Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe


Do not mean what everybody believes in: I am levitating because the body is off the ground, unattached and floating freely.

IT SIMPLY MEAN: we can levitate on object!

We are Entities who are not made of something and because of this condition=no condition we are intangible and this intangibility which makes us Infinite and as infinite we do not have a location.

So when we are talking of levitation we are talking of on ability which can move objects at will in this case the body of some kind we are so heavily attached self to.

The Entity who can levitate the body he believes that body is self than in fact should be able to levitate- move- floats any other objects.

When on the Track the Entity-person only could levitate the body by than the Entity lost too most abilities:

I believe the ‘’idea’’ the belief that we can levitate comes from the Track when the bodies we attached self to were not pulled down and held to a solid ground by gravity but still could freely float.

I have recalled more than one incident where that is what I experienced: but than in those recalls the bodies did not have legs either!  Why have legs when we don’t really need them?

Also levitation of the body, the belief it can be done is certainly heavily suppressed –blocked off because the fear that we might drift away and can’t get back to our usual game-life.

In previous sessions I have located hundreds of incidents in which we made it certain that we as a body were solidly anchored this given us the belief that we are permanent!

I also posted about levitation more than one write-up in the blog.

My problem is that by now I know all these beliefs are not real, just illusions but I have sessions because I want to understand why I assumed in the first place what I known and seen is real: The real part is the lie.

PS: ownership to items- possessions is ferociously protected, there are laws established for that purpose! Laws say ‘’don’t touch-move that item because if you do you will be severely punished!’’

These Laws  dribbled down from the Track to stop LEVITATION- moving objects because when we still had that ability we were not concerned  who’s property we moved and by doing so we have interrupted games people played  by stealing levitating things away from them, or other from us hehehe… and we did not like that at all.

Those who continued the practice had to do it on the sly same as now the thief work covertly.

So to regain the ability to levitate objects again, we would need to eliminate thousands of negative and their counterpart which holds the negative in place: the positive considerations –belief on the same subjects and related items. Huge undertaking which would bring fantastic results in the form of understanding.

PS: PS:::: recall as now: there were times when we still could levitate objects but we no longer done it consciously… and objects around us would be floating.

The problem was that we believed we were hunted and ghost were doing that to us HEHEHE now this have scared us very badly if we lived in the society where ghost were made to be something scary, monsters, evil etc.

Also when we done the levitation unconsciously… not knowing we were the cause, this could drive us into so called madness, believing  something was wrong with us, that we were possessed  by evil, the demon himself.

There are many very heavy negative beliefs why we stopped this ability.










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