Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

maybe next time i write what solid really means.

Well… I  still read David ST Lawrence’s posts since I am connected and I get it automatically same as many readers get mine.

His latest post is interesting, also he included map for better understanding the post, but the whole thing what he writes is so unreal to me and for that reason I write: how I see this Spiritual World!!!

Because his beliefs still indicates how he expresses self : that I am the body and there is a different Realm where we are as Spirits!!!!! PLEASEEEE!

We are at all times operate as spiritual beings, there is no such a thing as separate spiritual realm… there are no separate Universes: one for the body and another for the Spirit! We only have awareness of reality what we happen to believe in in any moment.

Just because people believe that they are bodies and when the body stops functioning  they are dead too= in other word ”kicked the bucket”’ hehehe I like that expression so I am throwing it in, that do not mean some one has  died, we cant die but after the body tops functioning because now it is in state of death=not living, those who were in connection to that body now they still operate, act, live  in ghostly state! They Are continuing but not on the same level but on a much freer mode!  Is this so difficult to understand?



On auditor like David who has been audited well over 40 years and now has done that Spiritual research thing, and gives classes, teaches, YET he still at the level when he still sees the wall, the divider- barrier between where and what?

walls -berries, dividing lines can only exist if we talk- describe solid matter,  but we as Spirits we don’t have location, because only matter have location, so I ask here a question:  When some one who teaches Spirituality, and believes in that than why still sees and teaches that there are dividers- walls between Realms?

Hard to understand when on experienced auditor, solo auditor cant comprehend  that we are only dealing with thought-beliefs which are intangible and cant be touched, are not solid ‘ and we have proved this in sessions: when a concept is confronted  that concept gets erased   — as-ised  and it vanishes.. we still can recall the words but the meaning which cause the reaction is gone out of our universe. hehehe so my words are just hot air …

What Is my point?  Hehehe, well, who cares, but I am really puzzled why people  =experienced auditors cant see — understand we are at all time operating as Spirits– Entities and we don’t go  anywhere, we just change ideas, beliefs that we are here now and or we are moving=going. By the way this is the reason we don’t go – exterior either… we don’t move, matter moves.

Bodies don’t do a thing by them self,  it don’t move thing, a muscle unless you as the Entity-spirit decide to use the hand or feet and walk, pick up things, lay the body down, wipe that nose, give a shower to that body, comb its hair, and feed it or lick that ice cream. So, who is doing that if not the Entity?

I have written more than once: ever since I have realized that I lived before, my first recalls of past life’s was in Life Repair, ever since than I knew I am operating as Spirit, OH, I admit that I had to confront tens of thousands of incidents from the track where I believed I was a body, but never ever the reality left me that i am not Spirit.

We cant blame any one for our condition, we just cant, long as we are blaming others we cant erase anything because we can only erase when we confront and confronting is taking responsibility for whatever. AND WHAT WE KNOW -WE BELIEVE IN IS OUR REALITIES AND NO ONE CANT BE BLAMED FOR HAVING THESE REALITIES and this is the reason no one can erase— as-is these realities for us.

What I have to say about David’s beliefs is how I see the universe and nothing wrong with his, he just see the Universe from the viewpoint of a human and I don’t believe we are humans, we never were humans, being a ”human” means is a bunch of concepts and soon as these beliefs are confronted-as-ised the Entity wonders ”what ever given me the idea i was human?”

Here is something really nice happened today.

Occasionally i take naps in the afternoon otherwise the day would be way tooooo long since I go to bed after 1 in the morning. Today was a cool day here at the Lower Mainland in BC. so I figured I better cover the body with the light blanket, and as I picked up the blanket spread it over the body as I was doing that I have seen two hand beside mine who were holding the blanket at the same time  and were covering the body!

I instantly felt incredibly happy seeing those hand, I just felt totally at peace knowing I am surrounded by friends. [ I haven’t been alone since had been given sessions by D. auditor because in those sessions I recalled I was surrounded by spirits.]

