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Prayers- what they are and do?

When I have sudden realization coming out of the blue that realization can hit me like a ton of brick and I just sit here my mouth open stunned into gaga land and beside the new realization the thought I have ‘’I am such on idiot for not realizing this before and it is so simple!! Mind bogglingly simple and this thought never ever entered in my mind since been on the learning path.

BY now I have looked at postulate, intentions, willpower in every form of ideas, beliefs, how they work or why they don’t  but never ever entered in my ‘’mind’’ that PRAYERS are postulates-intentions which are put out into the Universe to someone else to cause to whom we have assigned power!

That is what they are, prayers when asking to let or not to let something happen with that prayer in place the Entity has assigned power to GOD and now begs – pleads – implores- appeals to that imaginary thing to make something happen which the SELF no longer can do! WOW..

The Entity really hit rock bottom degraded self so low and this is the outcome: the dreadful conditions self is in that made up another Entity call it god, and assigned power to this illusion IN HOPE THAT THIS ENTITY NOW CAN DO WHAT SELF NO LONGER ABLE TO DO!

I am now going to celebrating for eliminating one more item which has been part of occlusion =that idiotic thing I called once upon as Elizabeth

by having a delightful cup of tea with a touch of buckwheat honey.

The 3 day heatwave is over and the forest front of the windows look quiet- serene in the rain.

By the way hehehe I wonder how many prayers are being said each day on planet Earth and how many out of these billions are directed toward winning the lotto hehehe.. asking god for help and offering their first born for exchange?

We cant even imagine how many times we have prayed over the Eons for something to happen or  asked ”god” not to let  that something happen and all those prayers are still intact..  in control.

I don’t have to write here where those who pray are on the Tone S.  and I am not saying  we are better off, but those who so ”in with god”, believe that they are better off than we who do not believe in such  crap.  LOL… their belief add  to their burden at the present time.

We all have the ”god thing” in our realities [ not me, not any more]  and those who have it sooner or later have to erase that heavy load of shit and finally take responsibility for self and get out of blame and the begging mode.

I am definitely having fun!



Guide-direction on: How to go Exterior.

Guide-direction on: How to go Exterior.

As I have explained in my earlier post ‘’ in space ‘’ the body being in the bath tub where the water temperature was warmer than the body and the body was free floating with this I eliminated the sensations I usually felt, and the weight too of course were gone. So I only felt warmth, the body was gone.

Blocking out all the light in total darkness, with that I have eliminated the automatic use of the ‘’eye’’ also seeing- looking at things and with that went the all considerations that I am someplace: the very belief I am on location.

Now, by eliminating all sensations including having weight and no I longer were on location that means I was not on Earth, Earth no longer existed, I did not have a body –shape, therefore the only place I could experience is Space- Universe!

This is experience I had is the evidence the very proof:  only our own believes makes things appear real and soon as we get rid of what we believe in than those conditions change instantly.

This is the reason why cognitions are so powerful.

When we ‘’see- look’’ with the ‘’eyes’’ this action holds the Entity to that picture-location and with that the Entity is accepting what the ‘’eyes see’’ is existing PLUS adds all the considerations has about that picture than add sensations-feelings and that makes that picture real. Sounds like cooking, adding ingredients: in this case the outcome is the belief we ‘’live-have a life!

But in fact what the Entity sees-looking at a Movie and the same times the Entity identifies- believes the movie is seen with the ‘’eyes’’ is real because all that added stuff  is a simple illusion: all of it and here is a BOMB: the reason intention, postulating don’t work because when viewing a movie we the observer –looker can’t change the outcome of that movie no matter how we would like to do!

We can postulate –pray, intend, use a magic wand, do spells, do sacrifices by burning carcasses on the barbeques, offer the first born to the gods, curse the Satan, whatever: but we can’t change the outcome of that movie we are watching. HEHEHE.

At so called ‘’death of the body’’ for the Entity that movie has ended and that is the reason Entity feels lost- misplaced no longer connected, cant communicate etc.. because the connection to the illusion-movie is no longer there, NOW THE ENTITY IS EXTERIOR, disconnected because no longer perceives with the ‘’eyes’’ and no pictures with that the thoughts to drop away consideration Entity had about those pictures : I see this or that, yes its true, has value, bad evil etc.  NO pictures… no bank with that the reason for their existence too vanished.

When all that is gone the Entity becomes free and definitely that is life and not death!

