durability was essential! There is a lot of difference in makes same as in-between the cheapest Ford model or a Bentley.. 🙂  they not all function the same way.

PS.. still  looking at these incident -concepts REALIZATION: we all think, believe that we Own the body, no.. no .. no… we just rent because if we would own than we could keep it. and another thing which  i realized sometimes back… we don’t know just how many Entities there are and believe in that they are the ”owners-renters” of the same body.

keep it in understanding that we live in a co-up, there are no boundaries, distances for us as entities.


Teleportation, Very simple to do! Here is the step by step receipt!

Recalled in session today and I seen – re-experienced about few dozen different incidents. The session was the result from the email Maurice sent me, he mentioned teleportation and that word brought on ”reading”, my space lighten up like a roman candle Wow, a new subject which I haven had a session and pronto into session I went! WOW what fun! [ for the readers who live in Hungary: the roman candle is the name of a type of fireworks.]

Here we go:

First have to get out of Valance you are in and change back into the original pure ‘’life-form’’ which is just sparkling energy, when that is done than intend to be — move into the form –the object which you want to transfer.[ as when in pure form, distance don’t exist, so you don’t need your oxygen mask, or put on your winter booties and your liquid silver overall against the elements!]

So in on instant you have reached the object of your desire and now move into and become that object’s energy field, has to be only YOU that sparkling- life-force, if there are other left over considerations beliefs still are in existence in your space than you wont make this happen.

Example: a cow, you have to become that cow, entire cow,:his means you are a cow!

Another example: a work of art, painting…. Become that canvas, frame, has to become to the last pigment, has to be a total experience what that painting is… and that would include what thoughts-beliefs that painting contains-observed by those who handled it and have seen it.. YOU are now that painting and that is your valance: all you are aware is that you are a painting and you are just that, nothing more!

But don’t get overwhelmed here!!! Since all you need to do is become… and thinking about it would not make it happen… thinking is not on OT stuff. Awareness is not the same as thinking.

When you are that painting, be where you want that painting and let it become to form again.

Now Zip out of that form and resume your own form or just enjoy the painting  by looking at in while being in Ghostly State!

They call this action teleportation – transferring – transporting the items original energy field … this kind of transferring were outlawed because hehehe the thieving become everyday affair –removing things which were not so pose to be taken… in other words stolen away from those who have preferred their surroundings in solid forms.

The punishments were severe—total elimination: which was the act of emptying the persons mind, simply erasing everything the person have known and with that went the power, all abilities of course.

By now here on Earth that easy way ‘’teleportation’’ just boiled down to taking or mailing the solid objects trucking them with UPS, train, or car etc…and this is need to be done here because people by now do not remember- know that all objects are –have their very own energy fields and before the solid objects were formed first the these energy fields was created.

Let’s not forget when teleporting, those days ‘’weight’’ something being heavy that belief hasn’t existed as now : ‘’wow, this is so heavy, we cant pick it up, we need a forklift!!’’’

On the Track when Teleportation was used that form of activity was already the watered down version how Magic has worked: making things happen by intention.

Use of Magic, makes things appear is on act of creating: and that is on the highest level exhibiting true creativity ability of on OT.

PS: draw back on teleportation: some practitioners occasionally gotten stuck remained in that item which they wanted to transport… hehehe. Just imagine being a picture for eons! LOL…these practitioners were like present time doctors…haven’t the clue how to cure!

PS; this is the way we moved-traveled from galaxies to galaxies: here today-gone tomorrow and fun we had!