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Sexual act to create bodies and to have pleasure?

Sexual act to create bodies and to have pleasure?

That was not the reason why bodies were created and have become so popular But the main reason for their creation was and still is to keep and hold the Entity in steady –stable condition — to have location!

While the body is in good working order, functioning provides frequency –vibration which is the Glue itself holding the Entity to that body=its vibration.

Below is part of todays session which started out as ‘’looking at walking’’ moving… I had so far many sessions for the same reasons and each session’s realization brings further understanding why the hell we are so attached to such a poorly designed robot: which constantly needs our attention, almost 24 hours a day! What a piece of junk!

moving slowly… measured movements ….coordinated group movements…as in walking… running… being kept at relatively same spacing.

become ”normal” accepted and anything out of the accepted range is called extraordinary as with athletes who have accomplished through long hard practice to move the body at faster space than regular.

it would cause confusion if we would be moving the body at different speed!!!

only machinery like autos, bikes, airplanes are allowed -built to me move bodies at faster speed… that is acceptable by all. it is normal way to do things.!WE REFUSE TO MOVE FASTER   we keep in place with others.. WOW   old folks move slow therefore all old folk pose to move behave -walk the same way!

Difficult almost impossible to break out of the established system,

we are holding onto ”weight” masses of energy which we have established for self as anchors long ways back to stabilize self into present location.. this means we still identify  with these masses of energy.. of course we have deceived self and these lies have become our stable universe and these same lies are our stops…our boundaries.. our prison walls.IT HAS BECOME VERY IMPORTANT TO REMAIN IN SAME LOCATION ”at all times” in the vicinity of the body, since bodies are the most valuable thing we ever had and have… hehehe… 🙂 we just cant live without the bloody things! 🙂

PS: I have a post in this blog about sex… creation of bodies which were used as food. LOL.. for the same reasons, same way as ”people here eat meat”’ cows-pigs sheep etc, in other times meat bodies [human] were processed  and transported  to be consumed as delicacy!  sexual feelings were given as to stimulate the desire to capsulate  — to reproduce! Here you go you studs… who believe that sex is on the top of the TS. and the cows do everything in their power to attract that stud! sexy clothing, make-up, perfume hairdo,  and into the male valance the sex -act the thought of it enters every few second!






true story.


The myth has it and it has been told, has been repeated many times by those Entities who are still part of the ever flowing starlight indigo universe.

There was an evil Witch whose jealous nature was the foundation of misery- wretchedness that darkness was needed in order to balance out the creative forces in the Universe: and this Witch was evil as evil can be, wicked to the core and of course powerful beyond understanding….

Hate, jealousy, greed, destruction distrust was her manner, her ways and what she hated most of all when creations of other beings were better and more beautiful than hers: jealous rage ruled her universe and all she wanted to do to destroy everything in the universe which was created by others.

She wanted to be the best and wanted to be the most important: the paramount creator: So she decided to do something incredibly spectacular, something which never had been seen before in the whole Universe.

She believed if she can do something spectacular with that she will demonstrate that she is the supreme powerful being and having her creation admired by everyone she will be the victor and with that will win everybody over to her side than everyone will be her slave forever: with this thoughts she created a new side to her personality: must control.

So time flowed and over the eons the Witch ranted and raged in her frustration because she have designed countless traps, deceptions to catch every body’s attention but not one of those trickeries were beautiful enough to hold those admirers- followers spellbound fascinated forever and that is she really wanted more than anything, that was her sole aim.

As she beheld on as those astounding creations appeared all-around her and not one of them were hers and in her fury the Witch filled with jealous hate burning hot, she snatched two stars out of the Heavens and crushed them with her mighty hands [which were invisible of course] and hurled those kaleidoscopic shimmering lights: the sparkles sailed across the velvety indigo space, up in great arch and fell toward into the infinite distance.

The universe become still, hushed as all looked at this great wonder as the shimmering light bridged glowing in myriad of colors now arched over the Universe from one end to the other.

The Rainbow was born.

