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Where is your power??? hehehe, to whom did you given it to?

Where is our power?  Read the lost few sentences ”with great care!”

It is exactly there where we have placed it, it is in the form of belief we have, our realities about the world around us, the way of thinking, considering, agreeing to something: when we declared it, confirmed it, stated it, professed it, acknowledged it, agreed to whatever we have it or we don’t have it!”

This means: when we repeatedly announce to self, with that to the Universe: can’t be done, I am not capable; I am too small, too weak, not my field, never learnt it, I don’t know ETC….ETC… ETC.

When we declare when we announce that we can’t do something in that moment we assign to Self: WE DELARE SELF TO BE ‘’’’’POWERLESS!!’’’’’

And wonder where your power is and why failure exists? Why haven’t got what you want? Why you are poor, why you are in the state you are in?

That State is blaming others and everything for the condition experienced regardless that state is good or bad.

Blame is assigned power and that means believing not having something because: being more, by being different from what you want to be because what other have done to you, and blame others for those condition experienced and not liking it, yet can’t change a bloody thing about it and that blame accusation is lower on the Tone Scale than the frogs back side in sitting position and that is low.

LRH talks about assigned power I can’t recall his definition but I am writing here what I realized because confrontation.

First step to help Self to move out of that low-low negative state is taking responsible for Self in all matters: that we are the cause of it.

After all no one have caused that state but Self by believing, Example: a small demonstration: bite into on apple, and whatever you taste is your understanding what you just experienced:  No one can give you that sensation, same goes for any other experiences,  so why bother to blame others for any condition? Hehehe.. Blaming is assigning power the that other person or thing.

I love this ‘’realizations’’ I got regarding assigned power, and made me realize that EVALUATION is nothing more than giving power to that subject: Example: apple is sour, apple is sweet, hehehe here is a good one “By marrying me You made me the happiest man on this Earth!”

WOW… now that is placing a Hell of a Lot of responsibility on that woman’s universe!!!! Poor thing, how could she live up to something like that: keeping that man in happy state? Divorce is inevitable, and of course that is her fault!

The Country is going to Hell because Trump… wow… with this negative consideration+ millions of agreements people make it sure that Trump fails….but at the end they will be the winner because they knew it all along and can say : I told you so! Such a pitiful having-ness!

I have had many sessions on the subject of power because I really wanted to understand how it works and what it is and by now I know.

You wonder but don’t ask just how much power I have by now?

Power is knowledge and by now I am into trillions!

Power of knowledge is not just when the Entity is in the State of Enlightenment about self and the Universe.

Knowledge is what we know, any person believes in and that is all we have but what we do, how we use this knowledge and live by it is up to us.

EVALUATION on any subject IS NOTHING MORE THAN GIVING–ASSIGNING POWER TO THAT WHATEVER and from that moment on that ”whatever” has power over you.

Example: it is too heavy  i cant pick it up, I love you tooo much, god is great ???

Onu i am picking on your god, hehehe my evaluation is that implant idea= god is nothing more than  just that… useless crap.  GOD: My Way or Hell you end up if you don’t do what I command and from Hell there is no return and you suffer for eternity but if you play by my rules than you be granted resurrection ===== hehehe ”new life”” new body and you can play the game again.

That is a trap to remain in the implanted game in fact that is your return ticket: believing in god and of course putting ”fear” into any one space in order to get control weeeell, that is also blackmail.

Your god or any one who demands, who lays down rules and frighten  others into his game is nothing more than control freak aberrated  SOB.

Ohhhhh Evaluation … love the stuff, that too is evaluation. 🙂

PS:: I must throw this sentence which is of course on Evaluation, not mine but some so called wise ass uttered it eons back  as his evaluation of his /her condition and gotten millions of agreements and I haven’t figured it out why people believe in this stupendous lie,  have they seen poof  a new manual to learn from in order to eliminate the mistakes? aren’t all sins committed every day centuries after centuries?

and here is the jewel of all lies, top notch, cherry on the top:  “” we have to return, reborn in order to learn from our mistakes!”’

