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Here is a success Story which was sent to me. Wins of Onus!

Backdated Success Story: Solo
Resolving COS Out-Ethics and Out-Tech:

I found this particularly useful when resolving the consequences of COS Out-Ethics and Out-Tech on my personal health and wellbeing, many years ago now. I was completely debilitated with CFS/ME as a result and unable to walk across a room. For me it was a life or death situation.

Nothing read on an e-meter through 75 hrs 2WC audited on every possible correction list, even by the senior C/S. I had a persistent F/N.
Yet I was simply keeping the body alive.

Although it had been established by Ethics investigation and Committee of Evidence that the C/S had been bypassed with OT level questions being fed to my student auditor, Standard Tech had no resolution.

By applying the following to a satisfactory EP – I blew the condition and completely resolved it’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual consequences at knowing and willing cause-effect. A stable gain.

My conclusion at the time of the unresolved Key-In was that I was in a state of:

– Total Failure as a Spiritual Being
– The Unknowable ( Tone Scale – 40.00 )

And a condition of Confusion.

It was in this state and condition that I ended cycle on the COS.

Although it was hard to accept that I might have to face and resolve my own conditions of Treason, Enemy, Doubt, Liability and Non-Existence as a Spiritual Being, the relevant LRH principles were clear. Without these LRH principles I could not have faced the situation and resolved it as I did to a complete resurgence of health and vitality, immediately upon the blow.
Gone… never to return.

Since then I have been able to support people in resolving incurable diseases with a 50:50 success rate. Sometimes the body is too far down the line. Sometimes not.
Every unwanted physical condition has a MEST source and Theta origin.

For me the resolution was simple:
Apply the Confusion Formula as a Spiritual Being.

Introduction into Scientology Ethics


There is a Condition below Treason. It is a Condition of CONFUSION.

The formula of the Condition is:

It will be seen that the progress upward would be in Confusion, find out where you are, in Treason, find out that you are; and for Enemy, find out who you are.

The additional formula for the Condition of Confusion is:

1. Locational on the area in which one is. 2. Comparing where one is to other areas where one was.
3. Repeat Step 1.

Lack of this Condition sometimes brings about an assignment of Treason in which the person cannot actually find out that he is and so occasionally does not make it on up the Conditions. Many more persons are in this Condition than is generally realized.

L Ron Hubbard

Basically I blew the whole track and the primary assumption of Beingness for the current cycle of existence.

I later attested to Natural Clear Theta Clear with Steve Bisby in the Independents. A stone’s throw from Saint Hill Manor.

That was my personal resolution.

When working with others to address chronic incurable physical conditions such as cancer and aids I have found that the principles of the Touch Assist, Perfect Duplication, Total ARC=U and the Confusion Formula apply and result in the gradient assumption of total responsibility at knowing and willing cause-effect as Source and Origin.

I have found that the capacity to confront and resolve destructive intent is based upon the capacity to accept total failure and face the unknowable.

My conclusion through my work and practical experience, many years later, is that as a result of implant mechanisms and overwhelm, the chronic state and condition of spiritual beings here in planet earth is:

A State of:
– Total Failure as a Spiritual Being
– The Unknowable (Tone Scale – 40.00 )

– An Ethics Condition of Confusion as a Spiritual Being in relation to the Physical Universe, The Dynamics, Our Basic Relationships and Theta.

In my opinion these are the prerequisites to participation in life here on Earth.

We are here for our loved ones.
We exist for ourselves and each other.
A cruel trap.


“a thetan never totally gives up.”

L Ron Hubbard

There is much to be learned from the acceptance of total failure and a willingness to face the unknowable.

The resolution is to ‘find out where you are’ per LRH.

MY NOTE:  truly a fantastic win  and I totally agree with  Onus realization:  by associating self, Having Valances= being something or somebody : causes nothing more than and we gain only:

“””””””- Total Failure as a Spiritual Being
– The Unknowable ( Tone Scale – 40.00 )

And a condition of Confusion.”””””

Me knowing the existence of these  conditions are the reason for continual sessions: I simply want to know why, for what reason  were created and  believed in what ever I have experienced.




supreme challenge

The supreme challenge was and still is for any Entity-Spirit to have their thoughts-believes molded into solid forms and through the solidity of forms: and identifying with forms the Entity will live exist for eternity: attain infinite state.

