Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

The sight wont let me copy the video but you can go to YouTube and  pull  it up on your computer GOLDEN RATIO  https://youtu.be/86JzfN3wW_c

  I started to listen to Golden Ratio again… this was my 4th go… the first time made me feel very happy, really keyed out and I as I listened I have understood the reason why this frequency is working. AND IT IS affective, VERY POWERFULL!

  Listening the 2nd time the affect was very little, the 3rd time was nothing, I did not notice changes of any kind and I was understatedly disappointed and the 4th time I stopped the video, I did not wanted to listen anymore because I haven’t understood how these frequencies work.

  That was few days back and last night I decided I will listen to it again and after listening [25 minutes] first time there was no change, and I put it back to the starting point after it finished running and this time I started to see lots pictures from different incidents from the Track and a WORD come to me  ” programed”’ that I was programmed and with this understanding I felt on immense blowdown, it was huge.

 I went into session and the ‘’program’’ I found self in turned out to be THE HEAVIEST PROGRAM I EVER BEEN IN WHICH IS THE HUMAN PROGRAM and LRH named this Program: BANK.

As the session went on I have seen –understood many different things which I haven’t seen before about this Program and the cognitions come rapidly.

 The session continued through the end the 3rd 25 minutes and restarted the 4rd time but I ended the session after 9 minutes into the audio with VGIs, great cognitions.

 I still have after this huge session the same understanding as I had before that here is no way out of this Program unless every thought-consideration=concepts this Program-Bank contains is confronted individually in the same order as it was received – experienced and this is the only way out.

This Program is so well constructed that every avenue which the person believes will lead out in fact takes the person right back into the Program-Bank and I call these avenues dead end roads =Traps.

The prof of this is the fact that those individuals and not only those who have been audited but regular persons recalled that they lived here had many other lives on this Planet, this means they were pulled back into the Bank and death of the body has not let the Entity out of the Programs grip.

 I believe this The Golden Ratio and in this case has nothing to do with numbers but it have pure sounds-vibrations on the lightest-highest level which do reprogram the human brainwaves which is set on the very low-heavy level frequency AND THIS LOW LEVEL IS THE LEVEL ON WHICH THE BANK=PROGRAM IS BASED ON, BEING HELD IN PLACE!!!!

The frequency is like glue hold the entity in place.

 The frequency of the brain which supplies the Entity with constant vibration and this is the sensation of being alive and this low vibrating mass of energy is what holds the Bank in place.

 The brains frequency is the major block which keeps the person in the Program.

 By listening to the Golden Ratios frequency, not only once or twice but on regular intervals bring changes into any persons life because the low heavy frequency of anyone’s personal space will slowly or fast [depends how solidly the person is being stuck in the low-heavy vibration ] will dissolve: or will be affected to some extent and with that the awareness will open up the negative stimuluses-impacts of the Bank-Program will loosen some of its grip and more positive outlook will come.

The Golden ratio’s frequency is a happy –happy frequency, full of life it is the OT level, it is the Life-force  on everything is based on and not on the human level and please believe me not one of you in reality is a Human, that term: being a human just describes the condition the Entity is gotten into and can’t get out.

This frequency can be seen but not with the ”Eyes”, it looks like crushed diamonds swirling in the light.

We are Entities, intangible and Infinite.


By the way the reason why after listening to the video brings noticeable change because the listeners level of awareness is moved –changed-affected by the different vibrations.

BUT THIS IS WHAT I BECOME AWARE OF and PLEASE DO UNDERSTAND THIS: by listening to the same sound from the Golden Ratio over and over do not bring the same keyed out sensation as it did the first time that do not mean the sounds haven’t been reaching- changing your own vibration level BUT IT MEANS THAT YOU HAVE already MOVED INTO THIS NEW LEVEL OF FREQUENCY!!!

But to remain on this level the person must continue, and the changes will be noticeable in your life.

I do not recommend any other form of Golden Ratio vides-sounds because I haven’t listened to others and please don’t listen to anything with subliminal messages because those videos not only contain the so called ‘’positive messages’’ what that person put onto those videos but listening to them you are implanted with that persons reality- personality in other words you get the whole package!!!!

And we already have plenty on our plate –we don’t need to increase our load.

PS: keep it in mind this Universe we operate in is nothing more than pure energy and our own space has its very own frequency and this frequency is like a the markings on the thumb, which is totally unique there isn’t one like it.

The bodies thump print can’t be altered but we can alter our own field of energy with that our awareness and our way of thinking by having sessions and would help when we listen to this frequency regularly. Will not bring overnight changes but will help a lot.

PS..PS..PS… By listening to these frequency can only cause KEYED OUT STATE and nothing more, only sessions-erasers can cause permanent state.!




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  1. Interesting. Perhaps 1.618 Phi us utilised as the basic theta tagging and programming frequency. It would follow ligic in that this is the basic ratio the structure of existence reduces to. In between lives programming when resolved by relative location in space to blow, including implant mechanisms and traps at specific locations on Earth,the Moon and in the Solar Sytem all reduce to mechanisms of artificial vibrational and electomagnetic overwhelm which the person mistakenky relates to as a living source. For example the emanations from the sun may be reduced to a series of vibrations in the Fibonacci sequence with a phi determinant. A Natural Source as distinct from an artificial source.

    Implant mechanisms blow bly relative location in space fromm.. to the PT body location.
    However the theta tag can trigger the protective mechanisms and inbuilt traps.

    The phenomena is resolved by rehabilitation of the point of knowingness prior to any contact.

    So perhaps duplicating an artificial source if the phi vibration blows the theta tag and basic identification.

