Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

When I have sudden realization coming out of the blue that realization can hit me like a ton of brick and I just sit here my mouth open stunned into gaga land and beside the new realization the thought I have ‘’I am such on idiot for not realizing this before and it is so simple!! Mind bogglingly simple and this thought never ever entered in my mind since been on the learning path.

BY now I have looked at postulate, intentions, willpower in every form of ideas, beliefs, how they work or why they don’t  but never ever entered in my ‘’mind’’ that PRAYERS are postulates-intentions which are put out into the Universe to someone else to cause to whom we have assigned power!

That is what they are, prayers when asking to let or not to let something happen with that prayer in place the Entity has assigned power to GOD and now begs – pleads – implores- appeals to that imaginary thing to make something happen which the SELF no longer can do! WOW..

The Entity really hit rock bottom degraded self so low and this is the outcome: the dreadful conditions self is in that made up another Entity call it god, and assigned power to this illusion IN HOPE THAT THIS ENTITY NOW CAN DO WHAT SELF NO LONGER ABLE TO DO!

I am now going to celebrating for eliminating one more item which has been part of occlusion =that idiotic thing I called once upon as Elizabeth

by having a delightful cup of tea with a touch of buckwheat honey.

The 3 day heatwave is over and the forest front of the windows look quiet- serene in the rain.

By the way hehehe I wonder how many prayers are being said each day on planet Earth and how many out of these billions are directed toward winning the lotto hehehe.. asking god for help and offering their first born for exchange?

We cant even imagine how many times we have prayed over the Eons for something to happen or  asked ”god” not to let  that something happen and all those prayers are still intact..  in control.

I don’t have to write here where those who pray are on the Tone S.  and I am not saying  we are better off, but those who so ”in with god”, believe that they are better off than we who do not believe in such  crap.  LOL… their belief add  to their burden at the present time.

We all have the ”god thing” in our realities [ not me, not any more]  and those who have it sooner or later have to erase that heavy load of shit and finally take responsibility for self and get out of blame and the begging mode.

I am definitely having fun!



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  1. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the invitation. 😊

    In my understanding, prayer like any form of postulate, can be direct or on a via designed to circumvent the bank without resolving it. It’s a question of the basic assignment and assumption behind the postulate and consideration.

    Politics and religion are based upon fundamental assignments and assumptions a person has agreed to subscribe to.

    This is a scale I find useful:

    – Assign
    – Assume
    – Postulate
    – Consider

    Prior to thought is the basic assignment and it’s assumption per understanding equates with knowingness in action.

    In other words we act first.
    Then we figure out the why.

    Our assignments and assumptions determine our perceptions.

    The bank is an invention, a substitute for knowingness.

    We may as-is the wall or the tree.
    In fact we only as-is our own participation. The wall or the tree cintinue to persist regardless of whether we participate or not.

    Existence has s life and substance of its own which is independent of ourselves.

    • ”Existence has s life and substance of its own which is independent of ourselves. ”
      You are contradicting yourself!
      Please reread what you have said in your second comment.

  2. In fact, if the wall and the tree did not have a persistence of their own, then having as-ised the mechanical conditions of existence, we’d never be able to find them again.

    So do the wall and the tree have an intelligence independent of ourselves?

    • Right you are, the tree or the wall will be there for those Entities who haven’t confronted the reason for believing of the existence of those things, so until the last Entity as-is- erase those pictures-beliefs till than for those Entities will stand as is.
      No, illusions don’t have independent intelligence. But idiots have illusions … me included of course in this group, well, we are really not idiots but uneducated on the matter how we created and why we created.

    • Have a question for you do you know the reasons, the purpose- the expression or can be said description what is the state of ”stupidity” is used for?
      Now please Onu don’t tell me what you learned by reading on this subject but i want to know your own findings.
      I have had sessions on this and related subjects and I wonder if you also confronted these considerations.

  3. The nature of existence is contradiction.

    Everything I write is based upon personal experience rather than something I have read.

    I have my own philosophy which is based upon what I have found to be demonstrable in-session truths.

    As for agreement.
    Understanding does not necessarily imply agreement.

    People don’t need education when they are able to discover their own truths.

    I don’t mind being completely and utterly stupid. I don’t need a mind or a brain in order to function. Neither do I particularly need to know what I am doing. Sometimes people think I am a bit dumb as a consequence.

    Yet my innate stupidity permits me to occasionally experience life directly without vias and to witness the wonder and beauty that surrounds us as I participate in the miracle of existence. Thus the butterflies sometimes come and land on me when I call them and baby birds come to me for shelter or just out of plain inquisitiveness, simply becauae I have learned how to appreciate the intelligence that surrounds us and sustains us.

    As for the infinity of nothingness, that to me is merely and Illusion of mind beyond the as-Isness of existence which has little or nothing to do with reality.

    And yes for me each person and form of intelligence is unique.

    You think that’s bank.
    Makes litle difference to me.

