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prisoner and minus power

When on a Prison Planet and being a prisoner we do not have the power of our own INTENTION to take place, materialize and change circumstances- condition we are in and of course we are in what we are in because we do believe that we are!

I been looking for creative power, how intention works, and why, what reasons I am not able to change somethings but most of all I wanted to change able to move objects without use of the hands: the Body.

So far I have found thousands of different reasons why I can’t and every one of these – considerations I have had so far have been very legitimate explanations why I can’t have my own intentions materials.

Yet I know it can be done but what baffled confused me how we-I am influenced by having the body and why only this chunk meet thing allowed to do things and even that doing-ness creativity is very limited.

The point being a prisoner is the body… presence a body, connected to the body, and to identify with the body as self and because of these beliefs + agreements on the same: all creative activity is only acceptable to happen has to be fashioned –built- made –prepared by hand =body.

Please note: ACCEBTABLE way of doing things, this here on this Planets happens because it is on agreed upon reality by all occupants.

Hehehe even pleasure is only permitted –allowed through the ‘’ SENSES ’’ =touch, perceive –taste etc: by the use of the body! and believed that none of these exists if we don’t have a body. Collective agreements  are very -very powerful, hehehe and they are the reasons you believe you need to walk to get someplace and cant float ; small example.

Are we the victims to some incredible evil deed… OF COURSE WE ARE AND THAT evil-nasty-suppressive wonderful –brilliant-perfect in every way that creative Entity is no other than OURSELF!

Because whatever we are in, that state that being-ness is our own creation.

This morning’s session was about ‘’allowing to have or not to have’’ of course O/W’s finding them brought realization how demanding, controlling I have been, Oh… this is not news but  I still love to confront Overts, my favorite part of sessions; because I know what I have done to others first and foremost I have done to myself.

About power, personal power, intention etc.. we all have it but our own beliefs have nulled  that power and remains nulled till all the reasons are erased.

By now I am doing really good: regained immense but i know I still have lot to confront.. learn.

PS!!!!! OT at Play while having a human body!! You need to look at this video, she is at the end part with the puppet






Result of this mornings session: cog.

Over the years I had many sessions on items for reasons wanting to ‘’improve’’ my memory and the retention of materials I read, or just simply not to forget what I needed to do in the near future.

As the so called ‘’my life wound down’’ because of the aging of body and that caused of me stepping out of the  usual, normal  activities and moved into retirement; that means stepping out of the mainstream of the implanted activities.

This  life I haven’t had ‘’good memory’’ in fact I never could recall more than one line from a poem, a song, no matter how much I wanted to know and to memorize them I could not.

and I definitely had problems recalling faces, and names, dates and spelling well forget that subject.. Even as a Hungarian where we did not had to spell words because we pronounced everything the same way as had to be written  Yet  in school, in my class I was the worst when it comes to write because of misspelling words, and the teacher  could not figure out why a Hungarian could not write Hungarian properly?

[ yet all the way through in school I was top student!]

Well, I think a bit of brain damage at birth caused that problem, being born with the cord around the neck, plus the backside come out first, blue in the face, half dead already.

Keep it in mind while we are attached to the mothers body at her pregnancy at that period we are that body, we have become mothers body and we know-record every word, thought, belief, consideration she has, than after birth of our ‘’body’’ when we are introduced educated about life by our parents, teachers etc, we get wider range- more of the implanted material.

The important fact is when WE ARE OUR MOTHERS BODY her believes-reality is the basic and her beliefs will become the very foundation for us, how we will live our life, where we heading.

I am getting long winded here.

My mother had Alzheimer’s and we, my two sisters and I of course ‘’inherited ‘’ the condition. [ the older sister is in the nursing home and cant remember my name, only knows that I am her sister she is 80 and the younger is 74 but her state of dementia is where she really don’t know she has forgotten things already]

By in my mid 50’s I have noticed remembering was getting worst so I started sessions on those items and  that was 20 years back and since than ‘’my memory’’ has improved incredibly because of elimination all the counter intentions. I know auditing works.

Last night a thought come to me concerning doing laundry and why would I forget something so normal as doing a load of laundry?

Into session with that concept I went and within a few seconds I had a huge realization why it is so incredibly important to have a great memory- recall: because that knowledge retained – kept- preserved – with that information intact we hang on to the implanted crap we are made to believe that is ‘’life’’ itself.

‘’’’’’’’’’’’It is the demand, enforced, imposed implanted belief and that safeguards the implants existence, will remain and will continue and hold the Entities in its Prison= subdued unresponsive passive. ‘’’’’’’

Every time we remember, want to remember with that we are returning to MAMA: the implant.