    This was also investigated in ancient India and may well have resulted in some interesting ragas and tabla accompaniments.

    Thanks for the info. I have proven procedures to resolve implant mechanisms by relative location in space, and have been searching for the basic mechanism of theta tagging, having got as far as vibrational overwhelm.

    I apply a mathematical model which establishes that here on Earth we are Base 13 in relation to Source, the source of the universes, dynamisms and dimensions of existence which I map out by relative location in space to as-isness and conceptualisation as knowingness

    Interesting. Duplicate the precise frequency of the artificial source to blow and tgen resolve by relative location in space to the loint if knowingness prior to.any contact and haveing done so trace the Know-Point to Origin and ‘Outside’ to Native State.

    • Onu is your given name or taken name? has a meaning?

    • PS: the original sounds can only be heard when the Entity is not stuck in any realities-beliefs-considerations-agreements, in other word when the Entity no longer listens with the instrument called ”ears” LOL… but that to is on illusion for the Entity: hearing with the ears… that too is total nonsense. But fun to believe! Unfortunately this ”fun” that we see with the eyes, hear with the ears is part of the implant, so is that we need sessions or have to calculate in order to understand something… yet we need confront, as-is all our beliefs to be free of illusions.

      • I understand. The physical body is part of existence.

        • I am off on my daily walk.. taking the body for a walk, as i walk i will chew over ”The physical body is part of existence.” or we just think it is?
          i believe you live in England, I love that part of the planet. 🙂

      • There is a place out beyond the universes and dynamics where people hear sounds referred to sometimes as music and beyond there is a natural place. Does this relate?

        • Beyond the universes and dynamics there are perhaps 200+ relative states of beingness reflected in our daily life as shifting attitudes or stances.

          • long as there are states of beingness, attitudes or stances, levels, you are dealing with the pure undiluted Bank.
            The infinite is infinite, only can be infinite because it do not contain any of the above.

            • Yes I understand the infinite.

              • than how could you believe you can map out Native State?

                • There is a structure to existence and theta otherwise we wouldn’t be able to differentiate one aspect from another. The operative term for native state appears to be outside.
                  For me at least infinity is an aspect of Identity which has three aspects.
                  These are principles which have no existence as such although we may imagine they do and endow the universe or even existence itself with infinity. However existence is finite and as-ises. Identity, infinite or otherwise doesn’t exist and doesn’t as-is. Theta has no existence an mist definitely can be mapped.
                  Theta doesn’t as-is yet dissolves with Understanding.

                  The two mechanics:

                  perfect duplication applies to existence. Understanding applies to theta. The distinction between transitories and permanances.
                  Then outside theta is native state

                  Infinity is a theta principle.

                  • Onu, I don’t debate simply because in debate the debaters what to convince the other that they reality is real therefore the other party is wrong has to be wrong.
                    We all believe our realities are the truth the only truth and the reason for that because we only know our own reality and never ever seen-understood—experienced what others have!

                  • When something is confronted and duplicated in that moment of duplication what has been duplicated no longer exists…. that is how sessions work –confrontation works and the result is the realization -cognition which is the very understanding why that mass existed in the first place!!!!!
                    But that mass of energy still exist, haven’t disappeared for others who haven’t confronted that energy mass yet.
                    this is the reason why individual universes exists because we cant duplicate the realities, beliefs-considerations of other have.
                    as I said when we share the same apple neither of us understand, knows what the other person sees, feels, tastes.
                    Agreements like saying: ”that I understand, I know what you are saying”’ is not on the same level where that person is but only our own level, how we understand, what is our reality on that same subject: what was said.
                    Agreements are not duplication!
                    i have written few posts on what agreements are and what is their use…. let me tell you brother, i never look for agreements from anyone and i do my best not to give it either.

          • Onu, when you talk of NUNBERS my hair stands, the reason for that I haven’t got much understanding about Mathematics those concepts are not in my universe, sometimes wish they were but on the other hand i am delighted that i don’t because where I am at numbers are not needed.
            About the MUSIC, when I lived in the State north of Seattle I made a garden which contained 300 roses out of that were old roses and 75 were climbers had tall bearded irises, pansies, trumpet lilies, days lilies, clematises 20 of those, pinks, forget me nots, begonia, early spring flowers galore, peonies, and what ever i could find in the nurseries.
            The garden become a Beacon for Spiritual beings ,home away from home and they were all there, Goblins, Gnomes come up from underground hehehe I given sessions to them because they had ”fear” being in the light, there were Fairies too and many of them.
            Before I would go to bed I would walk around in the semi dark garden and if I did not listen, use the ears i heard Music which cant be described, the most beautiful sound there is.
            When I heard this sound the first time a thought come to me: they are having a party!
            I am a gardener from way back where time did not exists, we did not have bodies but we had wispy muck ups, and here out of nowhere I could change a pebble into a beautiful bird, and I am the one who created Forget me Not, that delicate little flower and there is another story for the reason why it was named as such.
            If you wonder why I had been on Earth that too also another story.

            • Yes, I love the nature spirits. In my understanding we are displaced from our home worlds here on Earth so sometimes I accompany the souls of troubled or displaced intelligences to their home worlds on the light side and the dark side of existence and to their divine origin where they are restored unto their essence and nature. I call this the Essential Form. There is great learning for me in this because I come to understand the origins of different races of beings and their true essence and nature. Once they have been restored unto their essential form and nature then they come and care for their loved ones and kinsfolk when they present themselves. I also accompany creatures of darkness in the same way. When a being of light or darkness is restored to their home world it’s instantaneous like a mother acceoting her child because the person is part of the place. Then we resolve the compromise of the home world and restore them unto their divine origin, where they become whole and complete in themselves as they truly are.