The legend has it that one end of the Rainbow ended an Earth and the other end still is in the Spiritual Universe. All the unsuspecting Entities who were looking for new adventures have stepped on and walked fallowing the brilliant trails the magical stardust of the Great Rainbow Bridge are all captured by the evil Witch when they reach Earth and with that they all have become under her spell and her slave forever.

By now over the eons there are many innocent beings walked across the Rainbow Bridge, including Fairy folk, the Gnomes: all the Souls who are now live in in different variety of forms here on Earth many

The evil spell “is” as the legend say: when one crosses over and steps off the Rainbow and touches the ground of the Earth with that one forgets the past, forgets it forever because the evil Witch gives a body for that Soul and that shape-valance becomes the prison forever and a day for that being.

There is gold at the end of the Rainbow an Earth, but looking for gold also the part of the evil Witches spell, since the gold is the “importance and values” and having believing in those considerations holds that person in prison on Earth.

But also whispered by the Ones who still live among the stars, that one day the spell will be broken by the one who dared to step back on that Rainbow Bridge and walk back into the Spiritual Universe and by doing that “WALK” of enlightenment gained by confrontation the evil Witches spell will be broken forever.

The stars glimmer brightly they beckon and they light that Rainbow Bridge all the way home…………….. to walk back into the Infinite is the greatest adventure surpasses all previous adventures any Entity ever had and I am here waiting for you, urging you on to step on the bridge and walk!
There are many views what the Universe is about, what is the Bank and the above is a one of the many views I have about the Universe.

PS: the wicked witch is alive and well, she lives in Coquitlam, has a body but she is still evil have the great need to control, to be the only one. Our track has been intertwined and I had to have lots of sessions in order to free self from all the spell I was under.

Hehehe of course there isn’t any blame for reasons who has done what and why  because what we find at the end is nothing more than the understanding that we are playing  a game of illusions.



Moved on object by intention!

Without the aid of hands.

My very first recall while being in sessions when I moved on object from distance while having a body and this incident was 2600 years back and that body was my first human body  on this planet.

I moved on object by intention and the object was distant from the body, few hundred feet away. The fun part was I did not know where the item went, and at the moment I can’t recall either.

To me this is an important gain in understanding because now I have my own evidence that it can be done.

if you care to read more details go to comment.


First time in sessions I seen:

I have seen the top of the head which was open and where the brain usually is in a human body had on most intricate element which could be called in our language as: computer.

This ‘’control center’’ contained many different systems which were in rows and rows and each system was covered separately, had shinny alloy housing which was steel blue in color.

I had a very clear picture of this control system.

Also understood its working and experienced when it was shut off in order to disconnect the robot – to stop it functioning and I also experienced when this system was short-circuited ‘’fried’’ with strong electricity which has fried all connection and the robot become dead.

So was the belief for the Entity!!!= WAS ELIMINATED FROM THE GAME!

When the System was ‘’fried’’’ become dead— no longer supplied information the Entity=Me believed that I have lost all knowledge which is in fact not true but what I have known before was covered over, suppressed by that strong mass of electric-shock.

What happens when the Entity is looking for information which was housed in that computer now can’t recall it because now blocked off with that electric-shock.

I believe when a human have massive brain damage, that happens when something triggers off that incident on the Track when the Robots computer was short-circuited: the robot no longer functioned –was dead.

Information on which the robot was operating on was just implanted info. and nothing more, the robot had no Free Will, same goes for humans.

Nothing new ever happens on this planet, everything originates from some other place long ways back.

I been working on to have better ‘’recall’’ and have gained grounds but I know there is much to be learned but each realization brings new understanding.

By the way, I almost forgotten to mention when one is operating mostly with information which is from the Robotic-mind that person is inclined to be computer— machinery know-how and these persons are not much into art.

By having a MIND… Thinking with brain has eliminated most of our abilities, like: free will. Period.

I recalled in this session that ‘’singing’’ that act was not included when I was controlled by that system.

Before I started sessions, way back in early 70’s my so called ‘’singing voice’’ can be best described as none existent, a crow has better voice than I had then BUT I had many sessions on sounds, voices, communications  and by now I do have beautiful singing voice,  the most remarkable that the voice is on wide range: deep trembling sounds to high notes. Of course the understanding also is that we do not sing but we become the sound itself.