LET ME GIVE YOU ON EXAMPLE ABOUT PICTURES: when are given by someone a photograph of which they so highly think of, represents something really precious –valuable to them: happy moment etc… we all see a flat picture, images holding up glass of something, but we do not know anything, about that event we haven’t added our own beliefs to this picture so the picture don’t have much meaning.

I am really gotten off the original topic! But this is how things are.

SO back to subject ‘’movie’’ and how that working in connection why intention-postulates don’t work:


But the 6000 hours in session were not wasted, on the contrary: Wins –cognitions –understanding poured and since the ‘’true power is knowledge’’ with those extra thousands of cognitions I have gained become a much richer=powerful Entity.

I hardly ever mention Power but I should since I have had hundreds of sessions in order to discover its true nature.

We can only go exterior, get away from , having different by eliminations of the very illusions that we are in: we are something, feel this or that.

PS: please keep in mind when I have done the bath room thing I already have eliminated every beliefs I ever had about Earth and most of my beliefs what the body is with that I am no longer stuck in the belief that I am a body or I am here on Earth.

I do not have a body therefore I don’t have a location. 🙂



In space, great experience.

Great Session I was free floating in the Universe Here is the session: I am very interested knowing about darkness since so far I have had many sessions exploring what is, and I have found we have far greater amount of activities in the so called darkness than in light.

In fact as I experience it, in darkness one lives as truly a spiritual out in the universe without the body and all the trimming which goes with it, which is MEST. I have had sessions under all condition including getting drunk [purposely] I could hardly stand and I was close to passing out, 4 nights in the row in order to have a firsthand experience under the altered condition caused by alcohol and trust me that is the right time to audit out those effects. The fallowing days of course I had to confront different stimulation the hang over effects, you see I don’t drink at all and those sessions were the blast…. Huge wins. So you can see, I do anything to have a session.

Yesterday I got into the bath tub of hot water, but first closed off and barred out all light from the bath room. In pitch dark I was floating.

You see, while in the so called dark and the water temperature same as the body I lose all the senses about the body and I just go, leave all believes sensations behind  and I can see space, the stars, comets as they whizzing by so I started the session not just to see the show but to have more reality on why we keep away, and why we are limiting ourselves “living” in the light.[ oh, I know why, but one gains in each session different side to that reality come in form of cognitions] The cognitions rolled in  by hundreds but they too vanished by now.

What I have seen is what happens what are the activities in ‘’space’’.

First I “seen” the billions of stars and as I let go of everything while the body stays in the hot bath safely, I start to see the flashes of lights, rolling gas masses, I believe one was the Milky Way, [ not very big at all] I see funnels of energy as they speed and their speed pulls in other particles, comets whizzing by and one of them with huge flash  was exploding, some of the others just disappeared burned up from the friction.

I have seen whirling huge masses, colored energy of wide-ranging formation, and magnificence splendor in action.

One emerald green apparition was like: from a pinpoint of nothing fanned in cone shape a brilliant translucent green and as it died away the sparkles which must have been huge has turned deep ruby red and they were countless in numbers, have become asteroids and have disappeared in the depth of darkness.

Of course everything was in colors. There were continual movements, fast and all-out. I just can’t write down all of them, some stayed with me because of their striking coloring some because their unique shapes.

One was on incredible sight; it held me in awe: A gas formation of a cobra:  the formation of the neck extended vertically and the head was in horizontal position and from the two fangs poured out-down energy the color of hot lava and was forming puddle front of the cobra than this mass of hot energy was moving started to spin sluggishly, as I was looking at this phenomenon I was wondering what was  occurring, of course when one asks a question one gets on answer. I was witnessing the birth of the planet as it was forming out of different particles.

Also seeing the apparition of the cobra shape re-confirmed that knowledge that nothing new here on this planet every shape every item here has their origin some other place. As I was experiencing this vastness, where the activities are fast and the fury of the moving energy is immense, here on Earth where “time” is in existence, or just believed exists nothing really happens in one hour, but the water cools off, the skin gets wrinkly by soaking too long, but the joy of being free stayed with me!!!






Only light -brightness as in daylight or artificially illuminated space can contain pictures- images – WHICH THE EYES ARE ABLE TO SEE..TAKE A PHOTOGRAPH OF and therefore the Entity=person feels the connections to these images and feel the stimulation from these images which of course gives the impression being alive.

The Entity at all times have the need for light,[ made to believe in order to stay with MEST]  to be in the light and when darkness comes the Entity in fact becomes inactive: all stimulation stops because the darkness don’t contain pictures not the kind which could be seen with the eyes!!!