But that lie is not the problem, the problem is the large percent of people cant recall that they lived before and they are positive that death exists and just ask any senior citizens: what have you learned this life which you can take with you and which will improve your next life?

The only manual I have found so far which when used do give understanding and eliminates mistakes forever so they never will be repeated and that is the A. Tech.

Hehehe … I wonder why god not given -spread this Tech???? 🙂 I know the answer to that of course, I don’t have to wonder.






Cant get more OT recalls than what i have written below.

plus i included on earlier post a true reality what is our universe is a big fat “0”.hehehe.

Just seen on alien robot and what was interesting that the robot was moving about back and forth its arms hands moved but in fact was not doing anything I could see because there was nothing there to be seen there were no images scenery the robot was just moving in empty space.

Looking at this picture and at first I could not understand what was happening, than I seen the robot from above, than from the front: it had those huge black eyes, than I was inside the head looking through the eyes and what I seen made me understood what was happening: I was stunned! Totally stunned!

The robot was moving automatically and the Being the Entity inside was ”seeing” pictures- items: example: if we are let say we move about in our kitchen and cooking.. that is what the robot was doing.. believing it was ”doing” something yet that was just on illusion just pictures the entity was looking at because in fact there was nothing outside the robot.

The Entity was acting the same way as we do while being connected to the meat body ..believing that there is something: the world around us because the ‘’eyes’’ see the projected images but there is nothing but our beliefs that there is life and we are ‘’somebody’’ doing something-living.


Guide-direction on: How to go Exterior.As I have explained in my earlier post ‘’ in space ‘’ the body being in the bath tub where the water temperature was warmer than the body and the body was free floating with this I eliminated the sensations I usually felt, and the weight too of course were gone. So I only felt warmth, the body was gone.

Blocking out all the light in total darkness, with that I have eliminated the automatic use of the ‘’eye’’ also seeing- looking at things and with that went the all considerations that I am someplace: the very belief I am on location.

Now, by eliminating all sensations including having weight and no I longer were on location that means I was not on Earth, Earth no longer existed, I did not have a body –shape, therefore the only place I could experience is Space- Universe!

This is experience I had is the evidence the very proof:  only our own believes makes things appear real and soon as we get rid of what we believe in than those conditions change instantly.

This is the reason why cognitions are so powerful.

When we ‘’see- look’’ with the ‘’eyes’’ this action holds the Entity to that picture-location and with that the Entity is accepting what the ‘’eyes see’’ is existing PLUS adds all the considerations has about that picture than add sensations-feelings and that makes that picture real. Sounds like cooking, adding ingredients: in this case the outcome is the belief we ‘’live-have a life!

But in fact what the Entity sees-looking at a Movie and the same times the Entity identifies- believes the movie is seen with the ‘’eyes’’ is real because all that added stuff  is a simple illusion: all of it and here is a BOMB: the reason intention, postulating don’t work because when viewing a movie we the observer –looker can’t change the outcome of that movie no matter how we would like to do!

We can postulate –pray, intend, use a magic wand, do spells, do sacrifices by burning carcasses on the barbeques, offer the first born to the gods, curse the Satan, whatever: but we can’t change the outcome of that movie we are watching. HEHEHE.

At so called ‘’death of the body’’ for the Entity that movie has ended and that is the reason Entity feels lost- misplaced no longer connected, cant communicate etc.. because the connection to the illusion-movie is no longer there, NOW THE ENTITY IS EXTERIOR, disconnected because no longer perceives with the ‘’eyes’’ and no pictures with that the thoughts to drop away consideration Entity had about those pictures : I see this or that, yes its true, has value, bad evil etc.  NO pictures… no bank with that the reason for their existence too vanished.

When all that is gone the Entity becomes free and definitely that is life and not death!

LET ME GIVE YOU ON EXAMPLE ABOUT PICTURES: when are given by someone a photograph of which they so highly think of, represents something really precious –valuable to them: happy moment etc… we all see a flat picture, images holding up glass of something, but we do not know anything, about that event we haven’t added our own beliefs to this picture so the picture don’t have much meaning.