The tech. works on every level, on any subject!


Levitation…..moving objects.


Do not mean what everybody believes in: I am levitating because the body is off the ground, unattached and floating freely.

IT SIMPLY MEAN: we can levitate on object!

We are Entities who are not made of something and because of this condition=no condition we are intangible and this intangibility which makes us Infinite and as infinite we do not have a location.

So when we are talking of levitation we are talking of on ability which can move objects at will in this case the body of some kind we are so heavily attached self to.

The Entity who can levitate the body he believes that body is self than in fact should be able to levitate- move- floats any other objects.

When on the Track the Entity-person only could levitate the body by than the Entity lost too most abilities:

I believe the ‘’idea’’ the belief that we can levitate comes from the Track when the bodies we attached self to were not pulled down and held to a solid ground by gravity but still could freely float.

I have recalled more than one incident where that is what I experienced: but than in those recalls the bodies did not have legs either!  Why have legs when we don’t really need them?

Also levitation of the body, the belief it can be done is certainly heavily suppressed –blocked off because the fear that we might drift away and can’t get back to our usual game-life.

In previous sessions I have located hundreds of incidents in which we made it certain that we as a body were solidly anchored this given us the belief that we are permanent!

I also posted about levitation more than one write-up in the blog.

My problem is that by now I know all these beliefs are not real, just illusions but I have sessions because I want to understand why I assumed in the first place what I known and seen is real: The real part is the lie.

PS: ownership to items- possessions is ferociously protected, there are laws established for that purpose! Laws say ‘’don’t touch-move that item because if you do you will be severely punished!’’

These Laws  dribbled down from the Track to stop LEVITATION- moving objects because when we still had that ability we were not concerned  who’s property we moved and by doing so we have interrupted games people played  by stealing levitating things away from them, or other from us hehehe… and we did not like that at all.

Those who continued the practice had to do it on the sly same as now the thief work covertly.

So to regain the ability to levitate objects again, we would need to eliminate thousands of negative and their counterpart which holds the negative in place: the positive considerations –belief on the same subjects and related items. Huge undertaking which would bring fantastic results in the form of understanding.

PS: PS:::: recall as now: there were times when we still could levitate objects but we no longer done it consciously… and objects around us would be floating.

The problem was that we believed we were hunted and ghost were doing that to us HEHEHE now this have scared us very badly if we lived in the society where ghost were made to be something scary, monsters, evil etc.

Also when we done the levitation unconsciously… not knowing we were the cause, this could drive us into so called madness, believing  something was wrong with us, that we were possessed  by evil, the demon himself.

There are many very heavy negative beliefs why we stopped this ability.









answer to Brian’s question: can be ”emptiness” handled, be erased in sessions?

Hi there!!! Truly great to hear from you!

I had sessions on ‘’brain’’ what its function is and I also have confronted the so called ‘’mind’’ so these two item as I have known them are no longer have effects on anything I do or know.

We operate outside of the body at all times, but I do not say that the connection to the body don’t affects us, the body long as it works supplies with constant energy-frequencies=stimulation.

Yes, These items: emptiness- void- blankness- vacuum can be confronted but keep it in mind their affected every experience we ever had and continue to have.

They are present till all experiences are as-ised because their presence is the very blocks which stops the Entity from having total recall.

Example: Dementia, Alzheimer’s, can’t recall, don’t remember, forgotten etc..happens because the person is in that incident; of nothingness=Standing wave.

We have used these Items thousands of different ways

By giving examples will help to understand how the use of these concepts affects us.

Imagine a curtain and this curtain front of you are made of matter which you can only see as blankness— void—vacuum or empty-ness… this curtain has no pattern, don’t contain pictures -concepts, has no meaning yet same as any other thing it has meanings and it is energy.

This Curtain is a STANDING WAVE!!! Therefore when the Entity-Person see it or gotten stuck to it, held back by it can’t see, experience anything other than ‘’emptiness’’.

Example: when you are told to visualize on apple, in that moment you can see that apple.

Same goes for emptiness –void– blank-ness. When these items because they are that were implanted and not just implanted but we used them as something to hide behind as we would use a curtain, wall, or divider.