I been working on the subject to remove beliefs-considerations which are the invisible barriers- reasons I blocked out seeing my friends in ghostly : puff of some light see through wisp and it seems  the sessions are bringing results-working, because i seen those hands today!

I want to ”see” ghostly shapes moving about, i really believe that will be fun, by the way my communication with Entities is totally open, well, it should be by now since I have worked on that topic, put in thousands of hours so far but I wont say I reached the end on that topic either.

Living as Entities in infinite universe, because of this we cant say we reached the end and we know all there is to know and there is no more!

By the way while the Entity-Spirit has connection to the body, believes that s/h is a body therefor being this reason superior to those who are in Ghostly State:  the entity-person gained this notion- delusion -belief because by living in a artificial universe=electronically created game in which the value-importance of SOLIDITY IS ESTABLISHED and ACCEPTED AS TRUTH.   [todays cognition]  HEHEHEHEHE… really funny implanted belief and this has been a great implanted crap that being solid has value and importance, Well, just think!!!! no one can control a Ghost, but a body is easily can be affected and controlled.

Living -operating   where I am at now I can say :  there is no such a singular thing, being  as ”me or I,”  those expressions- words are only used because I write, I no longer exist as singular anything or even group because all that is gone  and I have returned -melted back into the fibers of the universe.







Comments on: "Spiritual world? or solid world?" (23)

  1. Hello elizabeth is a great pleasure to communicate with you!!!!
    After reading this post, I understand how we got to this confusion, within an organization where they did everything to alter it after the founder’s disappearance,
    this confusion created specifically for
    keep us prisoners. I fully agree, 4 years ago I finally got out of this confusion, the consciousness woke up all together as if my space has increased enormously, all due to a memory of the past of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.
    Understanded understanding, WOW BODY IDENTIFICATION TRAP ME, ME I form of energy created to play, and the energy that moves moves, the entity does not have a position outside the mest universe. The identification on the body here on
    this planet is very aberrant because it is done on the control of our energy through
    the identification.Elizabeth how is your evaluation on this my comment ???

    • Good to hear from you always..
      From what you write and what i understand by reading I can see you are doing fantastically well, But you should be not asking me to evaluate your Universe because I cant do that.
      I can only evaluate how I understand what you have written.. but the true meaning of your post only you know.
      example: I could not know how that apple taste for you, even if I would be eating the other half.
      question: are you solo auditing or some one is giving you sessions?

      • My dearest Elizabeth!!!!
        I came to this understanding after so much pain, all the experiences I needed, and lastly that of Scientology back in 1988 excellent technology but then I realized how much Entheta reigned within the organization the famous altered bridge
        many times, you had to be very rich, there was very little spiritual, I abandoned that scientology conquered by the enlightened. I found you on the web,
        independent fantastic beings. I am not just auditing, no one is giving me auditing. If a long-term desire for truth comes to us even after a long suffering, the work done in the past has not been lost and this has been a great advantage today.

        • PS: I am sure the members of the White Russian army was equally cruel toward the communist party members!!
          skinning bodies as a method of torture well, sure cause lots of stimulation!

        • Dom Li, clime as in sexual act is there for very short period of time but humans found many different means to have heavy stimulation and causing suffering to self is replacing that moment of sexual climax .. NO ONE CAN MAKE ANY ONE TO FEEL BAD …. WE DO THAT TO OUTSELF!!!! SO we have to take responsibility for our own feelings, behavior… blaming other will not help.. so don’t tell me scientology was or is bad, tell me what you learned from that and what ever you experienced made you a better person.!

          • The philosophy of true scientology was very important for me, then the disappointment, but then I realized that we are the true creators who are the only ones responsible for our own creation. Pointing the finger at others is taking away from our responsibility.

