Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I cannot say how many sessions I have had over the years for the very reason to improve the memory, to recall, to remember easier: I looked for the reasons what and who made forgot what I have known before and not only this life but all others I have had. [ I believed I had!]

I found hundreds of incidents which were specifically designed to erase the memory of everything I have known. Those ‘’erasers- or nullifiers of incidents not only have erased those experiences what they were intended to do, but kept on working, remained operational till these days.

Of course from those sessions I have had immense gains and these gains enhanced ability to recall past incidents but my so called memory still not what I believe can be.

To me just don’t make sense not to remember the languages I have spoken in my earlier life, which was not to long back were my English was fluent, so was my German, and beside those I spoke 3 other languages and here I am struggling with two! To me this don’t make sense at all because in that life when I was in my 70’s and was learning new language!

But I get to the point: on countless occasion when I want to recall something I draw ‘’blank-nothing’’ which can be described as on ‘’empty canvas’’ or wall” so for that reason I have confronted ‘’nothingness, blackness, invisibility, emptiness, vacuum’’ as in space etc and everything related to those items-incidents and found out there are no such things but I already written about those items, the post are in the blog

Here I am tonight, I watched an old German movie with English subtitle and I understood  some of the words, and I felt frustrated why I can’t understand more or all what they were saying because I drawn blank again when I wanted to recall- remember the German language I known and  the cognition come: EVERY TIME I DRAW BLANK WHEN I WANT TO REMEMBER SOMETHIMNG BECAUSE THE “”BLANK-ness, THE NOTHINGNESS IS THE “ITEM’’ WHICH IS REPLACING WHAT I WANT TO RECALL!!!!!

It works like this, Example:

Want to remember something but instead the information, the picture or sounds only blank -ness appears.

This blank ness is on implant and of course it was installed, forced condition but was also used to eliminate what we no longer wanted to be bothered with.

This ‘’blank-ness’’ become a double edged sword but by now just goes on, works automatically.

Some of you might ask a question: if we are just viewing everything from on exterior point as Entities watching life as a rolling movie than why we need to remember, recall what we viewed before?

The answer is simple: to understand why we think, believe we can or can’t do somethings. Example: I believed I spoke German now I believe I can’t!

Now That I have found that mysterious blank-ness, can I instantly speak German, Italian or French? NOOOOOO, but I am determined to find more answers.!!!!!

By the way: blankness is also called ‘’unconsciousness’’ and by performing lobotomy, or other kind of shock treatments even use of drugs causes ‘’blank-ness’’ in the wanting to recall. Even so called energy of some food products causes blankness because those masses of energy have stronger vibrations- frequencies than the item we want to recall and they simply overwhelm-suppress -block out.

By the way over the years I had been sent Email from some person inquiring if I am interested in dating, getting married, or to become partner.

Since I just received again on proposition: I thank those who believe I would make on ideal partner, on addition to their life, I am honored but no thank you: I left those activities behind in 1996 and I haven’t ‘’dated’’ or wanted to date since then.

I am not a partner material, I been there did all that more than once but the reason for those activities have been erased.

Thank You again:) but I do have total- boundless affinity and that affinity is ever-present and all included therefore I don’t need a body in the vicinity  or to know some identities in order to feel love.




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  1. If “blankness” was implanted then wouldn’t it be possible to undo that implant? Or is it perhaps that the brain is also involved and you do not have those language patterns programmed in your current brain?

    Love your recent blog posts 🙂 Hugs

    • I have written a ”post” where I given the answer, I give lots of examples because to some the concept of emptiness is not easy to understand, well, same would be true for me at the beginning on my adventure!
      Love ya too!

    • I put this in the post too as a PS…. just in case you wont re-read the post.

      EXAMPLE: WE CANT READ MINDS DO WE????? HEHEHE, WHEN WE WANT TO, all WE GET is BLANK-NESS hehehe and this is the time we go into ”assume” we know what others think, believe in ———- this is funny——- WHAT DO WE DO WHEN WE see this emptiness????? We fill the blank space out with our own reality!!!! WOW , Brian, thanks for asking the question, thanks a million because I just become aware of something which I haven’t seen before!

  2. Well.. I though you dropped your body! Good to see you… i wonder if you are aware of the Russian girls??? LOL they too show !!!

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