Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I have seen the top of the head which was open and where the brain usually is in a human body had on most intricate element which could be called in our language as: computer.

This ‘’control center’’ contained many different systems which were in rows and rows and each system was covered separately, had shinny alloy housing which was steel blue in color.

I had a very clear picture of this control system.

Also understood its working and experienced when it was shut off in order to disconnect the robot – to stop it functioning and I also experienced when this system was short-circuited ‘’fried’’ with strong electricity which has fried all connection and the robot become dead.

So was the belief for the Entity!!!= WAS ELIMINATED FROM THE GAME!

When the System was ‘’fried’’’ become dead— no longer supplied information the Entity=Me believed that I have lost all knowledge which is in fact not true but what I have known before was covered over, suppressed by that strong mass of electric-shock.

What happens when the Entity is looking for information which was housed in that computer now can’t recall it because now blocked off with that electric-shock.

I believe when a human have massive brain damage, that happens when something triggers off that incident on the Track when the Robots computer was short-circuited: the robot no longer functioned –was dead.

Information on which the robot was operating on was just implanted info. and nothing more, the robot had no Free Will, same goes for humans.

Nothing new ever happens on this planet, everything originates from some other place long ways back.

I been working on to have better ‘’recall’’ and have gained grounds but I know there is much to be learned but each realization brings new understanding.

By the way, I almost forgotten to mention when one is operating mostly with information which is from the Robotic-mind that person is inclined to be computer— machinery know-how and these persons are not much into art.

By having a MIND… Thinking with brain has eliminated most of our abilities, like: free will. Period.

I recalled in this session that ‘’singing’’ that act was not included when I was controlled by that system.

Before I started sessions, way back in early 70’s my so called ‘’singing voice’’ can be best described as none existent, a crow has better voice than I had then BUT I had many sessions on sounds, voices, communications  and by now I do have beautiful singing voice,  the most remarkable that the voice is on wide range: deep trembling sounds to high notes. Of course the understanding also is that we do not sing but we become the sound itself.

The tech. works on every level, on any subject!



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