I am really gotten off the original topic! But this is how things are.

SO back to subject ‘’movie’’ and how that working in connection why intention-postulates don’t work:


But the 6000 hours in session were not wasted, on the contrary: Wins –cognitions –understanding poured and since the ‘’true power is knowledge’’ with those extra thousands of cognitions I have gained become a much richer=powerful Entity.

I hardly ever mention Power but I should since I have had hundreds of sessions in order to discover its true nature.

We can only go exterior, get away from , having different by eliminations of the very illusions that we are in: we are something, feel this or that.

PS: please keep in mind when I have done the bath room thing I already have eliminated every beliefs I ever had about Earth and most of my beliefs what the body is with that I am no longer stuck in the belief that I am a body or I am here on Earth.

I do not have a body therefore I don’t have a location. 🙂

PS PS PS PS:  if 42 years back i would read the above of course I would have totally understood the whole thing BUT ”NOT”” ON THE SAME REALITY LEVEL AS I AM NOW, but on the level that I am human, i have a body therefore i was born and will die.

each cognition brings awareness which never existed before and awareness is the change, the new way of looking at… experiencing our own belief.






Blazing Crown chakra, open third Eye.

And the way I go!

I have that thingy the crown charka open and blazing for years and the energy which is pouring out is hot, one could almost fry on egg  by the use of this power… hehehe. Fun!

But that is not news to me, BUT the understanding WHAT IS THE THIRD EYE MEAN!! Now that is new and I like how this understanding fits in and makes lot of sense of course.

I  wondered occasionally, rarely -seldom 🙂 how anyone could see with the Third Eye and what they see but these thought were sooo fleeting and they did not meant much to me outside of some vogue reality that the Third Eye is some kind of symbol to do with spirituality and that was that on the matter: totally forgotten.

As you know I don’t read articles about enlightenment or spirituality because to me those material only means that they were altered many –many times and I am only interested knowing what other know but what I know.

[[[[[ By the way i know those material have value and their value is THAT THEY CAN BE TAKEN INTO SESSIONS AND CONFRONTED and that way to be find out the real base where they originated from and what they really means.]]]]]

And to get that understanding all we have to do is look into our own universe and find our own answer: it all there because we put it there!

I am getting to the point: few days back in session suddenly I understood what it means seeing with the Third Eye.. hehehe and I been doing that for years- decades, it means having viewpoint not as a human but as a spiritual –entity a ghostly form, not being a body and seeing with the bodies eyes But seeing in very different manner and that means totally understanding what the real meaning is whatever is viewed: and that understanding is brought on by confrontation as in session and the end result are ‘’realizations-cognitions’.’

My whole blog here what I write is nothing more that Realizations, which are not based on human viewpoint.

Realization-cognitions are what in eastern philosophy called enlightenment hehehe… but those who believe that they are enlightened they believe that they are above others,[ the ego is still intact] and better than other, because they know more than others, and I don’t believe in such a crap and that is the reason I am not into guru ‘’thingy’’ because the gurus separate self from others [ again this means they believe they are somebody] and that too is part of the valance: mock –up they are in: I am somebody! That is not enlightenment at all, not in my book.

Guru, being a guru means doing something, and all gurus over the years been doing the same and no matter what they have teaches so far their teachings haven’t freed mankind because we can only do that for self, no one can free others. We have to find our own answers own reality what freedom , infinite, being intangible means to us.

But going back to the subject of Third eye… cool cognition this has been, haven’t changed my universe much but one more puzzle was found: what is: seeing without use of the bodies eyes.

I have mentioned more than once I see thing around me in holography, I can see through thing, and am I enlightened??? Hehehe, that would be a label of a condition and I haven’t got a condition, I am not something, or somebody therefore I can’t hang a label on something which do not exists so that settles of my understanding what enlightenment means to me.

Lately all my sessions are about ‘’ghostly state’’, and by elimination of beliefs-considerations that we are helpless, powerless, when we are not anchored to objects like body of some kind., and that State is called by human terms as ‘’ being dead’’ and we are far from that.