              With creatures of darkness I have learned that attempting to force them through to the other side from whence they came per traditional approaches simply violates the structure and fabric of existence in the same way it originally happened when the old ones sought to penetrate and control the other side when this universe was at its midpoint and in doing so violated the fabric of existence. So I have learned to accompany creatures if darkness directly to the divine origin and from there I walk the dark side with them to their home worlds where they are accepted as a mother accepts her children and we resolve the basic compromise. I find that I am granted free passage as a being of light to walk the dark side amongst the denizons of the deep, our antithesis and annihilation, because I act with respect, acceptance, understanding and love which permits me the kindness and compassion to simply accompany them home.

              So my personal focus is the healing of places and peoples.

              I pray for the healing of the soul of this place

              I make a gift
              ( I move a pebble from one spot to another )

              The history of the place itself is revealed through the histories of all whom have passed through it.

              It’s beautiful and also very moving.
              Takes enormous prescence so I only do this from time to time. I work up to it. I have been learning to do this remotely.

              At least for me it is real, only because all of life participates with me, the birds and animals gather in pairs to witness, the thunder beings gather and lightening strikes down enlightening all sometimes for over an hour or longer, lightening striking down all around me as I speak the words:..

              I pray for the healing of the soul of this place

              Thunder rolls as the darkness is penetrated and all is revealed and healed.

              Finally the rains come and wash everything away, the sunlight returns and all the birds and animals appear once more and it is as if it never, ever, happened.

              You know when something is healed it is as if it never existed.

              It’s as if millions of souls emerge from every nook and cranny, free.

              The place itself presents me with a gift.

              And so I know it is done.

              Blessed Be 💜

              • 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
                I just give sessions to every one who is in need, have been stuck in some considerations, this is how I work. My healing tool is the auditing technology, works on all creations.
                I don’t let go any one back to the dark side which to me is what i call ”implant”. NO WAY… I have gathered enough power in form of knowledge and have experience how to handle the darkest most evil form of belief, because even those who are in the most evil state are there because they are got cut by the frequency of that implant.

                • If any one could tell me how to fix this computer so the posts are all in order, and not slid to the side PLEASE OFFER YOUR HELP!!!!

                • You obviously didn’t understand a word of that. Not to worry. Its something that Scientologists haven’t grasped yet and why the COS is in the mess it is. Goes way beyond implants. Resolves at the level of Choice, Identity and Intention. Running implants doesn’t make a scrap of difference to this.

                  • i wonder what i haven’t duplicated by your belief..
                    Choice, identities , intentions on these matter you are missing some heavy duty data!
                    One only have choice when the choice is do or don’t, have or not have, be or not to be and all that only can happen when the we are believing that we are dealing with MEST!!! AND WHAT MEST IS????
                    Intention what is so far i have spent 6000 hours exploring erasing millions of counter intentions yet ..yet.. i cant intend anything to happen which can be seen by the eyes. So my friend before you decide what i do or don’t understand get to know my universe a bit better. No offence taken, none, just a reminder that assumptions don’t work

                  • ”’ Choice, Identity and Intention.”’ only can deal with matter.

                    • Actually that’s incorrect. Intention yes as a component of Axiom 28.

                      However identity and choice are distinct from MEST and are theta faculties. Beingness is the MEST manifestation of Identity.

                    • who am i to argue ? Here is a bit on evaluation, your evaluation stands at all time in your universe and have no affects what so ever on my realities, which are believed by me are facts and these facts are the bases of my universe.
                      You cant change anything in my universe regardless you believe and say I am wrong on any belief.
                      Because what you call ”wrong” is in your belief only and not in mine.

                    • So is the fact that auditing works just another belief ? Or is there such a thing as actuality behind our individuated realities?

                    • I have believed in solidity, I believed I was a meat body because that is i was told and learned and seen with the eyes. And confrontation=facing something given me a very different picture. for me confrontation works because what I have believed in have vanished. To me this is a fact about the so called thing as auditing. Look at something but not with the ”eyes” and see what is really there which is nothing… you figure out the rest.

                    • PS: and I gained the understanding, the very reason why I no longer can see, sense that mass of energy-item anymore, and what has become of it and how the space changed and what affects has occurred. this is good enough for me.

                    • I cannot give you all the answers because I haven’t got them, all, I am very aware that i have long ways to go and the path on which I walk has no end or beginning.
                      Attainment of Native State, its meaning is not the final answer to all.

                    • PS, and most likely the answer I would give is not the answer you need to understand, 🙂 we all need to find our own answers and we have them all. Because we cant ask a question unless we know the answer and this is a fact!

                    • Ps…PS:.. I do not mean to brush you off with ” find your own answer”, i realized it sounds like that… NO… obviously you ask because you would like to get a different viewpoint from what you already have. So my dear, ask away 🙂 what ever I have on that subject I will give.

                    • PS i don’t give a fig what Axioms say, that is LRHs reality and I have my own. I don’t walk in his shoes, never had and never will.

        • People cant hear that but entities do and i hear this sounds and I see things around me in holographic image.. but this images are already created are the bases for the implants.

