Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Report on me listening to OM-ing and other related videos.

About week back the wind blown into my space some videos, someone sent them and at first I totally rejected these but soon as I realized I was ‘’rejecting’’ that meant I had a ‘’re-stimulation’’ objections because being in the church once upon the time and then it would have been a NO-NO!

So I started to listen in order to confront my own reasons for resisting and why not since I have so far looked at everything else I could dig up!

It seems these videos come to me because they needed to be understood by me how they work and why they work.

This was the first: https://youtu.be/zx0TLEs0wMs

Soon as the sounds started so have the mental images pictures in vivid full colors and dimensions WOW, the first few were showing body in holographic image and the repair to the body parts was done by holographic image of a hand. Very interesting to watch a holographic hand doing repair to a holographic image of the body, and it was done in on instant and so was my understanding what was happening.

I have written before that everything ever created was made first in holographic image, including planet Earth and these images which can’t be seen by the eyes are the blueprints and this of course makes lot of sense.

Can’t build something without a having a plan first example the Meridian lines on the body is part of the design but that was not the first creation, the basic but added later by us in different times-different part of the track and  because we kept every experience we ever had over the eons these myriad collected junk still in use! We are totally in the dark about the facts what we have done to ourselves by not able to let go.

By now the body contains great variety of body part collected from different places over the eons. Our bodies is like an old car which has been repaired many occasions and the old original parts were replaced by cheaper not so good parts which don’t work so well as the original.

Hehehe.. in other words our bodies are made from parts which were collected from junk yards of our own making.

Back to the videos.

As I listened and the pictures poured in from the Track and I started to have session and from then on I listened to more tapes and I realized these frequencies from the taped awoke different times on the track when these frequencies were used, were the incidents originated.

First I only listened the above kind which were made by musicians and contained no suggestions—words or pictures from the people who created these videos.


Then I went and to listen Dr Nipun Aggarwal’s videos which are very pleasant to listen to and the visual effects are nice but I realized there is a problem arising to listen to the chants Om’s of those videos which were made by humans… human sounds because these videos created by Aggarwal contain the track which IS HIDEN but nerveless still there of those Monks who are doing the chants and of course every word these videos by the good Doctor has meanings and these meanings too are originated not by the listener but again from the Monks past Trak.

So, by listening to videos made by chanting of Monks with that the listener ACCEPTS THE REALITIES, THE BELIEFS OF THESE MONKS and WITH THAT GIVES UP ‘’SELF” AND BECOMES THOSE MONKs..=Cluster of Entities!


The person accepts the Valances those Monk are in and that is heavy duty shit, because we have enough already on our own, never mind getting a new implant, we don’t need more!

I also realized that there is definitely a benefit to listen to these tapes but they are, the results they bring is not the answer to find ‘’spirituality’’ that never will happen but the listener is moved from the unwanted picture- which the person is experiencing to a different level: into a different frequencies which contain less bothersome emotions-aches-pains… disturbing thoughts etc.

If one believes we are experiencing only a moment than just think what OM-ing –meditation has to do with spirituality? Not a bloody thing, OM-ing, Meditation is just that a different way of life, Example: A person stand by the stove in a restaurant and cooks, a gardener gardens tends the plants, the manicurist do nails, hair etc.. I have sessions… SOOOOOO…..OM-ing is what that person do , how he passes the his time…. And that is not better than the gambles life or police mans life, just simply different. WHAT IS OR IS NOT BETTER IS PURELY A BELIEF AND NOTHING MORE!

Also noticed that the tape from Doctor, created by the sounds chanting from the Monks did not turn on mental image pictures and by noticing this I realized to listening to Chanting –OM-ing by humans the results were not for my benefit because by now I definitely don’t want or need a valance and definitely not from those Monks who walk in ignorance of what is the Universe about and how we created this universe for ourself!

On the other hand listening to the pure sounds made by instruments brought changes which were very noticeable… LOL… so much so that I got blown out.

My personal ‘’space’’ is very clean.. minus of heavy frequencies, in fact so clean and that is the reason I am aware of the smallest vibrations-experiences enters and by listening to these tapes well, blown-moved me out of my regular space where the activity of ‘’sleep’’ till existed [ not much]  suddenly I found myself without the slightest desire of ‘’sleep’’ altogether since ‘’sleep’’ that is needed, wanted and can’t live without is purely a human belief. The Videos frequencies replaced my own!