    Qzero: Each person is unique
    This is a demonstrable in-session truth which I apply regularly in my work.

    In fact every I write us solely based upon demonstrable in-session truths which I have applied for many years.

    If it’s speculation then I present it as such.

    Assignments and assumptions precede thought and are the basis of postulates and considerations.

    The assigment and assumption of Not-Isness is the basic inversion that results in the cycle of automaticity which generates identity, mind and existence in the first place.

    The bank itself is a via based upon the assignment and assumption of automaticity as a substitute for direct perception of reality.

    • ”The nature of existence is contradiction.”
      🙂 only till the truth is found! after that contradictions don’t exist.

    • the reason i wanted to know what is your understanding on ”stupidity” because i seen stupidity used on as a valance, a mask something to hide behind in attempt not to be recognized, in order to confuse others.
      Of course these recalls -understanding are from way back, when the Entity still had command, knew the reason for doing something.

    • Speculation, I dont have much use for such doingness, speculation about something’s contains nothing more than different viewpoints on the same subject and these different realities confuses the Entity than the Entity starts the evaluating which reality is better than the other.
      But when those concepts would be confronted in session than the results would not be those any one of those concepts because the only reason they were there the first place because they were altered reality: bank stuff.
      In session all those concepts can be sorted out and the facts=realizations would come so speculation would not be needed.
      Speculation is waste of time, when the person speculates-guesses- assumes is like a hamsters running on the wheel, yet remaining on the same spot.

  4. Demonstrable in-session truth:
    The assignment and assumption of Not-Isness is the basis of automaticity and resolves as Isness.
    Differentiation between Isness and Not-Isness resolves the automaticity of the Bank and permits the rehabilitation of Reality and the Ability to Choose.

    Reality, independent of Self, Identity, Mind and Existence is a demonstrable in-session truth.

    When a person resolves Reality they find they are no longer alone in the void of nothingness beyond the As-Isness of Existence.

    Existence is a condition of polarity resultant from the Not-Isness of Spiritual Reality.

    As-Isness by perfect duplication results in the disappearance of phenomena of existence and a condition of nothingness.

    However perfect duplication does not imply total understanding and is only the first step in the journey from Existence to Reality.

    This is one I have been working on for the past year.

    It appears that people are bounced back into existence from the Void, Static or whatever they call it and are reprogrammed into cycles of existence within the physical universe due to the automaticity of Not-Isness.

    The identification of Self, Others, Everyone and All with the Void of Potentiality, a condition of Nothingness beyond the As-Isness of Existence, appears to be a mental state based upon the actuality of Native State outside All, yet it is merely a condition of As-Isness of the mechanical conditions of existence and a substitute for spiritual reality.

    The test of whether a person is stuck in the Void with nowhere to go except to bounce back into some form of existence, including home universes etc is that in all these options the person is completely alone.

    In fact the reason why they are completely alone is very simple.
    Each person is completely alone in their own Mind. No-one else occupies their mind. It’s their Mind.

    So the person may last for a while ir even an eternity, stuck in their own mind, but finally they return into existence for communication purposes and to find other people.

    The person has failed to resolve their considerations and prime postulates of Antithesis, Opposition, Dichotomy and Duality and their Assignments and Assumptions of conditions of Not-Isness and so they head off in the opposite direction to spiritual reality and and bounced back into existence, not by virtue of their innate stupidity which in fact is the Innocence and Niaivete of Native State, but quite simply as a result of their own Ignorance of Truth.

  5. Onu… no one ever have speculated- calculated ”self” out of the bank.. people have theorized for eons and they are still on the same beliefs because theories are just that.
    please don’t hit me with speculations, but I am really interested is that WOW-cognitions. 🙂

  6. These days my focus is more on applied understandings than wow cognitions. I do my own solo work and I work with other people.

    • Cognition are equal in value, the reason behind, the illusion that one cognition is bigger and better than the other depends on the mass of energy the cognize detached self from.
      the as-ising in fact is detaching self… no longer being affect of that mass, but the mass of energy remains intact.
      The realization happens when the entity understands the reason self was in the item.
      All realization have one thing in common: in the moment of detachment the rest of the Entities knowledge re -shifts .. realigns it self accordingly content of the newly arrived information.
      The WOW expresses how the Entity feels, less burdened, and of course the new understanding which never existed before in the Entities universe being admired and that is the WOW!!! incredible !!! WOW… 🙂

  7. i understand that from how you write express self, but how I see the WOW cognitions they give all the knowledge required how to do and what not to do.

  8. Yes, well that’s what I accomplish with people in my work. The person defines their own philosophy and takes charge of their own learning process without any form of dependancy on me or anyone else for their own spiritual understandings. When the person completes the subjective stage and is entirely autonomous, the next stage is objective, commencing with the current physical universe. We map out the entire current physical universe and current cycle of existence to as-isness. Then we map the phenomenal, spiritual and divine to Native State. Then we focus on the current cycle of existence and practical life.