    • could you please explain what is a theta tag???? i haven’t a clue…
      i have re-read and re-read your post and I truly cant understand how a whole implant can be as-ised when the content of that implant is unknown.. OK… there is a mass of energy which has the established frequency and that is the base of the implant, on that base lays the added suggestions.
      I am aware from experience that masses of energy can only be as0ised–erased when the reasons they were established are know. Just knowing that there is a lump of energy sitting someplace will not erase the reasons it was put there in the first place and WHY THE ENTITY INDETIFIED WITH THAT LUMP and from that moment on how that lump=frequency has affected that Entity for the rest of the Entities so called life in this universe.
      each implant and there were by millions has influenced -shaped that Entities reality, each individually added, changed that Entity for ever.
      Let me give you on example and in this example I use the affects of the ”cognitions”.
      When one cognition happens that cognition totally re-shape-reform-realign that Entities reality, that single realization might not seem important and the changes it brings might not be noticed by the cognize yet the change it there.
      The change in most cases are not noticed because the heavy occlusion … the low awareness level.
      Without understanding, whiteout knowledge why, how we made our own traps.. we cant regain freedom. And there are no such a thing as ”shortcut” but please don’t let this stop you in any way because my beliefs are mine only and you are doing what is real to you.
      We each address what we need to confront.
      There is no right or wrong way, only different way of doing thing.
      If you believe my realizations are total crap LOL… that only means different viewpoints and nothing more.
      I have learned from you today… thanks again!

      • I have noted that apart from Intention per Axiom 28 Amended and also:


        There is a MEST level phenomena which I describe as Theta Tagging.

        In the middle of an implant type incident the beings involved may not only know precisely whom one is in detail, including prior history but also can look up a data record which implies some form of vibrational or electromagnetic signature related to how and what the person identified the primary vibrational overwhelm with.
        The bsseline vibrational overwhelm such as Phi would explain why implant stations act as groupers for Entities.

        Yes of course there is a theta level of address. This is the sequence of progressive Not-Isness which results in the generationof masses in the first place which is the root basis of susceptibility to theta and MEST overwhelm and programming running from +40.00 to -40.00 and back up again at a MEST level.


        Right / Wrong Assignment
        Negation / Split / Masses
        Cyclic Pattern of Action

        Cause-Effect Sequence


        The entire negative scale of address resolves as Compromises.

        Isness Not

        Assigns Compromise
        Assumes Inversion

        The sequence generates masses in degrees of Not and is cyclic at the level of Inversion or Not-Isness which resolves as the fundamental compromised isness and Isness.

        This is then stabilised by tracing the Isness to Origin and Native State outside All.

        So I not only blow the mental force by relative location in time to Here and Now but also the physical force by relative location in space.

        Where it is necessary to resolve the subjective Mind level of case, I resolve compromises. Where it is necessary to resolve phenomena of existence I do so by relative location in space. Having applied and resolved the entire negative subjective scale of address in the context of the incident and location, I then fully consolidate the release state per the 4 conditions of existence.
        This protects the body.
        Now the person is stsble and capable of viewing and resolving the intricate details of the incident and quite naturally differentiates the details of the phenomena and integrates the release state in the context of the 4 basic relationships:


        and then in practical life the context of the dynamics through a self-determined cycle of action across dynamics 1-13 and then a pan-determined cycle of action as those dynamics.

        So yes, we can look at all the details and take the entire overwhelm and implant structure apart and reduce it to primary:


        These events have a structure which reduces to.mechanics.

        Perfect Duplication and Understanding.

        • all I can say: WOW!!!! good for you…. for me the tech. works, ask a question get on answer… LOL.. simple as that.
          To your statement : “”The physical body is part of existence.”” here is my answer to which I have arrived by cognitions=experience.
          the physical body is only part of the existence when the entity believes, otherwise NO…. the physical body is on illusion same as any other belief we have.
          example: When I say I live alone that means in this condo there are no other bodies but that do not means I am alone, totally the opposite: I am as on entity i am surrounded by others who are on the same level OR FAR SUPPERIOR as I am at. So when ”I go for walk”” this means we change all go for walk LOL.
          As I walk, Rockies, snow capped mountains to the north few km away and to the south there is Fraser river which by I live and the gardens all around the houses. I am enjoying the sight and I say to my ”friends” isn’t the gardens are beautiful?
          The answer was which you would never guess and i never though would be ”What gardens?”
          This answer alone is the proof that the universe don’t exist unless we believe it.

          PS: we can only duplicate our own realities., you will never know how I see that black tulip! Nor how that apple taste to me even if we would share that apple!

          Levels don’t exists outside of the Bank… implanted crap. 🙂 but again this is what I experienced.
          So Dutch, cool… long hair as on old paintings by Dutch maters.
          I lived in England in my earlier life my main residence was in London.

    • LOL… you did not know your posting will open the door torrent of communication…
      By the way what I think of information outside which comes from REALIZATIONS that they are good for one thing only: to take those concepts into sessions and get the real meaning by confrontation. Because anything here on this planet any knowledge outside of cognitions are altered information and that alteration has happened depends how many life times it was used by the Entity.
      Earth is a prison planet and learned stuff never have set any one free including those gurus of India….. whatever… what they teach is implanted crap and that crap is not spirituality.
      You need to read some of my post and than you know what I think gurus are, but not comp lately… I don’t write about everything I know because when i would have time for sessions?

