Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

And the way I go!

I have that thingy the crown charka open and blazing for years and the energy which is pouring out is hot, one could almost fry on egg  by the use of this power… hehehe. Fun!

But that is not news to me, BUT the understanding WHAT IS THE THIRD EYE MEAN!! Now that is new and I like how this understanding fits in and makes lot of sense of course.

I  wondered occasionally, rarely -seldom 🙂 how anyone could see with the Third Eye and what they see but these thought were sooo fleeting and they did not meant much to me outside of some vogue reality that the Third Eye is some kind of symbol to do with spirituality and that was that on the matter: totally forgotten.

As you know I don’t read articles about enlightenment or spirituality because to me those material only means that they were altered many –many times and I am only interested knowing what other know but what I know.

[[[[[ By the way i know those material have value and their value is THAT THEY CAN BE TAKEN INTO SESSIONS AND CONFRONTED and that way to be find out the real base where they originated from and what they really means.]]]]]

And to get that understanding all we have to do is look into our own universe and find our own answer: it all there because we put it there!

I am getting to the point: few days back in session suddenly I understood what it means seeing with the Third Eye.. hehehe and I been doing that for years- decades, it means having viewpoint not as a human but as a spiritual –entity a ghostly form, not being a body and seeing with the bodies eyes But seeing in very different manner and that means totally understanding what the real meaning is whatever is viewed: and that understanding is brought on by confrontation as in session and the end result are ‘’realizations-cognitions’.’

My whole blog here what I write is nothing more that Realizations, which are not based on human viewpoint.

Realization-cognitions are what in eastern philosophy called enlightenment hehehe… but those who believe that they are enlightened they believe that they are above others,[ the ego is still intact] and better than other, because they know more than others, and I don’t believe in such a crap and that is the reason I am not into guru ‘’thingy’’ because the gurus separate self from others [ again this means they believe they are somebody] and that too is part of the valance: mock –up they are in: I am somebody! That is not enlightenment at all, not in my book.

Guru, being a guru means doing something, and all gurus over the years been doing the same and no matter what they have teaches so far their teachings haven’t freed mankind because we can only do that for self, no one can free others. We have to find our own answers own reality what freedom , infinite, being intangible means to us.

But going back to the subject of Third eye… cool cognition this has been, haven’t changed my universe much but one more puzzle was found: what is: seeing without use of the bodies eyes.

I have mentioned more than once I see thing around me in holography, I can see through thing, and am I enlightened??? Hehehe, that would be a label of a condition and I haven’t got a condition, I am not something, or somebody therefore I can’t hang a label on something which do not exists so that settles of my understanding what enlightenment means to me.

Lately all my sessions are about ‘’ghostly state’’, and by elimination of beliefs-considerations that we are helpless, powerless, when we are not anchored to objects like body of some kind., and that State is called by human terms as ‘’ being dead’’ and we are far from that.

I am finished with the beliefs that we need bodies for survival that in fact is a joke, because bodies are made of matter and matter never survives-endure.

So I am concentrating on the real stuff which is the Ghostly State and there is where things are happening.



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