Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe



[This realization was last year.]

Four DAYS BACK I STEPPED INTO A VERY DIFFERENT UNIVERSE, at first by having a ‘’cognition’’ I did not know this happened, all I knew what I felt and the understanding something was happening but I haven’t had a clue what was going on.

Than Symbols – Significances –pictures started and the realizations flowed like Ganges.

This Universe don’t contain evaluation, because here doesn’t have negative or positive side, here it simply IS.

This is the State as would be in Fairy Tales: ‘’ one lives happily ever after’’.

This is the State when someone dreams of being free from all the worldly miseries; this would be the place where that harmony exists.

This is the State when one falls in love believes thinks will last forever and it will be.

This is the State when those who live in condition being poor-in poverty dream what riches-wealth would be like to live in and l

This is the State the drug users believe when they shooting up or snort chemicals- whatever will transport them into, but never happens. Here drugs or any other form of whatever not needed to enhance, not even comfort foods to make one feel happy-contented, because here simply that IS.

This Is the State those who meditate hope to enter into and gain lastingness but that will never happen because what wasn’t confronted erased will pull the person back.

This is the State we all thought will be attained by doing the OT Levels and we be in this magical realm, finally I am.

This Is the State I thought if I would have a Magic Wand than I could transport self to, but than that would not have worked because I would not understood what I would be in because I would not understood what I have been in what it means: what has created the beliefs-illusions of solidity in the first place! So Magic wands are useless.

This is the State when those who belong to those fanatic groups and they believe if those persons who are outside of their belief would be eliminated than they would be sitting pretty strumming their hand harps and live happily forever. HEHEHE…the bad, unwanted has to be eliminated-erased from within and blaming others for the state we are in just don’t cut it, don’t get any one out of the crap they believe they are in.

This is the State where none of the human realities exist, no values, no evaluations, nothing has importance, there are no contradictory elements-beliefs pulling the entity toward different experiences.

This is the State nothing visible to the eyes yet still having it all.

This is the State which cannot be described by words, significances but only can be explained ‘’what is not’’.

If could be described than could not be what is because only things- matter can be described Example; on apple can be described but the energy, that unseen vibration of the apple cannot be seen by the eyes, that vibration cannot be described to those who only see with their eyes. But of course can be felt-sensed. That is the reason apples are so loved, and cats- dogs too!

Same is with this Vibration which is not in connection with the Earths vibration, but totally separated and same goes for the level of awareness on understanding what the Universe is about.

Some of you who are reading this and wisely nod your head and think that you know exactly what I am talking about than I am disappointing you because before anyone can experience such a vibration-state and understand what is and before that can happen that person has to experience and understand what  MEST is about to a smallest factor.

This state has nothing to do with reality: this means: whatever has been learned from the moment on person entered into ‘’life’’ by having a body, because this state cannot be learned but has to be earned by confrontation and eraser what was believed was real and solid= life as it is known.

And don’t anyone believe that this is god state…. NO! Definitely not, this is not on implanted state.

What next? Will see.




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  1. Wow!

    what cognition did you have that brought the new state?

    • Hi Brian, I am writing a post as on answer, because the answer can not be given in few sentences.
      Everyone would like to have Free Will, their intention to work and in this regained State has that. The post will be addressed to you. 🙂

    • Brian… No single cognition can bring on, transport any one permanently onto different level of awareness.
      This was unfortunately proven correct because those who have done the OT Levels did not gained stable condition on the lever which their cognitions was. Therefore by those who have done the OT levels which included me we believed that something was wrong and in most cases nearly 100 percent believed that scientology – auditing did not work and these person have blown.
      Also those who haven’t done the OT levels but were in contact to those who have, these persons too seen that those so called OT’s were not really OT’s.
      You see, few cognitions or even few thousands of cognition don’t cut it.
      Sessions by tens of thousands as I have done in 44 years, in these sessions I have erased– SEPERATED SELF from beliefs with that stimulating masses of energy in which those beliefs were buried in.
      For me the State, I like to call is ghostly state become more and more real, this means the so called beliefs that things are solid were losing its grip on me.

      Poverty is a state which of course has immense amount of considerations and these considerations are imbedded into energy field and this field is held in place by these beliefs and agreements. Poverty-poor not having do manifest itself, produces symbols which everyone recognizes … all too obvious.
      Now wealth –having that Midas Touch that person who has that is in a different level.. gotten stuck in that vibration which too includes immense amount of thoughts -beliefs etc but at the same time manifest itself in different manner as poverty, here are the symbols significances are totally different!!! Castles, private jets, silks, and satins, etc..

      Me, here I was stuck on poverty level and I had life time worth of sessions which slowly eliminated the beliefs and not only ”not having” i also explored many sessions-incidents of sessions when I had abilities when i had it all.
      So I not only erased negative but ”intentions” believes why we have, why we can do and why those things happens. So in general I confronted every belief- thoughts i could come up with.

      While I was working on winning the Lotto I did not realized that level where persons have the Midas touch Is on a totally different level from where poverty, being poor, having just enough, covering the bare minimum.

      Now I have complete understanding what holds the human realities in place.

  2. I look forward to reading it.

    • If you want more than what I have just written than 604 477 1050
      By the was one of the cognition was, ”I am” that means when we experience cold we are that cold, when we taste the sweetness of the apple, we are that sweetness, when we inhale that exhaustion from cars we are that fume.
      We don’t feel it, we are it.. same goes for being rich or poor.

    • have i answered the question?

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