I am finished with the beliefs that we need bodies for survival that in fact is a joke, because bodies are made of matter and matter never survives-endure.

So I am concentrating on the real stuff which is the Ghostly State and there is where things are happening.


Unbelievable but it is true

[The cognition is at the bottom of the page.]

We assigned power to god at the beginning when games were created, this god valance among other valances-personalities was in the game the most powerful figure who had all the control, could grant or take away whatever he wished to deem to do.

To win the game and we all wanted to win and become that god too so we also would have the same power as he had.

Hehehe therefore the belief  the saying have originated from this computer game that we are gods, because if we are than we have power!! [example: we are all Buddha … hehehe they wish they were, but there is only one and the rest just ”want to be”, but never will be.]

So far today I had been in session for 5 hours and I am exploring the State being a Ghost and what this means.[ truly enlightening insight i have gained so far.]

And of course importance and values too come up and a most profound realization hit me like a ton of brick, the cognition is: to whom or in this case to what we have assigned –given – allocated  POWER EQUAL AMOUNT as we assigned power to” god”!!!

WE HAVE ASSIGNED…GIVEN THE POWER TO BODIES- ROBOTS THAT THEY ARE THE ONE WHO CAN DO THINGS as in MOVE.. COMMUNICATE..SEE..TALK..HEAR…have or have not and the most important incredible valuable belief we given assigned to these machines that we do live or die accordingly how they operate or go into motionless mode.

When we have given, assigned life to machines, that they are the ones who live, WE IN THAT MOMENT HAVE STOPPED FUNCTIONING KNOWINGLY THAT WE ARE INFINITE AND WE HAVE THE POWER OR SHOULD SAY “WE ARE THE POWER”.

So my friend, you are looking for your lost abilities? You don’t have to look any further, we all can go and bang the head against the wall and point the figure toward the only person who is responsible: SELF.

🙂 Mind you that will not help much. 🙂 have a fun day! 🙂




Spiritual world? or solid world?

maybe next time i write what solid really means.

Well… I  still read David ST Lawrence’s posts since I am connected and I get it automatically same as many readers get mine.

His latest post is interesting, also he included map for better understanding the post, but the whole thing what he writes is so unreal to me and for that reason I write: how I see this Spiritual World!!!

Because his beliefs still indicates how he expresses self : that I am the body and there is a different Realm where we are as Spirits!!!!! PLEASEEEE!

We are at all times operate as spiritual beings, there is no such a thing as separate spiritual realm… there are no separate Universes: one for the body and another for the Spirit! We only have awareness of reality what we happen to believe in in any moment.

Just because people believe that they are bodies and when the body stops functioning  they are dead too= in other word ”kicked the bucket”’ hehehe I like that expression so I am throwing it in, that do not mean some one has  died, we cant die but after the body tops functioning because now it is in state of death=not living, those who were in connection to that body now they still operate, act, live  in ghostly state! They Are continuing but not on the same level but on a much freer mode!  Is this so difficult to understand?



On auditor like David who has been audited well over 40 years and now has done that Spiritual research thing, and gives classes, teaches, YET he still at the level when he still sees the wall, the divider- barrier between where and what?

walls -berries, dividing lines can only exist if we talk- describe solid matter,  but we as Spirits we don’t have location, because only matter have location, so I ask here a question:  When some one who teaches Spirituality, and believes in that than why still sees and teaches that there are dividers- walls between Realms?

Hard to understand when on experienced auditor, solo auditor cant comprehend  that we are only dealing with thought-beliefs which are intangible and cant be touched, are not solid ‘ and we have proved this in sessions: when a concept is confronted  that concept gets erased   — as-ised  and it vanishes.. we still can recall the words but the meaning which cause the reaction is gone out of our universe. hehehe so my words are just hot air …

What Is my point?  Hehehe, well, who cares, but I am really puzzled why people  =experienced auditors cant see — understand we are at all time operating as Spirits– Entities and we don’t go  anywhere, we just change ideas, beliefs that we are here now and or we are moving=going. By the way this is the reason we don’t go – exterior either… we don’t move, matter moves.

