Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

🙂  how I see it.

There are many new visitors and I haven’t the clue who they are but identity, valances has no importance and I welcome you into my universe. This blog is a dairy but if you care to comment you are welcome, if not that too is totally fine.

I have daily sessions and what I write is the realizations from these sessions.

I write what I see how I see self and my own universe, what I write here is not the truth for everyone, far from it, please keep it in mind that I am not teaching, definitely not a guru.. They are in my belief ‘’low-lives’’ bottom of the T.S. full of shit, self-importance and they are pushing their own illusions on others as the truth! Which is nothing more than implanted crap and never have freed any one yet, including them self. I bet they are in that same mode for countless lifetimes!

I don’t advertise this blog because I believe those who need something from reading these cognitions will find their way here.

But of course silent form of communication is very affective J

AGE-TIME… having this belief, what their purpose is.

Having age, having long time, being in one place for long period, become old, ancient like ruins, people over 100.

Giving labeling things like plants example Rose that it has been here on this planet for 35 million years, cats haven’t change 9 million years, that beaten up tree on the side of the cliff is hanging in there for 1000 years, that a plastic bag will be still that piece of plastic in 1000 years from now on, diamonds last forever etc… I could go on and on

Here is a funny one, when I bought a fine handmade Indian wool rug the sales man said about this carpet as a selling point “ madam this carpet will last for 50 years’’

Age, having time, being on location for ages, living in the same location, same house for one life time these: age, having time were dreamed up-created to have the feeling being stable established in one place, to give permanency longevity prolonged existence and solidity.

But all these concepts are just belief illusions created a make-believe part of the game, havingness, because there is no solidity nothing is solid and this was proved by scientists here hehehe I bet they needed diaper change when they realized this!

It is hard to believe, to get whatever we know, believe in, see with the eyes, touch with hand is on illusion and just this shows how brilliant we are: we out of nothing conjured an incredible Universe filled of magical things and if that is magic than what is?

We are good, very very good and here I am daily confronting concepts-incidents which I thought were real hehehe the joke  my own joke is on me, I have fooled self but I have to admit whatever I have conjured up was fun to have.

So here I am in this lovely room, its large windows are overlooking the forest, through them rays from the sun pours in and over the objects brilliantly emphasize their coloring, I am having coffee and health muffins, the coffee has fabulous aroma which don’t equal the taste hehehe and the muffins well, I have tasted better but what all is here are my short-lived illusions.

I have to admit after confrontation of illusions they vanish and I feel better and the realization I get is not on illusion and which I find very interesting: cognitions they don’t hold pictures, they don’t have shapes, or coloring, they are not time related, they don’t have locations and don’t indicate in the direction of personality, yet I know what I gained having them is real, truly real yet  are totally unrelated to anything I ever known before. Not to mention their power, that is mindboggling because cognitions since they don’t have mass go through mass, penetrate realities-illusions of the mind.

Now… we see, touch things, feel their weight, sense their temperature therefore we know they are real, but proven fact they are illusions, and here I have something which can’t be seen, can’t be heard or touched, sensed in any ways is very real.

About twenty years back a session brought a realization in which I seen what seemed real was on illusion and the illusion was real this proved to be true.




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