    – Ethics, Purpose, Integrity
    – Subjective / Mind
    – Objective / Existence
    – Practical Life
    When the person has mapoed the entire physical universe, the dynamics and existence to as-isness they know what this is.

    Likewise when they have mapped beyond the void to reality, actuality and native state, both subjectively and objectively they know this in their own terms and criteria.

    As you mentioned, you have been working solo for a long time now and have progressed much further by applying your own understandings and process. This is the first stage of completion in my own work.

  9. In my approach, people start working solo from the outset and applying their own understandings and philosophy. However, it does seem that two people working together is applicable for some areas at least to get started, especially the objective rehabilitation of space.

    • I take that happens the very beginning… and those sessions deal with only ”present time”???

    • Like to inform you on the FACT that Native State has nothing to do with being divine LOL… that is a miss conception, on assumption.
      If the Entity have any notion being this or being that in that moment that entity is in that consideration therefore not in Native State but still being stuck in some mass.
      Native State cant be described, explained because only matter can be described and understood what is.
      In native state beingness’s don’t exist, this is the best I can do.
      Hehehe and definitely nothing to do with holiness.
      Maybe the Pope and the Dalai lama is addressed holiness but the crow in my belief is holier than them. The crow I place top of the T.S. and those 2 guys are at the very bottom which LRH calls death.

    • Finally I figured out what bothers me about the mapping you are doing.
      We at the start have very little understanding what is the universe about, why it is as is, which includes of course its immensity and the knowledge we have gathered through the eons which has by now become the ”unknown”.
      The reason we start, have sessions in order to discover all that, than how the Hell any one can map out at first at the start what they don’t know yet?
      example: Columbus before he went on his journey to discover already had a map?
      I am really confusion here, so please give a clear explanation.

  10. well done on your work.
    i have a problem understanding how one can map out the universe, it is infinite therefore has no boundaries… so how could be a map drawn since maps define give locations.
    send me a map, i just might learn something… and i am open toward that path.
    question: in your sessions do you recall past life incidents and those who you help can they experience those incidents?

  11. I work with whatever the person presents so this varies. However my overall approach falls into the 4 categories given.

    Yes I address this life, past lives and resolve the whole track and the primary assumption of beingness for the current cycle of existence.

    I resolve the force of any incident impacting the PT body and awareness first before resolving the details of the incident.

    Time is relative location in space.
    Relative location in time resolves mental force.
    Relative location in space resolves physical force.

    This results in a release which is consolidated in 4 steps per the 4 conditions of existence.

    Now the body is no longer impacted by the force of the incident and is in this sense protected from the impact of implant overwhelm and booby trap mechanisms designed to either bounce the person out or kill them, and the person has differentiated the fixed condition and rehabilitated their sense of freedom, knowingness, understanding and ability in present time through the release procedure, the person can naturally resolve the details and mass of the incident themselves or in session as Self and then naturally resolves the phenomena in the context of the dynamics in a self-determined cycle of action and then an all-determined cycle of action.

    Whether the incident details are inspected in session with me or not the person naturally resolves the significance and mass and this process can be accelerated. according to their level of confront and capacity to assimilate.

    The initial solo process a person applies is a natural process of differention resultant from the consolidation of the release state.

    This is basically a positive gain process which is defined in the person’s own terms and criteria which gradiently resolves mass and establishes their own principles of interaction in solo sessions and in practical life. This includes the resolution of past life events in present time as an initial component and extends to the practical application of freedoms, knowingnesses, understandings and abilities gained, defined in their own terms.
    Having resolved the mental and physical force associated with an incident it is then possible for the person to resolve the mass and significance in detail.

    Bearing in mind we are less powerful now than we were, resolving mental and physical force impacting the PT body first ensures the body is protected.

    As for the labels Divine, Spiritual, Phenomenal and Material, they are only labels. Someone else might say Actuality, Reality, Mind and Existence. Another person might say Intelligence, Consciousness, Identity and Form.
    People have their own labels and these can be entirely different. There is a very thin line of commonality and structure.
    No two people are alike when they define things in their own terms. The labels are only labels.

    Native State is outside all of the above and although it is basically indescribable there are certain commonalities to the gradient resolution of Native State which requires a gradient shift in awareness and understanding to previous areas addressed. In fact as you know perceptions and perspectives at any point can shift, evolve and simplify considerably and rapidly.

    Knowingness generates awareness and understanding which results in knowledge.
    So directly rehabilitating Knowingness is a key factor.

    I apply Direct Confront, Knowingness based Define / Indicate Processes including the Consolidation of Release States.

    It seems people have to resolve their integrity and complete the subjective area of address which includes resolution of the time track, mind, existence and reality as a spiritual being before they are really capable of commencing the objective rehabilitation of space starting with the current physical universe.

