Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I cannot possible recall just how many times I have changed the ‘’diet’’ what I have consumed over these 43 years.

All I can say has to be dozens of times because as I erased items in session I was no longer stimulated by those things which were connected to those items or were in those items and I no longer desired to have that taste or energy vibration. LOL and by now I have erase hell of a lot of reasons for living-eating and in general the need to experience!

Example, I used to love chocolate and now I never crave it or eat it of course, few occasion I bought it as a ‘’treat’’ but I simply did not like the taste any more. Same goes for meat of course, and I used to love fish but now these days that too is off the menu… or just rarely eaten.

I had many sessions on different foods: eggs, wheat, potato, sugar, etc..etc.. and in these sessions I learned what affects I had from those energies these food stuff contained and how these energy-vibrations have affected me as on Entity.

Every ‘’item’’ has its own vibration and when 2 items are combined and eaten that has again a different vibration.

Just imagine what masses of different vibration any Entity is hit-bombarded, experiencing when eaten a normal sandwich which contains: wheat, salt, sugar, oils of some kind, yeast, preservatives than again different oils in the mayonnaise, eggs, vinegar, more preservatives, than the ‘’meat’’.

The meat-salami =cold cuts=ham is loaded with antibiotics, preservatives, more sugar +++++ different chemicals and I have feeling I left out a few items.

My point is as I progressed I become more and more sensitive=become aware of  these kinds of vibrations and I had to confront them or simply I no longer desired to have those experiences. Even after confronting them I did not like them any more; the reasons vanished why I desired- wanted them in the first place!

I had to give up wheat and dairy products altogether, because they caused inflammations to the whole system,  the product are tasty poisons.

Fine Arabic coffee or tea made with good quality lose leafed tea which I use to love lost its flavor altogether. Now I drink sliced ginger in hot water sweetened with a bit of buckwheat honey and a touch of berry sugar, taste wonderful so is the morning porridge made from gluten free oath with milk made from almonds or cashews. Fruit –veggies I eat as main course and there are other alternatives to wheat I use to make muffins, pancakes, buckwheat pancakes are heavenly!

The ‘’food’’ experience, the regular ways to eat in my reality causes lots of heavy experiences since their frequencies are too heavy-slow and these low vibrations do pull in-similar frequencies which manifest them self in different form of illnesses.

I found in session the reasons why we eat food, they were introduced to change from one way to ‘’feel’’ into have different feel, be different and that still stands.

But by now ‘’eating’’ has taken a totally different level and this level cause overwhelm: so much so Example: falling asleep after eating a meal, have migraines eating pizza=cheese, passing out from too much sugar-alcohol etc.. etc… etc..

I do not say I am the heathiest and I don’t believe there is such a person on this planet who is ‘’healthy’’ that is impossible because the inherited scrambled DNA and its results each Entity experiences by being connected to the body and feeding of the bodies vibrations.

But this is my reality.

PS: being ill, feeling sick from some foods is NOT A NONCONFRONT as LRH said.. simply those vibrations causes that affect…. not everything which we experience and cant stand or like is because we cant confront or we can,   no…  the problem is WE HAVE CONFRONTED WITH THAT WE EXPERIENCED and that experience was bad! There are millions of additives in every form of realities-beliefs which were created when experienced to make the experiencer feel bad.. after all  who wants to make a prisoner to feel good? hehehe this is a prison planet.

Evil no matter how sugar coated is still remains evil.

By the way having more sessions =cognitions bring–cause different level in awareness, example: some years back coffee with sugar cream tasted heavenly, than as time passed i noticed the buttery taste so I left out the cream or meal.. than sugar was omitted i have replaced it with maple syrup than I become aware of the burnt taste to the beans and I wondered why I am having this experience? The fragrances was the only thing I still enjoyed but that did not give me reason to continue drinking that liquid. I almost forget to mention that I have noticed the burnt unpleasant taste in my mouth at waking, the coffee has affected- penetrated every cell of the body.






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