Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Where is our power?  Read the lost few sentences ”with great care!”

It is exactly there where we have placed it, it is in the form of belief we have, our realities about the world around us, the way of thinking, considering, agreeing to something: when we declared it, confirmed it, stated it, professed it, acknowledged it, agreed to whatever we have it or we don’t have it!”

This means: when we repeatedly announce to self, with that to the Universe: can’t be done, I am not capable; I am too small, too weak, not my field, never learnt it, I don’t know ETC….ETC… ETC.

When we declare when we announce that we can’t do something in that moment we assign to Self: WE DELARE SELF TO BE ‘’’’’POWERLESS!!’’’’’

And wonder where your power is and why failure exists? Why haven’t got what you want? Why you are poor, why you are in the state you are in?

That State is blaming others and everything for the condition experienced regardless that state is good or bad.

Blame is assigned power and that means believing not having something because: being more, by being different from what you want to be because what other have done to you, and blame others for those condition experienced and not liking it, yet can’t change a bloody thing about it and that blame accusation is lower on the Tone Scale than the frogs back side in sitting position and that is low.

LRH talks about assigned power I can’t recall his definition but I am writing here what I realized because confrontation.

First step to help Self to move out of that low-low negative state is taking responsible for Self in all matters: that we are the cause of it.

After all no one have caused that state but Self by believing, Example: a small demonstration: bite into on apple, and whatever you taste is your understanding what you just experienced:  No one can give you that sensation, same goes for any other experiences,  so why bother to blame others for any condition? Hehehe.. Blaming is assigning power the that other person or thing.

I love this ‘’realizations’’ I got regarding assigned power, and made me realize that EVALUATION is nothing more than giving power to that subject: Example: apple is sour, apple is sweet, hehehe here is a good one “By marrying me You made me the happiest man on this Earth!”

WOW… now that is placing a Hell of a Lot of responsibility on that woman’s universe!!!! Poor thing, how could she live up to something like that: keeping that man in happy state? Divorce is inevitable, and of course that is her fault!

The Country is going to Hell because Trump… wow… with this negative consideration+ millions of agreements people make it sure that Trump fails….but at the end they will be the winner because they knew it all along and can say : I told you so! Such a pitiful having-ness!

I have had many sessions on the subject of power because I really wanted to understand how it works and what it is and by now I know.

You wonder but don’t ask just how much power I have by now?

Power is knowledge and by now I am into trillions!

Power of knowledge is not just when the Entity is in the State of Enlightenment about self and the Universe.

Knowledge is what we know, any person believes in and that is all we have but what we do, how we use this knowledge and live by it is up to us.

EVALUATION on any subject IS NOTHING MORE THAN GIVING–ASSIGNING POWER TO THAT WHATEVER and from that moment on that ”whatever” has power over you.

Example: it is too heavy  i cant pick it up, I love you tooo much, god is great ???

Onu i am picking on your god, hehehe my evaluation is that implant idea= god is nothing more than  just that… useless crap.  GOD: My Way or Hell you end up if you don’t do what I command and from Hell there is no return and you suffer for eternity but if you play by my rules than you be granted resurrection ===== hehehe ”new life”” new body and you can play the game again.

That is a trap to remain in the implanted game in fact that is your return ticket: believing in god and of course putting ”fear” into any one space in order to get control weeeell, that is also blackmail.

Your god or any one who demands, who lays down rules and frighten  others into his game is nothing more than control freak aberrated  SOB.

Ohhhhh Evaluation … love the stuff, that too is evaluation. 🙂

PS:: I must throw this sentence which is of course on Evaluation, not mine but some so called wise ass uttered it eons back  as his evaluation of his /her condition and gotten millions of agreements and I haven’t figured it out why people believe in this stupendous lie,  have they seen poof  a new manual to learn from in order to eliminate the mistakes? aren’t all sins committed every day centuries after centuries?

and here is the jewel of all lies, top notch, cherry on the top:  “” we have to return, reborn in order to learn from our mistakes!”’

But that lie is not the problem, the problem is the large percent of people cant recall that they lived before and they are positive that death exists and just ask any senior citizens: what have you learned this life which you can take with you and which will improve your next life?

The only manual I have found so far which when used do give understanding and eliminates mistakes forever so they never will be repeated and that is the A. Tech.

Hehehe … I wonder why god not given -spread this Tech???? 🙂 I know the answer to that of course, I don’t have to wonder.






Comments on: "Where is your power??? hehehe, to whom did you given it to?" (5)

  1. I grew up in a very religious family, Madonna’s statues, holy cross of Christ, festivals in a city of cartoon puppets, and I thought but this god makes me angry, I had this rejection and I felt angry, it was hard to get out of all this shit that turned on me. Are they still anchored to all these beliefs, when I try to communicate with them on the subject, react immediately, this is the proof of the overwhelming force that we have before we get there on earth?

    Love for you elizabeth!!!!

    • Just thinking… I grew up in a total negative environment, my mother love to say ” I am not going to hurt you, life will do that for you!” beside this she had a few more .
      And what I have learned from her that life was bad, miserable experience, nothing good come out of it, life was suffering and more suffering… we never get what we want just heavy work and pain than we get old and die!
      Having sessions and had to have many… thousands before I realized that my mother in fact have given me a ”’incredible gift”’ its value is immeasurable because by confronting the negative beliefs I gained fantastic cognitions by the millions!!!
      So my inheritance turned into priceless knowledge.
      And now the Universe turned into a magical creation! 🙂 love ya kid!

  2. I had sessions on different religions of course.. but they are all the same: wont allow any other beliefs to exist beside that one they have and that makes their belief to be solid to the core.
    Not much point to try these believers to convince of something different, cant be done. They are not overwhelming hehehe but their scope of knowledge is so minimal that no other information has room there.
    You be better off talking to a nice wall, or a tree, from them you will get on answer!
    But religious belief are no different than some of the general beliefs humans have and here are some examples: we have legs and they were made to take us someplace…hehehe really?
    We have to have sleep, cant live without it, we die, we live, now my dear just try any of these things and be without it.
    In our believes regardless what that be is our only our own evaluation which makes it better, the right ways of thinking hehehe that religious person beliefs that you are the one who is fanatic..!!!!
    This kind of thinking gets sorted out in sessions and the results will be the truth.
    So go for the sessions and get your NEWS there! 🙂

    • my dear Elizabeth, they did everything to keep my eyes closed but they did not succeed and went wrong to them, and now I have the memory of my past experiences !!!!

  3. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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