    Reality is Here
    Identity is infinite.
    Existence is Eternal, Here and Now
    The Physical Universe is Finite

    We can agree to disagree if you wish.
    I have demonstrated the above with too many people for me to state otherwise.

    When a person says the physical universe is Infinite they have associated the Boundless, Infinite and Universal aspects of Identity with the current physical universe. These are core concepts of Identity which the person utilises to align gradient scales of perception unique to each person that have no existence.

    Even the current cycle of existence, albeit a living eternity, is finite.

    The problem encountered when completing the subjective and commencing the objective is vias to other locations and determinisms.

    These are the booby traps etc. They reduce to vias and are initially presented as vias on measuring systems. These are either vias to winning determinisms or vias to locations of overwhelm and implants.
    They generally blow as substituted stable data and by relative location in space from….. to the PT body location.

    The LRH version of Date / Locate fails to resolve vias on measuring systems which results in Inversions into unresolved valences, identities, viewpoints and Know Points. The Locate process is reversed, requires special auditor knowledge and evaluation and leaves the person’s attention parked at the other location and subject to unresolved items at that location at the moment of blow. The correct method is to measure the distance from the other location to the PT body location so all of the person’s attention is in PT at the moment of blow.

    These are the basic reasons why people end up parked. The other missing element is the consolidation of release states by the person in their own terms per the conditions of existence. Both of these principles may be utilised to resolve BPC resultant from COS out-ethics and out-tech including extensive security checking with gradient rehabilitation of ARCU and KRC.

    When a person completes the subjective area of address they also confront and blow the bottom of the tone scale as a spiritual being: Total Failure and the Unknowable. This is the actual state which pins the person within existence and subject to overwhelm and implants.

    The next step is to apply the Confusion Formula to the Physical Universe.
    The actual condition of the person as a spiritual being in the physical universe is Confusion. When this is confronted the person begins the objective stage commencing with the resolution of vias to substituted stable data and determinisms.

    The entire physical universe is mapped by relative location in space in relation to the PT body location, to as-isness and rehabilitation as knowingness.

    This actually maps the person’s journey through the current physical universe since its inception and includes the resolution of implant mechanisms commencing with those located in the solar system.

    This is a rapidly evolving process during which perceptions are gradiently integrated as they shift.

    During the objective rehabilitation of space the first step is the current physical universe. The next step is the Spheres of Interest which exist as demonstrable and measurable space beyond the current 1st Dynamic Physical Universe and are initially perceived as universes and then as dynamics or dynamisms according to people with no prior knowledge. Beyond the Dynamisms are Dimensions which reduce to Relative States of Beingness per Space is a viewpoint of dimension and these finally resolve as the primary assumption of Beingness as Source for the current cycle of existence. We then continue to map theta to Native State outside All. Upon completion the person has mapped their entire route from Native State to the PT body location here on earth in the current physical universe and they really do know where they are in their own terms.

    1. The entire current physical universe
    2. Dynamics 1-8
    3. Dynamisms beyond the 8th
    4. Dimensions mapped as relative states of beingness to Source

    Resolution of the entire current cycle of existence to as-isness and conceptualisation as knowingness with full consolidation of release state in own terms

    An intermediary step upon completion of step 2 is the resolution of the 8 point scale from unwilling and unknowing effect-cause to willing and knowing cause-effect in the context of the 8 Dynamics which reduce to considerations established between prime postulates. The natural EP of this step originated by people with no prior knowledge is Cause over Life.

    Upon completion of step 4 we map theta beyond the As-Isness of Existence and the Void of Potentiality to Native State aa the person defines this in their own terms.

    So yes I do have an understanding of structure resultant from having worked with people and I have reduced this to a mathematical model which I apply during my work from the outset that permits a person with no prior knowledge to gradiently address these in their own terms and without evaluation.

    It’s simple enough to map out the physical universe in relation to the PT body if this is done in gradients and includes the resolution of vias.

    The simple reality is that each person has their own map of the route they took to get here and once this is resolved the actually know precisely where they are and understand their current cycle of existence in their own terms.

    The result is rehabilitated of the ability to choose.

    However this cannot be acheived with the LRH version of Date / Locate due to the inversions resultant from non-resolution of vias and the reversals resultant from the back to front locate process which compromise the PT Location and Awareness with unresolved determinisms.


    • question: how many hours on average person spend on this program?

    • I have looked for the reason why i cant comprehend the concept of yours, the reason is very simple because that concept do not exist in my universe.
      I never had a structural universe so I cant understand what I never experienced.

    • I am rereading your comment over and over, some I am getting.
      Totally agree about gaining knowingness and yes that expands awareness which is knowingness- understanding.
      That is the only reason we go into session, to gain knowledge but in my understanding we do not regain but through confrontation for the first time we gain unaltered understanding. This makes a total difference, because newly gained realizations do not contain mass therefore we are not being stuck in incidents.