No pictures, no experiencing that is what any person is made to believe.

Of course the artificially created light-brightness now changes the experiences… can prolong the experiences and with that the lengthen stimulation.

THE ENTITY IS ANCHORED BY THE LIGHT-BRIGHNESS [which is nothing more than vibrating mass of energy] and HELD IN SPACE and is STUCK TO THE IMAGES BUT IN THE DARK-space THE ENTITY NO LONGER MOORED, HAVE FIXED POSITION, no pictures and therefore ‘’fear’’ sets in, fear of no longer being-having those images and without them there is no life: of course that is a fat lie.

‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’FEAR ONLY EXISTS BECAUSE THE CONSIDERATION IS THAT SOMETHING IS VALUABLE: THEREFORE THE FEELING OF FEAR IS THAT VALUABLE MIGHT VANISH and that is the only reason Fear exists: Being kept alive!!!!!!’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’

EXAMPLE: on inmate when in the prison can be given the most severe punishments which is Solitary Confinement in a absolutely dark cell being alone: while in the cell the Entity ‘’can’t see pictures’’ can’t communicate, consequently loses all connections to the BANK=life which would be the stimulations- vibrations of those energy=pictures, he than loses the concept of time-space- being fixed-moored into location which of course only exist because we are seeing-looking with the ‘’eyes’’.

So the prison-person misses ‘’life’’ LOL.. LOL… no longer has ‘’life’’ which never happened it in the first place.

That is the major punishment for a human is to be eliminated, no longer belonging to the group, not acknowledged that: yes you are alive and being here!

BUT the only reason that prisoner lost his life-pictures because he believed he had it in the first place.

When the prisoner come out of the darkness- he has to re-orient himself= re anchor self into location-society=group same ways as we do after each waking: we are going over what has to be done this new day and we reconnect to where we are by recalling earlier pictures-incidents from day before and we continue in daylight till the dark period the night takes away the pictures-incidents again.

The fact is darkness don’t contain the same kind of pictures as light can contain because the pictures which are ”seen by the eyes” were made artificially, they are part of the implanted material. Implanted material can only exist in light because it is made of different shades of light.

When darkness is confronted explored in sessions than the Entity finds totally different realities about what ‘’darkness’’ is as I have.

Darkness is not empty and it is not dark not one bit… this space is our true element where we are really home, where we are definitely free.

So fearing the darkness simply means dreading the loss of matter, really fearing being without MEST, without having identity- valances.

PS: OF COURSE THE ENTITY STILL HAVE ALL THEIR BELIEFS-CONSIDERATIONS, the darkness can’t take that away but minus picture, forms shapes.


More on lies-fibs-untruth=bank.

after all the Bank is made up from lies!

Interesting LIE –alteration of facts.

We believe, made to believe that we get old, we age, well the reason for that is of course to think that there is time… and with that we establish ‘’’’’ continuum ’’’’’ and we also add another lie that we are solid form! Plus we add location, than numbers in as in calendar years LOL…plus we have birth certificate and of course we have agreement with billions of others who believe in the same lie: that yes !!! there is such a thing as ageing, getting old!

Hehehe… but by now most of the ex -scientologist are over 60 and into their 80’s if the body did not crocked by now they are all old prunes.

My body is 77 and consequently looking a bit worn LOL.. but here is my point and this is a fact: when we look into the mirror we don’t really believe that image is us, that we are like that because we haven’t changed –feel different when we were so called ‘’young’’, when the body looked ‘’young’’.

I have to admit even than I did not felt comfortable with the image I have seen, and somehow I felt it was not me, I was not like that at all!

This awareness that the image what the eyes see in the mirror do not match with how we feel alone is the proof, the evidence that we are not that image, that body and proves we are Infinites!

Billions who feel this way when hit that ‘’old age’’ level cannot be wrong!

Well, I personally don’t age or feel age, or think-believe that I am  on old prune because I know I am Infinite, but so far I found this topic of old-aging a very interesting subject which is nothing more that big pile of undiluted shit, a huge lie.

We are not bodies, we never were, and never will be.

Huge win because I am listening to Theta sound!

The sight wont let me copy the video but you can go to YouTube and  pull  it up on your computer GOLDEN RATIO  https://youtu.be/86JzfN3wW_c

  I started to listen to Golden Ratio again… this was my 4th go… the first time made me feel very happy, really keyed out and I as I listened I have understood the reason why this frequency is working. AND IT IS affective, VERY POWERFULL!