  2. Hi There Onu !!!

    Totally fascinating what you write and I am sure this information will help some of the readers to understand who are reading these posts and moving on your reality level, but I have to confess I don’t.
    First of all: this is not a Smart Blog, LOL, only few months back I have attested to the well-earned level of Stupidity so now you can understand why I can’t duplicate your reality! [beside the fact that cant duplicate other Entities illusions.]
    I am a very very very simple Entity and have very little understanding about numbers how they work outside that for most persons 1 plus 1= 2 but for me on occasion 1+1 could come out any number and that is totally fine by me.
    I believe you are a new comer here to this blog, so I fill you in to the basic what I do.
    I have done all OT Levels, NUT’s, and I bought special auditing which was that time in 76 the most expensive and incredibly powerful “Integrity Auditing” at St Hill which was dealing with O/W’s.
    But that was nothing in comparison only a drop in the Pacific what I have confronted in sessions since than: which is well over 100000 hours since 73, there are day when I am in session 8 hours or more. That is what I do.
    I have attained Native State some years back which DO NOT CONTAIN ANY VIBRATION, DO NOT HAVE BEINGNES, THEREFORE NO VALANCES, NO IDENTITIES, NO LIFE-FORMs not even a little thought that ”we are, or I am alive! LOL. Not even the thought “I am”! there is no ‘’source’’ outside of one’s own belief!
    NATIVE STATE IS NOT PART OF THIS UNIVERSE which is nothing more than moving energy mass and is on illusions which include every belief any Entity ever had including yours.
    Yet, you say ”you are still here” but what is ”here” for me where is that ‘’here’’ its meaning is not in your reality and never will be, same goes for me about your Universe! We can’t duplicate the realities what others have!

    This Blog which by now has about 500 post and every one of them is based on COGNITIONS which were the results of sessions.
    And this blog is on open Diary and nothing more, you are welcome to comment, to write your beliefs whatever that may be and they are important the same way as my own but not less or more they are just different and by the way Importance, what is important too is on illusion.
    What I write here is not universal truth, because that don’t exists, but I write about my own discoveries how I built this shit house for my self LOL… and I never claim I know all the answers, I can only write my own answers , write what is real to me and no more because I will never know what is real to other Entities!
    Because of this belief I have what you write is fine, totally OK and I thank you for taking your time to do so and please continue because we never know what we write might bring a cognition and every cognition is Important have immense value.
    I rarely recommend and when I do as I have my recommendation is to get auditing because the Tech. works on all levels and the only way the entity can find the reasons for the existence of their believes= illusions and the way out of from them and now I have recommended these Tapes.
    I am totally aware what Golden Ratio frequencies are doing, and what is the reason it works and if I would not be aware, would not understand how this frequency affects the Entity I would never have recommended.
    By the way in my reality so far I haven’t found the LIVING SOURCE!! But illusions what is!
    YOU “”having got as far as vibrational overwhelm.”’
    In sessions the Entity can find all the reason why the so called ‘’overwhelm’’ are, which exists by billions and in these session not only the understanding happens in the form of cognitions but permanent easier! Because of these realizations that Entity understands that all beliefs are illusions, if that would not be the case than the erasers could not happen.
    Thank you again…

  3. I suppose I think of myself as a person and when I refer to entities in my own meaning I am referring to past, present or future identities.

    I have mapped to Native State both subjectively and objectively and am now focused on practical life.

    I help others do the same.

    An interesting discovery was that the dynamics exist as measurable and quantifiable space. In fact the entirety of existence maps both subjectively and objectively to source and the primary assumption of Beingness as Source whereby a person determines their participation in the current cycle ir aeon of existence.

    Existence maps by relative location in space to Source.

    Theta maps to origin and native state outside all.

    God is a person, perhaps the original person whom one encounters outside all.

    We are the Children of God.
    We are learning.

    So I’m not particularly into powers and abilities. The integrity work you did sounds great. I firmly believe this provides the foundation with which a person is able to resolve the current physical universe, the sequence of existence and the sequence of theta.

    As a result of measuring out the current physical universe in detail to as-isness I have found that the 1st Dynamic Space, with or without a body or form, is the current physical universe.

    All of the above is based upon my practical working experience and at least in my own work are demonstrable truths.

    Having resolved my own understandings and philosophy I am able to support others in the same which I do in a way that they discover their own truths in their own terms and criteria without dependancy on me or anyone else for their own spiritual freedom and learning process.

    I have reduced my own approach to mathematics without meaning or mass.

  4. ”I have mapped to Native State .”
    the native state don’t have location… it do not contain time or space has energy frequencies.
    god that concept is implanted so is everything believed about it, and one who has achieved intangible infinite is definitely not a child of any one!!!!!
    Only mass can continue as mass.
    you are welcome to your realities but i don’t share them.

    • Yes. Implants parallel natural phenomena or truths and prey upon them. That’s why they work. So for you is there anything beyond infinity?

      • you are talking of ”boundaries…” there is no such a thing as this side or that side, or over the horizon , all these concepts are part of implants. We do not move, we only experience and all we have is what we believe in.
        I don’t go anywhere, coming going is a consideration.. and only energy moves.

        • The universe and existence and all if theta continues with or without us.

          • Not everything is an implant. Each person is unique. Yet there are a few common factors to our experience which are actually real otherwise we wouldn’t be able to communicate. So there is a structure to existence and theta which is independent of ourselves and is distinct from an implant.

            However, the Factors simply outline the mechanics of overwhelm and implanting into a cycle of existence, universe and body.

            • Fine by me…. what ever you believe is your truth.
              it seems England too is on standard pacific time and that is the reason you are still not snoozing! 🙂

          • if that is your belief than that is your truth 🙂 at the moment untill you change your mind-belief! 🙂

  5. Elizabeth. .. Thanks for sharing your experience, I found it inspiring

    Although we didn’t concur there’s no reason why we should. Each person is unique and at least we had a rey at understanding one another.

    Thankyou. 😊

    • now my dear i duplicate that reality.. and thank you for sharing your universe with me., looking forward to hear you again!

    • I cant resist not to write one more comment…. yes persons=valances are unique but infinite is infinite therefore uniqueness don’t exist… uniqueness only belongs to where realities are establishes by evaluation, judgments, measuring and assumptions that something is better, different than other beliefs are. PURE BANK!