  12. Thank you for all the info i will need to reread it a few times and I hope i will get some understanding till than I cant agree or disagree and i wont because i don’t have understanding of your realities.. I understand the individual words but not the concepts. Whatever works for you that matters and not what i think, how I understand you.
    My beliefs do not affect yours, not one bit, never have and never will.
    Onu I am very simple Entity… i don’t have complication in my universe and for the past few years the only problem I have and worry [ not really] that i might run out of auditing material while still have connection to the form.
    But few days back finally I have arrived to understanding I be able to continue even after I lose all connection to the form. Since life never existed therefore death neither and i am left with awareness.
    I really appreciate your comments because allowed a glimpse into very different universe.
    Thank you.

  13. Being Bengali/Dutch means I can be completely unstructured and simply make life up as I go along without necessarily needing to know what I am doing or where I am going for everything to flow along beautifully and perfectly coordinated like an improvised dance…… or I can be very structured and methodical working to precise results.

    My work is based upon a few simplicities, perhaps 3 or 4 principles and processes, that’s all.

  14. Cognitions are fundamental.
    Then there is applying cognitions per the 4 conditions of existence, a further aspect of the natural learning process which results in practical wisdom.

    The 4 conditions of existence per LRH are actually the 4 conditions of Theta which may be equally applied to the process of origination, emanation, creativity and being, a pure theta process.

    I shall answer shortly. Am preparing a simple summary of my 4 working principles and 4 processes per the conditions. Will detail the time involved afterwards. There’s a balance between Auditing, Solo Auditing, Practical Life and Simple Livingness

  15. I haven’t contradicted myself at all.
    Your focus seems to be on cognitions, mine is on how to apply them across the dynamics.

    Resolving mass makes a person feel better and they have a flash of insight which shifts their perspective and of course they go up the tone scale as a result. Then what?

    When a person reaches out across the dynamics they key in bank to audit.

    An objective approach includes resolving the subjective as a component in order to understand things better as Self first and then learn how to address those factors gradiently across the dynamics which requires understanding what’s true for self, others, everyone and all. This is a learning process in itself beyond the initial cognition. Another process.

    One way of finding something to audit is to simply head for the bottom of the tone scale and find something one is in total failure and the unknowable on. That’s subjective.

    Another way is to reach out across the dynamics and find an area one would like to address. That’s simple enough in this world. Then pull it in all the way down the dynamics to the 1st, resolve it as Self and then apply the cognition back out gradiently across the dynamics to the situation and location one was considering in the first place.

    Then resolve the history of that location through the histories of all whom have passed through that location since the beginning of time.

    Then in PT restore the fixated beings to themselves and native state and finally rehabilitate the essence of place itself. Millions of beings emerge from every nook and cranny of the place, free.

    If one has got to the bottom of the situation one was considering it resolves or changes according to the depth and precision of the work. It’s another learning process in itself.

    There is no shortage of what to audit by heading for the bottom.of the tone scale or reaching out across the dynamics, or simply doing both.

    It seems at least in my own working experience that when a person encounters native state the first aspect is escape. Other factors which come up are freedom, essence, knowingness, character.

    Wisdom requires applying what one has learned whether that be as pure theta or within the confines of existence.

    • ”It seems at least in my own working experience that when a person encounters native state the first aspect is escape”
      you haven’t the clue what you talking about and not just only in the above statement.

      • That’s simply untrue. What I describe is the few commonalities I have encountered through my work over many years. For a long long time I never told people a thing. I never spoke about any of it. Nothing to ensure I didn’t evaluate in any way. I simply did the work which basically consists of asking people to define their senses and perceptions in their own words.
        Now after many years wor having addressed these areas with different people and applied several different approaches each bringing up the same basic series of phenomena and cognitions, I finally speak openly about it.

        • Listen very carefully: I do not generalize because this blog’s content is about ONLY one Entities adventure and for that reason alone I rarely white about other persons beliefs, what they think or know’. even than i mention name and that name is ” Maurice” on occasion LRH’s name come up.
          I have erased few last comments you made including my answers..
          You have forgotten that you were reading had a glimpse into a private dairy and you were a guest.
          Your comment on ”prayer” was most welcome but you gotten carried away, went on a totally different topic.
          Have a good day.

  16. Do you have a certainty on spiritual reality independent of universes, existence, mind, identity and Self?

  17. ”It’s simple enough to map out the physical universe in relation to the PT body if this is done in gradients and includes the resolution of vias.

    The simple reality is that each person has their own map of the route they took to get here and once this is resolved the actually know precisely where they are and understand their current cycle of existence in their own terms.

    The result is rehabilitated of the ability to choose.

    However this cannot be acheived with the LRH version of Date / Locate due to the inversions resultant from non-resolution of vias and the reversals resultant from the back to front locate process which compromise the PT Location and Awareness with unresolved determinisms.

    you said it not I. if date and locate don’t work than the rest of the technology cant work.