Bodies don’t do a thing by them self,  it don’t move thing, a muscle unless you as the Entity-spirit decide to use the hand or feet and walk, pick up things, lay the body down, wipe that nose, give a shower to that body, comb its hair, and feed it or lick that ice cream. So, who is doing that if not the Entity?

I have written more than once: ever since I have realized that I lived before, my first recalls of past life’s was in Life Repair, ever since than I knew I am operating as Spirit, OH, I admit that I had to confront tens of thousands of incidents from the track where I believed I was a body, but never ever the reality left me that i am not Spirit.

We cant blame any one for our condition, we just cant, long as we are blaming others we cant erase anything because we can only erase when we confront and confronting is taking responsibility for whatever. AND WHAT WE KNOW -WE BELIEVE IN IS OUR REALITIES AND NO ONE CANT BE BLAMED FOR HAVING THESE REALITIES and this is the reason no one can erase— as-is these realities for us.

What I have to say about David’s beliefs is how I see the universe and nothing wrong with his, he just see the Universe from the viewpoint of a human and I don’t believe we are humans, we never were humans, being a ”human” means is a bunch of concepts and soon as these beliefs are confronted-as-ised the Entity wonders ”what ever given me the idea i was human?”

Here is something really nice happened today.

Occasionally i take naps in the afternoon otherwise the day would be way tooooo long since I go to bed after 1 in the morning. Today was a cool day here at the Lower Mainland in BC. so I figured I better cover the body with the light blanket, and as I picked up the blanket spread it over the body as I was doing that I have seen two hand beside mine who were holding the blanket at the same time  and were covering the body!

I instantly felt incredibly happy seeing those hand, I just felt totally at peace knowing I am surrounded by friends. [ I haven’t been alone since had been given sessions by D. auditor because in those sessions I recalled I was surrounded by spirits.]

I been working on the subject to remove beliefs-considerations which are the invisible barriers- reasons I blocked out seeing my friends in ghostly : puff of some light see through wisp and it seems  the sessions are bringing results-working, because i seen those hands today!

I want to ”see” ghostly shapes moving about, i really believe that will be fun, by the way my communication with Entities is totally open, well, it should be by now since I have worked on that topic, put in thousands of hours so far but I wont say I reached the end on that topic either.

Living as Entities in infinite universe, because of this we cant say we reached the end and we know all there is to know and there is no more!

By the way while the Entity-Spirit has connection to the body, believes that s/h is a body therefor being this reason superior to those who are in Ghostly State:  the entity-person gained this notion- delusion -belief because by living in a artificial universe=electronically created game in which the value-importance of SOLIDITY IS ESTABLISHED and ACCEPTED AS TRUTH.   [todays cognition]  HEHEHEHEHE… really funny implanted belief and this has been a great implanted crap that being solid has value and importance, Well, just think!!!! no one can control a Ghost, but a body is easily can be affected and controlled.

Living -operating   where I am at now I can say :  there is no such a singular thing, being  as ”me or I,”  those expressions- words are only used because I write, I no longer exist as singular anything or even group because all that is gone  and I have returned -melted back into the fibers of the universe.






Interesting realization on having-ness.

So far I have seen –come to understand why it is so difficult is to transform from one ‘’state’’ into another as is : being poor=live in conditions which offers simple things: food, roof over the head, clothing and of course some extras which is really not needed but pleasurable to have: minimal.

Into a state=level of living wealth, riches.

Being poor.. poverty have different levels which depends of course what we consider poor—poverty level means to us.

Example: I have a lovely apartment, nicely furnished, have some beautiful art work, expansive jewelry, fine china, sterling cutlery etc yet if I look at ‘’having-ness’’ what is I consider when it comes to possessions here on this Planet than I am being “poor’’ on poverty level.

Because to me riches –wealth means here is ‘’’’unlimited havingness’’’’, whatever is desired and at that level the body is operating under.