When the emptiness was used to protect self, we projected nothingness-void and the enemy or lover: whoever they were we did not wanted them find us could only see what was indented to be seen by us: nothingness, hehehe the curtain –screen, wall was placed between us!

Good magic trick: now you see me and now you don’t, because I don’t want you too!

Radar is used these days to scramble images…

Other occasions where we were captured by on enemy our memories-experiences were erased because that knowledge we had or used were the fret to them and what was erased were replaced with that blank empty energy mass which was looked like void did not have considerations, valances etc.


BUT everything was still there as before! Which we did not realized that time or the enemy was aware of this Fact either!!

I also did something fun in session: I went hunting for items, secrets which were hidden away by being covered up by ‘’nothingness’’ hehehe.. I was totally blown away what I have found-recovered and once upon the time I believed had value….

Brian my dear, now what do happen when the Entity has nothing? Believes that? That places that Entity out to the pasture, into space because has been eliminated from the game!!!!!

But by having sessions on these items which are the same as any other item, by confrontation the realizations come that usually these concepts are nothing more than dust in your eyes, and when this dust, curtain= its meaning why they were used in the first place is erased or understood the person than can continue with sessions and the most important fact that after eraser the awareness is expanded, and not just a little bit!. My so called recall has increased thousands fold by now!

When Gautama hit the so called enlightenment stage when he no longer could advance, he simply hit this curtain and with that he was stopped.

When the person as Gautama is stuck in these kind of items than these person are keyed out of the regular bank and of course their realities-understandings become very different since the rules-regulations of the old no longer affects these persons.

But this State is not the end of the line, but Dead End because the limitlessness of the universe and no one can say: I have attained whatever LOL… I know it all…. This is it; I am on the top of the hip!

At that moment the Entity locked self into a Standing wave, in other words: Up the creek and no paddles.

I call these items major traps because when the Entity is front of this thing is simply stopped and can only remain in that nothingness as Gautama did, or go back to earlier activities.

Also these items are used even these days to block out pain, example drugs can re-stimulate this curtain and the person will not feel that pain.

Also when something dramatic happens to the person and the person zips into Unconscious-ness: means moved into this protective place where nothing can reach him, can cause upsets –pain of etc.. and this person feel safe there till that fret goes away.

This is the reason talking to the person who is in ‘’unconscious state’’ helps because the entity – slowly gets keyed back into consciousness-awareness, reconnects into the familiar bank-life he had before.

Since the first time I had sessions on these Items as I said my so called ‘’memory’’ of things improved, but here is something which you might find interesting: we used the same concepts over the eons thousands and thousands of different ways and because for this reason we just can’t erase all these items in one session but they have to be confronted as they come up.

Most fascinating subject, I have given here more examples since there are lots of new visitors to the blog and not every one has read all my post as you have. 🙂

Are you thinking having sessions on these items?




Manual for Departing- Leaving the Body in other words going exterior!

Manual for Departing- Leaving the Body in other words going exterior!

We were not stupid when we invented the idea of having ‘’bodies’’ objects in order to have stable firm steady permanent location to operate from. With that we invented time-duration, identity etc..

But we also knew these objects- bodies had to have steady supply frequencies because we knew the very vibration of the objects were the cause —-the very glue which kept us attached to that object-body and soon as the vibration has stopped we become free, lose, unattached and that could happen in the most inconvenient moment and cause problems because we lost our place in the game of life: we were out! Free-floating.

SO, we had to invent objects- bodies which were set up so its steady balanced frequencies were maintained and to achieve this had to be fueled: therefore the present time’ eating – putting food into the machines to keep it alive-to have steady supply of frequency.

But of course this method only worked for soft bodies as we have now and before these we had many other variety bodies which were used under different conditions.

Example; the meat body could not survive in 1000 degree cold of heat or in other place where bugs ruled hehehe, there the body was covered with thick layer of secretion to protect from suckers, or other place  the body held so much electricity that anything come close to it got automatically zapped! Self-protection in order to survive.