      • We can spend an eternity discovering one another, we can establish agreements to do things together, adopt each other’s viewpoints and even learn to see and know what the other sees and knows as they are witness, yet when the separateness of our beliefs, creations, assumptions and imaginations dissolves with understanding only the simplicity of thee, me, us and everyone remains.

        • Onu what you have written very much sounds what like a preacher would say.
          I let you into some understanding: more I have confronted and erased and the countless millions of cognitions I have had and from these realizations have given me insight not only understanding self but what is human nature about also the nature of other Entities who occupy different forms right across the Universe because the understanding I already know you more in debt than you can imagine.
          There are no ”thee, me, us, them, others, or I” 🙂 chew on this for awhile.

    • persons are unique because of the valances the persons represent.

      • I respect your understanding, however my own is as stated.

        For example behind the individuated realities of an ant colony is a collective intelligence.

        Or for example the collective intelligence of a plant species which manifests as a Deva.

        So we trace it all back, at least as I have done myself and with others and we find that beyond collective intelligence is that which originates in the first place and outside this is what people tell me is native state.

        Outside that which originates.

        Now we could split hairs and say that the point of uniqueness is the origination which originates and pervades all.

        Resultant in collective intelligence and individuated consciousness.

        Nevertheless we from our standpoint here are not there and if we are there we are outside all and it’s irrelevant anyway

        And yet there is Essence.

        • I haven’t the clue what you are trying to convince me of, I don’t.

          My realities knowledge i have gained because of sessions-cognitions don’t stand because I have or need agreements from others that what I know is real or not !!!
          I do not need agreement from any one in order to establish knowledge and realities in my universe!!!

          Agreement on all level are solidifiers of MEST, more agreements any one collects on any belief with those collected agreements they just makes those ides more solid and wedge them self deeper in shit they are already in.

          Collective agreement have made MEST solid in the first place.
          Let me inform you of the FACT: agreement from any one were not needed to reach Native State and still not needed for me to know and understand where I am at.

          Those who still need agreements to prove their point of view need more sessions, lot more on order to understand what is there when all identities are
          as -sed erased… no longer exists.
          please can you come up with something better to prove your point LIKE A COGNITION?????

        • PS… at the base of on collective agreement are not necessary represent the truth; example Hitler, and the Earth use to be flat at one time and everybody knew that too LOL.. you really want to debate WOW!

        • Onu…. your comment is welcome on the last post i put up today 🙂

  6. All I can say Elizabeth is that I found your post by accident and it corresponded to something I was looking at, in a pleasant flow of ideas. The subject of implants has been broached and now it appears you are more intent on rejecting my communication than anything else.
    I think I understand most of what you have said, at least in my own terms, including your rejections of my statements as bank. However, these are not my fixations, simply my understandings and attempts to develop a dialogue. I have worked with enough people to know that I do have some basic understanding of where we are and who we are but unfortunately it seems I am unable to reach you and when I think we have may have a rapport you knock it on the head a few minutes later as if words have anything to do with it.
    There is little point in argueing about words when the sentiments with which they are presented is misunderstood. You think I’m a preacher and I’m just trying to reach you because I found what you said interesting and inspiring.

    Seems you are unreachable, at least for me. Despite at least in my optic, I can understand and relate to everything you have said, in my own ways, including the rebuttals. I suppose it’s the willingness that counts.

    • If you would not ”reach” me than I would not have spent hours in communication with you and would not given my reality therefore i haven’t rejected anything.
      By making the remark ”preacher” well on that individual post you sounded like one but that do not make you one or those it?
      I wonder what you mean by reaching me? You have! But in your belief reaching that concept must have a very different meaning than what i have.
      By the way if you care to come over for a nice visit Onu you are welcome! Or you care to call you are also welcome 604 477 1050, if you chose to write privately here is the email….endlesstringofpears@gmail.com. Onu I never reject communication, and for that I have my own reasons.
      You are in my universe and I am in yours when we are in communication… the lines of energy might not been seen by the ”eyes” but they are there, on the other hand which I truly believe in We are not apart as Entities because we don’t have location…. only bodies, matter have locations.
      So, do explain what is the cause of your belief you haven’t reached me LOL. I have a friend in New York who is also a solo auditor and we have once a month a long 3 hour communication and Onu i haven’t talked with any one this much since I talked with Marcie but you!

    • Onu “including your rejections of my statements as bank. “” my beliefs is not just your statements are bank stuff but the human race is sitting in the same bank. This is my reality and if you find it as on insult please take this concept into session and confront your ARCB.
      This is what I do also when something comes into my space and I find it re-stimulating, I handle it. Recommend the same.
      Auditing -confronting works.
      By the way i always feel honored when some one takes time out for communication because I feel they find value.

    • By the way… my English is what is, i like to use slang words, they are very to the point no frills, i swear also, and i don’t fallow social graces that has been erased with rest of the stuff which made me believe i was a human, i write what I know, I agree if something is in my range of understanding but I never ever agree to something in order to belong-to be accepted by any one, or group that would be against all what I believe.
      I do not insult and if someone feels insulted while reading my post or feel any ways evaluated, put down that is their reality on what is insulting or not, that is their own evaluation and their own making and not mine.
      I can not take responsibility for how others feel.

    • we never learn from agreed upon realities, we can only learn from what we haven’t heard before so opposing realities when they hit us, enter into our universe are great opportunities to explore-confront and learn from.
      Enlightenments never been found in agreements but in exploration of the different.
      So, if you care to continue communicate we can, if not that too is totally right.
      We finally have a day here which is not wrapped in silent colors but brilliant and the frequencies from the Sun livened up this little forest front of my windows.
      All is well and glorious…it is not more beautiful than on a cloudy rainy day but just different.
      cloudy rainy terrain has beauty which can not be described, only felt.