Wow!!! What a realization LOL… but there is a slight snag: problem was in the past and that problem they still remain to these days is: matter is not infinite, matter has a life span.

And what the Entity has achieved by identification with solid forms: ‘’being something”: have accomplished exactly the opposite from the original conviction and gained the cast-iron certainty that death is inevitable… hehehe…


Found the reason for aging, the cause of aging and with that in place I found the

Fountain of youth!

because this post here I have continued with the session looking for the reason for the state these Monks were in and why the land too was in such a lifeless state. my new realization will be at the bottom of this article.

🙂 Moment of creation-having fun. 🙂

I don’t have ”imagination” none what so ever, what I write here is recalled.  I have had many sessions on specific subjects in order to recover earlier experiences, eliminate blocked memory but also cognitions from every session’s  widens the awareness also and recalling becomes easier and easier. 🙂

All I could see is gray mist than I noticed a tinny sparkle of golden light but it was so slight was close to be absorbed by the denseness of the mist and  I knew it could go out at any moment-die.

I moved through the heavy mist and now I seen land, gently rolling lifeless land, the soil was gray same color as the mist was from above, I touched the soil and it crumbled away, become mere dust, dead.

I could see the land was hoed and here and there life was struggling to grow from death but hasn’t had much chance because nothing can grow from death. I realized that tinny sparkle I have seen in the great gray mist has created this miserable vegetation.

I touched these plants not with hands since I was invisible haven’t taken on form and soon as I touched them they straitened up and looked stronger visibly have grown. I smiled and they smiled back at me.

I the distance there were scattered adobes same color as the earth and these buildings too seemed lifeless-stood minus motion in the glaring light

A monk stepped out and shielded his eyes from the shrieking brightness  looked toward me, I waved back , by than I too was ‘’wearing’’ robe of heavy dark brownish-gray in color, the hood was over the head and I knew the monk from the distance could not see the robe was moving by itself as it should be if a body would be in it but I did not bothered having a body when things could be done much easier than being disturbed by weighty limiting thing as bodies and dragging it about it just for show for the sake of appearances: to be part of the group.

As I ‘’walked’’ over the fields life returned to the soil, its coloring changed into rich brown and become moist, I felt the force trebling and plants started to grow rapidly.

But still something was missing: not one tree could be seen!

Next I was in a white washed room, inside the abode and monks were seated around the table eating something which looked like bread in shape but not in color, which was sort of grayish and looked solid. One of the monks pushed one piece toward me but not looking at me, none have so far.

Soon as I touched this thing it turned color, become light weightless delight to hold and to experience and its fragrance spread filled the small room and I noted there were deep sighs taken as the life-force moved penetrated the Monks space.

Night -darkness hit the surface of the planet and I too was laying on a narrow cot in a tinny cell: the image was not me, just formality! Not to cause ARCB’s for others.

But I was not in the body, I was experiencing the clear space directly above the land which was now minus of that heavy-gray cover which choked all life and I knew gray mist was not there because the Monks were asleep and in their sleep they could not be causing producing that reality of death-lifeless space.

As I looked on the terrain I observed a tree close to the abodes appeared, glowing golden and sparkling in the sapphire light and the all over the land now were dotted with small clusters of trees and among the clumps of tall growth surface of a small lake mirrored billions of stars.

In the morning light the Monks stood around the tree and stared transfixed at this miracle which appeared overnight and then they noticed golden objects were hanging on its branches, one has fallen and one of the Monk hesitantly –timidly picked up the golden fruit and he haven’t noticed as he touched the pear his gray colored parchment skin changed hue, there was sparkling energy in and around him, invisible to their eyes, but it was there.

The Monk could not look away from the fruit and haven’t noticed now the other Monks gathered around him and they too were looking on mesmerized: watch in rapture as their mate touched the fruit to his face and in union the Monks closed their eyes and inhaled the fragrance of the life-force.

I was gone= that experience ended:)

recently had more sessions on ”healing” and brought awareness how we change environments as we  change.

This of course is normal because as we slowly withdraw our agreements by erasing unwanted incidents with this act our power bit by bit returns.