    • the weight of the universe is not on my shoulders and what i carry i handle. in fact i don’t carry any more weight…

    • ””’The LRH version of Date / Locate fails to resolve vias on measuring systems which results in Inversions into unresolved valences, identities, viewpoints and Know Points. The Locate process is reversed, requires special auditor knowledge and evaluation and leaves the person’s attention parked at the other location and subject to unresolved items at that location at the moment of blow. The correct method is to measure the distance from the other location to the PT body location so all of the person’s attention is in PT at the moment of blow.

      These are the basic reasons why people end up parked. The other missing element is the consolidation of release states by the person in their own terms per the conditions of existence. Both of these principles may be utilised to resolve BPC resultant from COS out-ethics and out-tech including extensive security checking with gradient rehabilitation of ARCU and KRC.””

      Here is your other statement, indicates LRH’s tech cant possibly work and why!!!

  18. I don’t have to resolve any ones problem..LOL.. you go for it..

  19. when we evaluate we evaluate our own reality how we see -understand about that subject because if this fact we cant evaluate LRH’s work if it works or not.
    You can state this or that part DONT WORK FOR ME, that is I can understand but the same use have worked for thousands!
    generalization leads to confusion because it have born out of confusion.

  20. THANK YOU for correcting my misunderstanding.

  21. Esp Sze said:

    • Remek.. 🙂 !!!!!!
      Hell, that is the reason I havent win the lotto yet, he is procrastinating, now why I haven’t think of that?
      I must give session to god [ please note I haven’t used capital letter] and blow him out what ever he is stuck in… got to be muck! kaka
      I think I got the right word this time 🙂

      • Esp Sze said:

        Haha. A “k” jól stimmelnek. 🙂

        I processed some entities who believed they were God (or God of Gods). I went up/prior their goals/postulates chain … They postulated to be God in order to dominate/subjugate other entities.

        I call the prayer as mantra. (Mantra: Noun. A sound, word, or phrase that is repeated by someone who is praying or meditating).

        • I never written in my posts the real reason why I am against Buddhism.

        • there is on old song
          ”eltorott a hegedum nem akar szollani” szellem szellem mibajod mert nem akarsz szolni”
          not likely this will prompt communication but i thought this is fun. Do well!

        • just found something interesting you might find useful to look into when ever.
          the illusion which we live as life, believe it is life was made for purpose of entertainment. In different sequence to this i have seen something which was given me a total understanding of what LRH call bank, what is here is really on illusion… minden jot.

  22. love your sense of humor, creates sparkles in my universe! 🙂
    That is interesting, I never found one and I have connection to many, they are now all are in sessions with me even after their realizations, this is their choice, after all we occupy the same space or who are in that valance hehehe gotten scared ?
    About 15- 17 years back I too have had sessions on god and on the opposite beliefs which holds god =good in place and that was devil or Satan..
    By running those concepts were one of my most difficult sessions I ever had, It taken me 3 days and there was moments when I thought I will get stuck in the incident, and never be able to get out. That incident was loaded with traps. I have posted session.
    Listen to this, I have a sister who was in scientology too and we went up on the bridge at ST Hill the same time, but soon as she finished the OT levels she put all that behind her like never happened. While on the Levels she had A cognition and permanent F/T.

    I was incredibly PTS to her and for that reason I had many sessions. This went on for years had seen experienced many incidents in which I was a slave to her and I killed her off many times in order to get rid of that spell, that incredible thing I felt in her presence: which was not bad but total key out and total submission to her, adoration. Of course I had many realizations and finally I was out of her spell.
    That win to her on the OT levels were she regaining her powers which no one could resist. She moved into that god power and I seen how others responded and behaved in her presence. She ruled, have total control over people because they felt affinity love in her presence. She used that energy flow and manipulated people- man etc..
    I really cant explain it well, but I seen how it works.
    After erasing all her affects and i no longer were under that thing she turned on me and evil too had equal power, when i was no longer affected either way her anger was incredible. We don’t speak now and not likely we ever will.
    Being in god valance is not a good place to be.
    As you noticed some incidents come back over and over but each time we see this incident from different reality.
    I had seen self in this incident as on adoring slave who had given up everything in order to serve god.
    Taken me 20 years finally I as-ised every part of that implant.
    Interesting thing was that the implant was installed for me to lose power… and in some ways worked but only way that i believed I was powerless.
    The power we have we never can lose even if we believe we have. That power is invisible but ever present and over the years I have seen how it worked unknown to me.

  23. Fine thanks. I have a lot of practical experience in resolving considerations of god and prayer with people, including the resolution of vias. My final conclusions differ.

    • Did you know there aren’t any ”final conclusions on any topic?
      When we believe we reached the final answer in that moment we are stuck permanently and that final answer lead that person into a dead end street

      • PS; also means the person is unwilling to look for different viewpoints and only allows that final conclusion to exist and from than on judges, evaluates every incoming communication from that standpoint.
        By the way agreement do not make what is agreed upon the truth.

      • Yes. I know this and I appreciate our understandings evolve and can sometimes shift completely.