  Listening the 2nd time the affect was very little, the 3rd time was nothing, I did not notice changes of any kind and I was understatedly disappointed and the 4th time I stopped the video, I did not wanted to listen anymore because I haven’t understood how these frequencies work.

  That was few days back and last night I decided I will listen to it again and after listening [25 minutes] first time there was no change, and I put it back to the starting point after it finished running and this time I started to see lots pictures from different incidents from the Track and a WORD come to me  ” programed”’ that I was programmed and with this understanding I felt on immense blowdown, it was huge.

 I went into session and the ‘’program’’ I found self in turned out to be THE HEAVIEST PROGRAM I EVER BEEN IN WHICH IS THE HUMAN PROGRAM and LRH named this Program: BANK.

As the session went on I have seen –understood many different things which I haven’t seen before about this Program and the cognitions come rapidly.

 The session continued through the end the 3rd 25 minutes and restarted the 4rd time but I ended the session after 9 minutes into the audio with VGIs, great cognitions.

 I still have after this huge session the same understanding as I had before that here is no way out of this Program unless every thought-consideration=concepts this Program-Bank contains is confronted individually in the same order as it was received – experienced and this is the only way out.

This Program is so well constructed that every avenue which the person believes will lead out in fact takes the person right back into the Program-Bank and I call these avenues dead end roads =Traps.

The prof of this is the fact that those individuals and not only those who have been audited but regular persons recalled that they lived here had many other lives on this Planet, this means they were pulled back into the Bank and death of the body has not let the Entity out of the Programs grip.

 I believe this The Golden Ratio and in this case has nothing to do with numbers but it have pure sounds-vibrations on the lightest-highest level which do reprogram the human brainwaves which is set on the very low-heavy level frequency AND THIS LOW LEVEL IS THE LEVEL ON WHICH THE BANK=PROGRAM IS BASED ON, BEING HELD IN PLACE!!!!

The frequency is like glue hold the entity in place.

 The frequency of the brain which supplies the Entity with constant vibration and this is the sensation of being alive and this low vibrating mass of energy is what holds the Bank in place.

 The brains frequency is the major block which keeps the person in the Program.

 By listening to the Golden Ratios frequency, not only once or twice but on regular intervals bring changes into any persons life because the low heavy frequency of anyone’s personal space will slowly or fast [depends how solidly the person is being stuck in the low-heavy vibration ] will dissolve: or will be affected to some extent and with that the awareness will open up the negative stimuluses-impacts of the Bank-Program will loosen some of its grip and more positive outlook will come.

The Golden ratio’s frequency is a happy –happy frequency, full of life it is the OT level, it is the Life-force  on everything is based on and not on the human level and please believe me not one of you in reality is a Human, that term: being a human just describes the condition the Entity is gotten into and can’t get out.

This frequency can be seen but not with the ”Eyes”, it looks like crushed diamonds swirling in the light.

We are Entities, intangible and Infinite.


By the way the reason why after listening to the video brings noticeable change because the listeners level of awareness is moved –changed-affected by the different vibrations.

BUT THIS IS WHAT I BECOME AWARE OF and PLEASE DO UNDERSTAND THIS: by listening to the same sound from the Golden Ratio over and over do not bring the same keyed out sensation as it did the first time that do not mean the sounds haven’t been reaching- changing your own vibration level BUT IT MEANS THAT YOU HAVE already MOVED INTO THIS NEW LEVEL OF FREQUENCY!!!

But to remain on this level the person must continue, and the changes will be noticeable in your life.

I do not recommend any other form of Golden Ratio vides-sounds because I haven’t listened to others and please don’t listen to anything with subliminal messages because those videos not only contain the so called ‘’positive messages’’ what that person put onto those videos but listening to them you are implanted with that persons reality- personality in other words you get the whole package!!!!

And we already have plenty on our plate –we don’t need to increase our load.

PS: keep it in mind this Universe we operate in is nothing more than pure energy and our own space has its very own frequency and this frequency is like a the markings on the thumb, which is totally unique there isn’t one like it.

The bodies thump print can’t be altered but we can alter our own field of energy with that our awareness and our way of thinking by having sessions and would help when we listen to this frequency regularly. Will not bring overnight changes but will help a lot.

PS..PS..PS… By listening to these frequency can only cause KEYED OUT STATE and nothing more, only sessions-erasers can cause permanent state.!