Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Sexual act to create bodies and to have pleasure?

That was not the reason why bodies were created and have become so popular But the main reason for their creation was and still is to keep and hold the Entity in steady –stable condition — to have location!

While the body is in good working order, functioning provides frequency –vibration which is the Glue itself holding the Entity to that body=its vibration.

Below is part of todays session which started out as ‘’looking at walking’’ moving… I had so far many sessions for the same reasons and each session’s realization brings further understanding why the hell we are so attached to such a poorly designed robot: which constantly needs our attention, almost 24 hours a day! What a piece of junk!

moving slowly… measured movements ….coordinated group movements…as in walking… running… being kept at relatively same spacing.

become ”normal” accepted and anything out of the accepted range is called extraordinary as with athletes who have accomplished through long hard practice to move the body at faster space than regular.

it would cause confusion if we would be moving the body at different speed!!!

only machinery like autos, bikes, airplanes are allowed -built to me move bodies at faster speed… that is acceptable by all. it is normal way to do things.!WE REFUSE TO MOVE FASTER   we keep in place with others.. WOW   old folks move slow therefore all old folk pose to move behave -walk the same way!

Difficult almost impossible to break out of the established system,

we are holding onto ”weight” masses of energy which we have established for self as anchors long ways back to stabilize self into present location.. this means we still identify  with these masses of energy.. of course we have deceived self and these lies have become our stable universe and these same lies are our stops…our boundaries.. our prison walls.IT HAS BECOME VERY IMPORTANT TO REMAIN IN SAME LOCATION ”at all times” in the vicinity of the body, since bodies are the most valuable thing we ever had and have… hehehe… 🙂 we just cant live without the bloody things! 🙂

PS: I have a post in this blog about sex… creation of bodies which were used as food. LOL.. for the same reasons, same way as ”people here eat meat”’ cows-pigs sheep etc, in other times meat bodies [human] were processed  and transported  to be consumed as delicacy!  sexual feelings were given as to stimulate the desire to capsulate  — to reproduce! Here you go you studs… who believe that sex is on the top of the TS. and the cows do everything in their power to attract that stud! sexy clothing, make-up, perfume hairdo,  and into the male valance the sex -act the thought of it enters every few second!






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