Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I just found a most remarkable reason for getting old.

By now I had hundreds of session related to aging –being old etc… and found hundreds of different incidents in different times when becoming old-looking wrinkled was on optimum achievement. This of course has puzzled me greatly, why anyone wants to look old?

The attain the aged long lived LOOK was very important and we forced our self [ body] to look aged-timeworn.

I went back to this subject over and over because I was really curious: ‘’why we wanted so frantically to look old?’’ [hehehe and in this society here on Earth the opposite what is wanted!] yet we =our body get old wrinkled like prune, and in fact slowly falls apart.

Today’s session yielded the answer which to me means the truth, the basic-basic reason we invented aging of the body and associated our-self with age=having time.

The cognition is: being longer in body brought steady stable stimulation, and these stimulations stabilized us, kept us in place given on illusion being permanent!!! Plus we were continually acknowledged by others: yes you are here, you are living and we all agree to this fact!

Hehehe until of course your death certificate is signed than you are out: no more!

You see, our problem was early on the track that we were not

‘’ grounded ’’ therefore our attention pulled us all over the Universe and because of not having stability we did not have continuum =established lifestyle.

By forcing the ‘’body’’ remain in place and by adding the illusions that is old and with that illusion in place we made ourselves believe we were stable permanent in other word=we lived, we existed, we were real!

Now that is the biggest most humongous lie we ever fabricated with that in place trapped plastered ourselves into the body and of course we do everything in our power to make that body live longer.

Just look around you and do some assessment-evaluation, no matter what you do is for the body, in order to keep the body.

No one really wants to be very young because youth that state is not stable, this means haven’t piled up enough heavy masses to hold them in place permanently, crib death happens often because the Entity have not been grounded and the Entities attention is pulled away by something more interesting than the ‘’mothers’’ energy level-vibration.



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