Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Hi there!!! Truly great to hear from you!

I had sessions on ‘’brain’’ what its function is and I also have confronted the so called ‘’mind’’ so these two item as I have known them are no longer have effects on anything I do or know.

We operate outside of the body at all times, but I do not say that the connection to the body don’t affects us, the body long as it works supplies with constant energy-frequencies=stimulation.

Yes, These items: emptiness- void- blankness- vacuum can be confronted but keep it in mind their affected every experience we ever had and continue to have.

They are present till all experiences are as-ised because their presence is the very blocks which stops the Entity from having total recall.

Example: Dementia, Alzheimer’s, can’t recall, don’t remember, forgotten etc..happens because the person is in that incident; of nothingness=Standing wave.

We have used these Items thousands of different ways

By giving examples will help to understand how the use of these concepts affects us.

Imagine a curtain and this curtain front of you are made of matter which you can only see as blankness— void—vacuum or empty-ness… this curtain has no pattern, don’t contain pictures -concepts, has no meaning yet same as any other thing it has meanings and it is energy.

This Curtain is a STANDING WAVE!!! Therefore when the Entity-Person see it or gotten stuck to it, held back by it can’t see, experience anything other than ‘’emptiness’’.

Example: when you are told to visualize on apple, in that moment you can see that apple.

Same goes for emptiness –void– blank-ness. When these items because they are that were implanted and not just implanted but we used them as something to hide behind as we would use a curtain, wall, or divider.

When the emptiness was used to protect self, we projected nothingness-void and the enemy or lover: whoever they were we did not wanted them find us could only see what was indented to be seen by us: nothingness, hehehe the curtain –screen, wall was placed between us!

Good magic trick: now you see me and now you don’t, because I don’t want you too!

Radar is used these days to scramble images…

Other occasions where we were captured by on enemy our memories-experiences were erased because that knowledge we had or used were the fret to them and what was erased were replaced with that blank empty energy mass which was looked like void did not have considerations, valances etc.


BUT everything was still there as before! Which we did not realized that time or the enemy was aware of this Fact either!!

I also did something fun in session: I went hunting for items, secrets which were hidden away by being covered up by ‘’nothingness’’ hehehe.. I was totally blown away what I have found-recovered and once upon the time I believed had value….

Brian my dear, now what do happen when the Entity has nothing? Believes that? That places that Entity out to the pasture, into space because has been eliminated from the game!!!!!

But by having sessions on these items which are the same as any other item, by confrontation the realizations come that usually these concepts are nothing more than dust in your eyes, and when this dust, curtain= its meaning why they were used in the first place is erased or understood the person than can continue with sessions and the most important fact that after eraser the awareness is expanded, and not just a little bit!. My so called recall has increased thousands fold by now!

When Gautama hit the so called enlightenment stage when he no longer could advance, he simply hit this curtain and with that he was stopped.

When the person as Gautama is stuck in these kind of items than these person are keyed out of the regular bank and of course their realities-understandings become very different since the rules-regulations of the old no longer affects these persons.

But this State is not the end of the line, but Dead End because the limitlessness of the universe and no one can say: I have attained whatever LOL… I know it all…. This is it; I am on the top of the hip!

At that moment the Entity locked self into a Standing wave, in other words: Up the creek and no paddles.

I call these items major traps because when the Entity is front of this thing is simply stopped and can only remain in that nothingness as Gautama did, or go back to earlier activities.

Also these items are used even these days to block out pain, example drugs can re-stimulate this curtain and the person will not feel that pain.

Also when something dramatic happens to the person and the person zips into Unconscious-ness: means moved into this protective place where nothing can reach him, can cause upsets –pain of etc.. and this person feel safe there till that fret goes away.

This is the reason talking to the person who is in ‘’unconscious state’’ helps because the entity – slowly gets keyed back into consciousness-awareness, reconnects into the familiar bank-life he had before.

Since the first time I had sessions on these Items as I said my so called ‘’memory’’ of things improved, but here is something which you might find interesting: we used the same concepts over the eons thousands and thousands of different ways and because for this reason we just can’t erase all these items in one session but they have to be confronted as they come up.

Most fascinating subject, I have given here more examples since there are lots of new visitors to the blog and not every one has read all my post as you have. 🙂

Are you thinking having sessions on these items?





Comments on: "answer to Brian’s question: can be ”emptiness” handled, be erased in sessions?" (3)

  1. Thank you for explaining this more completely. I will explore this area when it comes up. 🙂

    • 🙂 I feel much better now ! 🙂 and that is the way Maurice and I work, what ever comes up daily, for example today ”levitation” will be on the menu again because yesterday I have seen a movie and the narrator mentioned that one of the English king way back over 1000 years had that ability among others for he was sainted … well, I am not going for that title! 🙂

    • Hi Brian… I am ”thinking” here about the Brain, why I have in the past and everybody believes that the BRAIN HOLDS THE INFORMATION because what I seen in my last session: the robots communication system which held all information needed for its survival what ever that may have been.
      It seems we all had experienced being a robot, not just the meat kind of body but those too which were made out of alloy as in scientific movies.
      I had sessions on many different variety so far and I know why they are such a popular commodity, they never go out of fashion!
      We sure had lot of fun ”being” this and that…. LOL… but the most difficult body I ever had is the ”void-nothing-ness” Cant dress that thing 🙂 so fashions -clothing is not used nor a pair of reading glasses and we definitely did not had to worry that our food contains more chemicals than what it can handle… death was not in the game neither taxes !!!
      In session have you seen implanted knowledge systems?

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