I been in place where wrinkles were in fashion and more wrinkles the body had that indicated how capable the person was, how beautiful was, and gained importance, here the folds of the heavy doubled over wrinkled skin hanged to the grounds, on the arms the skin hanged like  the sleeves on the Chinese robes of the Emperor. We have grown skin as we grow height here!

Come to think of it old walruses have folded skins, but there on that planet by the time we reached ‘’old age’’ the body looked cone shaped, the so called head on the top of the cone disappeared among the many folds which spread on the ground.

And we wonder why we get wrinkled, look like old crumpled bags? LOL.. Old age – growing old meant that the body’s frequency slowly lessened and the body turned into stone like matter at the end when the vibration stopped, the Entity become free again: this happens here also.

The Entity could not intend to move that heavy mass without the so called life giving energy which is nothing more the electrical energy –power, same as here now.

I had that body and let me tell you it was not easy to confront the so called death because in the first place I haven’t had the clue what was happening: slowly turning into stone! That happened because I have identified myself with matter, I believed I was that thing  till I parted from it, than I knew I was Infinite! Only ignorance, not understanding what is happening can cause the belief that we die. [ same goes for when the person believes that auditing caused the almost death, those who believe such are full of shit because that can’t happen.]

So working –improving the working of the bodies continued and every planet did their own, same as Microsoft, apple, etc computer companies working on their invention: building a better Mouse Trap from which they can’t free self from.

The bodies had to have imbedded control systems which were run automatically so the Entity did not have to think about and by having automatically running system the Entity was free doing whatever.

On the track when the Entity bought gotten a new model usually had a good understanding how that machine worked because those times Manual come with the body, same as now with your computer, or washers and dryers.

So the owners=we have known what to accept and how long the machine we use will work before its stops and then we can move on: be free from those conditions, the very reasons we wanted to be in for that period.

All these information is lost-forgotten by now but the bodies still have automatic system and that system shuts off when it meant to in the first place.

You can ask what is the ‘’first place’’ means?

The strongest, the most powerful incident the Entity-person has on the Track regarding machinery and when this machine was made to stop and of course the Entity believed that time h/s was that machine and because that machine no longer worked the Entity have died.

of course the Manuals contained the information how to stop the machines-body because we knew than if we don’t know how to than we are trapped  in that matter and we were not that stupid those times to let things like that to happen!

So we set the ‘’timer’’, how long we wanted to stay accordingly our game strategy and it was a good system because we could have stable space, time, and we were in control, we could leave and be fee, move on after the game was over.

These days for the meat body a powerful constriction of the muscle called heart do the same trick or head on collision, overdose on any product will do the same.

I have confronted by now countless thousands of different so called ‘’death’’ incidents by doing so I freed self from bodies… More I seen, confronted more certain positive I become: death, to die is impossible; no matter how we want to we can’t kill self-off as Entities.

By the way there is no such on activity is as ‘’dropping dead’’ or ‘’died’’, that is total misconception because if that would not be on false impression and we really could die than NO ONE COULD EVER RECALL THAT THEY LIVED before –HAD A BODY IN DIFFERENT TIME- LOCATIONs: and those recollections are the very proof that death don’t exist and we just move on.

PS: we are always exterior and that is the reason going exterior is impossible: those who are working on this: going exterior thing, in fact just want their ability regained where they can put their attention freely on different locations-subjects and gain understanding what is happening on that location.  That is not going exterior but simply shifting awareness from subject to subject.

To be able to do that the Entity needs to regain freedom from the Bank and have control.

Those who believe and spread the rumors that they have almost died or others have died because of auditing…. well… drama sells, but if that would be true I should not be here and writing should I be? 🙂 but should be dead as a door nail!

No one have recalled more incidents-items than I on this planet and some of them were truly killers hehehe… so i know from experiences what I am writing here and yes these incidents were killer, but always killers of matter! not the Entity, never the Entity.


Just realized the reason

why Identities’ are so important and why we have identified with everything while being here in this huge mass of energy which we call Universe.

We have identified with  every kind of thing imaginable: being light, body, boulder, cloud, dragon, emperors love to identify being a dragon, on the empresses are represented by beautiful birds, name it we have been something and when we are without  being something than that state is called Ghostly State, Spiritual State and that means the Entity- Spirit- Theta is not associated with  beingness- being a mass-body of some kind.

