Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

after all the Bank is made up from lies!

Interesting LIE –alteration of facts.

We believe, made to believe that we get old, we age, well the reason for that is of course to think that there is time… and with that we establish ‘’’’’ continuum ’’’’’ and we also add another lie that we are solid form! Plus we add location, than numbers in as in calendar years LOL…plus we have birth certificate and of course we have agreement with billions of others who believe in the same lie: that yes !!! there is such a thing as ageing, getting old!

Hehehe… but by now most of the ex -scientologist are over 60 and into their 80’s if the body did not crocked by now they are all old prunes.

My body is 77 and consequently looking a bit worn LOL.. but here is my point and this is a fact: when we look into the mirror we don’t really believe that image is us, that we are like that because we haven’t changed –feel different when we were so called ‘’young’’, when the body looked ‘’young’’.

I have to admit even than I did not felt comfortable with the image I have seen, and somehow I felt it was not me, I was not like that at all!

This awareness that the image what the eyes see in the mirror do not match with how we feel alone is the proof, the evidence that we are not that image, that body and proves we are Infinites!

Billions who feel this way when hit that ‘’old age’’ level cannot be wrong!

Well, I personally don’t age or feel age, or think-believe that I am  on old prune because I know I am Infinite, but so far I found this topic of old-aging a very interesting subject which is nothing more that big pile of undiluted shit, a huge lie.

We are not bodies, we never were, and never will be.


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