Please understand that I know what is life and what remembering means to those who are in the state of being ‘’human’’, so I am not putting down anyone, not my intention at all. After all this blog is a Diary a Journal of my adventures!.

What I write here is only my reality I don’t say it is the truth and nothing but the truth… that kind of truth one has to find for them selfs.

Those who are in the State of dementia  or Alzheimer are struggling, and are in total panic because they cant recall, cant remember their experiences., and the problem is because that experience  was the only thing believed … made to believe was real.

Drugs, treatments will never work because drugs cant bring back experiences which were in the first place ”illusions” and nothing more.

Unfortunately the implant material do not contain information about after life, how we live-operate and the reason for not having this information: after all the information would free the Entity and the only purpose the implant is for to keep the entity imprisoned for eternity.

by not having information outside what the implant contains the Entity needs to remember, to retain identity, beingness, the valance it self and to have life get a new body again and again and again !!!!!


PS; I am not in the Facebook… that Elizabeth Hamre is not me and no relation.


To Esp Sze about magic! the golden vibration.

Thank you very much for sharing, I am most interested to hear your experiences -recalls.

As I said I did not know this Golden Vibration was in connection with magic: OT ability, normal way of living as Entities.

First time I recalled in session doing magic and that session was about 26-27 years back and it was on the Magical planet which has been exploded in the Crab Nebula.

My recall that time went on for days and I recalled in minute detail everything about this magnificent garden planet and its occupants. I must add this planet existed because there was no ‘’negative’’ opposing realities and when negative –opposing reality entered into the space of Golden vibration that negative was burned off automatically by the Golden Vibration.

: which I did not realized than in those recalls but now I know the increase –rise  in the ‘’instant cognitions’’  happens when something=altered realities –falsehoods  comes into my space… of course this phenomenon has increased as the knowledge from cognitions have been accumulating hence the name Burn off= as-ising.

Than I did not have body but wispy floating vapor But occasionally I acted if I would have one: Example: I floated in the most magnificent garden and I ”wanted” something.. hehehe.. it was a drink  and in that moment in my invisible hand a tall green glass appeared and in it was my favorite juice: nectar of peaches I really love the taste-experience of that fruit!

I even recalled in session what I even though than, “it will be the death of me’’ being addicted to have the experience of drinking nectar. [Peaches fragrance of peaches till this days cause immense pleasure]

I drank the juice of course I only experienced the taste, the fragrance and nothing more and as I ”drank it” it the liquid  vanished back into where it has been conjured from but the empty glass was hanging-levitating in the air..

I wondered what to do with the glass and had on idea in that moment I turned the green glass into it a beautiful little colorful bird, which was love bird, and I thought it will be my wedding present to someone named Saniffar … as the bird hovered I pick up its though, he asked me for a mate did, he not wanted to be alone.

I apologized to the bird for being so thoughtless not thinking of this myself and I picked up a shiny flat pebble from the ground I hoovered over and turned that pebble into its another little bird who in comparison was a bit plain in color , they happily side by side flown off together.

I recalled many similar things and one of them was I turned a person’s tears into the flower Forget -me -Not.[ tears were from negative and flowers grown from golden vibration]

My recalls about that part of existence what I would like to call being OT.

Once I recalled vegetation on some planet has grown and I was the cause, this Golden energy made it happen.

In this Life as Elizabeth I created beautiful gardens out of empty yards, 300 roses, plus dozens of other variety of flowers I could bring home from the nurseries they were not only growing from the ground but climbed on fences, gates, trellises and covered the gazebo and  the rambler was growing to cover the bungalows roof and people from all over come to see this wondrous garden.

I knew the garden flowed golden energy which was I called a Beacon which went into -out of the Earth’s atmosphere and I knew the gardens were my ”body”.

The Beacon was a homing device for entities. J

But till few days back I haven’t associated this vibration with so called enlightenment.

Over the years of course I had immense amount of sessions in order to understand what magic is and I wanted to know how I lost it.

I simply wanted to regain the state I was in as Wu-Y, that was the name I had on that planet.

About this golden energy: I know it draws Entities.. and I never had ”fear” about the so called BTs -Clusters, to me reading about their existence in the OT material brought incredible blowdown and I knew knowing their existence, our co-existence with that understanding; have arrived; I was back home.

I love the reality knowing I share or they share= we are in one reality and because of it I left the church in 82 on Flag’s C/S ordered me to stop my adventures of me having sessions on my own after OT 7.. I said good bye and I never looked back.