We use things: being a body etc.. to be anchored by and this is the reason ”bodies” are surrounded  by spirits at all times,  these spirits LRH called BT’s and the groups are Clusters: these spirits are same as we are just in their state they don’t have identity like birth certificate!

Without being anchored to something we feel last, we are aimlessly floating in the Universe but when we attach self to something even if it is only a cloud, or a bird, fish in the sea, or become that lightning  bold for few second, with that we have gained identity, we are something, somebody!

Of course this condition only exists because we believe things have value, and beingness is important, a great havingness!

When those things which we believe have value, importance, the must have, must do, must own, has to become some one all those things are confronted and their meanings vanish- erased therefore  they no longer control the Entity, but the Entity regains the control.

To attach self, to be anchored to anything is simply creating experience- existence  location, span  of time plus gaining loads of ARCB’s, problems for self because the things we attach self after all are just matter hehehe and  from the moment on the Entity is looking for solutions to get out of that problems which only happened because the Entity identified with matter. And always the Entity looks for solution in the same manner: get more what caused the problem, ARCB’s in the first place!

The main reason to have sessions is to rehabilitate the Entity to Native State and in this state the Entity no longer have the need to attach self to things, to have identity and regain the understanding how one can operate in the Universe as on Infinite.




One very puzzling mystery is solved.

I cannot say how many sessions I have had over the years for the very reason to improve the memory, to recall, to remember easier: I looked for the reasons what and who made forgot what I have known before and not only this life but all others I have had. [ I believed I had!]

I found hundreds of incidents which were specifically designed to erase the memory of everything I have known. Those ‘’erasers- or nullifiers of incidents not only have erased those experiences what they were intended to do, but kept on working, remained operational till these days.

Of course from those sessions I have had immense gains and these gains enhanced ability to recall past incidents but my so called memory still not what I believe can be.

To me just don’t make sense not to remember the languages I have spoken in my earlier life, which was not to long back were my English was fluent, so was my German, and beside those I spoke 3 other languages and here I am struggling with two! To me this don’t make sense at all because in that life when I was in my 70’s and was learning new language!

But I get to the point: on countless occasion when I want to recall something I draw ‘’blank-nothing’’ which can be described as on ‘’empty canvas’’ or wall” so for that reason I have confronted ‘’nothingness, blackness, invisibility, emptiness, vacuum’’ as in space etc and everything related to those items-incidents and found out there are no such things but I already written about those items, the post are in the blog

Here I am tonight, I watched an old German movie with English subtitle and I understood  some of the words, and I felt frustrated why I can’t understand more or all what they were saying because I drawn blank again when I wanted to recall- remember the German language I known and  the cognition come: EVERY TIME I DRAW BLANK WHEN I WANT TO REMEMBER SOMETHIMNG BECAUSE THE “”BLANK-ness, THE NOTHINGNESS IS THE “ITEM’’ WHICH IS REPLACING WHAT I WANT TO RECALL!!!!!

It works like this, Example:

Want to remember something but instead the information, the picture or sounds only blank -ness appears.

This blank ness is on implant and of course it was installed, forced condition but was also used to eliminate what we no longer wanted to be bothered with.

This ‘’blank-ness’’ become a double edged sword but by now just goes on, works automatically.

Some of you might ask a question: if we are just viewing everything from on exterior point as Entities watching life as a rolling movie than why we need to remember, recall what we viewed before?

The answer is simple: to understand why we think, believe we can or can’t do somethings. Example: I believed I spoke German now I believe I can’t!

Now That I have found that mysterious blank-ness, can I instantly speak German, Italian or French? NOOOOOO, but I am determined to find more answers.!!!!!

By the way: blankness is also called ‘’unconsciousness’’ and by performing lobotomy, or other kind of shock treatments even use of drugs causes ‘’blank-ness’’ in the wanting to recall. Even so called energy of some food products causes blankness because those masses of energy have stronger vibrations- frequencies than the item we want to recall and they simply overwhelm-suppress -block out.

