Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

prisoner and minus power

When on a Prison Planet and being a prisoner we do not have the power of our own INTENTION to take place, materialize and change circumstances- condition we are in and of course we are in what we are in because we do believe that we are!

I been looking for creative power, how intention works, and why, what reasons I am not able to change somethings but most of all I wanted to change able to move objects without use of the hands: the Body.

So far I have found thousands of different reasons why I can’t and every one of these – considerations I have had so far have been very legitimate explanations why I can’t have my own intentions materials.

Yet I know it can be done but what baffled confused me how we-I am influenced by having the body and why only this chunk meet thing allowed to do things and even that doing-ness creativity is very limited.

The point being a prisoner is the body… presence a body, connected to the body, and to identify with the body as self and because of these beliefs + agreements on the same: all creative activity is only acceptable to happen has to be fashioned –built- made –prepared by hand =body.

Please note: ACCEBTABLE way of doing things, this here on this Planets happens because it is on agreed upon reality by all occupants.

Hehehe even pleasure is only permitted –allowed through the ‘’ SENSES ’’ =touch, perceive –taste etc: by the use of the body! and believed that none of these exists if we don’t have a body. Collective agreements  are very -very powerful, hehehe and they are the reasons you believe you need to walk to get someplace and cant float ; small example.

Are we the victims to some incredible evil deed… OF COURSE WE ARE AND THAT evil-nasty-suppressive wonderful –brilliant-perfect in every way that creative Entity is no other than OURSELF!

Because whatever we are in, that state that being-ness is our own creation.

This morning’s session was about ‘’allowing to have or not to have’’ of course O/W’s finding them brought realization how demanding, controlling I have been, Oh… this is not news but  I still love to confront Overts, my favorite part of sessions; because I know what I have done to others first and foremost I have done to myself.

About power, personal power, intention etc.. we all have it but our own beliefs have nulled  that power and remains nulled till all the reasons are erased.

By now I am doing really good: regained immense but i know I still have lot to confront.. learn.

PS!!!!! OT at Play while having a human body!! You need to look at this video, she is at the end part with the puppet






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