Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Great Session I was free floating in the Universe Here is the session: I am very interested knowing about darkness since so far I have had many sessions exploring what is, and I have found we have far greater amount of activities in the so called darkness than in light.

In fact as I experience it, in darkness one lives as truly a spiritual out in the universe without the body and all the trimming which goes with it, which is MEST. I have had sessions under all condition including getting drunk [purposely] I could hardly stand and I was close to passing out, 4 nights in the row in order to have a firsthand experience under the altered condition caused by alcohol and trust me that is the right time to audit out those effects. The fallowing days of course I had to confront different stimulation the hang over effects, you see I don’t drink at all and those sessions were the blast…. Huge wins. So you can see, I do anything to have a session.

Yesterday I got into the bath tub of hot water, but first closed off and barred out all light from the bath room. In pitch dark I was floating.

You see, while in the so called dark and the water temperature same as the body I lose all the senses about the body and I just go, leave all believes sensations behind  and I can see space, the stars, comets as they whizzing by so I started the session not just to see the show but to have more reality on why we keep away, and why we are limiting ourselves “living” in the light.[ oh, I know why, but one gains in each session different side to that reality come in form of cognitions] The cognitions rolled in  by hundreds but they too vanished by now.

What I have seen is what happens what are the activities in ‘’space’’.

First I “seen” the billions of stars and as I let go of everything while the body stays in the hot bath safely, I start to see the flashes of lights, rolling gas masses, I believe one was the Milky Way, [ not very big at all] I see funnels of energy as they speed and their speed pulls in other particles, comets whizzing by and one of them with huge flash  was exploding, some of the others just disappeared burned up from the friction.

I have seen whirling huge masses, colored energy of wide-ranging formation, and magnificence splendor in action.

One emerald green apparition was like: from a pinpoint of nothing fanned in cone shape a brilliant translucent green and as it died away the sparkles which must have been huge has turned deep ruby red and they were countless in numbers, have become asteroids and have disappeared in the depth of darkness.

Of course everything was in colors. There were continual movements, fast and all-out. I just can’t write down all of them, some stayed with me because of their striking coloring some because their unique shapes.

One was on incredible sight; it held me in awe: A gas formation of a cobra:  the formation of the neck extended vertically and the head was in horizontal position and from the two fangs poured out-down energy the color of hot lava and was forming puddle front of the cobra than this mass of hot energy was moving started to spin sluggishly, as I was looking at this phenomenon I was wondering what was  occurring, of course when one asks a question one gets on answer. I was witnessing the birth of the planet as it was forming out of different particles.

Also seeing the apparition of the cobra shape re-confirmed that knowledge that nothing new here on this planet every shape every item here has their origin some other place. As I was experiencing this vastness, where the activities are fast and the fury of the moving energy is immense, here on Earth where “time” is in existence, or just believed exists nothing really happens in one hour, but the water cools off, the skin gets wrinkly by soaking too long, but the joy of being free stayed with me!!!






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  1. Esp Sze said:

    • Koszonom, jot nevettem! Minden jot!

    • This is for you, the guy play on the most expensive instrument on this planet , plus other 7 Stradivari instrument.

      • Esp Sze said:

        • Part of 2 day session which is about ”difficulties” we accouter and why we have created these difficulties.
          It seems we have created so many counter intentions on every possible beliefs we ever had in order to null, erase our abilities and by creating counter realities we gained stable condition [ which is a huge lie of course] but having space-location [another lie], so called time which is broken down to components as past, present, future, but use of the ”eyes” is the most suppressing thing toward self we ever done for self.
          to me use of the body in order to accomplish something also nothing more than lie.
          i am not looking for trick, magical abilities but reasons why we have given all away.


          This is the first incident I recalled when I could move on object without the use of the body.


          it is normal way to do things through the use of the bodies movements..

          the weight of the objects wont allow to be levitated??? no because i cant move a hair without use of hand-finger or by blowing at it, so weight has nothing to do with moving on item.

          we accepted this… because we only learned this “””””””method”””””=.indicated!

          Are there any other Methods, other ways to move objects?

          I laughed silently here, because I found this question soooo amusing..

          I see self as G. sitting cross legged eyes closed and smiling…i felt complete.

          in my mind as i sit there i moved a golden vase which was on the temples altar little distance away, i was curious if I really moved that object, i stopped and i walked through the forest grove, barefooted i was and i felt the coolness and the smoothness of the soil under my foot those sensations were the only connection to the place beside the greenery what the ”eyes” seen, i floated-were lost all.
          i walked into the temple which was in semi darkness up to the altar and the vase was not there, i laughed allowed — i moved the vase but i haven’t had the clue where i moved it too!

          A attendant was there and he looked at me startled because I laughed…i touched his arm to reassure him all was well, and I still feel the warmth of the flesh… wow.. i walked out into the sun drenched court and I suddenly seen the body from far above, the body become very small than vanished ..i was in emptiness..

          This is the first incident I recalled when I could move on object without the use of the body.

          minden jot!

      • Koszonom draga ”lelek” for letting me know, I wondered every time I seen it over the years, now there is one less mystery in my universe, “) and few more billion to go!

      • By you saying ” you got it” i am assuming that i got the understanding when I no longer use mechanic- relying on eyes body what remains, what I have written in the post..right. And you got it too!
        forget this communication by using words, keyboards are getting to be more and more difficult because the concept which I want to say vanishes in on instant and I have to recall… create, .. look for words… not easy.

      • 🙂 I believe the Szellem is connected to a male body and with that to all the considerations of what makes a male a male, if that would not be so than by now you would simply write back as a female would have who’s communication line is not cluttered by sexual significances toward me as another female body So she would freely express her affinity and just say ” i love you too’!’
        So, I recommend sessions on what is affinity and what affinity represent and what is the difference between affinity and sexual sensations.
        Dear Szellem, I am the safest Entity in this Universe, no one has to fear me that I might trap them with affinity.
        Minden jot!

      • I haven’t the clue just how far back you have read the posts here but I have written up the outcome what love means on this Earth. Some years back, could be over 10 -14 i had decided to look into what ”love” means…. What I found has really blown me away. Love here is used as a commodity, exchanged for something… and I haven’t found one incident out of hundreds where love was not used to get something.
        Love here is directed to ward things.
        Hehehe even those people who claim they love god, hehehe they do it for a reasons, in fact they are the ones who really-really ”love” in order to get something… they are the worst.
        Because they love out of fear… so they love their god in hope, who will lift them up to heaven… wherever that maybe… They are exchanging… hehehe… i love you, and because I love you =god loves me too and my ass is safe if god loves me because that he will not send me to Hell, hehehe .
        🙂 i am hard on the god valance! 🙂

      • i forgot to mention that ”love” can be a weapon, people use it for black mail all the time: if you love me than you will do this or you wont do this, if you really love me than you buy this for me… or you will not leave me!
        Love is a tool, trap, and a weapon, there is no such a thing as unconditional love. That can happen when all the reasons for ”loving” feeling ”love” has been as-ised in sessions.

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