        • Just had a thought; to those who believe let
          say in any form of religion to these persons is very important to emphasize the number, just how many believers there are. To these persons the ”numbers” is the only indicator if what they agree to is the truth or not.
          They really don’t have other facts at hand but the numbers: so on average person thinks because sees that large number: HAS TO BE THE TRUTH BECAUSE SO MANY OTHERS ALSO BELIEVE AND AGREED TO THE SAME!!!
          Once upon the time the Earth too was flat, Hitler was a hero, and these days hundreds of millions use Microwave for cooking, heating food, yet those microwaves kill every living thing in that food — after cooking that food is dead as cardboard.
          I cant say stone, because stone is not dead thing but a beautiful vibrating mass of energy!

        • Dear Onu, I just want to let you know how important I feel I am how seriously I take my self. 🙂
          When I was very young not even school age I admired the Moon and I asked what it was, and my Papa give me the information that the Moon was made of cheese.
          I was in total Awe, wow that much cheese!
          I believed what he said, after all my Papa – Apu would not lie to me would he?:)
          So Later on when the race between Nations were on who will reach and put up the nations flag on that Moon I figured they just wanted to monopolies and own all that chees. 🙂 Based on the law of First come first own. 🙂
          Just think, this must be true because every grocery store has a large section displaying cheese, we have cheese all over the place! 🙂

          • Well, I apply LRH principles daily in my work but I don’t agree with him on everything regardless of how many people say they do simply because I have found otherwise.

            Likewise I can usually look up at a cloudy sky and say the words Ishtar Iao Cho – Goddess of the Moon I love thee and she will peek out from the clouds and shine her silvery light down on me. Now maybe I’m a lunatic, probably am because I do regard stones as embodiments of consciousness and intelligence and I think they talk to me. I don’t think I am the origin of all that there is by a long chalk not even minutely. However I do know I am the origin of my own perspectives and that’s enough for me. Lunatic or not I am happy with the consequences and yes I do consider god is another person to me and I do pray occasionally. Even though some may think I am deluded, those who gather round to bear witness from the various realms; the woods and mountains, all of nature and the elementals who make themselves manifest physically are enough for me to know some things are true.

            • Long as we don’t rely on others to know we are, than we are doing fantastically well. And what I understand from your above post that is what you doing. Cant do more than that, UNLESS!!!! we decide for self we want a different reality and we go for on adventure of discovery. !!!

              • Have done that many times now.

                • Onu you got cold feet? 🙂 Or it is Sunday and family time? 🙂

                  • Still here. Settling out and retiring soon. At least in my own work with people it seems the subject of god as an item comes up pretty quickly without any prior evaluation on my part, particularly during the consolidation of major release states with a knowingness based define/indicate process. Doesn’t really make any difference whether the person is an athiest or not and applies to scientologists as well.
                    Sometimes people do have to resolve substituted stable data as well. Basically people arrive at their own understanding and this goes through several stages from recognition through putting the whole idea aside in order to clarify personal truth and then later comes back again with a different perspective after the resolution of reality and actuality including individuated and collective consciousness and intelligence beyond the confines of mind and existence. So a persons perceptions and understanding goes through several stages really according to what they are working on. It seems to be pretty much the same regardless of auditing case level within my limited experience. I don’t have any particular agenda its simply what people tell me is true for them in session as verified by define/indicate. So I accept god as a correct indication when verified and indicated resultant in a release.
                    This can result in a major shift in perspective. I don’t get people tellng me they are god they state that they recognise god. In my understanding someone who thinks they are god has simply got an unresolved fixation on the 8th dynamic which is only an aspect of space and existence, a drop in the ocean of eternity. The god people describe to me is outside and within all and originates and pervades all including all that there is (theta) and existence and the physical universe. People don’t think they are god. They think that they are of god yet distinct as another person. That’s simply what I have found to be true over many many years now of working with people by asking them to share their own truths with me. Of course people have all sorts of problems and fixations and programming parallels natural phenomena. That’s how come it works in the first place.
                    This may well be part of the reason why people’s perceptions shift towards and away from the idea.
                    Also people arrive at a subjective understanding first and then sn objective understanding later after resolution of the bank and the implants during the objective rehabilitation of space and theta.
                    So all I know is that god is there to be found and people make of it as they wish.

                    • Onu… retiring from doing what to retire to what you be doing?
                      Thank god hehehe.. I never had much on me believing being god… I am totally in peace with those who believe they are one… In my latest post I have written why people attach self to being on idea or object… hehehe they cant see them self being- having value as on Entity if they are not something or some one!

                    • I am just going to make a nice cup of herbal tea, you are invited!

