Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

On understanding hit home about ‘’havingness’’ because if in my belief everything has equal value than having something that concept has equal value as ‘’not having’’ … this sounds a bit puzzling but it is not.

Let me explain how I see this… by not having something and this is just an example and nothing more: a race horse that means I don’t want to have that race horse and that is the reason I don’t have it, and BY NOT HAVING IT IS MY HAVINGNESS..

Another example: let’s say: by not having pimple on tip of the nose IS HAVINGNESS IT SELF.

The ‘’having’’ is not always owning something, being in possession of, but not having means we don’t want it, therefore we don’t own it, have it in our possession and that is the value we cherish: not having, by not having what ever that maybe is more to our survival than having that stuff.

LOL… what a cognitions this is: it nearly spin me in realizing ” by not having’’ is part of my having-ness.

So I be working a lot on why I  don’t want things, why I have made it so difficult for self  having-owing things and that it seems by not having is easy  way out: hehehe nothing to confront, no re-stimulation and that seems is my ”great havingness”.

I never claimed I am smart, brilliant yes, but on occasional dense as a bamboo forest. Good to know that being brilliant 🙂 and being ignorant has equal value 🙂 !





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