Here I was without warning on very different vibration level where activity of ‘‘sleep’’ did not existed and I haven’t had the slightest desire or need to go to bed and being wide awake at 3-4 am but when I gotten into this state immediately had to have sessions because I felt suddenly deeply depressed, felt panic because I could not go to sleep and had to handle my strongly imbedded beliefs that I need to sleep, I must sleep because if I can’t go back to sleep I will get ill, or even die!!

LOL… now that was a heavy re-stimulation because to me death- to die that concept no longer in affect-exists. The sessions brought good results and the depression vanished and I continued listening to more tapes without sleep. By now I sleep few hours and that is enough.

I also watched a short tape on chakras, the explanation for their function and I also watched a video on Kundalini and as I knew from understanding this information what these images do that I was right because I knew from the realizations I have had from sessions that we do not need those believes to function  because those frequencies strictly part of the bodies vibration.

I am not the body and let say the chakra which pose to control communication is closed  than the person has problem with communication, THAT IS TOTALLY WRONG ASSUMPTION because I as on Entity can communicate and my communication is not depending on the body how it work or don’t but on me as on Entity and I can really can communicate on any level!

And the Entity don’t need the heart chakra to be open to love and in fact the Entity don’t need chakras to associate self with abilities.

AS I SEE IT THESE SUGGESTION FROM VIDEOS actually are the MUST that we need to get those chakras aligned and the kundalini to move in the right direction etc.. is in fact PUSHING THE PERSON NOT INTO SPIRITUALITY BUT  BACK TO THE BODY,  TO BE THE BODY AGAIN. Traps within traps.

In these videos there are packed-contain nothing more than ‘’symbols’’ which are not better than laws-regulations on average person have in their daily life and have to follow, these symbols in these videos are not better, they are just different.

The OM-ing monks, persons who finally trough meditation removed them self from level which they believed is not theirs-don’t want it, cant have it etc.. as –‘’living a life of a human’’ well, they have moved into a different part of the implanted crap which suggests freedom, wellbeing and spiritual attainment.

All those beliefs ‘’’ freedom, wellbeing and spiritual attainment’’

are just well thought out traps which keeps the Entity within the power of the human implants.

The ‘’human implant in whole’’ contains every reality- beliefs on all levels which exist in the ‘’mind’’ in thought form. The ‘’mind’’ is the implant station itself which continually supplies the ‘’thoughts’’.

Please keep it in mind this is after all a prison planet, and if those who believe they can chant themselves to a spiritual level-freedom IF THAT WOULD BE THE CASE than those guys would not have to chant-meditate 30-40-50-60-70 years till the body stops working but their chanting would transport them out of this prison fast.

Ohhh.. You say: they are transported mentally!! Really? They are still with that body and still in this prison they are just having different experiences within the walls of the prison.

By the way there are many form of prisons and the ‘’body’’ is one of those forms.

I will listen to few more videos which are not done by monks but have pure musical frequencies because I want to know what will I experience, what kind of incidents will they bring in, which they will of course.

We don’t operate on these high level of vibration here on Earth, the reason for because the human vibration has contain low-heavy slow frequencies’ that is the must have in order to keep us here hehehe as prisoners.

Of course I will have sessions on these newly unearthed experiences knowing all I need is a session to get me out of this universe and by confronting the OM-Meditation I am one step closer.

In sessions all rules, laws, symbols fall away and by having allows the Entity to experience freedom!

Love this stuff!

PS: i know someone who has been practicing this eastern stuff for many years, by their considerations he has reached ”high level” but the problem is this person don’t have the clue where he is, what he is experiencing because the text which he studies don’t contain information more than that person who has written those books he is reading -have studied has experienced. That is not enough information for understanding what is outside of being a human.

He knows what past life means but in essence  don’t know what that experience is, and by now i am positive he has experienced many earlier life incidents therefore much confusion in his space and this person feels  his own words ”being fucked up” because knowledge, the meanings of those realizations which we get at the end of the sessions are missing for him.

He is truly confused and at the same time he is brilliant, and brilliantly massed up and  his behavior some occasion is on the borderline of madness till he finds his footing again-reconnects to old values-beliefs.

Some thinks scientology massed up people… far from it, by being on this planet that alone is enough.


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