            • Onu we get answers no matter what we address because we in reality do not live in solid universe but in the Spiritual Realm, we are part of and we are surrounded by spirits, some one hears you and decide to answer.
              Walls to can give answers but Nature since so many of us are in that reality will give you answer every time.:)

  24. 🙂 we are in agreement! fantastic. I am totally Ok knowing there are over 400 million agreement on Buddhism, to 100 million the Pope is the headman, that is all fine, but no one can estimate how many persons are there who don’t believe in either teachings.
    Just think there are over 8 billion bodies on this planet!
    I claim to be the head Entity for those who don’t believe in religion. 🙂 Why not? somebody has to be 🙂

  25. Self-determinism

    I wonder who generates all-determinisms if there is such a thing and how – and I wonder what pan is a substitute for?

    • SELF!!!! self do all that on all levels and how is a different question.
      The answer to that: we simply believe we do.! and I haven’t the clue what ”pan” stands for but we can ask LRH!

  26. Parole parole parole,se si rotea il caleidoscopio le immagini sono infinite ,come infinita è l’illusione ,non siamo mai nati ,non ci siamo mai mossi e non c’è nessun posto dove andare!!!!.Solo illusione.

  27. Nessuna separazione ,l’io separa ma l’io è un invenzione di se stesso . Domanda è risposta nascono dalla stessa matrice una matrice sempre in cinta che continua a partorire all’infinito.Partorirà figli domanda e figli risposta all’infinito. Non c’è via d’uscita in questo senso ,ma una strada infinita che si auto crea e genera istantaneamente. Buon giorno come va il giardino.

    • If I get the translation right than your comment is true… but the fact remains, the reason i search why the words are needed, because most members of the human race agreed to do the communication in this manner.
      By now I have found the answers for the use and what they substitute but many of the readers haven’t and this is the only way we can communicate.
      I hope all well is with you!
      Best to you as always.

    • Translation from Italian:
      “”No separation, the ego separates but the self is an invention of itself. Question is a response born from the same matrix a matrix always in the bush that continues to give birth to the infinite. It will bring children questions and children answer infinitely. There is no way out in this direction, but an infinite road that creates and generates instantly. Good day how the garden goes.””
      🙂 I wonder where you have read this, what wise guru said it? It is very good.
      Since I know you haven’t been in scientology, and haven’t had auditing had to be from your favorite guru.

      Dear Luciano what I write and know is result of sessions, You have been reading my posts for years and you know this.
      Not only the ego is on invention but so is ”self, I, me” all beingness and every thought any one has including the guru’s words – reality which he passes down to his students.
      The gurus ego is the biggest of all egos, the most inflated because he believes he know the answers and he believes his knowledge is real, what he know is the truth the only truth and nothing but the truth!!!!!
      Therefore he believes he is smarten than others, he believes that he is enlightened, and he is the chosen one to show the way.
      Well my dear Luciano… this is how I see gurus… in my reality how I see them they are at the very bottom of the Tone scale… A simple crow who feed on garbage is more enlightened than any guru.
      But that too is fine, sooner or later every one will find their own ways out.
      🙂 yes it is a good day in the garden! 🙂

    • Luciano my dear, no offence to you is intended … keep it in mind there are just words and your words generated more words!

  28. yes,very good. Parole parole parole.

  29. Si impara di più dal giardino che dai guru .Le religioni sono invenzioni dell’io,per porre fine alla libertà ,tutte nessuna esclusa anche scentologi. I fiori non sono religiosi non sono di sinistra o di destra non si preoccupano di chi li governa ( politica ) i fiori non sono nemmeno fiori sono solo ed esclusivamente CIO CHE SONO. Non c’è nessun ponte da percorrere,nessuna via ,nessuna spiritualità ,nessun dio nessun diavolo ,nessun inferno nessun paradiso , è solo cio che è Ciao Elizabeth buona giornata

  30. Yes Lucian You have my 100000% agreements’ on the comment, but before I have come to the realization I had very different believes which I had inherited from my parents in other words I DID NOT HAVE AS A CHILD and I had to go on a long journey to discover such.
    I have a feeling what you know now was not what your parents or childhood teachers thought you either.
    So on the journey of self discovery which is understanding how I see the universe I had to analyze everything i ever learned: the meanings of Words.
    Yes and that means i had to deal with ”words-thoughts-concepts- agreements”’ why and what was the reason they are there, standing.
    I don’t claim here I know it all, I don’t teach either or tell the readers here that my way is the only way….. no.
    Keep it in mind that this Blog is a Dairy of my journey and nothing more.
    Have a good evening!

  31. Thanks. Got some lapsang souchong going here.

    Subject – Me (Understanding)
    Verb – Self (Expression)
    Object – I Emanate, Create, Am

    Me, Myself and I had a good talk about things sitting up there on the roof and we finally got it raining of one side and dry on the other.
    Then we all swapped places to be sure, to be sure; to be sure.

    Now the left foot knows what the right hand is doing and I tink I tought thought but I can’t remember what it is for the life of me.

    I’ll not be needing to know what on earth I am doing here in order to get anything done now, to be sure.

    It’s on a need to know basis. 😊

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