Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

[The cognition is at the bottom of the page.]

We assigned power to god at the beginning when games were created, this god valance among other valances-personalities was in the game the most powerful figure who had all the control, could grant or take away whatever he wished to deem to do.

To win the game and we all wanted to win and become that god too so we also would have the same power as he had.

Hehehe therefore the belief  the saying have originated from this computer game that we are gods, because if we are than we have power!! [example: we are all Buddha … hehehe they wish they were, but there is only one and the rest just ”want to be”, but never will be.]

So far today I had been in session for 5 hours and I am exploring the State being a Ghost and what this means.[ truly enlightening insight i have gained so far.]

And of course importance and values too come up and a most profound realization hit me like a ton of brick, the cognition is: to whom or in this case to what we have assigned –given – allocated  POWER EQUAL AMOUNT as we assigned power to” god”!!!

WE HAVE ASSIGNED…GIVEN THE POWER TO BODIES- ROBOTS THAT THEY ARE THE ONE WHO CAN DO THINGS as in MOVE.. COMMUNICATE..SEE..TALK..HEAR…have or have not and the most important incredible valuable belief we given assigned to these machines that we do live or die accordingly how they operate or go into motionless mode.

When we have given, assigned life to machines, that they are the ones who live, WE IN THAT MOMENT HAVE STOPPED FUNCTIONING KNOWINGLY THAT WE ARE INFINITE AND WE HAVE THE POWER OR SHOULD SAY “WE ARE THE POWER”.

So my friend, you are looking for your lost abilities? You don’t have to look any further, we all can go and bang the head against the wall and point the figure toward the only person who is responsible: SELF.

🙂 Mind you that will not help much. 🙂 have a fun day! 🙂





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