Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

supreme challenge

The supreme challenge was and still is for any Entity-Spirit to have their thoughts-believes molded into solid forms and through the solidity of forms: and identifying with forms the Entity will live exist for eternity: attain infinite state.

Wow!!! What a realization LOL… but there is a slight snag: problem was in the past and that problem they still remain to these days is: matter is not infinite, matter has a life span.

And what the Entity has achieved by identification with solid forms: ‘’being something”: have accomplished exactly the opposite from the original conviction and gained the cast-iron certainty that death is inevitable… hehehe…



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  1. hello elizabeth, human and non-human races in the universe have evolved primarily to achieve eternity?

    There are very evolved human races that last from 400 years to about two thousand years, and this explains the reason for continuous evolution to obtain a stable form of physical bodies, but these bodies can not last for eternity.

    The challenge is precisely this, that is, matter and constantly evolving,
    But physical bodies can not last forever.

    I hug you!!!!!!

  2. Dom Li.. “human and non-human races in the universe have evolved primarily to achieve eternity?”
    I can only speak for self, but what I have discovered so far that is the reason… but I am just starting out on this adventure and who know what the next session will bring, what will be the new realization and how that will change what I so far know?
    When I talk of bodies to me this means FORMS.. many different form.
    I have recalled me identifying with countless variety of different forms, not just meat bodies.
    When we give up identifying with objects-bodies that happens when we understand : we just experience and nothing more than we have achieved what we thrive for and we can go, move freely and still have the knowledge that we are infinite.

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