But as an Entity I am the richest Wheaties Entity in this whole Universe and I don’t doubt this for one second and my wealth and power is in the form of knowledge.

Riches or experiencing poverty these concepts are nothing more than HAVING-ness and that is the fact!!! They are on equal level.

And I am here writing about ‘’having’’-ness.

So all my posts here about Lotto, winning or losing, why we do or we can’t is simply depends on ‘’having’’-ness.

Below is my most recent realization from today’s session:

‘’’Given up riches because life was easier without.. being rich bought complications… continual entanglements dangers= unaccepted dangers were always present.. but hidden behind things I owned. What I owned had their own lifecycles and by owning things I had to deal with what they presented: what they were in connection with!So giving up was the answer to eliminate constant troubles because simple life offered fewer complications.’’’’

Hehehe… of course this is a big fat lie a bloody lie I have swallowed -went into agreement with,  accepted some clever suppressive persons reality in order to belong:  which I really call well thought out propaganda because when we move into =accepted poverty with that we have assigned power-control and we placed ourselves into level of being total affect.

But on the other hand being rich- have wealth is on the same level but viewing that level from where we don’t own much looks so desirable nerveless it is still Bank.

Having billions or millions owning is not the problem, and not the problem not owning being poor either, but the problem is what we believe these conditions means to us, and that is what causes our ARCB’s problems.. ETC..

Things are just things; they are totally meaningless until we consider that they have value, importance: meanings.

Far as I know, and truly believe that Knowledge is the only valuable thing exist in this Universe and I am talking of knowledge which is from ‘’cognitions’’ because cognitions are unaltered and regardless how many any person had so far these cognitions are powerful and they become the foundation to future activities in this universe.

If those persons who have had sessions-auditing but they have discontinued IF these persons would have realized, truly understood how valuable the realizations are which come from sessions, these persons would never ever given up having them, including LRH – and those thousands of auditors out there and plus many many who have done the Solo Course to become a solo auditor!

But would be doing the same as I have and few others I know who have put aside the so called life-living in order free self from altered realities than there would be Thousands of Blogs same as mine where solo auditors would be sharing their adventures!

I know why it is so tough to understand what ‘’cognitions’’ are and what is their value –power.. because till persons are sitting in altered reality from that viewpoint no one can understand anything more outside of those deceptions.

I was told by those persons who search the Internet for Ex scientology sights… I was told that there is no other Blogs on the Internet like mine where the solo auditor in this case Elizabeth=me shares her adventures- cognitions from sessions ….how very sad! only one blog!

When I started out I could never imagine not even in my wildest where the adventure will take me, I would not understood it anyways even if would seen the whole Path I covered so far.

PS; how I see it, scientology haven’t failed, LRH  haven’t failed.. failure is when on individual gives up… don’t follow through  and they justify their own failure and go into blame , that they failed because!!!!!! hehehe no one can makes us fail  only self can do that.





When we have become servants to god

When we started to believe, when we went into agreement that there is a superior being who created all and oversees all and most powerful: and  we too were created by this superior being: In that moment we have given up all our abilities, which means to create freely, our Free Will: no more postulating for self, no more intending and definitely that handy Magic Wand which was sooooo useful to conjure up whatever we desired had to be burned!

In other words: we nailed down our own coffin while being inside it hehehe that act was our last Free Will!


From than on downhill we went all the way till we hit bottom : believing that Death is real LOL.. the Entity cant sink lower on the TS. than that !!!!

meanwhile we set in this helpless position  we created implants, Valances etc to be somebody in order to become able, to be creative and powerful again but we never could regain our  Free Will, because the true power was assigned already and we never could regain  what we have given away because we have not realized by being servant, believing in that created image  we have also given away responsibility BUT WE GAINED BLAME!!!!! hehehe  and what a poor exchange we made….

🙂 God almighty????? 🙂 🙂 🙂  Please lets be serious here! hehehe, thank god for auditing which works !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 and we all can confront our mistakes and regain our abilities PLUS the understanding the reasons why we have done what we done in the first place.