            • 🙂 you said the church practiced ”little spiritual”’ a little spiritual???? hehehe scientology has nothing to do with spirituality LRH that Entity who was in that valance using that name was not a spiritual entity not while he was in that valance! far from it!
              and you might think , just might think that the catholic church has something to do with spirituality or Buddhist are on the spiritual path????
              my Dear… long as any person-entity is pursuing the path on any religious practise is walking in circles -is trapped .. heavily sitting in MEST!!
              meditation -chanting, crossing self, sniffing holy smoke, bowing down front of images, sitting cross legged and immersed in void, holding up crosses, having ceremonies in which the devil is chased named as the evil who is the cause of it all, rituals have nothing to do with spirituality. Ritual- ceremonies they represent the heavy mass-the trap and nothing more.
              How is the weather in Italy?

        • When we blame others for our suffering we are ”altering reality” and for this reason our suffering remains with us.. the BLAME makes that pain-anger to remain .. when we admit we are the cause than the solidity no longer exists..
          When I started out in 73 I blamed every one everything for the condition I was in and more I looked- had session on and I realized no matter how hard I was hit, who beat me up, I was the cause. and that is that…. again when you bite into that apple only you can decide what you taste —-how you evaluated that experience!
          big hug!

  2. I know that each of us walk on the Path they meant to walk on.. So Dom Li you are where you need to be and that is simply fantastic… Some years back I realized that is no such a thing as being in a wrong place or a right place hehehe… because wrong or right is a concept a evaluation and nothing more.
    Yes I read about scientology how twisted the ideas and the behavior within has become but no more strange is their behavior than Columbus behaved toward the Aztec’s,, the Red-communists toward the White Russians, or any old Witch hunt, KKK, name it this human race has it and do it to each other, but not only to each other but the members of the Animal Kingdom…. what humans touch becomes dust but first suffers and in agony it dies.
    In agony all dies because the identification of being someone-something and the loss no longer having and believing that without they are nothing is the screaming agony.
    That is the game the humans play and they are playing it because it is STIMULATING and makes them feel alive — living– having and that is the game is about. hehehe their belief is that is life and that is that.
    By the way scientology has nothing to do with Enlightenment.

    • Excuse me the translation is not perfect, Scientology is a good technology regarding lighting I did not refer to that, but I said that the practice inside the church had little spiritual.

  3. the church is a store as all churches are and those who walk through their doors are the buyer- costumers and it is up to the buyer to evaluate the product: to buy or not to buy.. and if they buy than again it is up to them to use that product.
    I bought it but not all the trimming — I only bought the technology and to me was worth the money I paid.. the rest, their policies I did not like and I did not buy and gotten disappointed.
    disappointments can be handled in sessions since disappointments haven’t originated here and can be erased in sessions… so no one have to walk around and feel bad.

  4. First answer to the last question as the weather in Italy? the climate is very different between north and south, between milan and palermo the difference in temperature can reach more than 20 degrees, palermo the city where I live, in winter the cold can last up to 15 days the snowfalls here are rare events, right now here in Palermo the weather and good temperature day 16-18 night 12-14.
    ELIZABETH I am not offended at all, the communication that I am having and something wonderful, scientology has served me just this, meet. I’m on the profile of facebook because I’m following a very dear person that I hope you will know, this facebook profile mainly for me it’s just a game. Many spiritual teachers go on facebook and all of them behind them, who 1000 or 4000 friends, other teachers who are smarter than they have only 1 2 friends and all the others behind them with hundreds of likes, like if the beautiful little words or meditation wakes them up, hehehehehe are mired on the rubber wall egos identification, then I laugh very few friends and like for myself, occasionally place a video and when I listen I start dancing the Spanish Arabic dance, but noooo you give information against enlightened people
    video to dance hahahaha, virus vaccine topics I put a post where specific that are not of terrestrial origin, but who believes this will be crazy, but whoever follows him hehehe.Giocare having the awareness to play.
    great love elizabeth!!!!!

  5. Looking forward to meet your friend…. I too dance alone occasionally and love gypsy -Arabic music too.
    I am not a teacher or guru that is not my blog about… my blog is a write up on my journey – my adventure. This is the reason I do not debate here, because there is nothing to debate about. But I welcome communication because I learn from every comment.. these comments expand my awareness..
    I am having great fun.

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