Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

why Identities’ are so important and why we have identified with everything while being here in this huge mass of energy which we call Universe.

We have identified with  every kind of thing imaginable: being light, body, boulder, cloud, dragon, emperors love to identify being a dragon, on the empresses are represented by beautiful birds, name it we have been something and when we are without  being something than that state is called Ghostly State, Spiritual State and that means the Entity- Spirit- Theta is not associated with  beingness- being a mass-body of some kind.

We use things: being a body etc.. to be anchored by and this is the reason ”bodies” are surrounded  by spirits at all times,  these spirits LRH called BT’s and the groups are Clusters: these spirits are same as we are just in their state they don’t have identity like birth certificate!

Without being anchored to something we feel last, we are aimlessly floating in the Universe but when we attach self to something even if it is only a cloud, or a bird, fish in the sea, or become that lightning  bold for few second, with that we have gained identity, we are something, somebody!

Of course this condition only exists because we believe things have value, and beingness is important, a great havingness!

When those things which we believe have value, importance, the must have, must do, must own, has to become some one all those things are confronted and their meanings vanish- erased therefore  they no longer control the Entity, but the Entity regains the control.

To attach self, to be anchored to anything is simply creating experience- existence  location, span  of time plus gaining loads of ARCB’s, problems for self because the things we attach self after all are just matter hehehe and  from the moment on the Entity is looking for solutions to get out of that problems which only happened because the Entity identified with matter. And always the Entity looks for solution in the same manner: get more what caused the problem, ARCB’s in the first place!

The main reason to have sessions is to rehabilitate the Entity to Native State and in this state the Entity no longer have the need to attach self to things, to have identity and regain the understanding how one can operate in the Universe as on Infinite.





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