Whatever I have done so far was and will be the very reason to understand how we operate-live as Entities.

Oh, I almost forgot I recalled once being on a planet  its surface was barren so were the cottages -huts  but soon after me being there plants, flowering trees appeared, the cottages were covered with  flowering vines, water bubbled up from the grounds and this spread the greenery flowed into the barren land and become lush-beautiful.

Another time I was a Monk, working in the garden and plants not only what were cultivated but different unknown -never seen before started to grow and they were growing matured very fast.

I also have other recalls about gardens growing around me and things appearing out of nothing and I want that to happen again.

Please share your experiences to me that would be very helpful, on ”opening” into a different reality-universe.

PS: i believe the gardens  were replaced by the Blog… and now the blog is that golden energy.


my heart is pounding— huge win…

[i don’t have a heart!]

The session started out by realizing that something valuable has been taken away from me something missing, something has been lost.

I located few items but not one I believed held value because to me life—having life has no value outside of being able to have sessions.

Then I located a Golden mass of energy-  light gold in color and I instantly recognized this Golden vibrating energy because I have seen this before in different sessions over the years  in about twenty incident. But not once I understood the meaning what this Golden Light-Vibration meant.

I felt bad in this session, felt empty but soon as I seen this Golden Energy I knew I felt bad because I was not inside but outside of it and where I was the space was empty, void and colorless,  and I KNEW THAT THE Golden Vibration was happiness, total contentment.

Soon as I realized this I was, I have become this Golden Energy—and I also realized from this Energy everything is created, that this is the basic creative energy also called Golden Ratio.

Then I started to recall different occasions when I used this to create as one would  like  doing magic.

I also seen other life times and when I have last achieved-returned back to this State my original form while having a human form.[ the body is not me, or my form, never have been.]

I have mentioned in this blog before I have been a well-known so called’’ teacher-healer’’ in the past few thousand years earlier, but then I haven’t gained the knowledge and for this I had to return.

Now for the first time I really understand what Enlightenment means and I am.

Now folks this do not means I am holy, saintly,  divine, and I will be sitting on cloud strumming some imaginary golden harp… hell no…  Enlightenment is  not for the likes of me , not for resting  on my skinny  backside but trotting on full speed   because this reality is just a reality same as any other.

Hehehe but the  banners are flying high above the mountains  in  Nepal in celebration and of course the Rockies too 🙂 I clearly can see them. 🙂 and so many said that auditing don’t work!!!

PS::::: nothing enlightening about just knowing the words, even if the knowledge is from realizations but the  ”enlightenment” is when the entities space is pure in this case light gold in coloration than the knowledge too unaltered.. pure, it seems both components are needed to have this State in place. 🙂

by the way mentioning gaining new ”states” simply means new understanding  has been gained on a matter  which till now was unknown, has been mystery,  cognitions do sort out misunderstandings, clear away lies.. etc..




Great session and Win for Maurice Green.

Maurice is a solo auditor and has been for the past 50 years and Maurice is my beloved friend which is a bonus for both of us.. we share our experiences gained while exploring the Universe.

here is his session-win:

 “””””Had an unusual session the last few days.  I was feeling massy so I ran down my list and came to the end with nothing reading.  I went ahead and started as-ising the mass anyway, just looking at it repeatedly and blowing the mass bit by bit.  Even though I didn’t know what it was all about.  A few hours later, same thing – still felt massy and went through the list again and nothing read.  Just resumed blowing the mass for about an hour.  Later still same thing again – mass shows up  – went through the list but this time got a whopping read on “implant”.  Turns out it was an implant where I was told how “important” and “vital” and “wonderful” it was to “have a body” or better yet, “to be a body”.  That I am “nothing” without a body. Spent a bunch of hours blowing this stuff.   A very very basic implant that was so insidious it was trying to hide itself from me.  This was never supposed to be discovered.  Too bad, it was discovered anyway :-).””””””

PS from me: great win because something invisible and well-hidden was discovered which still had its affect and this result come about showing that the Tech. works no matter how well hidden, forgotten the incident has become.

 new awareness and becoming aware  how the ”implant” made the entity believe the importance of having a body is really -incredibly important realization.

The Track is full with hidden forgotten items, well, everything is if the person can’t recall, go back into earlier life’s but there are some incidents as above which were intended to never be found.

These incidents are truly suppressive mechanism and were designed to control, with that enslave, BUT here is my favorite “”BUT’’ when being controlled we are of course defeated and become powerless.

The only reason ‘’control’’ is exercised over someone is to eliminate the power which the person has.

Great win my friend!! Much love to you as always!