I am  very exited !!!!

I had immense amount of sessions on aging -old and on every kind of beliefs i could dig up on these subjects after all i had to because this body in coming november will be 78.

I had huge wins =shift in awareness because these sessions and I know I don’t age etc.. but the concepts still exists and till I they do they have to be confronted.

While we are young, in youth we are in the  ”life-force” or connected to it to on extant how we feel, how we are able to create, accomplish, build, produce  because that is what grows out of the ”life-force”. Interest, excitement, go getter, anticipation for the future etc.

Than all that activity slows down [this depends on the individual  when] and than all seems to stop.

We maintain our position than after a while things our universe-life becomes smaller, than it is standing still, just maintaining the body, doing small things waiting for the release, the departure till the day we be free again.

YOUTH: being in experiencing the life-force.

OLD AGE: hit by a standing wave.

Standing Wave do not contain the Golden Vibration the energy which cause and support life, but by being in the Standing Wave everything which was caused by the Golden Vibration=life-force is overwhelmed -stopped and  becomes lifeless… What was once created returns to dust… into nothingness. Example: compare a young meat body to on old aged body…. hehehe what do you see? the sap is sucked out of the old body and the youthful body is firm!

Example: the above post where the Standing Wave=block of unmoving energy stopped creativity=growth. Than the stronger vital force eliminated -replaced that dead energy.

I believe I have reached the basic-basic on this topic! 🙂

Since people ”feel-experience” the other persons energy before they actually look at their body. and by now I have erased age-old -life and i am not in a human valance because of this when people ”experience” my space, its vibration become a bit confused.

Their eyes what its sees: the aged body do not compare to what they have experienced, the golden vibration of youth..  of course not one believes if my age come up that ”I am 77! hehehe.

The vibration of my space is so strong that it yanks attention from young man but when they ”look” they see on old lady…  I wont write of their reaction. 🙂 I am not ”interested” in any ways but this phenomenon  is note worthy and it is the testimony that Auditing-the tech works but has to be used. 🙂








not all is evil, in fact evil don’t exists!

I have written here many realizations I have had about the IMPLANTS –SYSTEM which were labeled by LRH as ‘’Bank’’.

Because I too confronted this complex collections of beliefs from very different side from LRH’s realities which is normal since I haven’t walked in LRH’s shoes, did not experienced what he has therefor what I seen – how I understand MEST is unique to me and what I have experienced are my realities –beliefs considerations and nothing more.

I don’t see the so called Bank as all bad aberration or see those Entities who are not connected to bodies are evil hehehe, not at all.

What I believe that my finding about the Banks gives greater understandings because I spent more session times exploring-confronting these subjects than LRH had since our reasons for doing so were poles apart.

I as well have found lots of undesirable so called ‘’negative incidents’’ but negative beliefs can’t exist, can’t be real if its matching part –belief, the positive isn’t present.

So those of you who believe in all good, want everything good-perfect hehehe, weeeell, that can’t be if still want to be in the game=MEST.

In order to have LIFE to LIVE we need the awareness and the ability to evaluate and accept all what happens in any moment as on experience.

I unquestionably explored every side- facet of the BANK-SYSTEM-IMPLANTS and found many fantastic reasons why the BANK-System is still standing.

Interestingly they give on illusion of continuum but in fact each Entities life is put together by millions of experiences and not one has originated from the same location!!!! Mind boggling discovery.


These Systems or parallel systems as the one we live now of course were put together bit by bit improved slowly by trial and they contained the elements: space, time=continuum, being-ness, personalities as =valances etc..

If any Entity want life-live as a being than best is to be in one of these systems and play along =be part of. But has to accept agree to the rules which hold the group together because those rules ensure the continuum of the game.

Personally I prefer at the present not to be anything-anyone because ‘’this state of no state’’ has it all. 🙂





Mind Reading –understanding thoughts what others have.

Reading –understanding thoughts what others have.

Occasionally I had sessions on this subject but I never really gotten into it because I bumped into a belief my own of course that reading-understanding the thoughts other have is not Ethical. NOT OK AT ALL!

So since I agreed to this in my present state I was in I did not pursued this subject any further.

But I figured this morning I should have another go on this topic because I have nothing better to confront hehehe… not a bad place to be and I love searching so I started the session.