    • PS: you haven’t find my blog by ”accident” in this universe there is a reason for everything, there are no coincidents, we might not understand when something happens but if that incident would be closely confronted, taken earlier -similar on the track the reason why would be found. 🙂 🙂 🙂 do well! 🙂

  7. Thankyou for your kindness Elizabeth. I didn’t feel insulted at all.
    Like I say, for me at least each person is unique, that for me is Qzero if there is such a thing, and how so different to you saying we can never fully comprehend the universe of another and hardly even begin to, I don’t know but anyway that description is where I began from in myself over 30 years ago now and to be honest, it’s simply a principle that I apply, daily and through my own work with demonstrable results in practical life as a direct consequence of applying my Qzero in session. So there we are. I don’t mind if you regard this as bank or for that matter anything else I originate. I really doesn’t worry me.
    Like I say, for me each person is unique, so I don’t expect anyone to agree with me about anything although sometimes it’s nice to be understood. That’s true too.

    So I sincerely hope you get where I am coming from. I have my own philosophy and I have a gift, that is it. I help people understand their own philosophy without reference to me or anyone else and to take charge of their own existence or not by choice and to determine their own learning cycles. Although I find LRH principles a useful perspective they are only a tool and by no means a substitute for personal knowingness. Above confront is contribute to, participate, experience and beingness and below it is elsewhereness and the bank.
    Having said that in my understanding of where we are here the entire current cycle of existence encompassing dimensions, dynamisms, universes and forms is a programmed reality, an illusion which masks the true nature of existence. I appreciate people who have done the OT levels and I do find they have a higher level of confront as a result. However I haven’t come across any yet who seem to have the faintest idea of what I am referring to which has been a surprise. Most like you seem to assume I am talking out of an implant yet to this date I haven’t found a single OT who could actually decribe in detail the straight mechanics of an implant by reference to LRH principles without a bundle of unhandled significance and unresolved masses resultant from substituted stable data. So there we go. It’s taken a few years for me to sift through the pile of misunderstoods that Scientologists have as a result of the flaws and omissions in LRH Tech but now I find myself right back at the beginning with a clearer picture that basically validates the perspectives I had in the first place derived from my own lifetime experience working not only on myself but also with others applying basic principles.
    I agree with most of LRHs work and apply such principles daily, either in my own terms or LRH terms depending on the reality of the person I am working with. I reckon there are about 3 gross outpoints in LRHs work and about 4 omitted areas of research depending on how one looks at it. Either way around it’s enough to scupper the LRH bridge and leave people parked in the middle of unresolved areas which due to the inversions, reversals, sacrifices and substituted stable data it’s very difficult to resolve and much easier to address with someone who hasn’t been through that process. The upside is that OTs do have a much higher level of confront and can assimilate case gain into practical life at a much higher rate. An OT can assimilate in 3 days what someone else might take 3 weeks or 3 months to do.
    In my own approach, much to.my surprise, that’s the only difference.
    The recognition points are the same.
    My own work resolves the bank and addresses positive gain, objective and practical areas not touched upon by LRH tech due to omitted gradients, Inversions, Reversals and substituted stable data. That’s about all I have to say on the matter.
    If course in my philosophy each person is unique and has their own unique understandings and knowingnesses, principles and sentiments, just as LRH or anyone else has, and so the first point I bring people to is the rehabilitation of Native State, Freedom from dependancy and their own knowingness, understanding and wisdom based upon their extensive practical experience and their own inner principles and sentiments – all the unspoken stuff beyond or outside words and meanings.

    Masses are a product of Not-Isness, the misnomer of NOTs. The NOTs are the cyclic sequences if Masses thar result in the Dualities, Dichotomies, Oppositions and Antitheses that generate the Polarities and Equilibria of Existence in the first place. Per the conditions which apply not only to existence but also to pure theta


    Existence is a condition of Not-Isness which resolves as Isness and Reality. Although you may not like the fact that I state this. Reality or Isness per the conditions is the first and only stable point in the journey from Existence to Reality.
    Reality is the Reality of People.

    In the Void or even the Infinite a person is completely alone.
    Where is Everyone?

    When the person gets through all that and dissolves the figments if their imagination they find themselves in a Place which they commonly refer to as Reality, beyond the physical universe, the dynamics, existence and the constraints of Mind, Identity and the Illusion of Expression. Reality. Home. Its a very moving experience when a person resolves this and they also in doing so resolve the numerous cycles of existence they have originated. Reality, Home.
    The simple reference is Here.
    Existence is Here and Now.
    So I was just enquiring if you understand what I am talking about ir not. That’s all.

    I’m happy to continue to communicate. I don’t mind being told my work is pure bank by Scientologists whilst I am actually resolving in session all the BPC Scientologists have on the COS and blowing the lid on their case whilst doing so by addressing positive gain in the person’s own terms and criteria as defined uniquely by themselves. That’s fine. I’m used to the inval/eval. Not a problem.

    • Thank you…. “”” Like I say, for me each person is unique, so I don’t expect anyone to agree with me about anything ”””’although sometimes it’s nice to be understood.”””’
      I never said I haven’t understood you i admit on something’s I don’t have reality on some of your concepts… but i understand you very well, I just don’t agree, because on the same subject i have different view.
      I have left scientology in 82 that includes everything but the basic auditing Technology.