By the way over the years I had been sent Email from some person inquiring if I am interested in dating, getting married, or to become partner.

Since I just received again on proposition: I thank those who believe I would make on ideal partner, on addition to their life, I am honored but no thank you: I left those activities behind in 1996 and I haven’t ‘’dated’’ or wanted to date since then.

I am not a partner material, I been there did all that more than once but the reason for those activities have been erased.

Thank You again:) but I do have total- boundless affinity and that affinity is ever-present and all included therefore I don’t need a body in the vicinity  or to know some identities in order to feel love.



Please read this, I really want to share this experience!

I want to share my happiness with you all.

This post is part of which I posted 3 years back and the reason I pulled it back because something happened today which I will write at the end of this post.

In one of my recall: way back in 74 while being audited in Dianetics that session I never forgotten, because that recall was so profound and perfect in every way.

Even now recalling and reliving that incident filled my senses with wonder and beauty and magic, till this day that memory held me captive, with its magical quality.

Perhaps so, because it was the first time I have experienced as recall having mock-up body in ethereal state: not being solid in form and I believe that was my first encounter in session were the reality level which I was at that time, was so very different.

And in that session the door opened up into my real universe which till than was forgotten: the spiritual universe which contained no solid forms.

I was floated  close to the ground in  open market place,  it was a bright beautifully sunny day and I knew than my body mock-up was not solid as the one I use now and in order to have a noticeable appearance I had a hooded once piece garment covering the semitransparent body which too was just a mock-up.

The market was held in the large clearing in the tropical forest, the lush circle of  greenery surrounded  this dell and  intermingling of fragrances  of the damp earth, myriads of flowers and the sun ripen fruits were pure delight and pleasure to the senses.

On the ground in long rows were piled high, with fruits, vegetables in every shape and color, they looked like jewels in the sun.

As I walked about, in my reality I glided, floated  above and over the ground and  I touched  experienced every fruit’s energy on my search , while doing that I have  gorged all the senses but I was still looking for a singular element.

By the way I did not have to touch any of these fruits; hands were not needed because  I  simply experienced each individually as I put my attention an them.

Suddenly my attention focused on one fruit and all others were forgotten: The melon like fruit I have spotted was pale golden in color and both ends had a touch of lime green, had glassy smooth surface and on oval shape and It was virtually translucent and from the center emanated pink radiance of bright energy.

Picked up the fruit had it levitate of course and cradled the magnificent creation in of my so called transparent  hands and  total happiness washed over me as I experienced  and have become one with the fruit’s energy, its vibration was the perfect match of my own.

I bent my head over the fruit and I deeply inhaled its fragrance, I have become one with the fruit its energy and with that experience my bodies’ energy balance was returned.

With that action I have accomplished the act of eating!  That how I have eaten when solid food was not required yet, when solid food is put into solid body that act pushed us down on the tone scale!

How could I ever forget a recall like that?

Here is what has happened today. But first thing first: about 6 weeks back I totally changed what I eat, I have given up wheat…. If you care to go listen to a video which I found on Netflix ‘’What’s with Wheat” shocking information, my hairs stood up!

I also given up tea and coffee but the last few days I madly craved coffee but I resisted. The craving would not go way and I figured what the hell if I go and buy my usual Arabic grind and drinking one cup won’t kill me off. I was just about drooling as I trotted toward the store and headed to the coffee section.

I picked up the package I smelled the coffee and that was it.

I had the coffee, I experienced what I craved for, the solidity was not needed but only the energy. The desire, the craving have vanished.

Is this a big win????? To me this is huge because now I have a positive proof that we only experience vibrations- frequencies. But I did not needed this proof because I trust the knowledge I have gained through realizations  just fun to have!

Now I can ‘’drink’’ my coffee and still have it. Cheap cup!

Now only if I could do this and not feeding the body, but I don’t know where I am heading so that too can happen.

By the way I have noticed that I often use words which are totally out of content example instead mock –up I use muck-up LOL. The joke is on me so I hope you guys enjoy the mistakes I make, has entertainment value so has my grammar, you can say now: what grammar? Right you are!

As I said I am not the brightest star in the universe only in the Crab Nebula.. my home base.