Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

run out of ”time”

Huge win which brought immense changes in awareness.

When in 73 I bought the Tech. Dic. and I read the word ‘’Time’’ I cognited that we don’t have time, time don’t exists at all and ever since to me knowing –quoting years-dates in session was not needed, the ‘’when’’ did not matter.

Today as I was pottering in the kitchen a concept come to me which stopped me in my track, if I would have been on the e-meter the needle would have knocked the pin out.

Huge blowdown nearly stopped the heart and I stood in the kitchen stunned.

The concept was “I RUN OUT OF TIME”.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and what happens when we run out of time?

This realization had such on affect that I was sort of paralyzed and did not have other thoughts.

Finally I got into session and pictures, incidents rolled by with great speed and cognitions poured, fantastic realizations which I know again will give me totally different views on the Universe.

Major realization at the end of the session was when WE RUN OUT OF TIME WE STEP OUT OF THE BANK. [ only the bank contains the concept of ‘’time’’ having timre.]

We move into totally different level: Realm into infinite, where we experience  the moment what ever that maybe.

This can be called getting ‘’keyed’’ out state from the implant, go totally exterior from the implant because the implant for us ended, that means we are outside of the implant… no longer in its grip, we can call this: we have expired, death, going vapor [my favorite expression] left the body, kicked the bucket, no longer in the game etc..etc…etc…

When the Entity has ‘’time’’ lives with time, needs time, counts years-hours, this means the Entity is in the LIFE MODE-living and is in the implanted belief therefore in very prison of those beliefs.

But outside of time we as Entities are Infinite!

To me this consideration ‘’I have run out of time’’ has put me into a very different dimension and because I have erased major part of all the concepts-thought agreements=considerations I ever known, this new reality changes totally what I been experiencing of late [ exterior to this planet]  and I have difficulty how to describe what I know, feel: free?

when the entity believes having, experiencing -being on location than that entity has that location, always -and everything boils down to one thing: we have what we believe in, there is no more.




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