Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Reading –understanding thoughts what others have.

Occasionally I had sessions on this subject but I never really gotten into it because I bumped into a belief my own of course that reading-understanding the thoughts other have is not Ethical. NOT OK AT ALL!

So since I agreed to this in my present state I was in I did not pursued this subject any further.

But I figured this morning I should have another go on this topic because I have nothing better to confront hehehe… not a bad place to be and I love searching so I started the session.

Let me tell you I wasn’t getting anywhere again outside of the same thought: NOT ETHICAL to read-understand-pry into other person’s universe.

But I don’t give up easily!! And session continued.

I become aware of Block –wall or barrier I have put up in order not to see –understand what others were thinking and this was a solid-solid wall!

I confronted this solid obstacle –eliminated it and went on with the session.

Realized that I have the ability- knack – the gift to read thoughts so I wondered: why I cant..???

Best to open up any subject is to look for Overts hehehe and bingo! I hit the jackpot!

The transgressions I committed because I could read mind were torrential-pouring in and here is only a few:

Killed persons because what they were thinking of me, found out were they hid their valuables and I simply removed them, I blackmailed people because I knew their secrets, when gambling: playing card games I knew the opponents cards and I won every time, I have scandalized others by airing their secrets in newspapers.

And the list continues: evil intentions in abundance!

But here is something in connection which I did not know when I went into todays session: over the past year or so in session the subject of god come up… not so much the god but my connection, my beliefs in that valance: that it has power over me and that was the reason me in kneeling position and praying!!!!

Well, I know praying, being anything-anybody is a valance and part of the System-implanted material.

But this valance me praying has come back in many sessions and each incident confronted I have had understanding why I was praying yet the picture has come back over and over.

So Here I was in session up to my chin confronting Overts-committing sins – crimes and being wicked to the core and suddenly I found self again in kneeling position praying… and soon as that happened there was a blowdown and understanding has come: I PRAYED TO god TO take away the gift – ability so I no longer could commit the crimes I have done. F/N!

By the way the above incidents were not on this planet but similar because by the time I was imprisoned here I no longer had abilities which could be called extraordinary in any ways.

To me what was not ‘’ordinary’’ that suddenly I found self-having a body, being totally helpless, could not communicate, plus had to eat, forced to walk, go unconscious which is called sleep etc.. etc, but most bothersome thing was I knew I did not belong and forgotten what I was

I am positive that I will be finding more stuff to confront on the above subject because not every deed we do or done have started out as evil, on the contrary: the basic to everything we ever done were good.

Evil exist because evaluation, and evaluation exist because it is a belief and beliefs of any kind is part of-belong into the System=implant.

The System could not exist without evaluation: the negative beliefs holds in place the positive and that makes solidity: which is the Standing Wave and this opposing energy fields interwoven  gives the impression of being solid… not moving.

PS  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Keep it in mind that understanding being able to read others private thoughts takes huge courage, that person has to be brave beyond comprehension because how many persons would be willing to know: what their dearest friends think of them, what their spouses think when they see that young beautiful thing going by, or what their bosses think of them, or when the wife say: you look fantastic but thinks: wish you  would drop dead!

You see, your thoughts too would be exposed to others… so the behavior, the common courtesies which are given out and in most instances are lies would be useless and honesty would return and with that trusting others also.

In other words: simple life, uncomplicated, worry free: OT’s at play.

But there is more, much more to be contemplated on, but I will explore all the reasons 🙂

here is one: the fear alone that you will not be liked if others knew how you really are and what you think, believe in stops any one to read minds and their own private thought to be known!       fear is a major factor which purpose is to stop and definitely works.

good thing that I already have erased that major block, therefore i haven’t any and if I still would have than I would not be the Golden Vibration.

PS: picking up-knowing what others thought were source of great problems: when vital information was picked up, which no one was to know than that caused problems: what to do about it, just ignore it or not. Because by than few had the ability and these people had to keep their ability a secret or face elimination. So missed withholds galore was created, hiding, holding back, becoming introvert, none communicative.


Another PS!!!! also become problematic when the person picked up thoughts which h/s haven’t had any reality-understanding of,  or disturbing thoughts which to the person was toooooo stimulating,  therefore caused unwanted reactions, great upsets and could drive that person mad… thinking that they must be going insane.

Also if they talked about it to others who did not had any reality on the subject than again this could cause ARCB’s of every kind for all parties involved because the person would be labeled, insane, hallucinating, have wild imaginations and people after awhile would cut communication with this person.

I know LRH really wanted to regain this ability but I believe he really haven’t explored  this item at all.

more to come!



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