      ” I appreciate people who have done the OT levels and I do find they have a higher level of confront as a result. However I haven’t come across any yet who seem to have the faintest idea of what I am referring to which has been a surprise.”

      this happens because each of us are very different when it comes to in our beliefs, what is right or wrong. Because we don’t have the same viewpoints as you have that do not make us inferior in comparison to you BUT JUST DIFFERENT!

      When evaluation is done by compering our reality to another persons and we come to conclusion that out beliefs -principals are better well, what can i say to that but that happens with every individual even with a mass murderer , he too believes he was right to kill.
      So why bother to evaluate where OT are? To make you feel superior by comparing ? of course the evaluator most of the time will feel that their knowledge , how they see the universe is the right viewpoint that is the way everything is set up.

      “”””In the Void or even the Infinite a person is completely alone. Where is Everyone?””
      The answer to that: You will need to find that one for you self same as i have. We both have the tools to dig with.

  8. Yes. Regarding your last comment, the very clear research line I came in on was the subject of theta tagging which to my knowledge can only be addressed when a person is so well versed in the structural mechanics if an implant by reference to principles that they are capable of insoecting any implant and scrutinising it in detail. So I came in on the idea you presented that the Phi frequency keyed out the vibrational overwhelm which I relate to as the Theta tag.

    I do apply mathematics so I can relate to why this could occur and how perfect duplication of that specific frequency might key out an implant. I’m referring to a base frequency which is altered within the constraints of Phi by relative location in space. So theres room for variations. It’s duplication of the frequency I am referring to.

    • well done for understanding the principal behind the frequencies.
      By the way I have see exactly how implanting is done, so i know what I am talking about.

  9. Have you ever noticed how an artificial theta overwhelm mechanism, for example laid out like a net in space, appears to be generating matter, energy, space and time, whereas its only generating a vibration. – time – which the person identifies with space, energy and matter due to the automaticity of Not-Knowingness that generates the sequential nature of existence in the first place. So the person assumes a viewpoint in relation to the artificial source and gets pulled I to fighting because they can’t handle the automaticity from a pan-determined viewpoint and simply see it for what it is.
    This is precisely the sequence laid out in the Factors including the assignment and assumption of prior cause. Brilliant Theta Trap.

  10. The Factors lay out with a fair degree of precision the sequence of theta overwhelm and programming into cycles of existence, dimensions, dynamisms, universes and forms.
    This masks the true nature of reality and existence including for example the dynamics and permits the human programming your refer to.

    So far I have only seen people employ complex systems of vias in an effort to resolve this including bridges to nowhere.

  11. That’s a qualifying statement. Everything I write is derived from priven in sesson principles otherwise I wouldn’t put it out
    When it’s speculation I say so.

    As far as OTs go, I find it much simpler to communicate and demonstrate basic principles including the resolution of Mind with joe blogs next door than an OT and this boils down to substituted stable data as demonstrable in session.
    I wish it were different and have sought to resolve the issue within myself and continue to do so, however if I can explain compromises to a person in the street and they with no auditing skills apply the principle as a direct confront self initiated process with demonstrable results in practical life and an OT can’t duplicate and apply this simple truth in the same way without resolving substituted stable data then what’s the conclusion?

    • I believe you have miss- understanding on those persons who have done the OT levels..
      I has good wins on OT 2 and 5 but the rest forget it.
      I had more wins on grades than on OT levels. To me OT 3 was a total loss,
      We thought, Or i thought by doing the OT levels i will reach the level of my dreams LOL.. that was my first mistake to believe that someone outside of me can knew what is my dream, what is my reality! and few levels a bit of information would catapult me back into the Spiritual Real.
      This I believed because that early stage i haven’t realized the extent of Eternity what it contains.
      I walked away from ST HILL Totally ARCB-en.
      By the time I got back to Vancouver penniless, jobless, no place to live had to barrow money for rent and food.
      that is than I had the brilliant ide to handle the immenseness of my disappointments in sessions. That is how I started soloing, and never stopped. What I have discovered through realizations that served as fuel to continue.
      So please don’t get hanged up on OT’s what they can or cant do, where are they on the T.S. waste of time and we never can evaluate any ones reality but only we are evaluating how we think of others and compare our evaluation where we are at but no one is on that level where we believe they are… that is just our assumption and nothing more.

  12. The OT Levels were simply the TASTE, a tinny fraction what is possible to achieve what could be if the person continues with solo sessions.
    The OT levels in understanding -gaining knowledge about the Universe with that ”self” were really nothing absolutely nothing what knowledge is available when using the technology daily.
    You need to understand this.
    I been solo auditing since 76 and from experience i know this,
    By the way i don’t speculate, don’t do guess work or assume, if i have on issue of uncertainty I takes the unresolved item into session and find the truth.
    assumptions, guessing, speculating exist because of confusion about altered facts.

  13. Esp Sze said:

    “The physical body is part of existence.”

    Based on my own processing, my understanding is similar to Elizabeth’s.

    Basically, for a thetan (entity), “existence” is a kind of “identification” with some “limits”.
    The physical body is a particular case of the “limits” part of the “existence”.
    But, both “identification” and “limits” are agreements (beliefs) done by the thetan (entity). When the thetan (entity) “forgot” these agreements (beliefs), it got trapped in the “existence”.

    It looks like Onu’s understanding is similar. He is describing a particular class of phenomena which are emergent properties of underlying (more basic) agreements (beliefs) done by the thetan (entity).

  14. Actuality

    For me identity has 4 aspects which result in existence, boundless, infinite; universal and finite.

    Existence is finite and comprises dimensions, dynamisms, universes and forms.

    Native State is outside all of the above.

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