Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

So far I have seen –come to understand why it is so difficult is to transform from one ‘’state’’ into another as is : being poor=live in conditions which offers simple things: food, roof over the head, clothing and of course some extras which is really not needed but pleasurable to have: minimal.

Into a state=level of living wealth, riches.

Being poor.. poverty have different levels which depends of course what we consider poor—poverty level means to us.

Example: I have a lovely apartment, nicely furnished, have some beautiful art work, expansive jewelry, fine china, sterling cutlery etc yet if I look at ‘’having-ness’’ what is I consider when it comes to possessions here on this Planet than I am being “poor’’ on poverty level.

Because to me riches –wealth means here is ‘’’’unlimited havingness’’’’, whatever is desired and at that level the body is operating under.

But as an Entity I am the richest Wheaties Entity in this whole Universe and I don’t doubt this for one second and my wealth and power is in the form of knowledge.

Riches or experiencing poverty these concepts are nothing more than HAVING-ness and that is the fact!!! They are on equal level.

And I am here writing about ‘’having’’-ness.

So all my posts here about Lotto, winning or losing, why we do or we can’t is simply depends on ‘’having’’-ness.

Below is my most recent realization from today’s session:

‘’’Given up riches because life was easier without.. being rich bought complications… continual entanglements dangers= unaccepted dangers were always present.. but hidden behind things I owned. What I owned had their own lifecycles and by owning things I had to deal with what they presented: what they were in connection with!So giving up was the answer to eliminate constant troubles because simple life offered fewer complications.’’’’

Hehehe… of course this is a big fat lie a bloody lie I have swallowed -went into agreement with,  accepted some clever suppressive persons reality in order to belong:  which I really call well thought out propaganda because when we move into =accepted poverty with that we have assigned power-control and we placed ourselves into level of being total affect.

But on the other hand being rich- have wealth is on the same level but viewing that level from where we don’t own much looks so desirable nerveless it is still Bank.

Having billions or millions owning is not the problem, and not the problem not owning being poor either, but the problem is what we believe these conditions means to us, and that is what causes our ARCB’s problems.. ETC..

Things are just things; they are totally meaningless until we consider that they have value, importance: meanings.

Far as I know, and truly believe that Knowledge is the only valuable thing exist in this Universe and I am talking of knowledge which is from ‘’cognitions’’ because cognitions are unaltered and regardless how many any person had so far these cognitions are powerful and they become the foundation to future activities in this universe.

If those persons who have had sessions-auditing but they have discontinued IF these persons would have realized, truly understood how valuable the realizations are which come from sessions, these persons would never ever given up having them, including LRH – and those thousands of auditors out there and plus many many who have done the Solo Course to become a solo auditor!

But would be doing the same as I have and few others I know who have put aside the so called life-living in order free self from altered realities than there would be Thousands of Blogs same as mine where solo auditors would be sharing their adventures!

I know why it is so tough to understand what ‘’cognitions’’ are and what is their value –power.. because till persons are sitting in altered reality from that viewpoint no one can understand anything more outside of those deceptions.

I was told by those persons who search the Internet for Ex scientology sights… I was told that there is no other Blogs on the Internet like mine where the solo auditor in this case Elizabeth=me shares her adventures- cognitions from sessions ….how very sad! only one blog!

When I started out I could never imagine not even in my wildest where the adventure will take me, I would not understood it anyways even if would seen the whole Path I covered so far.

PS; how I see it, scientology haven’t failed, LRH  haven’t failed.. failure is when on individual gives up… don’t follow through  and they justify their own failure and go into blame , that they failed because!!!!!! hehehe no one can makes us fail  only self can do that.






Comments on: "Interesting realization on having-ness." (2)

  1. Yes. I am glad that you have your blog to share with us.

    • Thanks my Dear for letting me know, occasionally I wish other readers would make a comment of some kind.
      I will ask Santa to bring me comments as presents after all I have been a very good girl, have my session every day! 🙂 !!!

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