Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I have my daily sessions…. Please note ‘’sessions’’ based on whatever comes up, hits me=stimulates.

So this way always everything handled-confronted and I have to admit I could not imagine the days-time to pass here and not devote that ‘’time’’ being in sessions.

Few days back I stumbled on an incident which was on ‘’implant’’ and this was my first implant and the content of this thing made me introverted- reclusive solitary person and this has affected my existence as a ‘’Being’’ ever since and that is a very very long time-existence in this universe.

This implant was the foundation of my personality and by blowing- erasing this mass of energy has completely dislodged- freed me from that basic and since than I am still greatly disoriented.

So much so, that I have to stop and look at things and sort of search for the reason what I wanted to do, example: opening up the computer I look at it and for a few second I wonder what I am to do next, in the kitchen, I pick up the glass and wonder what is the reason for I have it in my hand. That questioning is about a second or so but it is there with everything I want to do.

Waking up in the morning and trying to connect to the location where  I am by collecting the meanings of the objects-furniture around me-and the body of course.

This morning was something else, the first thought I had: looking around: where am I ?

The interesting part is me standing front of the closed door and wondering what is happening and why it don’t open since it pose to and with the lights.. turning them off I am surprised that my ”intention” haven’t been working and I have to use the body-hand to turn the switch off!.

Soon as I had that realization I have known by the eraser of that basic implant which was the main mass has opened the door to on unknown universe LOL… is it ever, like a rung being pulled from underneath me, I even have on impression I wobble when I walk don’t feel the legs touching the ground.

I am disoriented, at loss but I am continuing with the sessions and will handle all the new things-sensations-considerations. 🙂

PS: I believe I moved into a state where everything was caused by intention… I just opened the door and getting the taste but the intention still not working… that means I still have lot of confronting to do:  and I will dig with full speed… hehehe I should have a steam shovel… 🙂





Comments on: "I haven’t the clue where I am at!" (2)

  1. marknr1011 said:

    I’ve had similar occurrences when going over self created mental machinery. Automaticities I developed to do things automatically for me.

  2. We have to admit what ever we are in is our very own creation because we just created-created-created- over the eons and we haven’t realized what will be the outcome.
    We as Entities, we haven’t realized how we have become total affect and I mean truly totally affected: captured-imprisoned by our own making.
    The Entity has one big problem: uneducated in the matter of how affectively ”confrontation” works and because of this the Entity cant help ”self” to get rid of the mass.
    Its been a week since that cognition and slowly I am getting use to my new space, its like moving into a different country –feels very different.
    I take all is well with you? best to you.

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