Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I been greatly interested about magic, how it was done and because of this deep interest I had lots of sessions: confronted every thought, belief, considerations I could think of and of course I had sessions on all the positive and negative reasons we have, we can’t, we won’t make things happen.

Under the heading of Magic of course ‘’intending- postulating- visualization –positive thinking’’ is included.

I been working on this on and off ever since I have solos sessions  [76] and I must say by exploring this topics have taken me places where solidity did not exist and I am happy to say this Realm is my home, where I know I belong and I am now.

Last night some understanding has come again because even when I put the body in bed I have sessions, totally fantastic place to have one and I been doing these least 35 years.

I have found thousands of reasons why doing practicing ‘’magic -postulating’’ etc.. was outlawed, punished, forbidden, labeled evil, was eliminated-rejected by all means available and these ‘’available’’ means were very severe: like annihilating the entity by total eraser of all personal knowledge, that means erased valance= being-ness.

Was done by given a huge electric clap and that certainly erased- overwhelmed that entity: has captured, was held in that mass of energy which did not contain any form of pictures-life-understanding and was a hell of a fast way of eraser hehehe but in fact was not on eraser but Overwhelm: Out of the society- group and no longer a fret.

No matter how many occasion we were punished, have been not-ised- eliminated we continued using this ability which we are real to us, but we as aged flown by we have modified this and by now not called magic at all and not recognized as magical spell, postulating

When we have stopped using our intention to have what we wanted to appear because of the many dangers and we rightfully fear them all, therefore we invented different means to accomplish: robots were created and they become the means to make thing what we wanted.

But we were very uneducated and we did not realized what we created we have become, so we identified our-self’s with robots and on this planet this still in practice, and what we want, intend to have is made manually by robots= bodies of different kind and most of these bodies are what is called human.

So magic lives, never been given up.

Unfortunately because of many contradicting realities we have here and we also assigned our abilities to others that other can do better than us, example: Dr, lawyer, gardener, teachers, we by assigning our abilities we really have eliminated what we can do manually… and what manually we do is the perfect reflection of our remaining capability.

Such sad  understanding,  by looking around in our personal space, belongings we all can asses just how much or little we have left from that mighty state we once new we were.

PS: keep it in mind that this planet has truly brutal gravity force and  intentions are not formed into so called solid forms they just sucked away by the force of gravity, intentions are flimsy pictures and to keep them stable form is impossible, we get keyed into stronger masses of energy and puff there goes our intention.  The other problem we face here as Entities that after all this planet is a prison and prisoners are not allowed to have personal power-abilities…. have to go with the laws of the planet which are nothing more than compiled agreements.

The best way to describe the power of the gravities is: ”from dust to dust”  everything we know is fashioned-made out of what this planet contains and will be sucked back and that is the end to that item.





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