Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Manual for Departing- Leaving the Body in other words going exterior!

We were not stupid when we invented the idea of having ‘’bodies’’ objects in order to have stable firm steady permanent location to operate from. With that we invented time-duration, identity etc..

But we also knew these objects- bodies had to have steady supply frequencies because we knew the very vibration of the objects were the cause —-the very glue which kept us attached to that object-body and soon as the vibration has stopped we become free, lose, unattached and that could happen in the most inconvenient moment and cause problems because we lost our place in the game of life: we were out! Free-floating.

SO, we had to invent objects- bodies which were set up so its steady balanced frequencies were maintained and to achieve this had to be fueled: therefore the present time’ eating – putting food into the machines to keep it alive-to have steady supply of frequency.

But of course this method only worked for soft bodies as we have now and before these we had many other variety bodies which were used under different conditions.

Example; the meat body could not survive in 1000 degree cold of heat or in other place where bugs ruled hehehe, there the body was covered with thick layer of secretion to protect from suckers, or other place  the body held so much electricity that anything come close to it got automatically zapped! Self-protection in order to survive.

I been in place where wrinkles were in fashion and more wrinkles the body had that indicated how capable the person was, how beautiful was, and gained importance, here the folds of the heavy doubled over wrinkled skin hanged to the grounds, on the arms the skin hanged like  the sleeves on the Chinese robes of the Emperor. We have grown skin as we grow height here!

Come to think of it old walruses have folded skins, but there on that planet by the time we reached ‘’old age’’ the body looked cone shaped, the so called head on the top of the cone disappeared among the many folds which spread on the ground.

And we wonder why we get wrinkled, look like old crumpled bags? LOL.. Old age – growing old meant that the body’s frequency slowly lessened and the body turned into stone like matter at the end when the vibration stopped, the Entity become free again: this happens here also.

The Entity could not intend to move that heavy mass without the so called life giving energy which is nothing more the electrical energy –power, same as here now.

I had that body and let me tell you it was not easy to confront the so called death because in the first place I haven’t had the clue what was happening: slowly turning into stone! That happened because I have identified myself with matter, I believed I was that thing  till I parted from it, than I knew I was Infinite! Only ignorance, not understanding what is happening can cause the belief that we die. [ same goes for when the person believes that auditing caused the almost death, those who believe such are full of shit because that can’t happen.]

So working –improving the working of the bodies continued and every planet did their own, same as Microsoft, apple, etc computer companies working on their invention: building a better Mouse Trap from which they can’t free self from.

The bodies had to have imbedded control systems which were run automatically so the Entity did not have to think about and by having automatically running system the Entity was free doing whatever.

On the track when the Entity bought gotten a new model usually had a good understanding how that machine worked because those times Manual come with the body, same as now with your computer, or washers and dryers.

So the owners=we have known what to accept and how long the machine we use will work before its stops and then we can move on: be free from those conditions, the very reasons we wanted to be in for that period.

All these information is lost-forgotten by now but the bodies still have automatic system and that system shuts off when it meant to in the first place.

You can ask what is the ‘’first place’’ means?

The strongest, the most powerful incident the Entity-person has on the Track regarding machinery and when this machine was made to stop and of course the Entity believed that time h/s was that machine and because that machine no longer worked the Entity have died.

of course the Manuals contained the information how to stop the machines-body because we knew than if we don’t know how to than we are trapped  in that matter and we were not that stupid those times to let things like that to happen!

So we set the ‘’timer’’, how long we wanted to stay accordingly our game strategy and it was a good system because we could have stable space, time, and we were in control, we could leave and be fee, move on after the game was over.

These days for the meat body a powerful constriction of the muscle called heart do the same trick or head on collision, overdose on any product will do the same.

I have confronted by now countless thousands of different so called ‘’death’’ incidents by doing so I freed self from bodies… More I seen, confronted more certain positive I become: death, to die is impossible; no matter how we want to we can’t kill self-off as Entities.

By the way there is no such on activity is as ‘’dropping dead’’ or ‘’died’’, that is total misconception because if that would not be on false impression and we really could die than NO ONE COULD EVER RECALL THAT THEY LIVED before –HAD A BODY IN DIFFERENT TIME- LOCATIONs: and those recollections are the very proof that death don’t exist and we just move on.

PS: we are always exterior and that is the reason going exterior is impossible: those who are working on this: going exterior thing, in fact just want their ability regained where they can put their attention freely on different locations-subjects and gain understanding what is happening on that location.  That is not going exterior but simply shifting awareness from subject to subject.

To be able to do that the Entity needs to regain freedom from the Bank and have control.

Those who believe and spread the rumors that they have almost died or others have died because of auditing…. well… drama sells, but if that would be true I should not be here and writing should I be? 🙂 but should be dead as a door nail!

No one have recalled more incidents-items than I on this planet and some of them were truly killers hehehe… so i know from experiences what I am writing here and yes these incidents were killer, but always killers of matter! not the Entity, never the Entity.



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