Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I have written here many realizations I have had about the IMPLANTS –SYSTEM which were labeled by LRH as ‘’Bank’’.

Because I too confronted this complex collections of beliefs from very different side from LRH’s realities which is normal since I haven’t walked in LRH’s shoes, did not experienced what he has therefor what I seen – how I understand MEST is unique to me and what I have experienced are my realities –beliefs considerations and nothing more.

I don’t see the so called Bank as all bad aberration or see those Entities who are not connected to bodies are evil hehehe, not at all.

What I believe that my finding about the Banks gives greater understandings because I spent more session times exploring-confronting these subjects than LRH had since our reasons for doing so were poles apart.

I as well have found lots of undesirable so called ‘’negative incidents’’ but negative beliefs can’t exist, can’t be real if its matching part –belief, the positive isn’t present.

So those of you who believe in all good, want everything good-perfect hehehe, weeeell, that can’t be if still want to be in the game=MEST.

In order to have LIFE to LIVE we need the awareness and the ability to evaluate and accept all what happens in any moment as on experience.

I unquestionably explored every side- facet of the BANK-SYSTEM-IMPLANTS and found many fantastic reasons why the BANK-System is still standing.

Interestingly they give on illusion of continuum but in fact each Entities life is put together by millions of experiences and not one has originated from the same location!!!! Mind boggling discovery.


These Systems or parallel systems as the one we live now of course were put together bit by bit improved slowly by trial and they contained the elements: space, time=continuum, being-ness, personalities as =valances etc..

If any Entity want life-live as a being than best is to be in one of these systems and play along =be part of. But has to accept agree to the rules which hold the group together because those rules ensure the continuum of the game.

Personally I prefer at the present not to be anything-anyone because ‘’this state of no state’’ has it all. 🙂






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  1. Hi my dear Elizabeth in this session I had a lighting a few months ago as far as arrangements for solar systems in galaxies are concerned. The images I had about evolved races were just about game arrangements
    keep playing, that is, a game to exist must abide by the rules who did not respect the rules and out of the game was not accepted by the community, this based on the creation mest and therefore on the lie and this lie must continue through the rules of the game, these images are other solar system planets. My question is the installations were needed precisely to avoid chaos in the continuation of the games?

    Dom Li
    I hug Elizabeth

    • i had similar realizations about ”races-groups” some years back [35 years or so] those days i had session on all the levels as ”self than family, close group, nations, etc.. i even included the so called ”spiritual group,” operating without the need of bodies.
      Groups-races were developed -invented for to be different… evaluation was working and to be different was better.
      Just as you say: to have a game. 🙂

  2. Hello! Will you please rephrase your question, because I don’t get it, what do you mean by ”installation” were needed to avoid chaos
    🙂 keep it in mind that my English is not perfect.!!

  3. Excuse me elizabeth my english and translated from italian, the specific question is: was the agreement necessary to continue the game? and if some group did not respect the rules it used force through the mental implant system to enforce the rules.

    thank you so much!!!!

    • 🙂 No problem! All is well.
      I have found in some recalled incidents I was implanted by force, so called brainwashed and given different beliefs.
      This is how it happened: I was blanketed captured by strong energy field than were hit by even stronger force which had a much heavier-dancers vibration which totally wiped out my memory who I was and what I have known before, than I was given a new identity -valance and the content of this valance had the same beliefs as those who have captured me. I become the member of this group and I did not have the memory who I was before therefore I no longer were the fret to this group because i no longer were the enemy.

      When our knowledge is erased and we have no pictures-concepts of any kind than we are in a very vulnerable position and we accept, get easily attached to anything coming our ways.
      Example: When a person drops its body and soon after find another body-mother and born.
      Being born, as baby is in a total vulnerable state, because through birth has received immensely heavy pain which totally wiped out any other knowledge he have had from earlier life.
      Not having ”memory” this person has embraced his mothers beliefs while inside her body, every thought what she knows becomes his, than after birth he is thought what is the body for, what the body can do and he do everything by copying what he sees, learns from others, his parents siblings, etc.
      the reality is: he/she is forced to become the member of the group.
      The mental war exist, just think even voting for anything is enforcement of reality: the winning group whos reality gotten the most vote has happened by evaluation therefore considered it is ” better” and from than on that group is the dominant group and their rules is established: you like it or not but you have to fallow those rules.

      Example: when you were a baby, you were thought to ”walk” therefore you walk because you were enforced that belief, now if your parents would have thought you that you could float above the ground you could do just do that.
      If the human race would have this same belief that we can float, than we all would be floating hehehe just imagine cars would not be needed!!! 🙂 You see if everyone would believe that we can float than we would not have the belief that we are heavy and heavy objects cant float.
      I hope I have given the answer …. please let me know!
      By the way, thanks for the HUG! and I hug you back, Love .E.

      • My realization of my reality, what is life? an infinity of games, these games over time have become increasingly heavy has caused the confusion caused by too much energy force accumulated in identifying with mest corpses. Here on the Planet Earth Prison, most of the population is convinced of achieving their goals when in reality they are pursuing the purposes of other beings and are convinced that they are movable bodies, while in fact a being and a static without a body, are the energies the minds that move. This planet is supercontrolled intelligent life does not exist. I share with you this
        experience of images from my consciousness:
        Cosmic races in the universe

        1: This ancient breed is highly evolved spiritually and above all technologically unattable, it can create any illusion for its games.

        2: This race is evolving spiritually living in the world but is lacking in technology and is prey to evolved beings
        technologically with the consequences of captured beings.

        3: These technologically advanced races have lost their spiritual abilities, and are in constant conflict causing continual wars.
        trapping beings unaware of being caught.

        Concluding the best games are my own in agreement with other groups of beings with the same purpose.

        Sorry if I’m gone
        and it’s a pleasure to talk to you Elizabeth.

        Thank You so much
        infinite love!!!!!

        • DOM LI….
          On love…
          Love always been ‘IS” and hate-dislike has come much -much later and these concepts were born out of evaluation and because was out of evaluation is pure undiluted BANK material.
          So when the expression of ”love” not used in connection to objects -other concepts Example: ” I love you because etc..” than that is pure love of the highest order.
          Simple, yes? 🙂

  4. Fantastic, well done for your awareness. 🙂
    I was going to add to my earlier comment: regardless how we received, gained what we know it is ours and we cant blame others for how we gotten it because if we do we never can erase because we need to take responsibility for what we know.
    As you know blame is very low on any scale, lower than the frogs back side to the ground and blame is given away- assigned power. 🙂 that other are better than me, I, self..
    yes.. infinite love is a good way to describe what IS.

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