Let me tell you I wasn’t getting anywhere again outside of the same thought: NOT ETHICAL to read-understand-pry into other person’s universe.

But I don’t give up easily!! And session continued.

I become aware of Block –wall or barrier I have put up in order not to see –understand what others were thinking and this was a solid-solid wall!

I confronted this solid obstacle –eliminated it and went on with the session.

Realized that I have the ability- knack – the gift to read thoughts so I wondered: why I cant..???

Best to open up any subject is to look for Overts hehehe and bingo! I hit the jackpot!

The transgressions I committed because I could read mind were torrential-pouring in and here is only a few:

Killed persons because what they were thinking of me, found out were they hid their valuables and I simply removed them, I blackmailed people because I knew their secrets, when gambling: playing card games I knew the opponents cards and I won every time, I have scandalized others by airing their secrets in newspapers.

And the list continues: evil intentions in abundance!

But here is something in connection which I did not know when I went into todays session: over the past year or so in session the subject of god come up… not so much the god but my connection, my beliefs in that valance: that it has power over me and that was the reason me in kneeling position and praying!!!!

Well, I know praying, being anything-anybody is a valance and part of the System-implanted material.

But this valance me praying has come back in many sessions and each incident confronted I have had understanding why I was praying yet the picture has come back over and over.

So Here I was in session up to my chin confronting Overts-committing sins – crimes and being wicked to the core and suddenly I found self again in kneeling position praying… and soon as that happened there was a blowdown and understanding has come: I PRAYED TO god TO take away the gift – ability so I no longer could commit the crimes I have done. F/N!

By the way the above incidents were not on this planet but similar because by the time I was imprisoned here I no longer had abilities which could be called extraordinary in any ways.

To me what was not ‘’ordinary’’ that suddenly I found self-having a body, being totally helpless, could not communicate, plus had to eat, forced to walk, go unconscious which is called sleep etc.. etc, but most bothersome thing was I knew I did not belong and forgotten what I was

I am positive that I will be finding more stuff to confront on the above subject because not every deed we do or done have started out as evil, on the contrary: the basic to everything we ever done were good.

Evil exist because evaluation, and evaluation exist because it is a belief and beliefs of any kind is part of-belong into the System=implant.

The System could not exist without evaluation: the negative beliefs holds in place the positive and that makes solidity: which is the Standing Wave and this opposing energy fields interwoven  gives the impression of being solid… not moving.

PS  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Keep it in mind that understanding being able to read others private thoughts takes huge courage, that person has to be brave beyond comprehension because how many persons would be willing to know: what their dearest friends think of them, what their spouses think when they see that young beautiful thing going by, or what their bosses think of them, or when the wife say: you look fantastic but thinks: wish you  would drop dead!

You see, your thoughts too would be exposed to others… so the behavior, the common courtesies which are given out and in most instances are lies would be useless and honesty would return and with that trusting others also.

In other words: simple life, uncomplicated, worry free: OT’s at play.

But there is more, much more to be contemplated on, but I will explore all the reasons 🙂

here is one: the fear alone that you will not be liked if others knew how you really are and what you think, believe in stops any one to read minds and their own private thought to be known!       fear is a major factor which purpose is to stop and definitely works.

good thing that I already have erased that major block, therefore i haven’t any and if I still would have than I would not be the Golden Vibration.

PS: picking up-knowing what others thought were source of great problems: when vital information was picked up, which no one was to know than that caused problems: what to do about it, just ignore it or not. Because by than few had the ability and these people had to keep their ability a secret or face elimination. So missed withholds galore was created, hiding, holding back, becoming introvert, none communicative.


Another PS!!!! also become problematic when the person picked up thoughts which h/s haven’t had any reality-understanding of,  or disturbing thoughts which to the person was toooooo stimulating,  therefore caused unwanted reactions, great upsets and could drive that person mad… thinking that they must be going insane.

Also if they talked about it to others who did not had any reality on the subject than again this could cause ARCB’s of every kind for all parties involved because the person would be labeled, insane, hallucinating, have wild imaginations and people after awhile would cut communication with this person.

I know LRH really wanted to regain this ability but I believe he really haven’t explored  this item at all.

more to come!